The Sickness

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  1. Zedefah ran through the streets, his long silvery hair whipping behind him and shining in the moonlight. The shouts of the guards behind him echoed off of the buildings, making it seem as if there were more than Zed had originally thought. As his bag thumped against his back, he turned down an alley, trying his best not to slip because he could break the vials of medicine that could save some of his people.

    Adrenaline pumping through his veins, he turned again, and ran right into someone. Stumbling, he tripped, but turned so that his bag landed on top of him and not under him. In no time flat, the guards were upon him, pointing spears and crossbows his direction but refusing to get too close to him, in case he had the sickness and would spread it to them.

    "Not sick!" Zed yelled, those two words some of the only Common words he knew. However, that didn't seem to deter the guards as the bravest of them walked to him and attempted to wrestle the bag away from Zed. "No!" he shouted, struggling.
  2. Layla was walking down an Alley trying to get a feel of the place so she can easily find any good spot to stake out while trying to find someone. Layla has a meeting with the Mayor tomorrow to find out who this person she is supposed to capture. As she was looking around someone had bumped into her. Looking down she saw what appeared to be an Elf.

    Many guards ran into the Alley yelling. Not sure what was happening she stayed back and minded her own business.

    Layla began to walk again and headed out of the alley. Looking behind her one last time she saw that the guards kept a distance from the Elf like creature. Layla could hear the creature yell something about not being sick. Curious she had climbed the bulilding to one the closes fire escapes and listened. The guards were trying to take what appeared to be a bag. Something came over Layla and she jumped down and landed right next to the creature.

    Looking at the guard then the creature she asked "What is going on here?". The guards stood back and yellied "Get back girl! You could get the sickness he could carry!"

    Sickness? she thought. Something strange was going on. And Layla was determined to find out what was going on.
  3. As soon as that girl arrived, distracting the guards, Zed twisted his bag away, wincing as he heard it rip. Shouting as a clear vial spilled from the ground, he tried to catch it as it fell, to no avail. When it hit the ground, it shattered, spilling a bright blue liquid onto the ground. "No!" he shouted in the dark elf language before hugging his bag to his chest, trying not to let any more spill out of his bag. He didn't know exactly what some of the vials contained, not being able to read Common, but he had figured that if he got enough of the medicine, he would get something that would help.

    Turning to run, Zed was face to face with another guard. Before he could react, the guard brought up the butt of his spear and smashed it against the dark elf's cheekbone. Falling backwards and crying out, tears filled Zed's bright yellow eyes, but the pain was nothing compared to the feeling he got when his bag smashed against the ground, and the sound of cracking glass filled the air.

    Slightly dazed, Zed gazed up at the stars, his grey-colored skin almost blending in with the dark street beneath him and his silver hair spilled out behind his head. Still out of it, a guard grabbed a hold of his collar, lifting his head up. Groaning as the man said something in Common that he couldn't understand, Zed could feel blood dripping down from a cut in his cheek when the spear's butt had hit him.

    "Please," Zed said weakly in Common, hoping that he wasn't mangling the words like he normally did. "Not sick." He repeated the words, wishing that they would just let him go. Darkness swam before his eyes and he struggled to stay conscious as he fixed his pleading yellow eyes on the guard's stoic green ones. When that didn't seem to help, he turned his gaze to the girl, praying to the gods that this human had it in her heart to help him.

    After word of the sickness reached the human cities, elves of all kinds were prohibited from entering the cities, and the citizens were told that each elf had the disease and would do anything to spread it to others. Of course, that wasn't true. Zed was mostly certain that he didn't have the sickness, and he couldn't spread it if he didn't have it. That was a miracle in and of itself, since he spent so much time near his father, who had been bedridden for weeks now as the sickness ravaged his body. But Zed's father had wanted his only son to remain with him, in case he died soon. Zed would have nothing of that, so he had left to get medicine for him.

    But all that would be for naught when he was arrested or killed for sneaking into the city and then stealing medicine from the healer's home, not including the fact that he was a dark elf.

    "Please," he said to the girl as tears began streaming down his face when he thought about how he might never get the medicine to his father now.
  4. Layla had the thought of turning and walking away. But something stopped her. She saw that the elf was looking at her with pleading eyes. She felt bad for the guy. Layla sighed and thought for a moment. Looking back at the elf then to the guard she finally spoke. "He says he is not sick. So why do you insist on treating him like an animal?" Layla asked.

