The Shapeshifters.

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  1. Hunters, have decided that Shapeshifters shouldn't be able to live in the same world as humans. Someone, who can turn into any other living thing. It's just a disaster waiting to happen! Shapeshifters were only introduced to this world a few weeks ago, and already they are being hunted down and killed. Few remain. Some work together, some work alone, trying to survive. Some have even changed sides and now work with the Hunters to kill there own kind, with the hope that they would be spared.

    Side: (Hunters or Shapeshifters? Or maybe your just a regular human?)
    Appearance: (Description or pic)
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  2. Name: Shift.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 18.
    Side: Shapeshifters.
    Appearance: Pic below
    Personality: Shift likes to keep to himself, mostly hiding out in alleys during the day and coming out at night. He did once have an apartment, but the hunters found it, driving him out. He was almost killed twice. Once he knows he can trust someone, he will do what he can for them, and do whatever they ask of him, within reason. He is very loyal.

    Shift was hiding out in the alley he resided in. It was nearly night. "What you having for tea?" "Probably just some fish and chips." Hunters... The hunters passed right by the alleyway noisily. Laughter could be heard, then silence again. He changed to his German Shepherd form and padded silently out of the alley. Unfortunately Shapeshifters can always be told apart from other animals, because all shapeshifters have a thick collar, which if taken off, causes serious pain and can kill, if that perticular shapeshifter is very weak.

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  3. Name: Kiyoko
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Side: Grew up with humans never seen any other shapeshifters except myself so nobody side
    Appearance: Picture Below
    Personality: Spirited, strong and beautiful Kiyoko is a down to earth and loves to experience new things. She loves nature and is curious about the world.

    Kiyoko ran as fast as she could, her form was that of a beautiful fox. Blood stained her fur as she ran and soon she found an alleyway. Being her clever self, she skidded into the opening between the dirty brick walls and hid behind a dumpster. She heard footsteps and then, nothing. With a deep breath she transformed back into a girl and took a look at her wound to see how bad it was. The hunters had shot an arrow through the side of her stomach...only the side thank goodness!

    With another deep breath she snapped off the tail of the arrow and yanked it out of her. She screamed and covered her own mouth, stifling herself. Her warm, red liquid was all over the floor and she quickly used the hand she stifled herself with to place against her wound while the other was still holding onto the head of the arrow.

    "Damn hunters..." she said then searched her pockets. A lighter was taken out.
    There was a way to stop this wound from bleeding, it wasn't going to be easy but what other choice did she have? Ever since her father found out she was a shapshifter he disowned her as a daughter and sent hunters after her. This chase for her has been going on for two years now and she was just barely surviving. The first year was easy, she had to change her identity so she wouldn't be recognized by the photos her father gave those she chopped off most of her jet black hair and wore different clothes. They found her and the chase has been going on ever since.

    The young girl slowly burned the tip of the arrow and pressed it against her wound, forcing it to close. She screamed on top of her lungs and slowly became dizzy. She took one final look at her closed wound before passing out from the pain. The hunters heard and saw the girl there motionless, one got a sword out ready to gut her.
  4. Name: Fletch
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Side: Shapeshifters
    Appearance: Below. His collar is different to most others, as it is slightly thicker and is stained a deep red.
    Personality: Fletch's personality changes as he does. Sometimes his might be happy and playful, cheeky, sometimes maybe aggressive. It all depends on what form he's in. He's never really met any other shifters, those he has met, turned out to be working with the hunters and had tried to kill him.

    Fletch sped into the alley, running right into the Hunters, knocking them over. His eyes widened in shock and he pushed himself along the ground away from them. A strand of hair passed over his eyes so he shook his head, so he could see properly. The Hunters attention was now on him. "Ha, two in one night, how lucky" The one with the sword sneered, as he pointed the sword at Fletch's chest. Fletch continued to move backwards along the floor until his back hit against a wall. Oh no... This is bad, very bad, very very bad... His eyes darted around, scanning the area for some form of escape. Nothing... I'm gonna die, I'M GONNA DIE! "Ha.... aw, look at that, the little shifters scared" The other Hunter said, laughing as he kicked Fletch in the stomach. He panicked and started crying. He was, after all, much younger than most of the other shapeshifters.

