The Shapeshifter Queen Returns!

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  1. Hello again! I am one of the old members from the proboards days that has decided to make a return! I am 25 years old and currently on vacation visiting my family. But my mind has wandered to this place several times in the past few months, and so I signed up. Let's see... I've been roleplaying for over 10 years in various formats including LARPs, tabletop, free form, and the various MMOs I've played.

    Currently I play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and I'm on a binge of watching old Sailor Moon episodes. I am fond of merfolk, monsterpeople, and most things fantasy. Including a healthy love of werebeasts, hence the name.

    Finally, I've also gotten back into drawing! My art blog is Fluxxing Doodles (slightly NSFW because boobs), and I'm probably going to be replacing my avatar with something drawn when I get the inspiration to.

    But yes hi everyone!
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  2. Hello Lycan Queen. Welcome back!
  3. Oh my god, she is back. Hey hun, its me, TK. I missed you!
  4. Hello everyone! And TK HI THERE! I'm glad to be back to be honest. I'm already peering around the roleplays and picking one to get involved with.
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  5. LQ! ;_;

    <3 Welcome back.
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  6. Welcome!

    You have a great talent with drawing!
  7. Thank you everyone!

    Hey Fluffy! Oh gosh it's been so long since I've talked to you.

    And thank you for the compliment of my art! I put a lot of work into it, but there's a lot I still need to learn.
  8. Welcome back! >:3
  9. Welcome back to Iwaku my dear.
    Fully hope you have 10x more fun this time around.​
  10. Hi Diana!! It's been a while. And thank you for the welcome, Akatsuki. I plan to have a lot of fun here.
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  11. No one remembers you.

    Kill yourself.
  12. I was wondering when the grumpy old Brit was going to pop in to say hello.

    I missed you too buddy!
  13. I don't remember you.

    But XIV sibling! Hey!!!! Welcome baaacku!!!
  14. Thank you!!! I play over on Balmung where I roleplay with my FC. My main is an Elezen Dragoon, though I've got a few alts because I have a bunch of characters I want to write.
  15. I tend to be all over the place server-wise, because some of my buds decide to play in other servers every now and then, but I'm usually on Gilgamesh with my Hume, mainly as an archer. ^^

    I recently stopped playing though because 1: My subscription ran out, lol, and 2: I realized I still had a load of other games I was in the process of beating. XD
    I'll probably be back on within the next year though.
    XIV is pretty darn addictive.
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