The Silva and the Seeker

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  1. Gwendolyn, silver
    The current Silva Guardian of Gianor is never without a job to do. There is always a need for her and oftentimes, no moment for rest. As old as she is, one wouldn't believe she could do all that she does on a daily basis and these days, she's on the borderline. Not that she would admit it unless she has to. She only had to do it once. It has been too long since she's had any company of family. As much as she loves the short nymphs who love to tend to the gardens for most of their lives, Gwendolyn does find it difficult to keep from slipping into memories of her daughter and her grand-daughter recently. Again, not something the stubborn woman likes to acknowledge aloud, but it has become a necessity. The winds of change are stirring and Gwen cannot ignore them because of pride. While feeding a young Griffin in the upstairs tower, Gwen felt a twinge. Not a good twinge. The sort of little twitch a Guardian gets when a tree falls. Her emerald eyes glued to the horizon and in the distance, she saw the frame of a mechanical crane. and gulped. That was when she had thought of him.
    She sent for an old friend. Or rather, a son. Dylan was invited to the Silva Manor with all of his belongings and Gwendolyn only gave him somewhat vague reasons for moving from Seattle. If he was opposed to it, he did not grumble about it in front of her. She hates it when people grumble.
    After explaining his mission, Gwendolyn made sure Dylan was prepared. He wasted no time in setting off to find her grand-daughter, something she was very grateful for. She had told him Genevieve's mother had died and how her father had sent a letter of the news. The only time she saw her grand-daughter was at her daughter, Celine's funeral. She had to be confident now that Dylan would bring her back. The current Guardian needs to pass on her position, for her power is dwindling and she is afraid that Genevieve's is only growing stronger. She needs direction and guidance, something her father cannot properly provide.
    If not returned, she's afraid Gianor may see smoke again.

    Genevieve, white
    GENEVIEVE (open)

    Name: Genevieve "Gen" Silva
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Works at SkitScratch indoor skateboard park before becoming her true self:
    The Guardian of Gianor
    General Appearance: Genevieve is short at 5'0, with bright hazel eyes and long dirty blonde hair. Her fair skin has little nicks and scars in several places, and her hands are small and gentle. She is a simple girl and does not wear makeup or nail polish.
    Talents: She is the Guardian of the rare magical creatures. She inherited the gift from her mother and she is the only one able to see them unless she grants another the gift of Sight. Genevieve can also magically heal the wounded creatures she is so connected to. The health of Gianor's environment and magic is directly tied to Genevieve's health. So she can get sick if the forest goes through a dry spell, etc. She's had unexplained illnesses like that before, but they're rare. In fact, Genevieve's mother died in childbirth because of a terribly raging forest fire that swept through the eastern forest of Gianor. It is the reason Genevieve lost her ability to use her vocal cords. She very good at drawing and playing the piano.
    Inabilities: She cannot speak. Her vocal cords did not develop correctly and she is mute. Alsom she's really bad at swimming. She just never got the hang of it. In shallow water, she'd be okay, but deep water, she would probably drown.
    Fears: Hunters, Poachers and Cages. She also fears flying. She's only been on an airplane once once in her life and it was absolutely terrifying.
    General Personality: Genevieve can be very mysterious since she cannot speak, but she is honest and compassionate, true of heart and pure in a beautiful way. She is normally guarded around people and modest in all other aspects, but she is very sweet and gentle to the innocent. Otherwise, do not cross her. Genevieve is clever as well and always seems to know what to do around animals, magical or not.
    History: Genevieve's past is kinda shady but she doesn't really care because as far as she knows she has no way of learning more. All she knows is that he mother died when she gave birth to her. She doesn't ever celebrate her birthday because it's her mother's death day. Sometimes she visits her mother's grave to feel somehow closer to the woman she never met. Her dad, John, used to tell her stories about her when Gen was little, but as she grew older, she thinks she started looking too much like her mother, Celine and the emotional distance between her and her father grew through the years. He was clueless when it came to raising a teenage daughter all on his own so he tries to make sure she's okay. But only at a distance. She doesn't see that. She sees that he doesn't want to get close to her. That she's too different and silent for him to relate to her. It's hard to make friends when you can only make sign your words to them. He can't see that she's been reaching out for him. And only recently gave up trying.
    Genevieve is an artist. She is an amazing sketcher (and pianist) and sometimes her art is displayed at the annual art fair at her school, not that she has many friends there. The people she's closest to work at SkitScratch with her and don't seem to have much of a problem with her silence. Some of the older employees know her basic signs when she has to say something important.
    For the most part, she knows her way around the city and has no problem with staying there if she has to. She hasn't figured out her future yet, preferring to stay in the now.

