The Side Story Of Bridget and Michelle

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  1. This is a side story from my RP 'Dention' it tells the story of how Bridge and Michelle started there feud... in the end, they ended up being friends.
    ~ 6 years ago ~
    Bridge was having a wonderful dream where she didn't have to move, she was able to stay in her home, her real home in Missouri. She got to stay with her friends. Then suddenly she was awoken by her mother.
    "Bridget! Wake up!"
    Bridge groaned and sat up and frowned at her mom sleepily, "What is it?" she asked in a snappy tone.
    "You know what, get up. You are going to be late for school."
    "Oh darn." Bridge said sarcastically. Her mom sighed and walked out of her new room, closing the door behind her. Bridge kicked the covers off and hopped out of bed, dragging her feet to her closet. She heard her three older brothers horse playing just outside her bedroom door. She sighed and put on black skinny jeans and a blue tank top and blue converses. She then put walk out of her room and pushed passed her idiot brothers, then headed into the bathroom, brushed her long beautiful red hair and didn't put on any make up, she was only 12 and was already naturally beautiful anyways. She nodded at her reflection the walked out the door.
    "Alright student." Mr. Brown said while he clapped his hands together, making the students get his attention, "We have a new student today. And she came all the Missouri!" he looked at the open door, "Come on in Bridget."
    Then Bridge walked in and looked around the room, obviously not nervous. Everybody said, 'Woah.' due to her beauty and her long red hair. She smiled and waved, "Hey everyone. My name is Bridge. Nice to meet you."
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  2. [​IMG]
    [[Michelle Six Years Ago]]

    Michelle hopped out of her spacious shower and wrapped herself in a soft pink towel. Today was the first day of school, and she was so excited. She was finally single, and not a day sooner. Brushing and drying her long strawberry blonde hair she pulled out her blow dryer and worked on her super thick hair. Finally done she went into her closet and pulled out her grey pleated skirt, white camisole, and hot pink sweater and grey waistcoat. Dressed she fixed her pink tie and tucked it into her sweater. Looking in the mirror she checked out her attire and smiled, "Impeccable Miss Greene, truly."

    Leaving her room in a cloud of vanilla and white jasmine she hopped down the stairs to the smell of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Also the signature smell of moscato that her mother always drank. Peeking around the corner of the kitchen she watched her mother cook, cigarette in hand. Her long curly black hair reached the woman's small of her back. Kitty was dressed in a tight red sweater and white skinny jeans, most likely Armani. Between her fingers tipped in red acrylic nails, was the long indian cigarette that smelled like cinnamon and burning grass. The cigarette only added to her mother's grace and icy beauty. Most said that Michelle was the spitting image of her mother, what with her blonde hair and glacier blue eyes. Michelle thought her mother was a queen.

    "Come on baby, sitt ner." Michelle giggled and walked in when her mother spoke Swedish to her. Kattunge Andersson had married Robert Greene when they met on a business trip, which made Michelle Swede-Irish. Her strawberry blonde hair reflected this. The red from her father and blonde from her mother. "Sidfläsk?" Michelle recognized the swedish word for bacon and nodded. Her mother took a drag from the cigarette and blew it over her shoulder as she prepared Michelle's plate. "Mamma? Do I look... s... s... söt?" Michelle grinned when she remembered the Swedish word for pretty. Kitty turned and set Michelle's plate down before her. Taking a look at her daughter she hummed, finally smiling she nodded. "Yes you do min kattunge." Michelle beamed and began to eat her breakfast.


    Michelle had sat in her desk looking through her apps on her iPod and finally settled on Angry Birds. "We have a new student today. And she came all the way from Missouri!" Mr. Brown said from the front of the class. Michelle looked up and scowled immediately. The girl had the prettiest shade of red hair she had ever seen, and for this she decided she hated this "Bridge". Michelle cleared her throat and everyone looked back to her. "Bridge? Were you like born in a car on a Bridge and that was the best your mother could come up with?" Michelle tilted her head as if honestly confused. Mr. Brown frowned at her but she kept her attention soley on this Bridge character.
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  3. Bridge glanced at the girl and sighed and thought, 'Oh great... she is one of THOSE girls. She could tell by looking at her that she was one of those snotty brats.'
    She sighed, "No, My name is BRIDGET. It was my grandmothers name. She died before I was born, so my mother decided to name me after her. But I just go by Bridge because it is shorter." she could tell this strange girl was obviously confused, so she figured she could at least give her a straight up answer. One boy lifted his hand up, she looked at him. He was the cutest boy she had ever seen. She smiled and nodded slightly to him, which meant that he can go ahead and ask her a question.
    The boy, who was the same height as her and was slim but muscular for his age, stood up and smiled, "Ok well first of my name is Luke and also, I like your name. But isn't your name Irish or something like that?" Luke asked.
    Bridge smiled, "Yep, I was actually born in Ireland and lived there until I was 8." Bridge said and everyone looked at her as if that was the coolest thing ever.
    ((Btw the little girl in the pic is what she looks like :P. And the older woman will be her mom ^_^))

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  4. Michelle yawned primly and leaned on her hand, her friends already whispering mean things about the new girl. All Michelle could hear out of the girl's mouth was "Blah Blah Blah" To say the least she was bored. In her head she could hear her mother telling her to attempt to get along with her. Eyeing the new girl, she didn't seem scared or timid. She just seemed like she thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. Ireland was boring, her daddy had taken her there to see the castles during the summer. Just then Luke, Michelle's longtime crush, stood up and introduced himself. Eyes narrowing, This ginger was going to be in for a world of pain. Smiling sweetly she stood up at her desk speaking up, voice nice. In fact she actually looked really sweet, her voice portrayed nothing of the hatred she felt for the other girl. The class had thought she was pretty cool, well their minds were about to be blown.

