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"You see, we have been searching for a vessel. A vessel for our King."

In a world where superheroes are real and the supervillains are not a bunch of idiots who reveal their plan to the heroes, there is a group called Vigilantes. They are not the good guys nor the bad guys. They are the color grey of this world. Sometimes they help the superheroes to keep the civilians safe. Sometimes they rob a museum right after throwing a villain in jail. In short, they are an enigma.

Actually, Vigilantes is some sort of a cult (although every single member would deny it is a cult because they don't 'gives little babies as offering'). The members are people with a body in tune with 'The Shining Ones'. The Shining Ones are being with extraordinary powers. Different from the Superheroes and/or Supervillains who got it through science, The Shining Ones are personification of powers itself. Every Shining Ones are specialized in one power only, like wind or mind power.

The Vigilantes are searching for someone in tune with The Shining One which had the ability to 'Give the Radiance of Life' an ability that increase a body's vital process, resulting in super human strength and rapid healing. Not only that, the power can be use to others to heal or destroy a body's cells.

After robbing a museum to search for an artifact containing a Shining One, The Vigilantes accidentally find someone in tune with The King (The Shining One with the Power of Life). He is a young police officer who hate The Vigilantes' guts.

Takes place in: Alternate Earth. Mainly in a metropolis called Danaan located in America.
Needs: Vigilantes (other than the one in tune with The King), Superheroes, and Supervillains. Similar power is accepted as long as the characters do not belong in the same group.

Superheroes/villains Bio
Name: (Name when not in disguise)Appearance: (when not in costume)
Superhero/villain identity: (including the costume appearance)
History: (Why he/she turn into a hero/villain and how he/she got the power in the first place)

Vigilantes Bio:
Name: (when not in disguise)
Appearance: (When not in costume)
Vigilante identity: (including the costume appearance)
The Shining One: (including power and The Shining One's personality and name)
History: (Why he/she accept being a Vigilante)

Yes, The Shining One is like another personality inside of you, only with power and agreement not to take over. If a Vigilante and his/her Shining One doesn't have an agreement then they won't be in tune.
Vigilantes Bio:
Name: Aaron Hunt
Aaron Hunt.jpg
Appearance: Messy black hair with blue eyes. Well toned body thanks to police training. Usually wears a black and white hooded jacket.
Vigilante identity: Lugh. Hair turned white and eyes turned green when activating his power. Wearing a long green, 3/4 sleeves coat that has fur on the collar and sleeves. Like the one a king use, only using a zipper. Underneath it he wears casual clothing. He also wears brown combat boots and a white mask that covered his eyes.
Personality: Hot headed and always act though. Have a strong sense of justice. A sweeth-tooth.
Age: 24
The Shining One: The King; his power is to increase a body's vital process, resulting in super human strength and rapid healing. Not only that, the power can be use to others to heal or destroy a body's cells. Always act high and mighty but actually cares about the others.
History: Aaron doesn't like The Vigilantes. They act like they owned the world. So when one of them asked him to join, he immediately refuse. But when one of Supervillains decided to go on a rampage, he accepted The King to become part of him to save people.
Might be.

Some things I need to know before answering, although I already know what sort of Shining ... thing ... I'll be playing with. (IT'S A BEAST. MINE. I GOT IT FIRST)

-As I understand...Are the SO like spirits bound to objects? That channel their powers and personalities through the humans that happen to find them (an be in tune?) I felt that was sort of ambiguous there, so I needed to rephrase your explanation in order to see if I got it right.

-The Vigilantes are the humans in the sect/cult that seek these objects bound with the shining ones in order to acquire their powers?

-Very, very important thing missing here. All ingredients and tools on the table... where is the recipe?So we have Superheroes, Villains, and the Shinings.
What's the plot about?
Oh shit, I was in a rush and forgot to add them! I'm very sorry! *bow* But I'm not really good at explaining things though.

