The Shapeshifter

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    Shapeshifters existed. They moved around in groups. Some lived in the forest, others lived in the mountains, and some the ocean. The reason none of them lived near humans, was because the power of just one shapshifter could put the world in danger. One of the shapehisfters have escaped. Their name...was Ayumi. And her group had to find her. Fast. Before anything bad happened
  2. Josh stood there eyeing a fruit stand, the vendor was talking to a customer about something when the young man transformed into an eagle and grabbed an orange before the mans very eyes who ducked under the cart. The young man flew on top of a higher building and started peeling the fruit

  3. Ayumi was walking through a city when she saw someone turn into a eagle. Could they be....a shifter as well?! She hid in an alleyway and turned into a hawk. She flew up and landed on the building that he was one. The moment Ayumi's feet touched the roof she transformed, "Are you a shapeshifter too?" She asked, though it was quite clear that he was
  4. The boy sat there then started moving his hands frantically, he was using sign language because he couldn't speak.
    When he realized she didn't understand him he only nodded and took out a hunting knife, making the peeling processes way faster.

    After he was done peeling he gave half the orange to the girl before carving his name on the ground, it said Hitoshi
  5. Ayumi sat down next to him. She had never met anyone that used sign language before. When she noticed he was carved him name on the ground- well, roof, she said, "Hitoshi. Nice name. I'm Ayumi." At that moment, she remembered, "Oh! I...umm...I'm hiding from my group. Do you know a place I can hide?"
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    Jyn had just witnessed what he thought was reckless. Two shapeshifters. Transforming in broad daylight. "You're kidding me...If those two get caught..." He shook his head and turned from them. "It's none of my business, and I don't want to be around when they're found out." He sighed and began walking away, still shaking his head.
  7. Ayumi looked around as she waited for an answer from the boy. Sure, he couldn't speak. but he could carve his answer life he did when telling his name. As she looked around, she noticed someone shaking their head. Did they see her shapeshift? How? She shapeshifted in an alleyway
  8. He turned the corner and sighed. The shapeshifters nowadays didn't care about being seen...He looked around and slipped into the shadows, before transforming into a snake. He slithered away and made sure no one really noticed him.
  9. She noticed some shapeshifters from her group and jumped up, "I...uhh....I've got to go! Bye Hitoshi! Maybe we'll meet again sme time!" Ayumi turned back into a hawk. She then flew off
  10. Hitoshi just started at her as she flew off, blushing then smiling
  11. Ayumi landed in a nearby alleyway. She turned back into a human and sighed in relief when she saw no-one from her group was around. So she stepped out of the alleyway and looked around, " I?"
  12. Some men were being shot down by others, they saw you and aimed their guns but you were pushed away, it was Hitoshi. The men fired and Hitoshi got on top of her to protect her body.
    The shooting stopped and the men were driven away by a crashing bus. The young man got up and leaned against the building, blood was everywhere...he'd been shot in the arm.
  13. Ayumi stared in horror as she watched people get shot. What was going on? She gulped when the shooters turned to her and she prepared to transform, but that was unnecessary as the boy from before, Hitoshi, had appeared out of nowhere. And he was here to protect her. When they were driven away by the bus, Ayumi rushed over to Hitoshi, and that's when she saw the bullet wound in his arm. At least he wasn't dead. "Oh no!" She exclaimed. "We need to get you to a hospital! Or some place that'll help you!"
  14. Hitoshi looked at the girl and shook his head before he stood up holding his arm, he then stumbled again before he stood back up. He was loosing too much blood and there was no way he could go to the hospital, he was on the run from his abusive father. His eyes suddenly rolled to the back of his head and he fell to the ground, passed out.
  15. Her eyes widened when she saw he had collapsed. Oh no! Ayumi quickly picked him up and carried him to the nearest hospital. Luckily, the doctors called for Hitoshi first as they knew that he might die at anytime. They carried him into the operating room
  16. "...God dammit..." Transforming back to a human and turned around to the sound of the gun shots. "They must have found a group of us...Humans...We just want to live too!" He started sprinting back to where the shots had come from. All that was left was a bloody scene. "Dammit...This is troublesome..." He knelt down and looked at the blood. "Stupid...So stupid."
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    Yuzuki was in her cat form resting right above an alleyway when she heard sudden gunshots go off, surprising her. There was a huge commotion that made her sit upright with alert and jump down cautiously when her instincts told her it was safe to go down. By the time she got to the ground, the commotion seemed to have died down as quickly as it had suddenly happened and she caught a faint scent of blood. What happened? She thought to herself as she was about to go to the scene, following the scent of blood that led down into the alleyway that she was sitting on top of.

    When she heard someone swear not too far from her, her ears shot up in alert and the hairs on her muscles tensed as she crouched down and backed away only to see a human at the crime scene. Did he cause this? She questioned as she watched closer, noticing that it looked as if he just got there. Humans... Yuzuki said disappointingly in her head, unaware of the fact that the boy was a shifter. Shaking her head, her ears lowered as she turned around to leave.
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    Ai was nearby when she heard gunshots. Turning her head toward the noise she curiosuly followed it. When she got there she only saw blood and a boy. She narrowed her eyes and walked up to him. "Hey! The hell happened here?" She asked him, curiousity nagging at her. She was in her human form so it was hard to tell if she was a shifter or not. She crossed her arms over her chest and raised a brow as she awaited his answer.
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