The Shadow Over Us {Signups}


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Yaoi, Smut, Paranormal, and basically anything that is able to be role-played.
TSOU is an in-depth fantasy world centered around the Cendour Clan: a group of magick wielders bonded by a honor code given to them by the Soul Sages long ago. The clan is designed through hierarchy. I would love to grow the world by expanding it to have a few more clans as well so if anybody is ever interested in making their own clan as an ally or rival clan, please PM me and we can discuss it.

The Beginning
It was a harsh winter lune (month) and the four head magicks had come up with the decision to seek a new home. It was a hard decision to come up with, but they had thought it the best for their people. The Cendour clan travelled for a long time before they finally found their home. It was a vast field of tall, wild grass that always seemed to blow toward the west. They called it the West Zephyr Plains and it was their home. They made quick work to shield their new home with their translucent magic and begun to build their new home. Not even three lunes at their new home, the master mage received an omen from the Soul Sages. A dark shadow casts itself over the people, freezing them in a dark, solid shell.

The Present
The clan is thriving. No problems have presented itself in many Solar Cycles (years). The omen from many generations ago is now a mere child’s tale. The clan life goes on with no bad thoughts besides minor hunting and training accidents, clan drama, and other small details. Though that will change when the sun stops stops rising. The clan must pull themselves together and find out the reason why the sun has abandoned its responsibilities and its people.

The Code
1. The clan must come before yourself.

2. The Aged and Nursing must be tended to first.

3. Acolytes cannot train until their 5th Solar Cycle.

4. Hunting is NOT sport. Respect nature, and it will never fail to provide for you.

5. The word of the Master Mage is final.

6. The Median Mage will be promoted to Master Mage If the Master Mage cannot fulfill their duties.

7. Acolytes must be put through a trial in order to test their magic abilities to become a mage.

8. All mages have the same chance to be promoted. No one is allowed to be discriminated against.

9. Acolytes must be given a mentor the day they become of age.

10. Those who cannot fend for their clan anymore must be rehoused with The Aged.

RP Rules
1. No godmodding

2. No Mary Sues/Gary stu characters.

3. No powerplaying.

4. Always get the person’s approval when involving their character.

5. No explicit/NSFW scenes.

6. Be kind and respectful.

7. Cursing is allowed.

8. No elitism.

9. Please use this thread as OOC unless it’s an immediate question about the direction of the Roleplay.

10. Please be literate. No one-liners or using asterisks for actions. Please try to mirror the rest of the roleplay. Keep it going, be creative!

11. Do not time skip unless everybody agrees on it.

12. No killing other characters without permission.

13. Come to me if you want to roleplay something that could be triggering. I’ll be making a list of everybody’s triggers.

14. Please be detailed in your character creation!

15. Characters can only have two forms of magic unless you come to me and get my approval for more.

16. Characters can have the same magic form.

17. Explain your powers in detail please.

18. All mages can use different Magicks like levitation and stuff like that to go about their everyday life but they all specialize in the most two special Magicks.

19. Please try to be semi-realistic.
The Clan
Master Mage:
Nevene (me)

Median Mage:

Healer Mage:

Common Mages:

Advark (me)​


The Nursing:

The Aged:

The form
Form of magic:
Sexual orientation:

Eye color:
Hair color:
Skin color:
Preferred clothing:
Weapons (if any):






Significant other:

Do you have any triggers?:

My forms

Name: Nevene
Age: 27 Solar Cycles
Form of magic: water manipulation and moon siphoning. ( she gets stronger when the moon is out because she gets her powers from its beams)
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Gender: female
Position: Master Mage
Other: none.

Eye color: She has one silver eye and one dark blue eye with a silver section in it.
Hair color: She dyes it white.
Skin color: almost sickly pale.
Tattoos?: She has a night scene on her back.
Scars?: Her body is scarless.
Preferred clothing: She prefers to wear baggy clothes that won’t restrict her movement.
Weapons (if any): She is often scene with a lancer.
Other: Her face is very narrow with high cheek bones. Her eyelashes are extremely long and her cheeks shine. She adorns small freckles that become enunciated whenever she recovers from a sunburn.

Personality: Nevene is very quiet when not speaking to the clan as a whole. Her social skills are rusty as she says. However, she is a very kind-hearted soul that sees the good in everybody even when they have never shown her their good side. Her heart is full of love for her Clan, and she would risk her life for them.
Strengths: Her physical strength. She is selfless and intelligent. She thinks first, acts later. Her leadership skills are second to none, and she has been told that her ability to bring everyone together was daunting.
Weaknesses: She has bad anxiety. Her insecurities can get to her head sometimes. She can be stubborn and her temper often blinds her even though it takes much to make her angry.
Hobbies: practicing her lancing skills, tending to her small farm, going out and talking to her clanmates, swimming, and going out on walks late at night when the moon is at its highest.
Likes: The night sky and stars. She loves water and animals and would rather be swimming with her pets in the pool than walking around town. Her clan is everything to her.
Dislikes: being undermined. The sun (she burns easily), outsiders, puzzles, sour foods, and being alone for long times.
Other: nope.

Mother: deceased.
Father: deceased.
Siblings: Advark.
Significant other: None yet.
Children: None yet.
Acolyte: None.
Other: no.

Name: Advark
Age: 22 Solar Cycles
Form of magic: water creation.
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Gender: Male.
Position: Common Mage.
Other: none.

Eye color: silver
Hair color: brown.
Skin color:
not as pale as his sister, but close.
Tattoos?: none.
Scars?: he has a gash on his chest from a hunting trip when he was a newly appointed mage.
Preferred clothing: He doesnt really have a preferred type of clothing. As long as it’s casual, he doesn’t care what it is.
Weapons (if any): He relies plainly on his magic.
Other: his jawline is very sharp and his eyes are always bright regardless if he is sad or not. His lips are sometimes chapped or peeling because he bites them. His eyebrows are large and bushy but his hair hides them slightly.

Personality:Advark is very outgoing. He’s often considered the clan clow because he’s constantly pulling jokes on people. However, he’s very troubled ever since his parents died from a disease that ran rampant through the clan when he was a teen.
Strengths: He’s very good st communication and can often calm his people through the most stressful events. Like his sister, he’s very good at being a leader and is often taking the front of the patrols.
Weaknesses: he’s very weak-minded. His hand-to -hand combat is very rusty as well. In general, he’s not very good at much.
Hobbies: hunting and helping on his sister’s farm. If he’s not at her farm, he’s mostlikely sleeping underneath the weeping oak (an old oak tree that sags downwards as if crying).
Likes: hunting, talking, being alone, working hard, being a leader, jokes, pranks.
Dislikes: fighting, long treks, large animals, talking about his emotions, weapons, arts, and music.
Other: no.

Mother: deceased.
Father: deceased.
Siblings: Nevene.
Significant other: none yet.
Children: none yet.
Acolyte: none yet.
Other: nope.

RP Triggers
None right now.
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Yaoi, Smut, Paranormal, and basically anything that is able to be role-played.