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  1. Autum


    I finished my shift at the dealership, not really paying any attention to what I was doing, or what customers were talking about when their lips moved. I just nodded my head, nicely smiled and verbalized that I was paying attention; but I wasn’t really. If they knew what I was going do after work; If they knew, would they really care that their insurance information was incorrect, or that I can’t reach the manager at this time to discuss with them the new warranty guidelines to their Dodge Ram Club Cab? Would they be more concern about me, perfect Autum - just like the season, but without the ‘N’? No one has cared so far, even the few people that should care don’t lift a finger of empathy.

    So, I should just allow for things to happen…or fix everything myself. No one cares what I’m going to do anyway, right?

    “Hey, Autum…Autum?”

    Kelsea nudged me against my back again and I woke up to find the phone glued to my ear screaming profanity at me, and two customers standing before me waiting…

    “Oh…um…ye..yes, I do understand your concern… Let me put you on hold for a moment to see if I can reach the Assistant Manager. One second, please.”

    I hung up…forgetting to press down the red hold button. I played it off nicely so the customers witnessing my breakdown wouldn’t assume I did do that on purpose. I gave them my best news anchor personality, smiled and tried my hardest to clear them from my sight. Kelsea stepped up to help me out; the only friend I had who was actually sharp enough to see that I was acting unstable. When all was clear, I quickly stepped away, heading to the back break area near the service desk where I worked. I grabbed my Coke from the fridge and took two sips before Kelsea entered, her brow folded.

    “Hey, chica, what’s up today? You haven’t been yourself in weeks…” She stood beside me, rubbing my shoulder and giving me that ‘Carol Brady” look. God, I wished for years that Kelsea was old enough to be my mom. She’s like Betty Crocker, The Care Bears, and Mother Goose all rolled up into one tiny package. But we're only five years apart... we were probably sisters in another life. Really, she cares for me like a mother rather than a friend.

    I should tell her…she, of all people, would understand how I feel and know how to help me out. But, it’s so embarrassing…and it’s bad enough to live through it, but even worse to place it into words… Besides, I don't want her to get involved.

    “Ah, I’m just tired, I guess; I've been training for State, ya know.” I give her a cheerful glance. "Coach is not letting up on anyone, not even me."

    "Ah, you guys will do good, but if he keeps pushing too much, you all will end up being worn out before that day comes.” Kelsea nudges me on the head with the palm of her hand. “But, that noggin of yours needs rest, and plenty of it; can’t go around turning dumb all because you’re working too hard and not getting enough sleep.”

    She hands me half of a macadamia nut cookie she snagged from her lunch bag (or was it Kevin’s bag?) I took the offering, but not the advice. “Yea…I guess I can find more time for breaks - for once… I’m thinking about heading out to the lake to go swimming.”

    “See, that’s a good idea. Relax for a spell. Oh, and this weekend you can head with me to the mall. We can catch a few sales, and I can get you something you actually like for your birthday.”

    I really, REALLY didn’t want to be seen in the mall, nor anywhere else. Patronizing her, I just nodded my head. “Sounds good,” and finished the rest of my soda. “Um, look…could you tell Doris that I left early. I’m…not up to closing this evening.”

    Kelsea’s face folded into that sweet motherly concern, her blue eyes darkened. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Was she a freaking mind-reader? I didn’t want to be there anymore… Work is just a waste of time to me right now.

    “Um, yea… I’m just tired.”

    “Oh, alright, I’ll…call you later.”

    I could feel her eyes evaluating me as I turned away and left the break room, her x-ray vision taking a thorough assessment of all my vitals and emotional state. I was starting to worry that she would follow me out the building, or worse, drive me home herself. If she knew that I was not planning on going ho
    me right now… Hell, she would have place surveillance on me, 24/7. Kelsea cares. But, I’m tired of her caring, of her pity.

    Hell, I don't really know what I want anymore...

    Leaving the dealership, I trudged through the ankle deep snow towards Cedar Hollow Park, right beside Cedar Hollow Medical Center. It was just three blocks away from the dealership and two bus stops from home. When I need a place to get away, where there were no faces to smile at, eyes to prove my innocence to, I would head to the park.

