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    A young woman is sitting on the icy edge of the Shannon Lake Bridge, contemplating her jump. Just as a man jogs by, she plummets to her death. He attempted to catch her, but was not fast enough. He jumps in to pull her body out of the freezing water; finding a pulse, he calls in to report the incident. He rides with them, suffering a few bumps and scrapes of his own, and finds himself staying by her side. Soon, she is rushed into ICU, and the guy is left wondering what actually happens.

    With no relatives coming to claim her after a few days, even though everyone knew Autum Pearson and her family since she's the star of the Béchamel College state-bound women's volleyball team, the guy becomes the only person allowed to visit her while she remained in a coma for weeks. As a student of medicine, he knew that the simple act of talking to a comatose person can help awaken certain parts of the brain. He did anything and everything, to the amusement of the hospital staff, to keep Autum's mind stimulated.

    Curious about this woman he's become accustomed to caring for, he begins to talk to her friends, coworkers and instructors about her, learning about her favorite music, books, TV shows, anything familiar to her he could use to help wake her up. That's when he began to learn that this woman was not the happiest person in the world, even though she appeared to be to others.

    His one-sided connection to her seems to bring about strange daydreams about her throughout his daily life. He can be sitting at a coffee shop during lunch and suddenly see her walking down the street, smiling and waving to him like he's known her forever. They gave him the oddest sensation that she was trying to tell him something, show him things that he was missing...

    After a few months out, one day she began to show signs of improvement. And then a week after, she started to respond to stimulation - voices and touch. The news reports on the event had the entire town overjoyed that their college volleyball star would recover well.

    Then, on the very night she actually woke up for the first time in two months, someone stowed into her room... and attempted to murder her.

    Now, the hero and a local police investigator are trying to understand why Autum tried to commit suicide in the first place, and why someone out there didn't want her to wake up. Unfortunately, Autum has no memory of hardly anything once she was alert, and literally has to be retaught the basics of living.

    The hero everyone knows, who helped Autum wake up, is now her voice, her protector, and her investigator. His pledge to help this woman will lead him into a dangerous underground world hidden in this simple, small town; one that will take him to places he never knew existed.


    Béchamel is a small town settling within the cusp of winter - end of October - December, heading towards the New Year. Everyone knows everyone there; like one big happy family. Unfortunately, there are a few black sheep, and Autum's family holds several of them. But regardless of her home life, Autum [Phi Chisym] has been a bright star hovering above it all....or so people thought....

    The Hero [soulpelt] is the young doctor who rescues her. He is new in town; just transferred there from the hospital he was a resident in from up state about three months ago. So, he only knows a few people, and he has no clue about the 'town misfits' or 'gossip-makers'. But, he will.

    The Investigator [Osiris Gainsborough] from the police department who's just far too serious about his job. He knows everyone, of course, even those who thought they were invisible. He's suspicious about everyone in town, because not all are as perfect as peaches.

    Autum's friends, co-workers, ex-boyfriend - are NPCs for play. They are the actual gears that drive this story forward, the people the Hero & Investigator will have to connect to in order to learn more about Autum. Together, they'll help crack the biggest story that hit this town since...well, forever!

    Autum's dead-beat mother, absent father, missing brothers - these are all Major NPC Charries that will pop up from time to time, some less than others. They are the secondary driving force of this story. They will be questioned by the Hero and the Investigator about Autum's life and activities in the past month that they feel lead to her decision to attempt suicide.

    The Baddie - This person is a prominent member of the town, but he runs a secret society that pretty much runs the town and pays for practically everything there. He has Members that are his hands and feet; doing all the work for him. Members are NPC's, Baddie as well, unless someone within the three RPers care to keep the Baddie permenatly.

    Mentioned Extras:

    Kelsea Sulbert - Autum's friend/co-worker at Cedar Hollow Dodge dealership. She is also a student at Béchamel College - Business Management Major.
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  2. Autum Arianna Pearson

    Age 23

    Student at Béchamel College on an Early Student Intern Scholarship. She entered a year ahead, as a Sophomore rather than a freshman. After 6 years working to gain two Bachelors degrees (one in Business Management and the other in Computer Engineering), she's getting ready to graduate.

