The Shade Of Death

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  1. The World is Ruins, people fleeing and packing up there families taking them were they think is safe.
    But the cold hard truth? No where is safe anymore . On August 12 ,2013 the world froze as a virus spread from the hospital in the down town of Georgia. Infecting people causing them to die and come back to life.
    Well almost everyone if your lucky someone might have cut off your head or blew out your brains with an AK40 which is unlikely. As the people who came back were different , They were blood thirsty bodies that didn't think they were the undead or me specific Zombies.

    So you can run.
    You can hide.

    But no one is safe forever.

    ~Hana : The Shade Of Death~
  2. "HEY!!" Anarchy yelled across the room at the sleeping siblings.
    "Shut up." Jake mumbled, patting his sister gently on the head.
    Jae curled up smaller, yawning in her sleep. She was a heavy sleeper.

    Jake was 21, Anarchy 30, Jae 15. Their parents were dead, they barricaded an old house. They hadn't seen anyone in quite a while and Anarchy was getting impatient.
  3. Tsura young girl of Seventeen, Had witnessed her father and mothers demise. She had tried to save her younger sister but had failed as her sister had been bitten and later turning into an undead her self. It had been weeks now and she was alone not having found anyone or anybody the state seemed to be empty as she had traveled looking. She was getting used to being alone and never having anyone to call upon for comfort or to drown out her sorrow of being lonely she was empty now. She stood in an abandoned hotel room and looked at her reflection she touched her pale flushed cheek and then ran a brush through her thick midnight curls as her brown hues swept the room she bit her lip and sighed grabbing her backpack (full of blanket ,clothes, food, picture of her family and female products) off the ground she put it on her back and picked up her gun .She walked out the door heading off to in search of survivors.
  4. Anarchy sighed. "Come on. We've got to do something! Let's get some supplies, we're running low on food."
    Jake rolled his eyes, but pat Jae's shoulder. "Hey, wake up sweetie." He said quietly.
    "Quit Babying her." Anarchy said, picking up their backpack. It had water, medical supplies, and extra ammo.
    Jae sat up and yawned. "Yeah?"
    "We're gonna go get supplies." He said, smiling a little as he stood, grabbing his knife.
    Jae nodded and picked up her favorite rifle.
    She was the only one of the three who could fight. Jake's best use with the knife is to cut rope or break windows or pick locks.
    "Ready?" Anarchy asked.
    The two nodded and the trio headed out the door, locking it behind them and starting down the street towards the center of town.
  5. "What a beautiful day!" the man yelled right before unloading Assault Rifle Ammo, on a nearby Zombie. "Nice to see you too Bob," he said to the motionless body. Zacky the psychopathic bad-ass that would roam the streets killing anything that moved. You'd think he'd be a depressed man, and he was, but being depressed for so long drove his crazy. He fought in the war, no one knows exactly which war, but he always yells that he did, and the way he handles a gun kind of proves it. Today the psychopath wore a white t-shirt, a green hoddy, and black jeans with work boots. He got into a car that was old and beaten up, but had armor poorly attached to it, and drove on his last few gallons of gas to get to a grocery store that hasn't been raided by other survivors. He blasted his Bon Jovi album as he drove, running over countless zombies. "Woooaahhh we're half way there WOOOAAHH! LIVING ON A PRAYER!" He sang loudly, ignoring the blood that would wash up on his windshield. He simply turned on the wipers and continued to sing along.
  6. Anarchy sighed. "Hear that? Another psyco."
    "You call everyone a psyco." Jae sighed, shooting one of the few that they'd seen in the head. "You even called me one, and I'm the only one that can defend us!" She said, stepping over a dead body.
    Jake stayed quiet, searching the raided stores carefully with his eyes as they past.
    Jae stopped, pulling the others to a stop. "Who's that?" She pointed to a girl that was walking. She had a backpack and a gun.
    "A danger." Anarchy growled.
    Jake sighed.

    Not one of the three moved. Instead, they stood there watching.

    Jae was the first to move. She waved.
  7. -The girl stepped behind a building hearing the assault rifle she cursed silently as the five zombies if front of her turned around her brown hues widen as she leans forward her hand coming down in a slashing movement a dagger slicing into the zombies head it collapsing as she turns rolling under an abandoned car she raised up on the other side sat her gun down and put the first round in and fired the zombies collapsing around her she stood after watching them fall and walked over to them leaning down she checked the pockets finding a pocket knife in one of them she then moved to the zombie who she had thrown the dagger at and reached down pulling it out she didn't even flinch with the brains came with it and blood splattered her cheeks she looked up at the people a head of her and to the male with a gun she stood watching them not trusting if they were human or now after a few moments she said her voice gentle like satin against skin but full of command-

    "why are you shooting ? Sound attracts them like bees to honey"

    She stared at the male then to the group noticing they were all men but one girl she nods to the girl and then walks forward her long black locks swaying in the wind as her blue hues gaze upon the people with a guard look as she stands in front of them she ask gently-

    Your not infected are you?
  8. Hikaru Ling had fled from his home that night. His family...his entire family had been infected. rather than letting them suffer, Hikaru had slain them. He was immune to the disease in every form. He had watched his neighbors and friends become sick with the virus that plagued the world now. yet, no tears fell from his eyes as he ran around the corner with a sword in hand. He'd come from a long line of warriors; this sword belonged to his ancestors. Kind of ironic that he know wielded it against his own flesh and blood, but what there were now he didn't consider human any longer. Their blood stained his clothing, his memory of them held strongly within his mind. 'I'm sorry father, mother and sister. I could not bare to see you suffer,' he thought as he ran through the suburbs. His grey vest was now red and black, and his dress pants torn. His thick black hair that had been combed back was now a mess.
  9. ((Jae has the gun.))