    There are a great many things Genevieve keeps to herself. The shadows that seem to come from things that could not exist, the noises no one else hears, the tiny pinpricks she feels in her heart that seem to come at random and for no apparent reason. The constant feeling that she does not belong. These things she writes off with reasons that are hardly believable and possibly laughable. But what else can she do really? She's sane as far as she can tell. Honor roll report card (most of the time), enjoyable job, large sketchpad. Why should she let anyone now about the strange things about her that no one would ever understand? It might have to do with the fact that she had lost her voice and other parts made up for it, but she doubts that one. Internet searches were also no help.

    These weird episodes of maybepossiblySchizophrenia are happening more often as well. She was never even able to catch the jump from regular reality to sudden weird sound or creature. It seemed seamless, as if totally normal that she sees things others don't. So she hasn't told a soul. Not even that cute new empoloyee at SkitScratch. Jamie. Genevieve giggled--which really only sounds like whispery bursts of breath-- and pushed herself forward through the Chicago streets she knew well, always on her trusty board, Ember. Black messenger bag swaying and ponytail flying, Gen rolled down Bilcer street and slid to a stop flawlessly outside of SkitScratch, the best indoor skate park around. She smirked. It's the closest thing to gloating as she kicks up her board into her hand and walks into work.

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  2. [​IMG]
    "Dylan darling, You must go to Chicago and find my grand daughter Genevieve- I've packed all that you need now please, this is very important alright? I'm trusting you..." Gwendolyn's sweet voice echoed through Dylan's head, reminding him why he's landing in Chicago, sighing as he fixed the falling bag that slung over his shoulder and continued to walk through the very crowded and overwhelming airport. He continued through it keeping his thoughts together until he finally exited the building, the slightly warmer then he imagined breeze flooded over his skin, a smile stretching across his face as he began to dig through the bag he quickly noticed a folded paper which he then took out of the bag and unfolded it. It seemed to be a map of Chicago that had little dots speckled across it, These must be the spots Gwen wanted me to check... after counting the 28 different spots his mood quickly dimmed and he became slightly irritated, She's lucky that I care for her or else I wouldn't be doing this!

    Sucking in a deep breath he began to walk towards the first dot, his shoulders hitting those who were pushing past him and his eyes meeting the millions of others staring back at him, he'd give a few small smiles to some of the people who eventually offered one back though most wouldn't bother, he didn't mind much though. Dylan was used to getting bad looks anyways just from his general appearance alone. As he finally ended at the first dot he looked up to see a dainty and rather 'cute' coffee shop on the corner of the street, he opens the one small door and entered the small shop only to see no one there besides a few old couples and the Barista named Nicole behind the counter, obviously that wasn't Gwen's grand daughter. He exited once more and started to walk towards the next one, I hope to god that this ones it, I don't like this busy city! As he finally reaches the destination he was completely disappointed to see another abandoned place- this one being an dainty park he groans as his irritation grows the more he searched.
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  3. Genevieve, white
    "Hey you! No skateboards outside the rink!" A burly man at the front desk pointed at her and after a few seconds, started chuckling. His name is Cyrus and he's always teasing her to make her laugh. Genevieve just shook her head at him and slipped behind the front desk beside him to stash her bag under the counter and clip her name tag to her black tank top.
    "Way to be on time today, Evie." He nudged her.
    And he also makes endless nicknames for her.
    She just smiled, rolled her eyes and adjusted her beanie before heading back into the rink. There were only 4 skaters right now, one of them being a total newb, but she knew this place would be busy soon. Once the middle school lets out, a few groups of boys come around and later in the afternoon arrive the older teens. At least on weekdays.