    The guard looked at Layla strangely. "You really are clueless." The man sighed and shook his head " All elves are prohibited from entering the cites. Every elf is supposed to have a sickness and if we come in contacted with on we might get it. This one here says he is not sick. It may be true. But he is a thief" Layla was confused by what he said

    "What did he steal exactly?" she asked. Normaly Layla would be out of sight about not this time. This was very out of character for her.

    "He was stealing medicine from one of our healers home." the guard replied.

    Now Layla was even more confused. "If all of their kind is sick why not give them the medicine to help?" she wanted to help this elf but she had to get to know what she was about to get herself into. But She saw the guard were stunned by her question. She took the moment as an advantage.

    Smiling, she ran toward the elf and kick the guards spear away. Taking the elfs hand and taking the bag and putting it around her shoulder she leaped into the air and onto the roof top. Being an assassin she normally wouldn't do something like this. But today she felt this was needed. She ran a good 3 blocks on top of roofs and they finally came to a stop. She laughed at the excitement and then looked down to see the elf. She didn't know much about him. So he Layla gave him back his bag and said "What's your name?" she smiled at him to let him know she was friendly and he could trust her and waited for his reply.
  5. Zed was startled when the girl actually helped him. Still slightly stunned, he was unaware of the world around him until she had already stopped. Apparently, his feet had known what to do on the rooftops as she led him from one to the other until they were far away from the guards. Seeing her holding his bag, he was slightly apprehensive, wondering if those stories about elves going into the human cities and being sold to slavery, or worse, were true.

    He was able to breathe again when she handed him his bag, but he was saddened when he saw multicolored liquid seeping out of the bottom and pattering on the rooftop. One of those could be the medicine that could save my father, he thought solemnly, bringing up a dark-colored hand to brush a couple strands of hair from his eyes.

    As she spoke to him, he recognized only one word, which was 'name'. Piecing together what she wanted, he answered, "Zedefah Oriske...what are you name?" As soon as he said it, he knew it was wrong and that he had gotten the grammar wrong. His pronunciation had been alright, he supposed, but that didn't matter when his words were all over the place. Praying that she wouldn't say anything about it and leave him to his shame, he looked down at his shoes, frowning.
  6. Layla giggled. "My name is Layla. Most people just call me L though.". She Looked around trying to find a place to stay she gave up after looking for ten mintues.

    Sighing she took off her back pack and put down her hood revealing her bright brown hair and Red eyes. L unzip her bag and took out two water bottles and apples and hand a water and apple to Zedefah. "would you like something to eat and drink?" she asked. Zedefah hestiantly took the bottle and apple out of her hands and began to eat. Smiling she laid back and did the same.

    Looking up at the night sky thinking and planning her next move she forgot about the elf sitting next to her for a few moments. Layla looked back at Zedefah and began to wonder. She wanted to help him. But she had to work as well. She decided to work first then help Zedefah.

    She looking down at the bag feeling bad for breaking almost every bottle. She was curious though. How many vials did he grab? And does he know what they do ? Turning to Zedefah she asked "Do you know what each of those medicines do? Also why did you grab so many?". She waited for his reply and finished the rest of her water.
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  7. Zed wasn't sure of what the girl kept saying, only that she was called Layla, had offered him food and water, and something about the medicine he had stolen. Taking the offered food, he slowly began eating it, not used to fruit that grew above ground and almost believing that it would make him sick. He had lived in Shia'nsh his whole life, a city that was completely underground, in a mountain towards the north. All dark elves lived in underground cities, whether truly underground or just inside mountains. A few of the bigger ones had tunnels that led to and from them, connecting to other cities. As such, it wasn't uncommon for a dark elf to never see the sun. Zed hadn't been that unlucky, but a great deal of his life was spent underground.

    After taking his first hesitant bite of the red fruit, he decided that it tasted good, and he began eating it more quickly. The juice as well as the water got rid of the thirst he had, and he was soon in a slightly better mood.

