The Shadowhunter from Across the Pond

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Sorry if this is a sucky idea but I've just been in the mood for sappy romance that nobody is in to anymore, but with a twist off of it.

The Mortal Instruments.

Look I know I'm not really in the fandom since I don't know all of the characters or read all the books. School has taken me over and stopped me from being able to read the other ones. And that sucks. But here is my idea of the roleplay:


Age: 17
Bio & Personality: Quiet, dark, a bit morbid. Shade was an orphan who didn't know who she really was until she was found one day by a Shadowhunter that knew her and her parents. She named herself since he didn't know what her name really was and only knew her parents' first names. Her life has been nothing but training since. She fell in love with death at a young age after her first mission. Since then she was always the first to be chosen for a mission.

Shade is a transfer from the Institute in London to the Institute in New York. She was brought there for a rumor around her home Institute that demons were running rampant all over New York. She was obviously the first and only to sign up.

When she got there, she was greeted by three people around the same age as her. Their names were Jace, Isabelle, and Alec. And one caught her eye. The blonde male who seemed mysterious and quiet. The one that seemed to be like herself.

I know it sucks. I like to see what the people I roleplay with come up with so this role play will always be open to anyone at any time.
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