    Her job is too keep things safe and running smooth. She rides around on her board through the ramps to make sure everyone's wearing a helmet, no one gets hurt, etc. Basically, she's the silent guardian of the indoor park. Like a lifeguard at a pool she wears the whistle, except she gets to be in the water. The day starts out pretty calm and her fellow employee should be around soon so she'd have better company than a few annoying 7th graders who are probably talking about her butt. Other than that though, she warms up a little by riding around and practicing the easy tricks before the park gets busy. By then, she'll really have to pay attention. It can get rough surrounded by so much testosterone.
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  4. Slowly Dylan grew more and more irritated with each destination he searched through, Why did she send me anyways? I'm not the most patient person and I'm definitely not the best person to persuade people... Just one glance and there's no way she'll trust me. Running his fingers through his slightly tasseled hair he moved onto the next destination. bumping shoulders with the occasional person he continues down the busy sidewalk before coming to a big building, Looking up he raises an eyebrow at the what seemed to be some kind of skate shop before looking back down at the map, This has to be it... If this isn't it I'm going to scream. Sucking in a deep breath he walks into the shop and looks around curiously. Spotting a Witmer he walks over to him and taps him lightly on the shoulder, "Excuse me but have you seen this Girl here?" He asks before holding up the picture of Genevieve that Gwen had given him.
  5. Jamie, Genevieve's current crush, was just arriving at SkitScratch, about to start inventory on the boards in the back room. Cyrus, who had been organizing things under the front desk, hadn't noticed the guy with the dark, tousled hair before he tapped Jamie on the shoulder the blonde teen turned around and had to look up to meet the tall guy's gaze. He seemed polite when he asked about whether he'd seen the girl in the picture, but he was too young to be a cop. Blue eyes scanned the picture real quick and it took him a second to realize who she was it was an old picture, but he was pretty sure it was..."That's Gen. She's in the rink. But uh..she's kinda busy right now. What do you need her for?"
    Jamie wasn't as concerned as he should have been, but he had picked up on the bits and pieces of basic sign language only because Cyrus said to. He knew that if this stranger was looking for her so urgently, he would have an issue with her silence.

    Genevieve was oblivious to the exchange, unable to see it from her low vantage point or hear it over the skateboards around her.
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  6. Letting go of the breath he held in with relief he smiled at the worker, "Thank goodness I'm tired of searching!" Taking another breath through the nose he looked back towards him and smiled softly, "I'll wait I suppose! I was just sent by her grandmother to bring her back home, do you know when she might be finished?" As hard as it was to be polite and kind to the man he sucked in all the stress and impatience he was facing and replaced with smiles and relief. Finally I found her! Now for he even harder part... I wonder if she'll even trust me... "Oh and my names Dylan by the way!"
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  7. Cyrus heard the exclamation from the dark-haired newcomer talking to Jamie and raisaed an eyebrow before walking over suspiciously. Jamie had simply shrugged indifferently at the newly enthusiastic man, not really concerned with anything but getting the paycheck at the end of the week. Cyrus on the other hand, heard Dylan speaking of a girl and assumed it was Genevieve. The suspicion was confirmed when he spotted an old picture of her in the guy's hand. Who did this guy think he was? The large man brushed Jamie away. "Hey, go take over for Gen until Kevin gets here. Then you can get to inventory, okay? Tell her to come here in a minute." He turned back to the stranger with Gen's picture, eyes narrowed with protective suspicion. "So Dylan, is it? What's going on here? Why are you really looking for Gen? She's never mentioned a grandmother before."

    Genevieve, white
    Genevieve's shift was going to end soon and she only had to deal with a few bratty kids today. It was quieter than she'd thought it'd be today, though not literally since most of the newbs were never tired of hearing their own voices saying cliche skater slang. She rolled her eyes and skated idly around the rink until she saw Jamie. Her eyes lit up immediately and she headed towards him, knowing he wouldn't be in here unless he wanted to talk to her before Kevin showed up to replace her. She told herself to play it cool, maybe even suggest to go out to a movie sometime. cheeks dusted pink, she reached her co-worker and he looked down at her in the rink with those beautiful eyes. Only to crush her fantasy with the words: "Cyrus says to go see him in a minute. I'll cover for you til Kev shows up. Seeya Gen."
    And with that, her smile faded and he rolled into the rink with his skateboard, leaving her to climb out on her own, irritable and disappointed.

  8. Dylan furrowed his eyebrows at the other man questioning him, he couldn't possibly tell him the truth, Gwen would have his head for that. Literally. "Well, Her grandmother sent me to bring her back, they haven't spoken much but she sent me with a note to give her and this gift, I don't even know what's in them but I promised her that I'd be the messenger." Going along with the first story he could come up with, Dylan leaned in its a frown, "She's not doing well, I work for the folks home she's in and I'm afraid she won't make it much longer." He bites his lip to express his worries and hopes its enough to convince him. He pulls the letter and present from his pocket and holds it lightly, rubbing his fingers against the smooth surface and golden bow. I just want to go home to Gwen with Gen can we hurry this up please? Gwen really just wants her home ASAP... As Dylan looks back up he meets the mans eyes again and begins to study him, hoping he can't see through his lies, luckily he remembered to cover his scars or else this guy would never trust him.
  9. Cyrus was a reasonable man, so he listened to Dylan, but he was still protective of Genevieve, especially since she couldn't scream if this guy left with her and decided to do something he shouldn't. So he kept his eyes narrowed and scrutinized the guy, as if he could tell whether he was telling the truth or not. When he took the letter and gift out, Cyrus sighed and turned around to wave over his favorite employee.