    Today, I headed there and I didn't look back.

    The pristine water of Shannon Lake was beautiful this afternoon, all shiny with bits of crushed ice floating in the high current, and snow outlining the banks and on top of the rocks sitting in the water. I stood on her icy bridge and thought of the story of Shannon Eddington, the person of whom the park's outdoor auditorium was named after. Her family was one of the aristocrats who founded this town, and she, the soon-to-be bride of an Attorney, Bardamus Woodway, fell to her death off this very bridge. No one knows why, but many have their own version of history. The one I held in my mind was of her quest to break away from the social dramas and corruption she was forced into by the very family she loved.

    Funny, I understand her plight personally.

    I removed my thick coat and dropped it into the lake, watching it drape over a icy rock below. Then, I removed my purse and repeated my actions, watching it break through the thin ice.. I won’t need them, but it sure would help with my identification if they were with me. I sat on the stone railing, dangling my feet over while watching cars cruised around the park, people walked their dogs and playing in the snowy fields. No one notice me at all. Not a one. Figures, they all love me on the volleyball court, in the newspaper, on TV, but they don’t even know me. They don’t know that I’m not perfect, that I’m a social moth – following the flame, only to burn. And now this? Two months is enough! Mom...she wouldn't bat an eye; it's one less mouth to feed. But, it would break my dad’s heart if he knew. Why did I bring him up now?

    Cause, I wish he was make it all go away.

    I watched as the water’s movements created little winter whirlpools in various places before the current flowed under the archway. One of my black pumps fell off my foot and plopped in. I kicked the other one in next. I heard something else after my second shoe fell, as if my ears were already filled with water or stuffed with cotton. I couldn't tell what it was. And frankly, it was too late to find out. I wasn't hanging around this place any longer.

    And then, I was last.

    Smooth splash.
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  2. James tugged on his brown and green toboggan, the high quality cotton keeping the top of his head and ears nice and toasty, he flexed his glove clad hands s if to ward away any cold that would try to get it. He wasn't worried about cold affecting him, however, the forest green trench coat with a light blue long sleeved shirt made sure his torso and legs would be perfectly conditioned.

    He walked down the park path, bright blue eyes taking in the somewhat new sights. He liked Ceder Hollow, small enough to feel homey but big enough to have the hustle and bustle he was used to. He was off today, allowing him to get familiar with the area. James hadn't had much time to explore the city, training was long and hard and his teacher relentless. However both his teacher and the other senior medical staff saw it fit to give him two days to get familiar with the area around Ceder Hollow Medical.

    Taking a step aside he let a young couple with a stroller pass by, their little baby, a boy perhaps judging by the light blue coloring of the blanket, mini-toboggan and mittens, sleeping peacefully despite the chilly air. 'Cute', he thought to himself. He turned on the path and headed towards the bridge in the middle of the park, it had a good vantage point plus the sound of running water helped clear his mind. When James finally turned his eyes to his destination they widened, a red haired woman was sitting on the very edge. He watched as her purse dropped, then her shoes. He called out, "Miss, you okay?" A tiny voice said in his mind, 'She's going to jump in...' and not even a second later the young woman did indeed jump, right into freezing cold water.

    Without a moments hesitation James ran to the edge of the river. He didn't have long. He shed his coat, gloves and toboggan, knowing that would slow and weigh him down. He called over to a passing stranger, waving them down, "Call 911! Someone's just jumped into the river!" With that James went after the woman, praying she wasn't too hurt from her jump.

    The shock of cold nearly made James' heart stop, this was a bad idea and the doctor in him said he would likely get sick as hell, but saving a life would be worth it. The water was surprisingly clear and distantly he could see the bright red hair of the woman. Swimming towards her was easy, dragging her up and towards the shore, however, was not. It took him fifteen minutes to get them both to the nearest shore. There was a crowd of people, some of them with their phones out no doubt taking video. There were two paramedics there as well, and it was those two who pulled him and the woman out of the river.

