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  1. The Shadows of Aeios,
    A medieval RP


    Short introduction :

    Like underneath the title, The Shadows of Aeios (TSA, to put it short), is a medieval RP. It is set in a fictional world, but with the laws and physics of our own world. This means there aren't any fantasy creatures, only being told in tales and myths that are there to boast a story or just the way how the people that live in this world try to explain why something is like that. The RP is set in what we might think of a dark age, right after the Roman Empire (the Western that is) collapsed. With some differences, but if you have that image, you can likely merge easier into the RP.

    For now I will show you some of the information regarding culture and such. I already have written out the history and such, but seeing this is an interest check, I will for now just reveal this and more will be revealed in the OOC. I do know its much, but will guaranty that there is much interesting and fun lore to explore later one.
    It is a RP that I thought it would be fun to revive and see how many are interested in joining.

    The Rules :

    I know, I know. Same old thing, but every RP kind of needs a set of rules.

    Rules (open)
    Rule no. 1: Don't be a jackass. To put it in plain, simple words; criticism is okay, swearing at others isn't.
    Rule no. 1B: People don't like each other, that's natural. What isn't natural is bullying them into oblivion. If an argument escalates, be the better person and walk away. Or else ask one of the moderators to help you.

    Rule no. 2: If you don't agree with someone or something, you can tell them that. Nobody is going to feel insulted because of that (lest you don't follow rule no. 1 and 1b.) and most actually feel like you helped them. However remember that the GM's always have the last word, don't argue with them if they don't agree with what you say. It's fine to bring it up, it's not fine to drag an argument on for pages.

    Rule no. 3: Keep your characters logical. There will be no character that will spit fireballs and such. It has to make sense with the rules and setting to be accepted . Not to forget, there are social rules and such within the society of the Empire. Act out of those (un)written rules and count on some serious consequences. If you're not sure if an action would be valid, ask the GM team for advice.

    Rule no. 4 : Keep in mind that if you join, that every character is property of you and the RP. IF you get kicked, banned or leave then your character will belong to the GM's as they see fit. With getting accepted, you've agreed to this rule.

    Rule no. 5: In order to keep things fun for everyone and to put emphasis that this RP is story-based and not all about killing, raping and murdering somebody else, you can't kill one character without the permission of the creator/owner of the character. The only other way is to ask and let the whole GM Team agree on the action to kill the character of the other person. If you violate this rule, then don't look surprised if we take measures to keep you out of fights for a very long time or even out of the RP.

    Rule no 6: Even if you don't like them, respect the GM's. They are the people that try to make it fun for everyone with ideas and to keep order. Give them also some credit for trying to be around to help people with questions and doing just more then having fun. Also, this rule counts in the skype chat. If you violate this rule, don't expect any kind of mercy.
    This also means that if one of them ask you to stop something, then stop. If you have any problems with that, don't keep going. Instead, turn to another GM.

    Rule no 7:
    Please when you make a post, state where you character. Such as : is nearby place X. It's easier to maintain of where everybody is when they say where their character is. If you do a collab, also place a summary with it so that people with little time to read huge posts can read what the collab is about or what it hints at. It's easier for all of us if we would do that.

    Rule 8: To be sure you read this, you need to post above your CS or underneath it : I pledge loyalty and honor to the High Ruler of the Empire.


    Some information (open)

    All subjects of the Empire speak the New Language, the one that has been formed four hundred years after the Empire had been founded in Rehon. Though it's not that big different from the Old Language it's been seen a must for the subjects, poor peasantry or high nobility, to speak it. Some commoners still speak in what one could call the dialect form between the two 'languages'.
    Those who can't speak the New Language are deemed as nothing more than barbarians. Such as those beyond the Northern Border.