(After finding Aaron) The Supervillains captured one of The Vigilantes to gain more power. The Vigilantes are forced to team up with The Superheroes to save him/her. (this is the basic plot, I actually want people to add his/her own ideas)

-The Shining Ones:
They are manifestation of human's desire to have power. Kinda like imagination that turned real. They used to bestow power to some people that 'interest them' but found that it usually make the chosen people turned crazy, being viewed as monster/devil incarnated/something along those line or worse, turning into a real monster. After that, they sealed themselves, afraid of destroying the world they live in. However, when science come and gives people super powers, they decide to release themselves.

-The Vigilantes:
The Shining Ones decide to once again bestow their power to humans, to keep the balance. Learning from their mistake, instead of giving it to random people, SO search for someone 'in tune' with them. By 'in tune' I mean someone who can accept them sub-consciously.

- The Shining Ones and Vigilantes' relationship is like a spiral:

A spiral cannot exist on its own. For every spiral drawn in black, a similar spiral runs alongside it, in the white space which is left 'empty'.
A spiral would not be a spiral without its double, for if the white space were to be filled in, it would become a circle.
Thus every 'spiral' is actually made up of two spirals, which are opposites of each other, yet still the same in essence.
The world can deny the other spiral's existence, and call it empty, meaningless space, but they would never deny each other. (totally stole this from a fanfiction) In short, after being a Vigilante, you can't live without SO.

Is this too demanding and complicated?
No, it's clear as.
So we start when The King is found.
Then we keep RPlaying:
-A Vigie is kidnapped
-Us Vigies team up with Superheroes.
-The cop feels sort of confused, working with those he hated so much.
-I'm feeling like there is too much good force in this. Some of the Vigies should be bad as. Worse than the villains.
-Then maybe the Vigilantes may split in two, some of them teaming up with the villains.
-Some superheroe should get killed. No drama, no fun.
-We need like eight people to get this started.

Yeah count me in.
I'll fill my CS in this post later on.
I'm playing with the Beast Shining One.

*flies to the horizon*
Oh man, I totally agree with you. No drama no fun. One of The Vigilantes team up with the bad guys because they need to 'keep the balance' after all. If there is too much good then where's the balance?
Superhero Bio
Jax Black
Appearance: Classic Biker, with leather outfit, unshaved face but not long beard and long hair.
Superhero identity: RoadKill (aka RK that sounds slightly like arkham - cause he's that crazy)

(Nightman without a cape basically)
Personality: RoadKill is the classic anti hero, he's a good guy who does what he does cause he feels responsable for the ones who can't stand for themselves, but he hates his existance, he's deeply unhappy, he can't get close to anyone cause he puts them in danger, he's only happy when his heart is filled with rage punishing a criminal.
Age: 34
Power: RoadKill relies on firearms, physical preparation, martial arts mixed with enraged brawler fight style and putting fear in the hearts of the criminals, plus he rides a bike.
History: He was former street fighter who fought illegal tournments he was also a mob enforcer, he was eventualy sent to prision and released after serving his time, he was gonna set his life right, he got a job, a girlfriend, she was pregnant, he was gonna prupose her, but a super villain was at a rampage of destroction.
A super hero team tried to stop him, they got to a point in the fight where their only option was to kill that villain, but they lacked the guts to do so, the fight got longer eventually he took Jaxs girlfriend as ostage, they thought the villain was bluffing and Jaxs pregnant GF ended up dead.
Jax trained hard ever since, got together with his contacts from past life, got weapons, collected debts to sustain himself and become the hero that he once needed, a badass solo player unafraid to murder scum, who hates both heroes and villains with the same passion.
I was thinking maybe since he's a good guy, but a bad boy, maybe he could later decline an invitation to join the vigilantes
You still looking for players? I'm willing to join plus I may bring someone else along for the ride. :)
Hey, you guys still looking for players? I am so very willing to join, LOLz. Just one question: When an SO bestows power to a Vigilante, does it change how they look? I mean, I would understand if some blue eyed dudes eyes went green when their powers are activated, but is there any major or large differences inflicted upon the body? (I'm not sure if thats a dumb question or not, LOLz)
Well... I was actually counting on making major physical changes to my character.
I guess it's pretty much up to you, depending on which powers do you choose.
Hmm..... Well, I ALWAYS play a neko or something like a neko.... but then again, I want to be different.... but I'v always wanted to be a neko!! Ahh! So much confuzzlingness!!

