The Shackles of Shy-Helm / Ki Shall Never Die Off (Adults Only)

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  1. Hello, Ladies and Gents!
    I am Rain of the Night, 23, male. Very simple information for ya. I wanted to make a new interest check (I meant to do it the past few weeks, but I didn’t have time to put my mind into it). I finally come around to doing it (someone put me up to it). The reason why I am doing this specific request is because I want to relive some RPs I’ve done when I was a beginner in terms of RPing. Now that I’ve improved my skills, I believe I would like to revisit something I enjoyed and maybe re-imagine it or rehash it. Before I get to the plot, I do have a few requirements and preferences.

    • The first one will be the most unusual, but for both of these plots, I will ask you to play multiple MAIN characters. I want groups of characters always being used, always acting, always pushing the plot forward. I’m not interested in a One Character X One Character.
    • These plots are in ‘pre-made’ worlds. They are open to interpretations, but we can discuss whatever is unclear and we can compromise if necessary.
    • My post lengths usually request a least one good paragraph. I’m not too picky

    • Romance can be a thing (It probably will be), Sexual themes will probably be there too, though I don’t plan it to be constant.
    • I tend to prefer playing male characters, though I will play both for diversity sake.
    • OOC talk is always preferred.

    So now, for the plots!

    The Shackles of Shy-Helm (High/Epic Fantasy – Heroes – Powerful characters)

    The world of Shy-Helm has never been a peaceful place; the Elves of the Northern Lands are still trying to conquer the border regions to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs; the seas are still being used and exploited by the Orcs and Ogres, the Underworld is up to something shady, and so much more. However, there is an upraise happening, an old threat to this world that hasn’t been unleashed since the times of the Divine War. A group of unlikely heroes, brought together by fate. Some old friendships reunite, old enemies meet, personalities clash, loves will form… Will they be able to conquer the terrors that are coming?

    Ki Shall Never Die Off (Modern Supernatural/Fantasy – Martial Arts – Academy-ish)

    Ki; a powerful energy that lives within all living being. It was a common practice by many people in the times of old… However, with their use in war, their destructive abilities, the harsh training needed to undergo meant it was a dying art, especially when the rise of Modern Technology came to be. The years slowly worked away at the users of Ki, leaving very few martial arts schools, dojo’s, academies still were offering these arts, Most have come to ignore these, but a few students were intrigued to know about it.

    These academies are on the brink of disappearing; the masters of these dojos are searching to bring it back to life, but struggle with how technology has changed.
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