    The loyal subjects within the Rehon Empire worship and know the old Pantheon of gods. In each province they are the same as they had been during the troubled Warring Times. Though the people of the Empire are free to choose their own patron god, the primary Imperial Culture has a distrustful eye for any other religion. Such as the Animal Spirit religion of the Barbaric Tribes.
    Behavior and Etiquette

    Being part of a great civilization, the proud subjects of the Empire have their own rules of behaving. They highly value these norms and such. Those who don't follow them up can often be regarded as rude or worse. Some even are being seeing as such important that if it's not followed, it is seen as a crime against the Empire. Some of them have great influence from the disciplined Legions, as after all, the martial traditions in the Empire are great.

    - Always behave with respect towards the elderly.
    - Respect your superiors. Follow their orders with loyalty, unless the person has done something to harm it.
    - Respect those of the old Houses, who can trace their lineage back to the old rulers of the City States.
    - Pay homage to the Gods, to avoid their wrath.
    - Don't speak ill of the Imperial House or the Senate.

    Other than that, the people of the Empire have high values for education, bravery (often with military prowess) and those who work hard to obtain their goals.
    Recreation and such

    The people within the Empire see themselves as a refined culture. One that loves art, drama, philosophy and education. In the cities across the realm, there are many schools that offer good lessons in such skill and talents. Of course for a price of coin. Though, likely due the respect for the marital traditions, there are less 'refined' way the people of the Empire amuse themselves. It's considered barbaric by some, but yet very refined and part of their culture by others. Within each province capital, there are Arena's. Within these arena's volunteers, outcasts and condemned criminals are forced to fight. One can thus see the Empire as a progressive nation, but also one that has still some old roots hold up high.

    But there is however no such thing as slavery.

    Pantheon/Religion (open)

    The Gods of the Empire

    Even in the time of the Warring City States, even before the time that the people began to write history, there are tales of supreme beings. Beings that were powerful than any other. Those reign over the forces of nature and such, those who were worshiped by men. The Gods.
    Though there is no actual trace if it's true that the Gods once were very close to men, as they are now said to have retreated to mythical places. Places that aren't able to get by.

    Tales, myths and such are the only things that the people know about their gods. Though with the arrival of writing, they were written down, but there is yet to come a valid claim that the Gods even have interest in men and their business. Some even claim the Gods are envy of men and for that reason don't favor them, but often put them to the test. But if on would keep continue like that, they are able to go on for decades like that.
    The Pantheon

    God(dess) name :

    Noxios, God of Creation and the Sun.
    Personality :
    He is considered to be the greatest of the gods, and the one that has brought life to everything as the people know it. It is unknown how he looks, and there are many theories, but a common belief is that he is always among the people, listening and watching on his beloved creations, both the other Gods, Humans and everything that is breathing. Another common belief is that he will not help directly, but rather show those who need it a path by sending them small things. In some tales, it because he cast the sun to bring light over the world, but during the night is busy to make the sun go around the world to cast light on the world.
    Dominion :
    Noxios is the god who is responsible for creating everything in the world. If its the water, or one of the rulers, he was responsible for their creation. Many people believe that until this day, whenever a child is meant to be born, Noxios will personally guide him on a path until labor, forging his destiny and determining how he will turn out to be.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Due to the fact Noxios is the god of creation and is seemingly the greatest, many people from all aspects worship him, dedicating many things to him. All of the items that are offered to him are never taken, and most prayers are left unanswered, but still people have faith in him. The most people that have faith in him are the simpler folks, being mainly farmers.