-really friggen long pause-

OK, I made up my mind. My Vigilante is gonna look like a neko. I don't care what any of you say, I will play a neko like character!!! (I REALLY hope none of you mind)
I was almost thinking about playing a character similar to Frakenstein's creature. If that would be okay.

And Bellsong is who I was talking about dragging in >.<
Hey Neko wannabe dudette - You gonna look more like Felicia from darkstalkers or Tigra from marvel?
Frankenstein is fine. That would be AWESOME, actually. To Miss Neko, Fluffy Vampire Cat is right, it depends on the SO power. Since 'The King' has the ability to mess with someone's body cells, I decided to make Aaron looks different when activating his power.
Vigilantes Bio:

Joseph Lenners


Vigilante Name: The Mad Stranger. He wears no costume.

The Mad Stranger, as his name suggests, is quite mad. He remains an enigma, even to those among the Vigilante. Few dare to cross him, or even get too close to him, for they have heard the stories told about the Mad Stranger. His madness comes in the form of eccentricity and emotional outbursts. When his friends are threatened, or when he himself is threatened his usual friendly personality turns ugly and he begins to make threats - threats that he himself, will surely carry out.

He is ruthless and knows no pity for his enemies, who is regarded as anyone that stands in the way of his own personal goals. Joseph is known to however, show particular compassion to both his close friends and children. Especially children, for he finds their innocence mellowing to his insanity.

Age: 29
The Shining One:

The Grand Master.
Due to the bestowing of powers upon him by the Grand Master, Joseph has become a manipulator of Time. However, his power has severe limitations in which that he himself cannot travel in time, therefore he cannot turn back time in order to reverse something, or jump into the future to know something.

However, he can stop, reverse or bring forward time in an object or a person. This means that he can stop the time of a man, andleave him motionless as a statue, or fast forward the time within him such that he turns into nothing more than dust and bones. To cast his power upon an object takes little to no effort. To do it on a person, requires a great deal of energy. He can stop the time in a person for no longer than 3 seconds at a time, and he has to have a break of 10 seconds between each pause. To reverse or fast forward time in a person is something he can only do once a day, else he himself risk getting caught up in time, and destroyed.

Joseph is also well learned in boxing and muay thai, which he had picked up to defend himself. He has rudimentary knowledge in the usage of small to medium firearms.

The Grand Master himself bears an almost identical personality to Joseph, only more of an enigma and more passive, content to rest within the man for now.


Joseph's childhood was one of pain. Perhaps that was what pushed his sanity over the edge. He grew up in a shattered family, his father a drunkard that regularly beat him and his mother. There was no happy childhood for Joseph. It was nothing but pain, misery and suffering. Social services did their work and took him away - but not before his mother had killed herself. Transferred from foster home to foster home, Joseph grew up a withdrawn person, until he met the Grand Master.

He was promised power. Power to stand up to tyrants like his father, all of it will be given to him, as long as he let himself be the host for the being. The man agreed, and he took on the mantle of the Mad Stranger, an anagram of the Grand Master.

When he was nearing twenty, he seeked his father out and found him drinking from a bottle in a back alley. Although drunk, he was sober enough to try and attack his son, who freezed time in the man and cut his hamstrings with a sharp Bowie knife. When the man that was his oppressor, the robber of his childhood and the man who eventually pushed his mother to kIll herself knelt before him, pleasing his life, Joseph obliged.

It was the first time he ever did it, and he made his father live out the rest of his life in the next five seconds. His father was reduced to nothing but dust and bones. Nothing else.

Somewhere in His mid twenties he joined the Vigilantes, merely to make it clear that he stood amongst the gray.
I was thinking on having my character, Frankenstein creature being, be composed of body parts of deceased heroes and villains yet his brain is actually a relic of a SO which gave him life. Would this be acceptable?
Oh shit XC, why you so cool? D: Mad Stranger Power is awesome, and doesn't make him overpowered too! ACCEPTED. And Scott, I told you Frankenstein is awesome and you just make it awesome-er. ACCEPTED.

Ah, I feel so small compared to you guys...

P.S. We needs villain