    Worked at Cedar Hollow Dodge dealership as a receptionist – hoping to one day afford a Charger.

    Lives at home with her mother (Shelley Pearson)....who is secretly growing weed in her greenhouse, (Her father, Jack, left the family when she was six - she wished she went with him. He was the good half of this tattered family).


    She also has two older brothers:

    Oskar (32) - A Inventory Manager working at the docks on Lake Monoreay. Does a few things on the side at work to cover a few of his silent partners, keeping his inventory records spotless of the dirt and grime that enters Béchamel on a daily basis. As they always say - if it's not written down, it never happened.


    and Josh (27) - He really doesn't have a steady job. He works at the docks part time - sometimes, and helps out at night at Steamrollers, an adult nightclub on the outskirts of town that the Béchamel City Council has tried voraciously to have shut down. He's only there for the free beer, food, money, and babes. If he's lucky, sometimes Josh is picked up by the variety of low-esteem there for a $100 worth of his time...however they can get it. He doesn't really care, just happy to get paid for a job well done.


    Both Oskar and Josh have been dealing with some very shady people in town lately, and had suddenly gone missing for about 8 months to date. There has been no missing person’s report issued to the police. Autum knows where they are, but doesn’t care anymore about them, mainly because they’ve seem to have lost all concern and love for her - and she’ll never forgive them for that.

    Appearance: 5’6”, 132 lbs, her bright red hair is uncanny; yet natural, as well as her ice blue eyes. She is very shapely and had nice muscle tone due to being a part of the Béchamel’s Fighting Lady Eagles’ Volleyball Team. She’s known as The Fire Bomb for her fiery serve. They would have been heading to State…but things will be taking a major turn today.

    And her birthday, October 29th is only a week away...


    Personality: She’s popular, but she would not agree with that title. She's a hard worker and deadly determined to make right anything she begins. She’s spontaneous and prone to hang out at the lake with her friends, trying her hands at hiking, and learning all she can about the edible plants of the forest.

    She enjoys nature and always seems to challenge herself against it, whether it is swimming to Trophy Island at the center of the Lake Monoreay and back alone, or living out in a tent in the woods with nothing more than a radio, a can of beanie weenies, and flint for starting a fire. Her friend’s call her a psychotic savant, but she’s just determined to become a strong woman and avoid turning into her twisted mother who she feels is weak and pathetic. She fears nothing…and has a lot going for her.

    So, what in the hell probed her into jumping over that bridge? Everyone says that she would be the one most likely to do something so - sporadic, so daredevilish…but, she would of survived; that's just her thing. For someone who faces dangers as a form of soul strengthening, what reason(s) did she have to just...end it all? Her life was perfect.
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  3. Alright, I believe I'm satisfied with my template - for now. I'll work up a few more charries, like her best friend and Ex's, this weekend. Well, tha'ts my plan. I'm about to leave the work rush I've been going through with my company for the past nine months. October is one of my lazy seasons.
  4. This looks extraordinarily interesting to me, and I've got a vague idea surrounding the Investigator, that is, if you'll have me around. :P
  5. Umm, well...if the other RPer participating in this agrees to have you along, then I think it'll be okay. It'll make things a bit easier and bring more creative thought and characters to the table.

    @Damien Nyr - what do you think?
  6. Alright Ty, it's official, Damien agrees. So, you can add your template.
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  7. Um...bumping to check for interest.
  8. Hello! I'm very much interested. Do you need me to create a quick character sheet or will we discuss over PM? I always liked being the hero.
  9. Hey, thanks for the inquiry! Go ahead and post a temp here. I'll be using this as our OOC Thread.
    The other interest in this story...I have no idea if they're still interested or not, but the door is always open if they are. I'm still looking for the Investigator. Other than that, the other charries involved in this will be created from our brainstorms.
  10. Okie dokie, I'll post a temp in this post later on. You have any basic requirements for it?
  11. The Hero is the young doctor who rescues her. He is new in town; just transferred there from the hospital he was a resident in from up state about three months ago. So, he only knows a few people, and he has no clue about the 'town misfits' or 'gossip-makers'. But, he will.