    God(dess) name :
    Skelatia, Goddess of Death and the Night
    Personality :
    Quiet, Stealth and very secretive, ever since Noxios created her she has kept to herself, never letting anyone but Noxios know who was about to be taken away. She possesses the toughest role of all the gods, making her feel pain most of the time, and at the same time satisfaction, knowing that she is in charge of the second most important thing in all of creation. When described, she will usually be a woman under a hollow hood with no head to show, and sometimes she will also hold a head of a Raven, due to being the one that "Takes away one freedom, but grants the soul another one". She can also be seen in paintings with Noxios, standing back to back. Because of her appearance, the night is also dedicated to Skelatia.
    Dominion :
    Skelatia is in charge of all the death in the world, as opposed to Noxios. She must take the soul of all the things which has run out of time, if its a ferret or a Griffin. She is also in charge of leading it to the afterlife, which is considered to be different for each creature depending on what and how it did in life.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Being the Goddess of Death made Skelatia have very few followers and Worshipers, and those ones are usually also considered to be somewhat mad, because they believe Death is something that must come to everyone, and at all costs, while Skelatia simply collects when the time of the soul has come.

    God(dess) name :
    Iatia, Goddess of Art
    Personality :
    Often described as a rather arrogant Goddess. Sometimes even as ignorant, but one that is very generous to her followers. Iatia is a goddess that cares little for most the other Gods as she finds most of them not worthy of her time and devotion. Though in myths and folklore, she has the tendency to make the heroes of the tales look at things from a different perspective. Much like her art, she is being described as a beautiful woman, which reflects her pride and arrogance. Iatia has some trouble with the other goddess, as she claims that she is the most beautiful of them all.
    Dominion :
    Iatis is the patron of artists. Most writers and poets also have her as their patron, claiming that her beauty inspires them to make master pieces. Most people also believe that she is being praised by architects, together with Noxios.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Artists and those who want to create something for the purpose of art or making something beautiful.
    God(dess) name :
    Theryos, God of Celebration
    Personality :
    He is always described as the god most cheerful god of them all, who is always happy to give his worshipers sunlight or rain, depending on what they require. He considers all of creation to be one great party, which needs to be celebrated each and every moment. He is usually the one people refer to when it is time for a big celebration, if its a new year of a wedding. He is often referred to when people are reading happy stories, in which he has a tendency of having the role of "Showing the happiness to a hero who is lost" through the use of his powers to show that at the end, every single moment has a meaning. He is often drawn as a Centaur, having a human upper body and horse lower body.
    Dominion :
    He is the god that likes to PARTY! Why? Because he gotta! He is in charge of making sure all celebrations go smoothly and that there will never be any kind of party or festival that goes wrong.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    He is the kind of god that people Worship before they have a big event coming and they wish to make sure nothing goes wrong. Also people that really enjoy events and tend to go to as many as possible Worship him.
    God(dess) name :
    Rolor, God of War and Battle
    Personality :
    Brave, and quite strong of will, Rolor is the god of War. Though he is clever in using of tactics and strategies, he is being described as a god that isn't really favoured by most others. This is because he also is being described as simple by some other Gods. He seems to have some likening to other fields, but whenever he hears the mentioning of war or anything that has to do with it, he always let out a roar. In the myths and folklore, he sometimes is being described to also be the god of courage, but those records are considered to be very old when Rolor and Irtan were the same deity.
    Dominion :
    War and Battle, Rolor is the god that watches over every battle. Some say he often loves to watch over the participants and loves to seem them to struggle. Often he tries to stay out of picking a side, but if he notices that a side using tactics or strategies that seem unrealistic, he doesn't waver to crush them. Often, defeat is thus blamed on his name as well. He is often seen as a simple god, as he hates complicated things, but he would not be a god if he would not have his own secret agenda.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Soldiers pray, life and fight in the name of Rolor. They see him as their patron. Adventures often visit his temples, that houses a own cast of warrior priests.
    God(dess) name :
    Nayios, Goddess of Mischief, Chaos and emotions like Greed.
    Personality :
    Havoc causing, prank doing and constant trouble maker. The other gods dislike her, and Noxios is often considered to treat her as his teenage daughter, which is the main cause of her being this way. She is often charged with ruining plans and other things that go awry. When it comes to literature and paintings, she is often described as a cloud of smoke or a shadow with the ability to transform into whatever she wishes, thus allowing herself to be capable of even further mischief. Though in some tales, she has been described as more viler goddess, causing chaos and betrayal due greed and such.
    Dominion :
    She is in charge of the fun chaos people create, such as doing pranks on each other. Most people dislike her due to this, but little kids and teenagers like to take her as an example for what they are.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Mostly younger teenages and children, due to the fact she is in charge of fun things. She isn't truly worshiped, but she takes her offerings in the form of any kind of fun foolishness.
    God(dess) name :
    Irtan, God of Courage and Chance/Luck
    Personality :
    Quite the optimistic God. Irtan is often described as a god that loves a gamble now and then. This makes him often the joker among the gods. Irtan is often the god that listen to his followers and then simply let fate decides. Of all the gods, he is most likely the one that changes his mind the most. One time he can be very grateful and generous to a follower, but then only to make them fall as they somehow upset him.
    Dominion :
    The God of Courage and Chance. Irtan is often both praised as cursed, depending on if the person has any luck or not that much luck at all. Some think or suspect that Irtan works very close with Nayios and Rolor, ruling over the chance and luck one person has.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Some merchants, adventurers and other profession that include some kind of risk or chance factor. Mainly the followers of Irtan are gamblers and such folk.