    They sat in silence for several minutes, Zed always watching for any sign of guards looking for him. The cut on his cheek stopped bleeding, but he knew that it would bruise, and it still hurt terribly. When Layla did speak once more, it was about the medicine, but that was about all he could figure out. "I..." he started slowly, trying to figure out the words in his head before he said them. "I do not...speak Common..." he eventually got out, the words feeling slow and clunky on his tongue.
  8. Layla felt a little dumb when Zedefah told her he couldn't speak common. She did a little facepalm to herself. She wanted to help Zed but how could she when he didn't even know what she was saying. Layla grew irratated. If she wanted to help him she had to communicate with Zed. She came up with an idea to help him learn our way of language. Now how to tell him that. Layla took out a notebook and paper hoping he is able to read. On the paper she wrote:​

    I will help you learn how to speak our language. And i will help you get the medicine you need to help you kind.
    Layla gave the sheet of paper to Zedefah and got up to look around. She thought about going to an Inn or a Hotel but L remembered what the guard told her about the elves. Sighing she knew that no one could know about the elf traveling with her or else it would ruin her job. And a girl needs money for food. Layla kept thinking back to what she did. When she was a kid this might have been like her. But ever since the family left and never returned for her she was a changed girl. She was an assassin. Trained to the bone to fight, capture, and kill. Her actions surprised her. A lot. Layla made a promise to herself that after all of this is over she would go back to her normal self and continued with her job. ​
    Walking back to where Zed was sitting she laid down and hoped to get some sleep soon. If she doesn't she might feel bad for Zed. When Layla doesn't get rest the world might burst with how grumpy she gets. Staring up at the stars she smiled and whispered to herself "I can't remember the last time I was this calm." ​
    Layla had to think of what to do about tomorrow and her meeting with the mayor. Sighing once more she decided to not worry about it till the morning. She turned back to Zed who was looking at her and smiled. Layla hoped that him and her could be friends. ​
  9. As he tried reading the paper, he sounded out a couple of the words like he had been taught to. Back at Shia'nsh, a human who had taken pity on Zed and his family had started teaching him Common, in order to make it easier for him to communicate. He had quickly found that reading was easier than speaking, so he was more able to understand writing than the spoken word.

    Furrowing his eyebrows as he remembered what each of the words meant, he smiled at the last sentence. It wasn't much of a smile, but it was something. "Thank you..." he told her, bowing his head in thanks. After handing her the paper, he watched as she got up. A few minutes later, she had lied down on the rooftop, so his eyes returned to the streets below, the yellow irises piercing as they scoured the roads for anything that could hurt him.

    Jumping slightly when she whispered to herself, Zed took a moment to get the gist of what she had said (something about remembering things and calmness, he thought), before saying, "Yes..." He had learned that humans tended to like it better when you agreed with them, even if you had no idea what they were saying. Trying to return her smile, he decided that he would try to lie down as well. The roof was uncomfortable, but he wasn't likely to roll off of the shingles, and it would be difficult to see him until the sun came up, with his dark skin and clothing.

    "Good...night...?" he said, though it came out as a question as he wondered if he was saying the right thing.
  10. Smiling once more she had nodded and replied to him "Goodnight". Looking back at the night sky she Soon drifted into a deep sleep and began to dream of what Layla thought she would never dream of...The day her brother and parents pasted away.

    DREAM: Layla played in a small stream not far from her home. She was only ten years old then. Playing with the small fish the swim before she giggles when the tickle her small feet. Not to soon she hears the voice of her older brother Joseph calling her. "Layla! Layla where are you!!!"

    Layla began to worry. Her brother sounds scared. "Brother! I'm over here!" she yelled. Running out of the stream and to her brother she see that he is scared. " B-brother....what's wrong?"

    Joesph took Laylas hand and began to run "Layla we got to get away from here. Mother and father have been...murdered..." joesph spoke.

    Layla couldn't believe. She stopped and began to sob. This couldn't be happenning. He must be lying. "NO!!! NO THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!!! THAT MUST BE A LIE!!!!" Layla cried. Joseph ran t her and picked her up.

    "We must leave. It's to dangerous for us here". Joseph began to run but soon stopped. Layla saw a man staring at the both of them. He was smiling. The man lifted his bow and arrow. Joesph then threw Layla into the woods. Joseph smiled weakly "I love y-" he began. But an arrow struck him and he feel to the ground.

    REALITY: " NOOO!!!!!!!!" Layla woke up screaming. She was out of breath and shaking. It was still night. Looking over to see that Zed was still fast asleep she sighed in relif she hadn't awaken him. Her parents and brothers passing happened six years ago. The only family she had after that was her master. Maxwell.