    Before long he was in the back of the ambulance with the woman, she was out of it still, and James was little better, covered in a thick blanket. The woman's purse was no where to be found but apparently she was a famous public figure, with a damn good life. James shivered, and looked over again. Why the hell had she jumped?

    (Hope this is good enough.)
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  3. The crowd seem to multiply as soon as the Medics arrived and one of them exclaimed, "Oh, my word. It's the Pearson girl." The word had spread - one of the small town's brightest stars had attempted suicide. It seem as if everyone in town had come to see for themselves, for just words alone were incomprehensible. Everyone who knew her, in some form or fashion, could not believe what they've heard. By the time the Paramedics had both the victim and her savior packaged inside the ambulance, the Béchamel Gazette and the Channel 12 News team were pulling in on the scene to collect as much information possible about what happened.

    "I've got her stable; let's roll!" Paramedic Diedra Clay shouted to her partner as he jumped into the front seat and opened the sirens. She had Autum breathing on her own after the two introduced CPR, and now had her on oxygen. Medic Clay turned her attention to the man who jumped in to save her. "Are you alright, Sir?" She reassessed him again to make sure he didn't sustain any more trauma than what was visible on the surface. "You did an heroic deed back there," she smiled. "We'll make sure that it wasn't in vain, alright. She will be fine."

    Wrapped in a warm blanket, Autum's condition didn't change by the time the ambulance rolled under the canopy before the emergency department's double doors. Rolling her inside, the commotion of the day was ten times worse. Several doctors and nurses rushed to various rooms to deal with other trauma patients, other patients who were capable of moving about did so with their double hospital robes on and their IV units rolling beside them.

    "Autum? No way!" A nurse exclaimed as the medics wheeled her in.

    "Pearson?" Another ignored the charts in front of her to see for herself and then gasped, “Oh no, it is her. This is bizarre... I just read about her team heading to State next week."

    "I'll call her mother; maybe she'll step out of the house for her this time," another mumbled harshly as she began to dial the number.

    Regardless of the reactions around them, the emergency team moved them through, taking Autum into trauma room 8 to transport her from board to bed; one swift glide and she was there. Then Doctor Roger Sheffield and RN Nancy Clay stepped in with their team. It was like a swarm of bees surrounding their queen. Everyone's attention was on her. They escorted the man into trauma room 9 to allow a doctor to give him a clear bill of health and to await the police to give his account of what happened.

    "Excuse me, Dr. Crane?" A young nurse moved to his side, her hand on his shoulder with a touch of concern. "You were the one who rescued her?” Nurse Jessica Wuenschel was shocked to see the new resident wrapped up and escorted along with Autum. "Just when you've finally settled down and make a home for yourself in town, you go an make a name for yourself too. The town will start calling you Hero soon, ya know." Jessica scanned the new resident up and down, giving her own assessment to determine if he was healthy. “Can I get you anything while you wait?”

    Even though he was a doctor who could participate in the trauma room, Nurse Jessica wondered if the dramatics of the scenario had him shaken up. Doctors are uses to seeing trauma inside the hospital… Rarely do they see how it all happened. For some, it is a shocker and more devastating than dealing with it when it rolls into emergency.
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  4. James jumped slightly when Jessica touched his shoulder, he was in a daze. He was still in some shock, between the coldsnap of the water and seeing a person fall almost to their death he was shaken up. "Yeah, I got her out the water. I think my immune system is going to be letting me meet my old friend Rhino." He chuckled and sniffled some. Yup already a runny nose, this was going to suck. Good thing he recovered quickly from colds. "Don't suppose you could get me some hot chocolate or coffee, Nurse?" He needed something to warm his bones, the blanket was good and all but it certainly wasn't going get the job done by itself. "I'm no hero though, just did what any other half crazy person would do." He let out another laugh.

    "Is the woman okay? She's someone famous around here right? Autumn Peerson?" He tried to recall what one reporter had called out. It was kind of fuzzy. He sat down in a nearby chair, feeling quite tired. The cold water and the swim had drained him completely. While he wasn't an unfit person by no means was he well suited to diving into freezing water and pulling out a full grown woman with his bare hands. He wondered where his coat had gone, there hadn't been any time to grab it in the rush into the ambulance. Maybe some homeless person got it. He mentally shrugged, no matter at the moment.