    Jae shook her head. "Nope. All perfectly human." She smiled slightly, but it faded quickly. "Who are you? I'm J-"
    Anarchy poked her back with his finger on the hand behind her to shut her up. "No we're not infected." He added. "You are?"
    Jake watched Tsura only a moment before turning towards a shop, going to see if there were any useful supplies.
    Jae glanced at him. "He's my brother. He's shy."
  10. -The girl would give a slight nod and then say's gently-

    I am Tsura and No I am not infected....Put away your gun...Guns only attract them only use a gun when your backed into a corner or surrounded and from the looks of two dead walkers You weren't surround

    -She glanced around and huffed ,she had rant up the street leaving her six dead walkers behind and didn't get to finish searching .She shrugged it off and walked past them staring at the building ,That was an old pharmacy and pushes the door open.She looks to the group and holds up a finger as to if to say wait and she pulls out a bouncy ball that sings and tosses it in side. As soon as the ball came in contact with the floor singing the zombies shuffled groaning around the corner . Three of them easy targets ,she ducked behind a counter and ran back behind a shelf when they go near the other side she reached through and one by one stabbed them with her daggers when each had finally hit the floor ,She went and collected her daggers wiping them on her pants as she looked up and smiled her brown hues shifting back and fourth between the three of them-

    "Your welcome to join me "
  11. Jae didn't put the gun away, but nodded in understandment. "I'm Jae, this is Anarchy, and that's my brother Jake." She said.
    Jake returned, standing behind Jae. He smiled weakly at her. "Nice to meet you."
    Anarchy didn't say anything.

    When Tsura came back..

    Jae nodded. "Okay!"
    Jake seemed to agree too.
    Anarchy, seemed hesitant. "Why should we join you?"
    Jae was slightly upset at this. "You complain about being stuck with us, and now you're declining a new friend?" She sighed. "Whatever. I'll be glad to join." she said, turning to Tsura and smiling.
    Jake nodded too. "Then I shall too."
    Anarchy crossed his arms. "Fine."
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    -She nodded crossing her arms as she stares at anarchy she shakes her head annoyance flashing through her eyes. She then heard someone walking around outside of the pharmacy she stuck a finger up to her lips saying shh to the three people she then looks outside crawling to the window wear she sees a male with a bloody vest she arches her eyebrows as she hears rumbling a car and reaches out grabbing the male pulling him in ([MENTION=5309]LogicfromLogic[/MENTION]) and steps out lifting her gun at the car and huffs maybe this male could give them all a lift ([MENTION=3712]Megalodon[/MENTION])
  13. ((okay.))

    The three went quiet.
    Anarchy squatted down, pulling Jae to the ground beside him.
    Jake knelt on one knee, looking around.
    Jae gripped the gun from habit, but she had turned the safety on so she couldn't fire it. She watched Tsura carefully, as she wanted to know what was happening.
  14. "What do we have here?" Zacky asked himself. He turned down his music and slowed down before he hit the girl. He smiled and leaned out of his window. Hehe well she's curvy he thought to himself. "Hey there sexy! I'm going to need you to move out the way, see I'm sort of hungry, and I'm on my way to get some food now." Zacky waited for the girl's response.
  15. -The girl didn't bat an eye at his words instead she smiled , a smile like she knew he a secret he didn't as she moved closer her gun raised as she said - "Step out of the car and move closer I'd like to have a chat sir . And I do say thank you for the rather awkward compliment"
  16. Bright glowing red eyes could be seen behind Tsura, in the shadows of an alleyway. The creature uttered a deep, fluttery, predatory growl as it prepared to spring onto the girl. It was suddenly silenced by the subtle sound of metal piercing flesh and a spine being severed. An audible thump echoed through the narrow corridor as the lifeless body hit the concrete. The figure of the man who had dispatched the creature emerged from the shadow, wiping blood on an already crimson-stained cloth. "Good day," said the man, who was wearing a black suit with a bloodied white shirt and a dark red tie. "my name is Alan, and I just saved your ass." He looked towards the man in the car. "As for the rather informal gentleman in the vehicle, ...we'll see." he said softly, a hint of disgust at the man hung on the last two words.
  17. "Oh look another saint," Zacky said with deep sarcasm. He then took another look at the girl. "I'd appreciate it if you could put that gun down...I have at least 5 more of those, and if that's not entertaining enough I could blow this car up at the push of a button. I'm not afraid of dying, so I'd love for you to put that gun down, and get out of the damn way so I could go get some food!" Zacky was becoming frustrated with the girl and the new character who suddenly appeared form a dark alley way. "And you, creep, could you maybe scoot on back into that dark alley way. Yeah that'd be great!"
  18. Jake despised disagreements, let alone watching survivors blow themselves up. He started to stand.
    Anarchy grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to sit while he himself stood, pacing slightly before kneeling back down boredly.
    Jae didn't react to either man, but slowly and silently clicked the safety off.
  19. "Please kind sir lets not be rude , I would like to have a chat with you . I will give you food and water , If you'd like. "

    Tsura wanted the male I'm the car to listen at least for a moment then he could leave her brown hues slide over to the male to her side and said gently -

    "Thank you seems I let my guard down which doesn't happen often .But none the less thank you "

    -She gave him a rare smile that was soft and gentle but bright like the morning sun as she turned back to the pharmacy. She saw the three and waved them out to join them she couldn't help but feel a little woozy but she shook it off -
  20. Anarchy jumped up, starting over.
    Jae sighed, clicking the safety back on before following him.
    Jake hesitated, but caught up, standing right behind Jae and following her like the protective older brother he was.
    "Who are they?" Anarchy asked.