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  1. In a far off world there is a place where pirates in large ships own the sea's, where mermaids and Sirens are still believe in and where the wind is the only thing a Captain needs to rely on. Well the wind and his crew.

    Johnny, well really she was called Rosa but she stopped going by that years ago, sighed as she made the rounds on the deck of the huge ship. Johnny had managed to become first mate on the ship, she had been on it for a year and a half now and ever so slowly she was getting back to where she belonged but she needed to be careful. It was against the law for a woman to impersonate a man and it was seen as very bad luck to have a woman on board a ship so Johnny had to pretend to be the ruthless, first mate swordsman or never get home
  2. jasmine was the daughter of the Ambassador. She had been kidnapped and had been locked in the ship, since her dad was too stubborn to pay the ransom. she had given up on hope of getting out. She sat at the desk they left her and wrote another letter about her 3 months trapped in this miserable place.

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  3. Johnny excused herself from eating with the rest of the crew members and took most of her food to the prisoner they had locked up in one of the spare rooms of the ship "hey. I need you to stand away from the door" she called, her voice deep to hide her real gender "it's just me" she had been sneaking the girl food for a while now
  4. jasmine looked at the door "ok im away from the door." Johnny was the only person in the crew she trusted.
  5. Johnny slowly opened the door and offered her a smile as she pulled down the hat that hid her long red hair "how you feeling?" he asked as he shut the door "I managed to convince the captain to move you to a different room. One with a window"
  6. "i dont know ive been stuck here fore 3 months and now i can stare at freedom ." she had sarcasm in her voice.
  7. Johnny laughed and rolled her eyes "well, we'll be stopping just after you get moved there. The window is just big enough for someone to fit through so don't think of escaping"
  8. "last time i tried esxaping we were docked a half mile from port and couldnt out swim the crew."
  9. Johnny shrugged "this time we dock at the island. And everyone will be on shore leave, just so you know"
  10. "Lets hope so, cause i want to go home."
  11. Johnny nodded sadly "believe me when I say this. I know exactly what you mean"
  12. "yeah, but you werent held here against your will"
  13. Johnny shook her head "there's a lot about me you don't know" the 18 year old said softly "there's a lot no one knows"
  14. jasmine smirked. and then reached for something that was on johnny. she held it up it was a long red hair.
  15. Johnny laughed, dropping the deep voice "OK. You got me"
  16. "yea. i know a lot more than you think."
  17. The captain of this ship, The Merryweather, held his tongue as he watched two crew members begin to fight to the death. In stead he decided to walk up to the two idiots and show them that he wasn't in his cabin. A gunshot was fired into the air. Every shipmate turned around in fear only to be met by the ruthless face of Captain Gatsby. "Yes. I'm here...I'm not stuck in my study. I'm here! And I see this. This Ludicrous attempt of a fight...if you two wanted to be killed you should have just said so." Gatsby took a step closer to the two hooligans as he spoke. The other shipmates surrounding the two had already made way for the captain. "Do you know how pissed at get at bulls*** like this?" The captain then arrived to one of them and immediately put a hand around one of their necks tightening his grip and lifting him up off the ground. The other tried to run, but as soon as he took a step the captain pulled out a his gun and shot him in the back, killing him immediately. However he did not take his eye contact off the other. "The only reason I haven't killed you yet, is because you're one of my best swordsmen. I need you...speaking of swordsmen," he said as he dropped the crew-mate. "Where's my best swordsman..." Gatsby pointed at a random man. "Hey you! Go find Johnny for me. I need to talk to him." The crew-mate ran off to go find him. Gatsby then turned back to the hooligan. "Next time I catch you doing this your go throw that body overboard would ya? Thanks." Gatsby walked back to his study and sat down waiting for Johnny to walk in.
  18. Johnny's head snapped up at the sound of the gunshot, she quickly tugged on her hat and hid all her hair in "I'm sorry. I have to go. I'll be back later" he said quickly and rushed out of the room "what the hell is going on?" she yelled in a deep voice as she shut the door "I leave for five minutes and there's bloody riots!"
  19. Lilla was an adventurous thirteen-year-old girl living on the island of Algatar. Ever since she was a little girl, she had dreamed of being out at sea with her father. Very soon, Lilla knew, this dream could become a reality. She sat at her desk writing a Letter of Request to her father--the captain of a certain ship--who would be visiting home in just a couple of days.
  20. Jock had been below decks, carefully inspecting each of the cannons on the Port side of the ship as the Cannon Boys went about cleaning them, and ensuring each gun's lashings were secured, and in good condition.
    "Clean 'em guns, boys! A' needn't be tellin' ye what'll happ'n if one of these beauts gets a clog, an' that'll -not- be happenin' on my watch, by God!", Jock bellowed. The collection of young men around him all kept their heads down, their arms buried up to the elbow in the cannons they'd been assigned to clean. They, along with a good portion of the rest of the crew knew how seriously Jock took his duty as the Master Gunner. The Boys also knew what'd happen if any of them were caught slacking. None of them dared get on the big man's bad side.

    Slowly, he paced across the deck, smirking slightly as he saw the last gun being rolled back into it's place, it's tethers being tied on. He was hard on his Cannon Boys(Commonly called Powder Monkeys, for the role they played in combat) for a reason, but as hard as he was, he was equally proud. They worked hard, and fast.

    That took care of both the Port and Starboard side guns. He'd been about to announce the next task on his mental 'To-do' list, when a shot rang out from above. Contrary to popular belief, such a thing was something of a rarity even on a Pirate Vessel and never pleasant when it happened, regardless of who, or why. In any case, that was one more round of powder and shot he'd have to account for.
    With a groan, he barked to the Cannon Boys "It's yir lucky day, Boys. Mind yourselves, now."

    Jock then went to the upper deck, noting the dispersing crowd, body being dragged away, and the blood trail that followed. He'd not be surprised if the mess wasn't cleaned up for another hour, or so. This ship's state would make a proper Sailor lose his top.

    "Jus' anoth'r day on tha' Merryweather.." , Jock groaned.
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