    "Who is Autumn anyways? Someone said something about state finals. She on a volleyball team?" He never really paid attention to sports teams, local or state. He was more interested in making sure those who played the game survived to play again. He had patched up a football player in his old town, a big bull of boy who had his arm broken whenever he got tackled by two other people. "She have any family? I'm sure they'd be scared to death to find out she jumped off the bridge."
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  5. "Don't suppose you could get me some hot chocolate or coffee, Nurse?"

    "Sure, that shouldn't be a problem." Jessica stepped towards the phone in the room and requested what he needed along with another heated blanket. When she was done, she returned to Dr. Crane's side to quickly check his temperature.

    "I'm no hero though, just did what any other half crazy person would do." He let out another laugh.

    "Well, regardless, everyone in town's going to know who you are now - fair warning." As she check on his temperature, things grew silent until James asked another question.

    "Is the woman okay? She's someone famous around here right? Autum Pearson? Who is Autum anyways? Someone said something about state finals. She on a volleyball team?"

    The blanket and coffee entered, and as the nurse helped James settle, she answered him. "Yes, Autum is a well known student at the college here, captain of our famous women's volleyball team. They've been unbeatable ever since Autum started on the team, and this year places them in the record books for holding an unbreakable season for three years straight. They're going to State again to defend their title, but after this...I don't know if the team can handle doing so without their Sweetheart there with them. She's the soul of that team..."

    "She have any family? I'm sure they'd be scared to death to find out she jumped off the bridge."

    Jessica's smile faded into a irritated smirk, "That'll be the day. Those cheapskates are not what you call the most caring family around - I know for a fact that Mrs. Pearson's not coming; she's too scared of being seen here. And Autum's older one's seen them for a few months now. Not sure where they are."

    She finished tucking the warm blanket around Dr. Crane's shoulders and sighed. "The only good thing about the Pearsons was her father; Professor Jack Pearson was a good man, taught Biology at the college and was on the city council for years. He left his family in order to save his life, but - poor thing left his baby daughter behind thinking she was better off there." She shook her head, "Crying shame he didn't take her with him. Autum would of been better off."
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  6. James frowned at what the nurse said. That meant the team would fall apart unless they could find someone else to take over Autum in both a tactical and emotional role. "Her team will probably be coming by soon, then." He took a sip of his drink, the hot liquid warming up his core. "Any idea what could've caused her to jump? " He was going to do some research that was for sure.

    When Jessica mentioned the father he raised an eyebrow, "Left to save his life, what do you mean?" Was the life Autum from that bad? James had no idea what this little town could hold. 'Every small town has its secrets indeed,' He thought to himself. He could only guess at what would happen now to this little place. An out-of-town 'hero' and beautiful woman with dark secrets. He laughed at his thoughts. That sounded like something from a bad romance novel. He continued to smile slightly until he sneezed, quite hard. He sniffled and sighed. Yup Mr. Rhino had come for visit, and who knew what guests he brought.

    (Sorry it's so short and took so long. College yay.....)
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  7. ((NP - same situation, somewhat - classes, work, and staying sick all the time ruins all forms of fun for me these days.))

    "Her team will probably be coming by soon, then."

    "Yeppers, as soon as Dr. Sheffield allows for visitors. They'll camp out here all night, if allowed."

    He took a sip of his drink, "Any idea what could've caused her to jump?"

    "Um, not sure. Her family's been a thorn in her side, but she's done real good for herself regardless. Other than that, she's been doing great, for all I know."

    When Jessica mentioned the father he raised an eyebrow, "Left to save his life, what do you mean?"

    Jessica sat down for a spell, trying to think back on that year. "Let's see... His wife tried to stab him twice, was successful once; hit him with her car once, but that only left a few scratches and bruises; and I think she attempted to fry him in the bathtub one night, but I wasn't working here around that time and that story's a bit twisted after running through the grapevine too many times." She leans in, as if what she was about to say was taboo. "Mrs. Pearson's got a bit of a drug problem, plus she's been diagnosed with a personality disorder; but you didn't hear none of that from me," she nodded as if to say, you know what I mean, then stood from the chair.

