The Shy Guy

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  1. You and a guy is in class. He is 16 and you and him has to work together but he is too shy to cooperate. Later when he learns about you and the project, he builds it in the night. You wake up, seeing he disappeared with the project he worked on. What do you do? Will you convict him of running away or will you investigate?


    Name: Scar
    Age: 16
    Bio: his parents left him when he was three. Four minutes later they got shot, hearing the shot he runs back home. Only to discover his parents on the ground, puddles of blood all around them. He ran back outside, bumping into the people who killed them. They almost killed him but left thinking he was too weak. Now he is determined to find the people who killed his parents, but he doesn't like to really talk about it.
    Personality: shy, he is a accident prone. He falls alot getting laughed at all the rime. Some people say he does it on purpose.

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Thread Status:
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