The Seventh Layer (A South Park FF)

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  1. The Seventh Seal Layer

    Work in Progress...

    Copyright (open)

    This is a fan based RP set in the world of South Park.
    South Park is owned by, Braniff Productions, South Park Digital Studios, LLC. South Park Studios and Comedy Partners

    The impenetrable endless enigmatic Seven Layer Burrito Beta. The burrito which all others pale in comparison, all others hold no candle 'nor sweet or salty or hot sauce. It's flavor unknown yet its smell compelling, a burrito which emanates with such delicious yet cruel flavor, a single taste could kill or mortally wound the meek.

    It twas this day, 2015 the year of our Lord, did four brave warriors set out in quest of the sacred burrito. Armed with utensils acquired from the highest of order in Mexican eatery, sauces which pulse with great flavor and mind expanding powers, wit and courage to track down the sacred item. But in the end, all four knew in the beginning, they would find deceit in one another. The desire to taste of the great first layer, to find such horrific yet pleasurable tastes to delight the senses. The feel, the taste, the smell, the sight. Even a soft calming hum made an aura known as The Soundarito.

    Satan and two of his minions have come to Earth upon too hearing of the tale of the long lost Holy Seven Layers. Accompanied by his lover Suddam Hussein and a recently deceased Steve Jobs.

    You shall play as four young boys (or cootie covered girls) who hail from the small white trash redneck town of South Park. Recently rumors have spread that the great Seven Layers have surfaced again, but it's location unknown.

    Work in progress...
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  3. sounds fun
  4. I'll have this updated sometime this Monday.
    As this is work weekend. This. Is my bread and butter.
  5. Okay. I'm gonna be honest here. Just a little stumped on getting this started up all proper like.
    Ideas from any rabid South Park fans out there?
  6. You see... Cartman and Kenny were at the local Taco Bell (hue. Stick of Truth) and for some reason Mr. Slave is also there. Zombie Chef arrives and steals Mr. Slave's anal beads for his nefarious plot to be nefarious and plotty. Only by the strength of the Seven Layer Sacred Burrito can the new kids hope to save Mr. Slave's Anal Beads while Cartman and the gang go home and play Okama Gamesphere.
Thread Status:
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