The Shadow Over St. Sabastian



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In the late 1960's St. Sabastian Island, off of the coast of Costa Rica, was home to a secret US Biological Weapons labratory, one that only a few within the Department of Defense knew about. However somehow the Soviet Union found out, deploying KGB agents to sieze the compund and it's weapons for their own. They failed, however it alerted those in power who knew about the site of the danger and the projects there were cancelled, the facility closed for good.

Fast foward to today. The CIA picks up a distress signal being transmitted from the island, one that hasn't been heard for 50 years and now the DOD is looking for a few good men...

I've been mulling this plot over for some time, part in the Cbox though mostly outside it. The idea for it is a mixture of an action movie and survival horror, much in the same style as Aliens is displayed in.

As such I am looking for 4 players. This is the smallest and most basic of military formations, a fire team. As such if there is enough people I could run two games side by side provided we have 8-10 people. However I am somewhat reluctant to do that.

All characters should be military. While there might be supporting characters who are civillians , you are not one of these. As such your equipment is provided to you based off of your role and standardization.

So all of that being said... any questions and or takers?
Wasn't my original idea, but if you were interested in having a soldier/necromancer in the game...
Was meaning it for a joke, seeing as he is the only military character of yours I know. Well besides the one you used for STALKER... but he is British.

Edited: Er... just incase people get confused you are playing American Military.... just saying.
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay have a character in prepration for this. Fucking exams though.