The Silent Song

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  1. The Silent Song, In the year 3530 earth has become a barren wasteland, the men and women of the world banded together to launch the first of 100 Space ships in total able to hold 3/4'ths for the worlds population. Any in the first craft have been people from ages 14-25, They were put in a virtual reality a free roam game called "The Silent Song", the game was made to entertain the few million who were on the first ship. the job was a complete success.
    It has been 5 years since the first ship was launched and now, today the last one was launched leaving at the least one million people behind. Now that the ship has escaped orbit, everyone young and old in the game, an MMORPG where death does not exist, age is but a number, and your time there could be endless, there was... at least... a problem...
    Now, the game that once was a safe heaven for the world's mass is now a prison, an unknown person has hacked the game and made it so when you die in the game your body in the real world gets cut off life support, you die, a fear broke loose people killing and hiding only safe zones in cities. the game was made so you had to eat food or you die, normally you respawn but now you must go out and risk life and limb for scraps....
    This would is in chaos, the masses cry out for heros people that can stand the test of this new, and mostly unknown world. a world that spans far more than earth. they look towards people that are beacons for tomorrow, they look towards you.

    1. No ooc drama
    2. I will make more rules if i have to
    3. no aggressive PKING and no killing people without asking.
  2. *The sun was high in the sky, birds chirping a gentle breeze thru the wheat fields that were dotted across the land, the people have finally settled down although PKING was still a problem. Dragons flew overhead but none attacking, today was to good to be attacked, people seemed cheery things were getting back to normal... normal... Then he awoke, in a sweat tears streaming down his face, he was in a tent in the middle of the night dreaming about how good things could be.... could*

    Alex: *He shook his head getting up, he had slept in to late already, soon PKers would be shown along the trails, he had to move fast if he wanted to avoid fights.* I should get camp packed up... *he mutterd as he started getting out of his tent, his white cloak nearly glowing in the shadow or morning.*
  3. Masters secured the belt around his middle and tightened the strings on the various pouches fastened to it. It was a sunny day, as had been the whole week, with only a few white clouds dotting the sky. A perfect day for some hunting he believed. He slung his quiver over his shoulder, the bow following soon after. Clear days always made it easy to spot traces of wildlife as well as making it easy to spot other people. People that might end up threats. His dagger slid with a delightful swish into the sheath near his boot and with it he was ready to go. He shut the door of his quarters and made his way outside.

    A light breeze was just starting to pick up by the time he got out of the populated town he called home. The landscape reached far ahead, touching mountains in the distance. A forest started the other way, that would be his destination. The trees usually held all manner of fauna. A lot having meat that fetched high prices in the market and in his inn. That and the skins could end up as bed coverings.

    So off he went at a brisk trot, whistling a melody of a song he remembered from his previous life.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.