The Shadows Left Behind

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  1. Ok so this is my first time doing a group RP so i'm sorry if i'm bad at it.


    It's been 12 years since the world became what it is today. Life is a daily struggle, loved ones dying every day. Food is scarce, the air is toxic we cannot even breathe with our gas mask on. But we fight every obstacle in our way. If we don't who does? Humanity has no chance of survival without people like us... We are called the shadows.

    (I know it's not very good but that's all I can come up with at this moment if you guys would like to help I be very much appreciate it.)

    ~Character info~
    Full Name:Nova Lockhart
    Voice: Sweet, Kind, caring, loud at times, serious
    Skills: good with all weapons, good at hand to hand combat she might be small but she can kick some ass.
    Hair Color: pink
    Height: short 4'11
    Role: Leader of the Shadows.

  2. Full Name: Kyle Teagan Parker
    Age :22
    Sex: I'm a guy..(He's bisexual)
    Voice: Low, and soft.
    Skills: Good at anything you throw at him. Just tends to be lazy, and quite rude.
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Height: 6'1
    Role: Watchmen

  3. Full Name:Roxas Fotex
    Voice:kind playfull but serious
    Skills:melee,fist,close combat
    Role:new recruit

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  4. YAY another person :3
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  5. the air was intoxicating, Nova decided to put on her mask before she suffocated. she waiting for the others to hurry up and get a thing so they can go and scout out new places. oh don't forget to look for food too she got herself. " okay listen up everybody. we need supplies and ammo so that's our mission today if anything happens you light the flare, we'll come and help you out. don't forget to leave the mask on it's a very heavy dust storm out there. oh and a word of advice..DON'T DIE!" she yelled at everybody. then she turns to the newcomer "Is your name Roxas Fotex?" she questioned the young newcomer. he nodded she told him to wait there for a minute. "HEY KYLE I NEED YOU TO GO WITH Z TO SET THINGS UP!" she yelled over to friend. she came back and started talking to Roxas again. " so today we're going out to get supplies and I am oh so you're going to be sticking right next to me the whole time K?" who says Hannah him a gun hoping he knew how to use it. " do you know how to use a gun... if not oh well you'll learn." walking away she gets in the car waiting for Roxas.
  6. He gets in the car and puts gun away "ma'am im muvh better with close combat,but ill use it as reasurance." he buckles up and,looking at broken windows and head lights starts to dought that the car wpuld even start up "ma'am are you entirely sure this car wont break down half way through?"
  7. she looks over at Roxas. " ummm its going to breakdown it does every day. but the good thing we have our mechanic he can fix it in about 10 minutes. so let's just get there first and not jinx anything." she looks like straight ahead. the car eventually stops, getting out know that looks around. she starts telling groups to go where to meet them back here. " Roxas don't forget you're with me." she says with a smile on her face. 10 minutes go by and no one has foud anything." looks like we may be a luck today boys....wait...shhh I hear something everybody in a position." she says hiding behind a table. Roxas has never seen the creatures of the outside world, but there is one right in front of his eyes. whispering Nova tells her team what they have on their hands. " we have an MS... so be careful!"
  8. "ma'am whats a ms?" He grabs a nearby pipe that apears to be broken off by rust and bullet holes. looking around he.sees manh dead bodys. "is it a lvl 10? 15?...20?"
  9. looking back to make sure the MS was still there. " MS stands for mutant soldier... and there in a level called don't fuck with them... they're very aggressive and very not nice. we're on their turf so they're going to fight back. I'm worried because I only see one they're usually in a group. everybody keep your eye out there might be more." she says the noticed a face beside hers. it was an MS, she was right telling everybody there's more and he is not happy. The MS screeches piercing everyone's ear they hurt so bad no one to move. it picks up Nova and throws her across the room. she lands on the ground really hard trying to get up fast but then there's four more MS around her. "shit..."