The Silver Dragon IC

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  1. Zag looked around, taking in her surroundings. They scared her, but she didn't want the others to know it. In an attempt to hide her fear, Zag looked down to examine the dragon at her feet. It was the blackest black with red speckles spread randomly across its back. Its eyes looked pink, but maybe they were just reflecting the sky. If it stopped stooping to nudge her leg, it could probably at least match her height, which was 5'5". The dragon looked up at her, then rose up to its full height, which was well over her own. Zag's eyes widened. Was this creature hostile? Or just big?

    She laughed nervously and stood on tiptoe to try to pet the dragon between his ears. She tensed, expecting to feel immense pain take over her body, but instead she felt only the creature's hot breath as it nuzzled her arm. It looked expectantly at her when she stopped.

    Well, it's going to need a name. What do you name a dragon? Zag asked herself. She didn't even know it was a boy or a girl, but she decided to name it Zig, after her late twin brother, anyway. Zag remembered begging her mother every night to change her name to something normal, something other than Zag. When she was younger, she had liked being Zig and Zag, but as she grew older, she grew more sensible, and learned to hate the name. She almost changed her dragon's name for this reason, but decided against it. Because dragon's are different than humans, she thought. And I think I'd like to be Zig and Zag again.

    "Alrighty, your name is Zig! Are you okay with that, Zig?" she asked.

    The dragon lifted its head to the sky and blasted fire from its mouth toward the clouds.

    "Is that a yes or a no? Let's pretend it's a yes," Zag said.
  2. Kasi stared at the strange new place around her, and at the other people, then down at the strange creature nudging her. The dragon was dark green and looked up at her with bright eyes like emeralds. It stood up straighter and put its chin on her shoulder and closed its eyes peacefully. The creature had long legs, a slender body, and pointed claws digging into the ground. It stood taller than she was.

    "Where am I?" she asked herself out loud, then looked at the beast still resting its head on her shoulder. "And who are you?"

    It opened its eyes and looked at her, tail swishing softly behind it.

    "I need to call you something, hmm? What about Esat?"

    It paused a moment, then shook its head like a horse shaking flies off its face and nodded.

    "Maybe? Yes? You don't mind?"

    Esat rested their head on her shoulder again and closed their eyes.
  3. Zag looked over at Kasi. "Are we supposed to go to that castle?"
  4. Kasi shrugged, her hair falling in her face.

    "Uh... Hmm... Um... Maybe?"
  5. "Off we go then," I say, leading my dragon to the castle.
  6. Obsidian frowned looking around completely confused as a sapphire blue dragon lay in front of her nuzzling her booted feet. The dragon had black stripes down its back and as it looked up at her with hopeful bright emerald eyes she smiled and hesitantly reached down to stroke its scaly head her long golden blonde hair falling to the sides. Thinking of how sweet he is as he seems to enjoy it, but as I stand back up the dragon follows standing to its full height well over my own 5'7 and nudges my hand expectantly I pat his head nervously.

    "well I have no idea where I am or where you came from big guy but if your not planning to eat me.." She smiles scratching under his chin making him rumble in pleasure.
    "I think Ill give you a name hmm...hows Velken? Vel for short"
    The dragon tilts his head staring at me for a few moments with intense nearly glowing eyes, as my heart started to pound hoping he wouldnt chomp me for a bad name he leans down his big head to me and nuzzles my shoulder rumbling again. I sigh in relief and stroke his long neck, as I look around again I see 2 others walking away with dragons I quickly run to catch up with them.
    "Hi umm do you guys know where we are....or where to go?" I look down nervously Velken following behind me
  7. Kasi went towards the castle, always looking around her at what was happening nearby. This was all strange, and confusing, and just a little bit nerve-wracking. She had no idea where she was or why, or where she was going, or who these people were, but hopefully she would soon find out.
  8. Kyo seemingly appeared next to Zag, his deep blue dragon a couple yards behind him.
    "Where do you think you're going?" He questioned.
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