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Name: Gabriel Perkins
Born: August 6, 1984
Age: 27
Marital status: Divorced
Address: 391 Walnut Street, London, HJ7 2BH
Mobile phone number: 07557743465
Occupation: Broker
Appearance: Gabriel grew into a handsome man with black short hair, blue eyes that most of the time examine the surrounding. His face looks like it was carved by a master. I would say his face might remind you of an eagle when it is flying (no, his nose doesn’t look like eagle’s beak it is straight). He is also really tall, 6’ 3”. Apart from his athletic body you would also recognize the spring in his walking. He is a man who achieved the highest point in his carreer and is now respected by others.
Additional information: son of Michelle Perkins

Name: Laura Perkins
Born: September 23, 1990
Age: 21
Marital status: Single
Address: 963 Post Avenue, Sheffield, S96 5JK
Mobile phone number: 07214587612
Occupation: Student
Appearance: Laura is a person of changes. You never know how she will look like when you are about to meet her. Currently, she has brown hair which goes down to her shoulder-blades. Her blue eyes are not as stern as her brother’s; moreover, hers are kind and you can see that there is more life in them than she shows. She is smaller than her brother, yet taller than the mother - 5’3”. According to years playing various sports her body is slim and flexible. She knows that she is young and so Laura does anything to enjoy this period of her life.
Additional information: daughter of Michelle Perkins

Name: Michelle Perkins
Born: January 15, 1956
Age: 55
Marital status: widow
Address: 355 Ridge Road, London, SM5 9TR
Mobile phone number: 07554206759
Occupation: Doctor
Appearance: Michelle used to be a happy mother of two marvelous children but life had hurt her so many times that she became quiet yet strong. Her blue eyes are filled with confidence. If she did not dye her hair blond on top and brown in the bottom, it would have grey color of wisdom. She is the smallest in the family, only 5’1”. Michelle always loved good food and so she became a bit corpulent because as you get older you do not have many chances to exercise. However, thanks to two operations done on her face, she looks younger and vital.
Additional information: mother of Gabriel and Laura Perkins



“Mum, you should invite her,” said Gabriel but he wasn’t sure if his mum listened to him.“You really want to see her, right?” she replied suddenly and Gabe became speechless with surprise. The cause of his loss of words wasn’t the fact that his mum answered but the tone of her voice. It was filled with resignationSoon enough he was able to speak again: “Yes, I do. Moreover, she still is your daughter and I think that both of us have lot of things to ask her about,” his voice wasn’t desperate but he was tired of the same old conversation they were having all over again. He didn’t expect his mother to reply because at this point she never did. Instead of demanding it as always, Gabriel looked out of the window. Where were those sunny days he enjoyed last week? They were all but gone, replaced by a gray curtain of rainy clouds. It was October and Autumn had arrived. Leaves were gaining colors of the rainbow, wind got colder and sharper, sun was a rarity. ‘Of course, I miss my sister,’ he thought sadly. Actually, he never knew what really happened between Laura and his mum. The only thing he was sure of was that they didn’t like each other anymore. After the quarrel they had, mum refused to see Laura ever again. She simply neglected her, sending her to a boarding school somewhere up to north of England. He was pretty sure that Laura felt the same way. But whenever he asked his mother what had happened her face would get into some kind of contraction, her lips would make a thin line that he could hardly see them then her eyes would narrow. The worst part was when her eyes filled up with furiousness. No matter how much he wanted her to answer, she never did so. After some time when all his tries failed to work, Gabriel stopped asking. However, as he remembered it now, he thought it would be worth endeavour again.He turned around to talk to his mother but she was gone. Gabriel sighed. He started to accept the fact that his sister won’t come.

She was running as fast as she could. She was loosing energy and air was something she wished for. She needed more oxygen to keep her going. Her legs hurted. She thought, she was going to collapse in any minute. Suddenly, she saw it. Safety. No matter how much her muscles protested, she speeded up. As she was running, she took out her keys. She bumped into the door, unlocked it and quickly sneaked inside.“Damn rain!” she let out an angry hiss and put her keys in a bowl which was placed on a table next to the door.“Did you get caught in the rain, Laura?” asked her friend from the kitchen.“Hell I did and the stupid tram wasn’t coming so I had to run back here,” Laura answered, frowning at her soaked clothes while she was walking towards her friend.“What do you mean it wasn’t coming? I got here few seconds tram,” that was Mike who shared the flat with them as well. Laura froze in the middle of a step and looked at him, her eyes filled with rage.“Don’t look at me like that. It wasn’t me who impatiently had to run back home,” he added trying hard not to laugh.“Oh shut up, Mike,” Laura said annoyed and made her way into her room. She had to get rid of the wet clothes. She didn’t like how it sticked to her skin.“By the way, you got some post,” called Emily again. Laura frowned because she wasn’t expecting anything right now. All bills were paid, she didn’t have birthday and love letters were out of the question as long as she had a boyfriend. She changed and went back, drying her hair.“Who is it from?” was her question when she entered the room, Emily shrugged. That was weird. Emily was always the person who knew everything. Laura took the letter. It was a small, ordinary envelope you could see and buy in every shop but when Laura looked at the hand-writing her heart stopped. It was incredibly familiar. Thin, firm line of ink which made up her name and address brought back feelings more than memories. Denial, hatred, but also sadness. Emily looked at her curiously. Mike’s eyes were filled with interest as well. However, Laura didn’t notice it because she was too occupied with the letter. She tore the envelope open and took out one piece of paper. Actually, it was a folded invitation. Black writing, golden decoration.“What is that?” David asked confused. Laura knew what it was and she didn’t like it at all.“It is an invitation,” she replied and took a deep breath. “My granddad died and Michelle is inviting me to the funeral.”“Who’s Michelle?” that boy knew so less about her family that she felt sorry for him. On the other hand, they had been together only for three weeks.“She is my mother,” Laura explained in a matter-of-fact tone of voice and when she saw that her partner was about to ask another question, she just shook her head indicating that she didn’t want him to do so. “I am so sorry about that,” said Emily. “Are you going?” she added with a look of uncertainty. Emily was Laura’s best friend. She, out of all people on the Earth, knew everything.“I guess, I will have to,” answered Laura with the same amount of dubiety.