    That's all there is to it. Everything else is up to you.
  12. Okay. I'mma bed now, I'll work on a temp after college tomorrow. Man haven't done an RP is some time.....
  13. You've got plenty of time, K. Reality before Roleality - just let me know what's up after a week or two, K. I'm a student, a mother, and run my own business 24/7, so I know about time restraints.
  14. James Atticus Crane (Typically called Crane.)
    Age 27

    Works at the local Hospital, Cedar Hollow Medical, as a replacement for a retired doctor. He is currently training under another more experienced doctor to learn the ins-and-outs of both the town and hospital. He volunteered to stay with Autum in case she woke up. For both medical reason and personal reasons.

    Lives in a small two apartment complex, Oldpine Apartments, near the hospital to minimize time traveled to work.

    He also volunteers at the local free clinic and soup kitchen, wanting to help those who can't afford the costs of being checked over at Ceder Hollow Medical.

    James (open)

    James is somewhat tall, being 6'7 and weights an even 198 lbs. His hair is a dark brown and cut short. His eyes are his most striking feature, they are icy blue and never seem to waver off whatever has their focus. He tends to wear earthy colored clothing outside of work, muted greens and dark browns. At work he naturally wears a doctors scrubs.

    Personality: Like most of those in the medical profession James is a very driven individual who works hard to get to his goal and never gives up, not matter the odds. He's a typically friendly person(unless you've caught him without his morning or afternoon coffee, in which case you are subject to experimentation), . He loves his job, and pushes himself to stay on top of everything.

    He, however, get easily aggravated at people who try to get in his way, either physically or bureaucratically. The former results in gentle to violent shove away and the latter results in a complaint to the boss of whoever is obstructing his goal. Plus he reacts badly(his father having a bad liver from it and his mother recovering from lung cancer) to smoking and alcohol consumption around him, not giving any slack on the no smoking and drinking on hospital property.

    He has no family in town, his mother, father and two younger sisters live in another city but he Skypes with them weekly and plans to visit when he can.

    I hope this is good enough.
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  15. Awesome, soulpelt!

    Well, all we need is the Investigator. If you know someone who is willing and able to jump into this, by all means, send them here!

    If anyone else is reading and is interested, there's one more position left!

    This story starts off exactly on the very day Autum jumps. I might post up the IC thread this week regardless if we have an investigator or not. That charrie comes in at the beginning of the story, but they can be late, if needed. No big deal there.
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    Sadly I don't know anyone. :\
  17. Soo... should we just start without the Investigator or keep waiting?
  18. I'm still checking around for interest, but we can start. The Investigator can come in at a later time. If we don't get one, then we can work him ourselves - it'll just be easier with a third on our roster.

    IC is coming soon.

    Alright, that's the IC Thread.

    I started writing my OP in First Person, but that's just for Autum. Everything else will be in Third Person.
    Hopefully, we can get someone else involved with this, but oh well. This thread we can keep for our brainstorming.
    I think it will be awesome if we have something all twisted up like the old Twin Peaks TV show; that thing was all messed up over one girl's death.
    She was considered so perfect, but the deeper the investigator dug into her life, it turns out that the entire town was twisted in the head.

    So really, anything we come up with, new charries, anything mindfucked idea we can come up with can be added. We just have to weave it into the reasoning behind Autum's attempted suicide - and the future attempted at murdering her. I've got some ideas (from my constant watching of NCIS, CSI, Person of Interest, and Criminal Minds), but it would be nice to come up with something different from the norm. I think it's possible... well, I hope it is.

    Alright, have fun!
  20. Okay sweet. Time to get into James' character. Will be fun. :D
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