    "If you need anything else, Dr. Crane, just give a ring. My shift's about to end soon, and another nurse will be here to help you, alright?" She patted his back and gave him a warm smile, "I'm glad you were there to help her, and that all will be fine. I'm sure of it, everything's going to be just fine."

    As Jessica left the room, there was a commotion in the hallway. A blond woman rushed down the hall asking repeatedly for Autum's room. Several nurses tried their best to calm her down to let her know she'll have to wait a moment until the Doctor finished evaluating her, but the frantic woman could barely contain herself.

    "I want to see her! I want to see for myself if that's her. It can't be Autum; she just left work a few hours ago. She was...she wasn't fine, she was upset about something, I knew it, but I just let her...walk out the door..." It was clear in her shaking voice that she felt guilty, but regardless she refused to believe the facts without seeing for herself that her friend actually tried to kill herself.
  8. After the nurse went over what had cause Autums father to flee, James simply shook his head in disbelief.

    James blinked and whistled. "Wow, that's crazy. No wonder he left. Don't worry my lips are are sealed." He said, miming a zipped-lip. When the nurse said her shift was about to end James just nodded. "Will do Jessica, have a good day." He waved as she walked off, leaving him to his own thoughts. Had Autum jumped because of her mother? Or maybe it was her brothers. Now he was extremely curious and he hoped he could get some information. He pondered in relative silence, only broken by a sneeze, cough, sip of hot chocolate or the distant beeping of a machine.

    "I want to see her! I want to see for myself if that's her. It can't be Autum; she just left work a few hours ago. She was...she wasn't fine, she was upset about something, I knew it, but I just let her...walk out the door..."

    When he heard the woman shouting James looked up, studying the area. He saw a pretty young woman rush past his door, rambling on about Autum. A co-worker? Maybe someone from her team? Standing up he pulled the blanket a bit tighter, chugged the last of his cooling beverage and went out the door to meet with the blond woman. This would hopefully shed some light on what happened.

    "Excuse me, miss." He stepped past the nurses, who thankfully made a path for him. "My name is James Crane, I'm a doctor here Ceder Hollow Medical. I was the one who got Autum out of the water," He sighed and ran a hand through his slightly wet hair, "I'm afraid she did jump in, I saw it myself." He placed a hand on her shoulder to hopefully stop her from walking away in a rush. "I need you to stay calm and talk things out," He smiled sadly at her and continued to speak, "Just wait, okay? Worrying yourself sick won't help Autum." He was still trying to work on his personal bedside manner, and hopefully he could get this unnamed woman to take a deep breath and calm herself before she ran herself ragged.
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  9. Kelsea


    "Excuse me, Miss."

    The woman turned around to find a man that looked as if he'd just been through a tsunami. Her eyes widened in shock and she was just about to turn back around, considering him just another victim of some crazy situation that should of been in his hospital room, but his words stopped her.

    "My name is James Crane, I'm a doctor here Ceder Hollow Medical. I was the one who got Autum out of the water."

    "Oh, my God! You saved her!" The relief on her face said it all. A doctor was there when it happened, surely Autum will be okay.

    "I'm afraid she did jump in, I saw it myself."

    The woman whimpered and fell into a nearby seat, stunned that her friend willfully did this on her own - and she could of stopped her. Her hand shook before her face as she tried to stop herself from mumbling all the what if's and why didn't I say something's, but that was impossible at the moment. Dr. Crane's comforting hand fell on her shoulder and drew her back to his face.

    "I need you to stay calm and talk things out. Just wait, okay? Worrying yourself sick won't help Autum."

    She nodded, trying her best to do just that - to stay calm. "I...I could of stopped her... But, she told me she was okay, so I let her leave the dealership early. She said she was going...," she gasped, "For a swim!" Another fit of tears broke through her barrier before she calmed herself again, shaking her head in repeat disgust with herself. "I know Autum's goes for her winter swims at Lake Monoreay... I'd thought that was what she meant...not this!"
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