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    Darkness spreads across the fifty states as the formidable wizarding terror group, The Red Serpents, escalate their attacks on wizarding and No-Maj communities. While MACUSA waits idly, The Silver Heart Circle has reopened it's secret doors to help save our beloved nation, ourselves, and the ones we love.​

    IC | OOC | RP INFO | CS

    Welcome to the OOC of the Silver Heart Circle! ​
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  2. If this is accepting (Don't know if you already have peeps for this) I would love to join. I have a busy week this week with work and school but I will get my character up around this weekend.
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  3. Just opened up actually! The thread is still being built so no worries, post when you can in the CS Thread.
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  4. Oh then cool XD and I will tag people to see if they would like this tomorrow night after work^^.
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  5. hypehypehypehypehype
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  6. Rip long spot for stuff
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  7. me rn: debating making a pottermore account specifically so i don't have to go through deciding nico's shit
  8. Lmao, literally what i did tho
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  9. couldn't help it and wound up doing my own too.
    bat patronus, slytherin and horned serpent, with an acacia phoenix core wand.
    i'm a finicky bastard.
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  10. @monopoisoner
    I can't wait to see Nico!! I need that weeb in my life. //def time for bed tho. G'night!!

    Sorry lovebug xD I copiednpasted the @'s from my post and forgot to check the rest of the thread. I remembered you before I fell asleep tho, lol.
  11. he will def weeb at everyone about potions with flowering plants
    pls don't mind his constant presence in the greenhouse

    a question:
    how old should they be around?
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  12. I think she said at least 18+, but she preferred 21+? That may have changed tho.
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  13. Like @Red Thunder said, 18 or older. Mainly to clarify that we've graduated from Ilvermorny and that our charcters have a lil bit of real world experience.
  14. gotcha. I've been throwing around the idea of nico working in a sort of magic hub like diagon alley but on a smaller scale. like it's just three friends who turned an inherited estate into a work space where they're able to showcase their craft.
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  15. I love this! Can I come play as well? ^^
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  16. I'm work
    I'm working on the american version of diagon alley so this works perf. It's going to be twice as large and actually a bit more influenced by no-maj's. (Like "art galleries and possibly even old timey movie theaters")
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  17. 8D sure! The links are in the first post. Make sure to read everything (there's more to come so don't set anything in stone) and post yer character in the CS thread!
  18. oooh i can imagine the estate nico's at within that space, with the ballroom area at his "house" doubling as some sort of silly pretentious magic resto run by his friend LOL
    makes me think of a small art village where the businesses have their own spaces, but are close enough to know each other on a personal level

    edit: before i forget, are we allowed to gussy up the cs? :'D
  19. Of course you can c:

    And lol that sounds so much fun. I have a few wizarding villages in mind, plus we can all worldbuild together if anyone has some chill ideas.
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