    God(dess) name :
    Araos, God of Intelligence and Knowledge
    Personality :
    He is somewhat modest, feeling that what he knows needs to be shared with those who he deems to be fit, but he has no trouble even deeming most of the world to be fit. Due to the other gods, however, he often keeps most of his knowledge to himself, but every now and then he allows a bit of his knowledge to slip into a new born, just after Noxios has led him to birth. This is his own personal way of sharing his information with the world, allowing it to slowly become better in his eyes. He is described as an elephant, being very old but also very intelligent. He is often described to be somewhat close to Iatia, being the one that gives new ways to the humans to be able to describe her beauty in new forms of art.
    Dominion :
    Quality of the mind. Intelligence is his thing, and often he is praised as well as hated by many people, being a god that a lot of people think that he chooses to give the gift of intelligence only to a small bunch due to being selfish and wanting to keep everything to himself.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Scholars and Philosophers view him as their patron, claiming that he might be as old as Noxios, and maybe even more and that the legends mixed the two up. In libraries and schools there are small statues of elephants above each door, as a prayer to him to give those who enter more knowledge.
    God(dess) name :
    Miri, Goddess of Rain and Wind
    Personality :
    The Goddess of the Wind and Rain. One of the gods that is being viewed as a very old one. In myths and folklore, Miri has showed she has a kind of shy personality. Often she watches her chosen ones from a distance how they fare. Sometimes she cast a pleasant breeze, trying to give some hints to them and trying to guide them. Not that most realize that the Goddess tries to lend out a helping hand.
    Dominion :
    The Rain and Wind, both close to each other. Rain is viewed as a sign that Miri has passed an area and decided to let the clouds cover the area, making the plants grow. The clouds are seen as her way of travelling the world and spying on humans, from a safe distance. However, when angry, people will notice this due a flood by rain or a storm.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Farmers, who bless the name of Miri. The rain makes it able for them to keep their farms going. Those who travel by sea also make an offer to the Goddess to bless them with a wind that is favorable to them.
    God(dess) name :
    Carios, God of Trade and Travel
    Personality :
    Curious and interested in everything, he is always pleased to learn new things about the world that Noxios has created. He is said to aid those who travel often, because of his liking of travels. In literature, he is described as an old traveler which aids the hero in learning new paths to his destination before disappearing and going on another road, intending to learn it and see what it has to offer. He is also the one who will provide the hero with supplies, in the case any are needed. He is often described as a man walking all of the roads, always looking for new things, always checking the markets to see what they have to offer, but he never stops for more than a minute before vanishing, giving him the appearance of a bird.
    Dominion :
    Trade and Travel. He is the god to approach if anyone requires help in trading anything or finding the quickest and safest ways to reach a destination. He is often frowned upon by the humans for not giving them new roads or paths to travel more often, as well as being frowned upon by those who fail to build up a successful stall in a market or such.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Those who travel often, Traders, and the higher class, due to the fact usually they claim that he favored them and allowed them to reach their status.
    God(dess) name :
    Brafald, God of Order and Justice
    Personality :
    A stern and serious God, Brafald is the god that decides in what kind of part a person goes in the afterlife. He is the one that decides if one has lived fair enough in life and if their action were righteous . Brafald is described as a middle aged looking male that never smiles. In stories he often berates and lectures mankind for their foolish behavior and sometimes greed. Only the most pure of heroes are considered to be a worthy follower of Brafald. Most of the myths and folklore about Brafald describe him to argue with Araos over some laws.
    Dominion :
    As god of Order and Justice, he is the one that wants to keep up the laws of nature and such. He seems to value the laws that are also man made, but often is described as a god that grumbles on the mistakes of men. Brafald priests also serve as judges and his temples are most of the time serving as courts.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Judges, those who want see justice done.
    God(dess) name :
    Grifor and Rina, God and Goddess of Love
    Personality :
    Grifor is being described as a god that is rather silent and if he communicates, polite and very friendly. In most stories and myths he tries to make some distance with the heroes of those tales, but somehow gains their love. And when he tries to get things done, such as helping out in his own manner, people often thank another and sometimes as result fall in love with them. Even when Grifor hadn't plan that. Not that he bothers with that result, at least in most stories. In some, he ends up with getting the attention of some female hero's, but is unable to pick who he favours the most.
    Rina is often appearing when the opposite sex, when the hero is a male, has the leading part of the story. Other than that, Rina is much alike with Grifor.
    Dominion :
    As god of the Love, he and his twin effects the emotion of every sentient being. Grifor and RIna are even rumoured to have some control over the other gods due this, but doesn't seem to be interested to control them as much as they are able to.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Writers, musicians and those who use love for their 'profession'. Often in marriages like where the situations are when a spouse is a soldier or adventurist and leaves for duty.
    God(dess) name :
    Rimar, God of the Sea, thus water.
    Personality :
    Described as one of the most grumpy of gods. Not many dare to insult Rimar, the lord of the sea, as it isn't wise to anger this god. Often in myths and such, he has even exact his revenge on those who don't get on his domain. This includes tidal waves and such exact his revenge on those who don't get on his domain. This includes tidal waves and such. It has also been shown he has some connections to Rina, often punishing those who speak ill of the Goddess, which may implies the stories he is the father of Rina to be true.
    Dominion :
    The sea and all that dwell in and around it.
    What kind of people have this god/goddess as patron?
    Every sailor makes an oath to Rimar, when they venture on the first time on the sea. Those who venture and explore and are travelling by sea, also make an offering to Rimar before setting out on their journey.

