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  1. It happened quite suddenly and without explanation. There was no real explanation, but a small population of the world found themselves with a power. A power which was created from the controller's own wish.

    Soon all over the world these numbers went up. And more people found themselves with powers, but the problem was there was no way in knowing if you had the power or how to use it.

    So in order to stop this impending chaos; the government stood up and created a bracelet. By activating the bracelet it will create a small burst of energy if you do not a have a power. But if you do then it will no react. instead it will copy you're own power. It will then track the progress of you're power's growth making sure that their are no problems.

    A few years after the sudden appearance of these powers. The government says their are no people without powers left. They create a school for all ages, to train with their power and so they can watch over the development of these powers, they rank all the powers and created various classes for these powers.

    There is one class which does not fit under the ranks that they invented. The irregulars, and the people without control of their powers. They were placed under special protection by the government. In the small class, each student comes with a fully trained high power ranked official who would protect them at any means.

    These are there stories
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  2. Eh hello, id wanted to be in this Rp, how to sing up character in this rp?
  3. Sorry for the late reply! I don't really know how to use this site but just introduce you're chara with their name, description, job, power, personality and whatever else you like!
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