    Layla thought it would be better if she stayed up for the rest of the night. She didn't want to go back to that aweful nightmare. She looked back at Zedefah and smiled. After meeting him something in her changed. And it was a good thing. She was happy she and him crossed paths. She was remembering who she was before instead of the person she has become.
  11. As Zed slept, he couldn't help but dream of his father. He had been terribly sick when Zed had left. Kiels, his father, had been bedridden for months now, and the skin on his face and chest was cracked and bleeding. When he coughed, it sounded like he was coughing up a lung, and his mother had been afraid that he would, especially when blood would stain the handkerchiefs that she would use. Zed never wanted to leave his side, for fear that when he returned, his father would be gone, but his mother and sister forced him to stay away, not wanting him to get the illness. Even the human who had been living with them for almost half a year was wary of going into the room his father was in, even though he was almost certain that the illness couldn't be passed to humans.

    After a while of this, Zed couldn't take it anymore, and he had stolen away into the night, making his way to the nearest human city so he could find medicine for his father. That had been how he had ended up here, but he had screwed that up, didn't he? All the medicine he had taken was ruined, and the guards of the city would be on the alert for a dark elf, so it seemed like there was nothing for it but to return home, and pray that his father would live. He prayed to the gods every day, hoping that when he returned home, his father would be on his feet, smiling and laughing as he and his mother made dinner.

    The rising of the sun awoke him, and he he sat up, groaning softly and his shoulders and back popped from sleeping on such an uneven surface. Running his fingers through his hair, feeling a few pebbles that had gotten stuck in it, he stifled a yawn before looking to Layla. "Good...afternoon?" he asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he realized that it wasn't right.
  12. Hearing the yawning of Zedefah had starteled Layla. She giggled when he had said afternoon instead of morning. She knew she had lots of work to do. Standing up and walking over to Zed she knew what she had to do. When she woke up last night she put a lot of thought into what they would do next. After last night she assumed that Zed could read. So once again she took out a sheet of paper and wrote down: I will go out and meet with an Inportant person. I will try to get us a place to stay the night for while. I will put you in a safe place but you must stay there till I return.

    She knew that might have been to much for him but she gave Zed the paper and waited till he finished reading. She thought back to her older brother and parents. Layla hoped they were watching over her and she pray they are happy.

    L had two missions ahead of her. The one the mayor would give her and the other is helping and protecting Zedefah and return him to his home safely.

    She smiled when the sky was finally bright and blue. Hoping today would be a good day and everything will work out fine. She looked back down at Zed and saw that he was struggling with the reading. Giggling she continued to smile and began to help him read what she wrote. And she had to admit herself. She didn't have the great handwriting in the world either.
  13. When Layla gave him the piece of paper, he had to turn towards the west to even see the words. Since dark elves hardly ever saw the sun, even being outside right now was hurting his eyes. Squinting his eyes against the glare, he took his time reading it. With this bright a light, he was having trouble even seeing the words, let alone understanding what they meant.

    After he had just finished the first sentence, she had started to help him read it, which was helping him get through it faster. Once he had understood all she had written, he looked to her, nodding slowly. "Yes..." he said, unsure if that was what was proper. "Where place...?" He had to sound out the last two words, the f in the first and the pl in the second messing him up.
  14. "I must go out and find a place." Layla replied. She took her book bag and looked inside and saw there wasn't much food left. "I must go out and get some food for us. stay here. Don't move. I'll be back soon" She told Zed. Layla leaped off the roof and began to walk down the streets of the city looking for a store or market. In about 5 minutes she soon found a near by store. L didn't really know what Zed liked so she got a varity of everything. She hoped that she would have enough money to buy the stuff she got. Layla would have to go to the bank to get some money.

    She left the store and carried 4 bags down the street. Sudden she stopped before she Jumped back onto the roof. She Heard an arrow being realesed and saw it go right infront her eyes. She shrugged it off and leaped onto the roof where Zedefah was waiting. Layla set the bags down and said to Zed with a smile "I'll be right back". Gracefully jumping back down to the sidewalk she looked around. and laughed. "You really think you could kill me?" She said.

    "I had to see if you were still as good as they say" said a familiar voice. Layla whipped around and saw him. Her best friend Danny.

    "Danny what are you doing here?!" She yelled

    "I had to see what you were up too. I haven't seen you in a year after you left Max's house." Danny Said

    "Well You should know me by now, i can't just stay in one place."