    (Still reading? Awesome! Hope you like it so far, cause I still have more to show off!)

    Social Structure (open)

    The social structure in the realm isn't a hard one to grasp. As the realm is ruled by the Emperor, it's obivious who is at the top. But there are important classes below the Imperial House and the Emperor. Each class will have some short description, but keep in mind that the Empire has some laws that prevent the stereotype we usually have. In the Rehonian Empire, men and women are equal for the law. It means that both are only limited by their skill, talent and motivation. Of course health too, but that is the idea. It's also against the Imperial law to have any slaves, as the subjects of the realm find it a barbaric trait to try to hold domination over others through simple force and torture. And though the description of each class will be more than just an assumption, as they describe how much influence each class has, there are a few examples where one can rise above their class. These people are often considered heroes and not just the folk you have respect for. These are often acknowledged by the Senate itself.
    The Imperial House,


    The highest class. The House of Divini, a name deprived from 'Divine', brings forth the rulers of the realm. They are the ones that are seen as the heirs of the great conquer Mitrar, the one that was the first to bring all the city states together after a long and grim war. The members of the Divini House are considered to be the pinnacle of the society. Due the wealth and influence, it's not hard for them to gain a good position in organisations and such. Who often then use that for their own good and influence.
    The High Houses,
    The high nobility.

