The Sign Said Leave...: Unrated Edition

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  1. In Salem, Massechusets, 1692,
    an event of pure evil took place in order to do good.
    But what we don't know, is, a figure of supreme evil
    has always watched over Salem, and favored it's towns folk.
    To get back at the Catholic Church, he placed a curse on it turning
    it's kin into immortals, brain washing them into worhsipping him...
    During the last week of school before the graduates left for summer, then to follow their dreams, each class went on a different trip. The history class, however, which was learning about the great witch trials, and the religions class, they were headed towards Salem. During a pit stop, however, the bus oddly crashes. That's okay though, because they are just outside of Salem.

    The horror begins as soon as one person steps foot in Salem. Are you weak minded? Will you fall to the curse that causes your desire to sin to become stronger? I will be playing extra classmates, and of course the narrator, and everything that causes terror. No matter what, however, the town will slowly take it's toll on you.

    By the way, I don't believe in or follow satanism. I just think this would make for a cool roleplay.
  2. OOH! This sounds like a book I read many years ago.I'm in!
  3. Sweet! PM me if you want to talk any plans or any questions you've got ^.^ .
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