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  5. Shift had heard the screaming and the hunters, but had hidden behind a trash can, he was outnumbered... When the yong boy had ran into the alley, right into the hunters, he had changed to his wolf form. He had sleek black fur and light brown, angry eyes. He bared his teeth but made no sound. Should I go? ... What if I get killed? Maybe... Maybe I can trust them? ... Shift looked at the boy again. He's about to be killed! Go on go... He's too young... but... He shook his head and leapt out from behind the bin, colliding with the Hunter that was holding the sword against the boys chest, about to kill him. He growled, and ripped the sword from the mans hand, cutting his muzzle in the process.

    The sword hit the floor with a loud clattering sound. The secon huinter just stood and watched. Shift slashed at the hunters throat with his sharp claws, missing by a few centimeters. The hunter was pounding Shift's head with his fists. A loud growl erupted from his mouth as he snapped his jaws over the hunters throat. SNAP Shif dropped the hunter on the floor, blood dripping from his mouth, the other hunter, had ran off, for fear of ending up like his friend.
  6. Kiyoko woke up to someone carrying her. It was the group of hunters from before.
    "There is no way we can use your fur unless we change you back into your animal form, taking you back to our hideout and torturing you until you turn into an animal and skin you is a better idea than doing it on the streets no?"
    The men laughed and the young shapeshifter panicked. Suddenly she transformed into a tiger and the men struggled to keep her up, she was too heavy.
    "Clyde! Get the tranquilizer gun out! Put her to sleep!"
    A young man next to them was shaking, struggling to put a dart in the rifle.
    Kiyoko pounced from the hunters that were holding her on Clyde and knocked the gun out of his hand.
    Clyde held his hands in front of his face, "please! don't hurt me!"
    The girl looked around, noticing the rifle she picked it up with her mouth and ran off with it.
    The chase began once again and this time the young creature was prepared. She transformed back into a human, aimed the gun at the hunters and two of them.
    "Shit!" she grunted, the gun only fired two at a time, the girl dropped the gun frustratingly and started to climb a building.
    "Oh no you don't!" the last man shouted and began to throw rocks at her.
    Fortunately he was a bad shot, she climbed the building and jumped from building to building. Finally after what seemed like an hour, she finally lost him.
    She jumped down a building and walked into a shop, ordering new clothes. The outfit she was wearing was easily recognizable and more hunters were sure to notice her. She came out wearing a blue tank top that fit snug around her slim body and cargo pants with appropriate black shoes. Her old shoes were heels, that would never do.
    She walked along the streets looting people as she went, she needed to eat somehow.
  7. Fletch had watched with wide eyes, When the other shifter looked at him he fell unconcious, hitting his head on the cold hard floor. A little blood surrounded his head and dampened his hair.
  8. Name: Celia Crawford
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Side: Shapeshifters
    Personality: Shy and mistrusting. If she finds someone she trusts, she is by their side at all times. Once she opens up to someone, she is very happy and cheerful.


    Run. Keep running. That was all she could think of. That was all she had time to think of. The hunters were out in force tonight and they weren't going to go easy on a child like Celia. Her heart was beating in her ears as she kept running, she wanted to stop and change into an animal. But being small, her youth and quickness were the only things keeping the hunters from reaching her. She had been running for two weeks now, only stopping to eat and sleep. Her parents had been killed by hunters, both of them being shapeshifters. Her family had kept that fact a secret, but another shifter had ousted them to save their own hide. She had gotten away, just barely, but her parents sacrificed themselves to save her. Celia took a sharp turn and ducked into a narrow alleyway, hiding behind a trash can. She held her breath as the hunters ran past her. Once they were gone, she relaxed a bit, but didn't move. She would stay there for the night and hope that the hunters didn't come back.
  9. Name: Elle
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Side: Shapeshifters - She is one herself, though because she prefers to hide that side of her, she does not know anyone who is one and has never seen and known another
    .::. In human .::.
    .::. In Serval (wild cat) .::.
    Personality: Quite outgoing and friendly, though she does not like divulging any of her secrets