    Genevieve, white
    When she climbed out of the rink she looked up and clutched her board in one hand. As soon as she looked up, Cyrus was waving her over so she walked over to his side, glancing curiously between him and the guy holding some gifts in his hand.
    "This guy came looking for you. Something about taking you to see your grandma?"
    Genevieve furrowed her eyebrows and gave Dylan a questioning look. He didn't look familiar at all. Gen just shook her head and shrugged. As far as she knew, she didn't have any grandmas. At least not on her dad's side. She had to get home soon or he would be mad at her.
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  10. Dylan moved his eyes from the man and made eye contact with the shockingly beautifull girl standing before him, Thanks for the warning Gwen! "H..Hello, my names Dylan, I work in the home that Gwendolyn lives in, she sent me as a messenger for her because well..." He hesitates as he bits his lip, just give her the letter and the gift, there's no way she can trust or believe you until she has proof. Dylan sucks in a deep breath before holding out the two objects, he looks into her eyes and gives her a silent plea. God please let this be over soon... "Before I explain anything or you make a decision, please look over these... You doubt have to make a decision yet but we need to leave soon... Just please sit down so we can speak privately, we don't have to leave here for our talk either just so you feel safe and are assured I'm not spoke crazy dude either..." great I'm blabbing on and on she must really find me crazy and I'm sure the piercings don't help either... Fuck! Why am I so worried about this! I've never had trouble with girls before... But that's the thing, She isn't just some Girl! Dylan blushes and focuses back on her. She's much shorter than he expected, either that or its just his height...
  11. Genevieve, white
    Gen fidgeted, leaning on her skateboard as if it were a cane by her side. Dylan was very tall, at least a foot taller than her and very handsome. The piercing on his right eyebrow didn't faze her at all. She'd seen much worse while working at SkitScratch, that's for sure. The only things that made her wonder about him was his eyes. They were a striking shade of blue, but there was something weird about them. Off somehow. She listened to what he had to say, but was instantly confused. Who was this Gwendolyn lady? What a weird name. Was that who Cyrus had said her grandma was? Gen narrowed her eyes. What was this dude trying to pull? He tried to hand her a wrapped gift and an envelope in order to make some sort of decision and she frowned, took a step back and refused to take the things he held out to her. He must be mistaken. And she doesn't have time for this. She blinked up at his blush and shook her head with a huff. She couldn't get her message across.
    So she turned back to Cyrus and used sign language. Whatever Dylan thought didn't matter to her. Weirdo.
    "I don't know what this guy is talking about. I don't know a grandma named Gwendolyn and my dad's waiting on me. He's going to be pissed. Just tell this guy to leave. I'm not whoever he's looking for." She signed to her manager and he nodded.
    And with that, Gen walked towards the front desk with her skateboard in hand, grabbed her messenger back from the shelf under it and walked to the door, listening to Cyrus behind her on her way out.
    "Sorry man, but I think you've made a mistake. She doesn't know a Gwen-whoever and she told me to tell you to leave. So I wouldn't follow her if I were you." He said.
  12. Shit... Shit! Gwens going to kill me... Literally! "Okay, I understand... I'm sorry for this, I just...I really thought she was her but I uh .. I guess not .. Thanks anyways man, Have a nice day alright?" He smiles weakly as he turns to leave, turning the opposite way that Gen had gone and dialed Gwen quickly who answered on the second ring, "Gwen, she didn't believe me and she won't even open the present or the letter, I don't know what to do..." Dylan could hear a frustrated sigh on the other line, "Dylan, we need her to come! She's our only hope! Do you at least know where she's going?" "She signed to her boss something about a Dad, but seriously what does that matter? She'd never trust me!" "Dylan just shut up! I love you but my god you irritate me sometimes." Sighing Dylan waited for her to say something, "I'll call her father and tell him what's going on, go to the park I sent you earlier, I'll try to get him to bring her there." "But the plane! We'll miss the.." "Just shut up and do what I tell you! Never question me, you should know this by now!" Dylan sighs and hangs up, making his way towards the park once more, anxiously.
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