    Below the Imperial House, these are the most noble of nobility. These Houses were the ones that ruled over a city state, what is often noted on their wealth and influence. Most members of High Houses are Senators, high ranked people in the Legions. Though the High Houses are powerful, they lack often in numbers. To compensate that, they often have a few lesser Houses serving them. Though their control over the Houses underneath them is strict. After all, it has happened before that one of the Lesser Houses became too arrogant and tried to usurp control over a High House. Because of that, most of the High Houses have great marital traditions.
    The Lesser Houses,
    The low nobility.

    The nobility that serves underneath the High Houses. These are the people that have some wealth and influence, but not that much. There are rarely Senators of lesser Houses present within the Senate. Most of the lesser Houses seek their fortune in the Legions or other factions. After all, they serve to listen and protect the High Houses. Because of this, the Lesser Houses often live on the estate that is in the possession of the High House they serve. Though unlike the High Houses, the Lesser Houses are often found by people of renown. Or wealth, as some Lesser Houses have been started with a rich merchant as founder. Most of those 'merchant' Houses are found within the capitals of the provinces.
    The burghers and peasants,
    The middle and lower class.

    There are no slaves within the Empire. Only free men and women. This class is the working class. May it either be on the farms within the countryside or within the city. This is the main population of the realm that work every day for their hard earn coin. Also the one that varies the most as can be a rich farmer to a low beggar. It's often the folk that has no claim to be of noble offspring.

    The Economy (open)

    Common in the Empire

    The economy of the Empire is more or less self sufficient. The only culture they are in contact with are with the Barbarian tribes in the North. And that kind of culture exchange goes with blood, steel and sweat. So that means that trade and such is organised within the Empire. Though each province supply themselves most of the time with their own supply of food, such as wheat, fish and other simple products, there is also some specialization. But don't expect too much of that.

    The currency of the Empire is with denars. These are coins that are used to buy and other financial transactions. There are silver and gold denar coins. It's very simple.
    One gold denar is worth one hundred silver denars. The value of one denar is that one can buy a simple meal with it, thus one bread.
    Bonds and Banks.

    In each province capital, there are Imperial Banks. These can store and lent money to they thrust. Or if they spot a good chance to earn some coin themselves by investing in some shop or person. When a person stores money within a bank, the person will get a bond. These are hard to copy, as the banks have their own coding to make sure that criminals will have a headache when they even try it. A bond can be used in every bank, but keep in mind that they are only present in the capitals of the provinces.

    Technology (open)

    The technology is very similar to that of the High Medieval Period of Europe.This means most troops wear often anything ranging from gambesons to mail armour. There are also some other kind of armors that can be specially be made, much like lamellar amor and or partial plate armor, but those are mostly reversed for the wealthy. There is no full plate or advanced plate armor.
    As for the weapons, it's the same as the armor. Don't expect to see anybody swinging a katana or such. Main weapons are swords, falcons, axes and such. Though most soldiers are equipped with the standard weapons, keep in mind that if you pay it with your own coin, you're allowed to buy some of these more experimental weapons that are showing up in the Empire of Rehon. This being for examples swords with a very slight curve and such. Most of the time, you'll need to pay quite a good sum for it and have it be made by a experienced blacksmith.

    There is however also some influence from the old days of the Empire. This is mostly reflected in the design of the Elite troops and the Royal Guards, who wear better quality armor and weapons that have a more Hellenic/Roman influence. Such as there are units that are trained to form formations, like the phalanx and such, with pikes.

    I hope you enjoyed reading it. I have still a huge load of prepared information and what not in store. I want to wait and see how many are interested (And passed this huge walls of text x3 ) before I will put up the OOC. Hope you find it at least interesting, even if you won't join.
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    The OOC
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