    "That's true.. So who's up there?" Danny nodded up to the roof.

    "There is a friend i'm helping..." Layla replied

    "You. Helping someone? Ha! That friend must mean a lot if you are helping him."

    Same old annoying Danny Thought layla

    "Well I got to go. I'll see you around." She told Danny

    "Alright. See ya!" Then he ran off

    Layla went back to the roof and sighed. Danny was here. Great. Only knew the Layla now. He doesn't know her old self. Looking at Zed she finally smiled. "Lets go find a place where you can be safe for a while." She put all the food in her bag and took Zedefah's hand. Making sure she bag was tight and had a good grip on Zeds hand she leaped back into the air in search of a safe place to hide.
  15. While Layla was gone, Zed tried entertaining himself by practicing Common. It was long work, and he was mostly reading the piece of paper Layla had been writing on, and trying to speak the words properly, but he could tell that he would be getting better, especially since he would have Layla to teach him. His tutor at Shia'nsh spoke both Dark Elf and Common, so it was easier with him, but Layla would be a good teacher.

    When she returned, he smiled in her direction, still squinting against the glare of the sun. When he was looking in the direction of the sun, he could only see vague outlines. He was about to say something in Common, in order to make up for the mistakes he had been making, but she jumped over the edge of the building again. She was gone only for a few minutes this time, and when she returned, she led him off the roof, saying something about a location. Following her, he was able to see better once they were in the shadows, but otherwise, he was nearly blind.
  16. It took Layla about 15 minutes to find a little woodsy area for Zed to stay. They found a good spot she decide she would stay with Zedefah for about an hour before she went to find out her mission. Layla took out one of the bags she got from the store and gave Zed some crackers. The sun made his hair sparkle.

    She made a decision to let lose for a while and have fun. Something Layla hasnt done in a long time. She pick some grass and threw it at Zed she laughed when he head popped up. She continued to throw grass at him until she was all out of breath from laughing and running around

    Layla could tell that Her and Zed would become good friends. She at least prayed they would be. Falling to the ground she looked up to the sky and watched the clouds go by. She smiled. She hadn't let lose like that since she was....12. She liked this. After all she was only 16. she needed to have some fun till she get older.

    Looking at zed She crawled of to her bag and grabbed for her notebook and pencil. Gesturing for Zedefah to come over she began to write down words and help him read and pronouce the words correctly.
  17. Laughing with her as she threw grass at him, Zed had tried to catch her, but his near-blindness in the sun made it hard to even tell where the grass was coming from sometimes. By the time she stopped, he was breathing heavily, too, and he collapsed in a tree's shade, so he could see some things. It was why dark elves had always been such good assassin's, because they could see in the dark so well. Though the use of dark elf assassins had decreased greatly since the sickness started spreading, Zed had once dreamed of being one of the best in the Dusk Guild, the dark elf assassination group in his home town. As he had gotten older, and the disease started spreading, he had lost dreams of this, and instead wanted only to help his father. After his father lived or died, Zed didn't know what he would do.

    When she gestured for him to come to her, he slowly stood up again, wincing as he walked into the sunlight again. It would take a lot of getting used to, being out in the sun so often. As she helped him with his learning, he decided that she was going to be a good friend of his. Bowing his head over the paper as he tried to pronounce a particularly hard word, he had to continuously brush his silver hair out of his eyes. Almost always, it would fall right back into place, but Zed didn't mind that much. Zed was the only person in his family to have hair as silvery as his, and he prided himself in it. Usually, only kings and high lords had pure silver hair like that, and for a merchant family like Zed's, it was almost a badge of honor.

    "Thank you," he said to her during a break. "You"
  18. Layla couldn't help but smile while she was teach Zedefah how to read. After about twenty minutes went by she had called for a break. Zed had thanked her and Laya nodded her head "It was my pleassure". Then He soon asked if Layla would help him. Once more she nodded. "Yes I will be helping you."

    Looking up she realized it was getting a bit late. Sitting back up she looked over to Zedefah and told him that she was going out. When he finally nodded she walked away and began towards the mayors house. In about twenty minutes Layla reached her destination and knocked on the door. When a man came and answer the door Layla was a bit surprised. "Are you Layla the female assassin?". That statement kinda ticked her off but she still smiled

    "yes sir i am." She replied

    "Good. Please come in."

