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Shrugging with an air of nonchalance, Isabelle responded,
"Occasionally. Most of the time, Esposito pays me what I'm owed for a given job, but he's not the most trustworthy employer I've ever worked for. Been considering looking around for others, like Daniel does..." She broke off somewhat abruptly upon noticing the look she was receiving from her apprentice; Isabelle then cleared her throat and continued, "Thing is, thought, Esposito never goes past his boundaries. He knows I'd have him in less than a second if he ever let his guard down."

As he listened intently to the conversation below, Daniel raised an eyebrow curiously. Isabelle must have seen real potential in this boy; she had never before provided so much exposition in so short a time. Still, there was something about him, a look in the rookie's eye that gave the impression that his thoughts were not always in the here and made Daniel uneasy. He resolved to treat the matter with caution.

(Let's get this train wreck a-rollin'.)