    Elle forced herself to keep moving forwards, without staring at the vicious and egotistical hunter standing in the corner, his hand on a bulge in his coat which was obviously a gun. She shuddered as his malicious eyes scanned over her tiny form, praying that she had gotten everything right. Elle had been putting of the trip to the market all morning, dreading to come in contact with the public, but if her neighbours sensed something wrong they would all gossip and it would not take long for the hunters to speculate and find her.

    "Elle!" one of her outrageous neighbours came bounding towards her.
    Bad move; the hunters eyes now narrowed on her figure and started coming forwards towards them. The loud, joyous sound was like a bell in the constant sound of shuffling feet across the ground.
    "Hi, look I really need to go." she called over her shoulder before striding into her house, uncaring that she was being rude.

    The hunter was now jogging towards her. Sweat broke out across her forehead and she could feel the wild cat inside her bouncing with anxiety. She was in no shape to take on the Hunter so she ran into the thickness and throng of the crowd heading towards the forest where the cat could run faster inside her.
  10. After spending the night behind a trash can, Celia ventured out into the crowded streets. She "borrowed" a cloak and made her way towards the edge of town. There were too many hunters in this town. She needed to move on to the next and hope there weren't as many in that town. As she turned a corner, she crashed right into another girl. She seemed very scared and it looked like someone was following her.

    "Ow... Oh are you alright?" She looked at her and quickly pulled the hood of the cloak over her head, hiding her own blonde hair. She gave a quick glance at the hunter then threw herself onto the older girl. "Big sister! I'm sorry I ran away!" She said, crying into the older girl. She held onto the other girl. For a 12 year old, she was quite crafty.
  11. Elle's heart was pounding hard in her chest. She kept on running, letting the steady rhythm keep driving her momentum. She couldn't do this, she could feel her legs failing her, could feel her breath being drawn out from her mouth in thick pants. She was going to get captured. She was going to…

    Another body crashed into hers, shock ricocheting along her body. A blonde whirl of hair suddenly whipped past her and stopped. Elle crashed onto the ground, landing in an awkward angle on the ground. Immediately, her back curled in pain. There were two of them! How was she going to run away from them now?
    "Oh, are you alright?" a girl asked her softly. Elle whimpered in pain as a response.
    Suddenly the blonde whirl whipped her head behind Elle and yelled loudly. "Big Sister, I am sorry I ran away!"

    Elle gripped her head, confused. She decided to go along with the girl's lie.

    "How many times have I told you to stay near me! I was so worried!" Elle grabbed the girl in her arms, tighter than she needed to. Elle turned to face the ruddy-faced hunter thundering towards them, a look of pure innocence plastered on her face.
  12. Celia continued to hold on to the older girl, crying, or rather making really convincing crying sounds. She looked up at the older girl, her eyes teary. "A lot. I won't ever do it again sister." She said then looked at the hunter and sniffled. "Who is this man sister?" She asked then looked back at the older girl. She could feel Elle's heart pounding. Her own heart was beating as well. If the hunter didn't believe their lie, they were both dead.
  13. Elle clutched the unknown girl in her arms. She could feel the wild cat in her, reply to the other shapeshifter.
    "What man?" Elle asked, her face a perfect picture of innocence.
    The hunter, panting, came to a skidding halt in front of them.
    "Who are you?" she asked the Hunter.
    The Hunter, watched them with narrowed eyes, his harsh breathing calming down. Finally, without a word, he stalked away. Elle released the breath she didn't know she was holding. Then, she turned around the girl in her arms and roughly asked, keeping her voice soft so the Hunter would not hear, "Who are you?"
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