    As Layla stepped into the house she was amazed but its looks. Walking into The mans office she stood in front of his desk and sat down in one of the two chairs. She said a little name tag on he desk that said Mayor Freemen. Layla Snickered to herself at the tag. Mr. Freemen came in and sat down. He sighed. "This is more like a helping job the killing job just so you are aware." He Told Layla.

    At First she was a bit confused but decided to see what the job is first before she declines. "Go on"

    "There are Dark elves that live close to the city. As much as i would like to help them get rid of this aweful sickness i can't. I just dont have the money to do so" He clamied. She knew it was a lie. " I must get them away from the cities. They are far to close to us. They might get us sick. And again i don't have much money to pay for everyone to get their own medicine. If you would please, Do you think You could give them a new home?"

    Layla was stunned. She had no idea what to think."With all do respect sir I'm not so sure about this. I need some time to think about it, if you don't mind"

    "That is perfectly fine miss"

    "I will try to get back to you as soon as possible."

    "Thank you"

    Layla began to get up and walk out but she remember that she needed a hotel room. Turning back around she asked "Im sorry about asking this but by any chance do you think you might be able to get me a hotel or inn somewhere? I would prefer to sleep on a bed. not a roof again"

    "Sure thing"

    He called the closes in and gave her the address.

    "Thank you!"

    Layla walked out the door and went to the address Mr. Freemen wrote down. When she got to the hotel she went inside and got the key to her room. Going inside she saw two beds and a clean bathroom. Opening the window she jumped out and went to go get Zed. Layla hoped that he wasn't found.

    By the time she got back to where she left Zed she was happy to see that he was there taking a nap looked like. She smiled at him. Walking over and Picking up her book bag she put it around her shoulders and then picked up Zedefah. He was a cute little elf and she was glad that they were friends. Layla went back to the hotel and climbed up to the window where she jumped out ad went inside. Laying Zed in one of the beds she tucked him into the blankets so he could be warm as he slept. Going to her bed that laid right next to Zeds she began to think about what she was going to do. Layla had to ask Zed his opinion on what he thought was the right thing. She wants to protect them but if she moves them how many of the sick will be able to move and live? She felt lost there for a moment. This was a different mission then anything before. Layla felt a little helpless, but she had to keep a positive thought.
  19. When Layla left, and Zed was left alone, he sat in the clearing for a while, bored out of his mind. After a while of trying to get used to the brightness, he retreated to the shade of a tree. That worked, for about an hour, but as the sun moved across the sky and the shadows followed it, he found that he had to continue moving to different positions each time.

    He wondered if, one day, he could take Layla to the city he lived in. He thought that she might like it, and he wanted her to be able to see his family. Smiling as he thought of the things his family would say when they met her (his mother's was along the lines of, "Did you finally get married?"), he laid back in the grass, his head resting against a tree's roots.

    Whistling with the birds, he was soon growing tired, his body still recovering from sleeping on the room. Groaning, he turned onto his side before closing his eyes, quickly falling asleep.

    When he awoke, he wasn't outside underneath the trees anymore. Instead, he was on a bed, with Layla sleeping on the one next to him. Running his hand through his hair, he sighed softly, rubbing his shoulder with his other hand. He needed a bath...and probably a change of clothes, too...
  20. Layla soon after she had sat in her bed fell fast asleep. She didn't realized how tired she was until she laid down. Layla finally awoke to the sound of the bath water running. Looking over she saw the Zed was gone. She went to the mirror that was out side the door. she shuddered at herself when she saw how bad her hair looked. Layla may be an assain but she still had girly like qualites. Once again surprised at herself she some how managed to fall asleep in her gear. L walked back to her bed and began to take of her hidden blades and her sword attached to her belt. When she was finished taking off all her weapons and armor all that was left was her white shirt and black leggings. Brushing her brown hair out of her eyes. Every time Layla took out her bow the held her hair back her hair would be a mess.

    Sighig she walked back up to the bathroom door and knocked "Would you like me to wash your clothes while your in there?" Layla asked

    "Yes!" Replied Zed

    The door slightly cracked open and his tiny arm came poking out handing Layla his clothes. She took his clothes and the door slammed shut. She walked out and found a washer and dryer. SHe started the washer and went upstairs to the room and got back into the room and read her book. About and hour went by and she went down to get Zeds clothes and gave the to zed. She then when back to reading once more and fell into a deep sleep.
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