    "Ireland is okay, have you ever been to Paris in the Spring?" She looked at the girl, smiling friendly like. "Or maybe Milan in the Summer, their fashion week is incredible." Her friends snickered and the class glanced at her, even Mr. Brown seemed interested. Smiling wider Michelle waved Bridget over, her friends looking a bit confused. Looking over at Reese, her shopping friend, she scowled. "Reese, your tacky bag does not need a seat to itself no matter how loud and obnoxious it is." Reese snapped loudly back at her, "My bag isn't half as loud as Raggedy Anne's hair up there." Michelle took a deep breath as the class let out a few oohs and instigating comments. Michelle lifted her chin, "How uncouth Reese. Move. Now." Reese glared at Michelle. For a few moments they had a staring match, and then finally Reese moved to the last open seat at the front near the nerds. The seat beside Michelle was open at the back of the class. Michelle looked back at Bridget and smiled warmly. Keep your friends close, but your potential enemies much, much closer.
  5. Bridge arched an eyebrow, she didn't trust her one bit, "No I have not and to be honest I don't really care for Paris." then what surprised her was that Michelle wanted her to sit by her. When Reese moved she looked at her, "Hey Re-" then she stopped and sighed, 'Fine,' she thought, but she was not going to let her guard down. As she went to take her seat a kid blurted out, "Do you speak Irish?" she stopped and looked at him, she wasn't even close to her desk.
    She smiled then said, "Yes, I do."
    The boy smile, "You should say something in Irish!"
    Everyone seemed to like the idea, then she smiled and said, "Alright: I cant fanacht ar a fháil chun a fhios agat go léir. Ach amháin i gcás go bhfostú suas brat sa chúl.*" and with that she sat down by Michelle and smirked.

    (I cant fanacht ar a fháil chun a fhios agat go léir. Ach amháin i gcás go bhfostú suas brat sa chúl.:
    I cant wait to get to know you all. Except for that stuck up brat in the back.)
  6. Michelle frowned a bit, she pitied the girl. She had been to Ireland, but never anywhere else good? Such a shame, Paris might have been a little cliche but it was still so much fun. The shopping had been great, but the photo ops were the best. The people were snobs but hilariously so, the snobbiest people were the poorest. It was like they had something that no one else did, and they did. A city as beautiful as Paris that was filled with the best art that the world's most creative minds could think of.

    Michelle something in Irish, or Gaelic, that sounded interesting but nowhere near as pretty as french or swedish sounded. Listening carefully she heard the word "brat" as clear as day. And she had the sinking feeling that she was talking about her, she nearly turned her away when she reached her desk, but she just kept her lips sealed. Mr. Brown finally got the class under control and began to write on the board. Turning to Bridget, she offered her a piece of juicyfruit and grinned, "Gum?" She flicked a piece half out of the package. "And by the way, since your new and Reese is being a total drottning, I thought maybe if you wanted you could come to my house after school." Michelle's swedish slipped on accident as she described Reese's bad behavior. Michelle tuned down her own Queen Bee-ness and tried to let her genuine friendliness shine through. So Bridget had red hair, and seemed to drown in the limelight. Maybe they could be good friends, maybe even best friends. They could compliment each other like Jimmy Choo and Versace.

    [[( Drottning - Drama Queen )]]
  7. 'Hmmm....' Bridge thought suspiciously then thought, 'Wait... did she just say something in Swedish?' then she lost her train of thought when Michelle offered her gum. She looked at her with her emerald green eyes and puts on a smile, remembering what her mother said about trying to be nice. She has a history of rebelling, but Bridge's rule is if you are nice to her, she will be nice to you. She grabbed the piece of gum, unwrapped it and put it into her mouth, "Thanks," she said in a sweet voice she paused for a moment when Michelle offered her to come over. "Sure." she said with a smile, "By the way... did you just drottning? What does that mean? It sounds like it is Swedish." She was honestly curious.
  8. Michelle took herself a piece of the gum as well and put the rest away. Looking back at Bridget she half shrugged and replied, "You're welcome and yeah. I am part Swedish and Irish actually, my mother taught me Swedish when I was younger. Daddy never taught me Irish, mostly because he thought I was already good with my languages." Michelle bit her lip, chewing at it a bit. She was a bit envious of Bridget's knowledge about her Irish roots, what with the red hair and Irish accent. But Michelle's Swedish roots were her own and she liked them none the less. "It means drama queen or litterally queen, or in the common tongue, Reese." She whispered and snickered a bit, not thinking to ask what she had said in Irish earlier. Michelle, surprisingly, was excited to have Bridget over. She wondered if Daddy would be home, but then again. Robert Greene was never home, and when he was he always took her Mamma out for dinner and left Michelle alone with Maria, their maid and her nanny. The woman who taught her Spanish and Italian.
  9. She smiled, "Hm, that is kind of cool. " she was beginning to think that Michelle wasnt all that bad. But then again Bridge never let her guard down. She thought Michelle's Swedish accent was pretty cool, but Bridge still loved her own full blodded Irish roots.
  10. Michelle smiled at Bridget, it may be fun to have a down to earth girl over for cookies and shopping for once. Hopefully her father would be at a meeting so Michelle wouldn't get called into his office for another lecture about her flaws. Michelle hated those. "I guess, I always thought learning new languages was kind of boring, but Daddy says its what is going to make or break me when I take over the family business." Biting her lip she said quietly. "I just want to be a fashion designer, but I could never tell daddy that."
  11. Bridge looked at her seriously, " You should do whatyou want. Follow YOUR dream. Your dad cant control your future. I know that sounds a little cliche but it is true. For example, my mom wants me to become a lawyer like her. But I told her there is no way I would ever do that. I already have my own plans." she smiled slightly.
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