The Seven

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Vykendria - a powerful country steeped deep with tradition mixed with some of the most clever advances in technology. Ruled by the Queen-Regent Amethyst, who has been commanding the people until Blood Heir, Princess Gwendolyn Oelamir is to be crowned Queen on her 20th birthday. Yet now, shocking news has spread like wildfire through the lands. The mysterious Princess they have been waiting for has been accused of murdering a foreign diplomat. She is in prison awaiting her execution. It has cause surprise and confusion, but who would doubt their beautiful and Enchanting Queen?

Castle Prison; Vykendria


Three chimes. 3AM. A little over twenty-four hours of what she considered very unpleasant captivity. Though, she had no doubt that it would grow worse the longer she remained in the small cell. The castle prison was more like a dungeon. In all honestly, it was a dungeon. Hundreds of years ago, all of the criminals of the country ended up here. These days, it was only the dangerous ones. The ones that were enemies to the Crown and earning very dire sentences. The killers, the psychos.

This was something she had learned only in the past twenty-four hours. A day ago she had no idea this part of the castle even existed. Her world was plastered walls, bright open windows with stained glass, and beds with warm covers. Here, her window had bars, open to the chilly air outside. There was no bed or even somewhere to sit. She counted her blessings that she hadn't been chained to the wall. It was the only 'bright side' to her situation that she could come up with at the moment. Even if she had wanted to sleep, there was always the sound of people screaming. Moaning. Probably dying in mortal agony. Ones in nearby cells trying to get her attention and saying things she really didn't want to hear. Prison personnel making her promises she hoped were just meant to scare her. She had never been afraid of anything in her life, and now she had found a million new things to fear in just one single day.

Most young would be sitting in the corner bawling out their eyes about their fate. Praying for a savior, a quick death, and generally sobbing themselves to sleep. Not to say the thought hadn't crossed her mind! Gwendolyn was afraid - terrified even. But sitting in the corner and crying wasn't going to get her OUT. She didn't belong in here and she wasn't just going to accept it. Gwen had spent her day prowling the tiny little cell. She couldn't get her door open, none of the guards offered her any reason options. Her only current idea was trying to get out the window. It was high, but she found that some of the stones were worn away enough that she could climb up. Her next obstacle was the bars. They were too close together for her to squeeze through, but a couple of them were loose from the weathering. If she could work a couple loose, she could get out.

She just had to try to do it before they decided to fetch her for her execution.

Gwen was working on one of the bars when a loud ruckus could be heard from a ways down the prison hallway. She jumped down quickly from the wall, brushing her hands on her clothes to hide the evidence of what she was getting in to, despite the fact she was so messy by now no one would notice the difference. She moved curiously to the door to peer out and see what all the noise was over.

Those were the sounds of his shackles dropping to the floor at his feet, next to the guard's head. The guy was unconscious; he was lucky D didn't have time to kill him. Then again, he was fortunate they had decided to use the "old school" shackles instead of the laser type. Those were much harder to get off and he didn't want to have to go through the guy's pants just to find one measly key card. He did, however, help himself to the guard's laser whip and revolver-sized firearm. He could never pass up some free stuff.

D looked around. There was no one around ... yet. But there were guard patrols, two soldiers each that came within minutes of each other. He didn't have much time. He reopened his cell door and dragged the unconscious guard inside, then he threw the cuffs inside with him and made sure to lock it. Good thing they put him in the cell with the heavy door instead of the laser bars. It would give him more of a head start before they discovered the truth.

D heard a patrol coming this way and started sneaking down the hall, unwittingly toward the Princess' cell. He had slipped the handle of the whip into his belt and held the firearm in one hand. He wanted to be ready in case a shoot-out became the only viable option. "All this for screwing the warden's wife ..." he muttered. She hadn't even been that hot!
Guessing by the racket going on, the whoops and yelling. Someone had managed to get themselves loose. Gwendolyn couldn't see what was going on, though. Not until a figure was slowly sneaking past her door and his voice muttering low about the Warden's Wife. The window was barely large enough to see more than a shadow through, but it someone was escaping and if that's all he did... maybe he'd help get her out too.

"PSSSST!! Hey! Wait! Can you open my door? It will only take a moment!" she hissed, trying to reach a hand through to snag him, but not quite reaching far enough. Gwen settled for snapping her fingers at him.
D was a man who thought of himself as rather laid back. He could roll with the punches, deal with things most men would have blown up about and a few might have cried over. But if it was one thing that irked him, it would be people whistling at him or snapping their fingers at him as if he was a damn dog. The only reason he paused at the girl's cell door was because of that. It had be a girl. No male he'd ever crossed paths with had such pristine and smooth hands. Hooker then?

"Keep snapping your fingers at me, sweetheart. I'm not your dog but I'm just as likely to bite your fingers off for that one." He glanced around. There was no one here. A few more cells down and he'd come to a corner, then have to make a choice and dash for it. He was about to dash off when curiousity got the better of him. "What, did they pick you off up the street while you were waiting for your master to pick you up?"
Gwendolyn's arm quickly disappeared back in to her cell. She wasn't entirely sure whether or not he would make good on that threat to bite her. Now she was trying to step on her toes so she could peep out and get a look, but she could barely reach.

"I do not have a master and I was not picked off the street." she responded. No one was coming yet, but she really didn't think small talk was appropriate given the situation. "Is there really time to discuss backgrounds and howdoyoudos? Could you please just open my door for me before someone comes? I would appreciate it."
D chuckled softly. "Polite even in the face of desperation ... How poetic. Better step back from the door, sweetheart. Get ready to run." Because if the patrol wasn't already coming this way, this shot was sure to attract unwanted attention. Sure, he could have lock-picked the thing but that required finesse and time he did not have. He didn't wait long. Gwen might have barely stepped back before he shot the lock, the echoes resounding down the corridor. Damn acoustics.

D saw the patrol coming from behind. It was fifty feet away but he was a damn good marksman. Hell, shooting was basically the art of aiming and firing as many times as possible. According to statics, you were bound to hit something! He started to fire and ducked a few before beginning again. The two guards went down and then he was dashing down the corridor again!
Gwen made sure to stay out of the way while he got the door open for her. The fact prison personnel had already arrived and were firing off guns made her plotted escape little more dangerous than she intended! The moment the man started running, she followed! She couldn't very well go back the other direction, and definitely had no idea where the exit to the place actually was.

With her hands over her ears, she was trying to block out most of the sound. Between guns and prisoners, and it all bouncing off the walls, it was loud! " it really fair to be killing them! They're just trying to do their jobs!" The guards had went down, but maybe they weren't dead. Even as she was thinking it, she thought it was ridiculous to even have it under consideration when they were currently running for their lives!
D paused when he heard shouting and footsteps coming from the front! Crap. Like he really needed this now ... More guards and this female beginning to rant about "not killing them"! He noticed the door beside them, double doors, and they had passed the last cell awhile ago. Looked like they were past the prisoner area. He pushed it open and the door was unlocked! He pulled the woman inside and found something to bar the door! Then he started pushing things in front of it.

"Listen, lady. I don't know what fluffy little world you crawled out from but it doesn't work that way. But hey, you wanna cling to your high ethics code then go right ahead ... I'm sure they had such great plans for you, right? Going to ... let you go free? Just unlock the door and apologize for all the bad treatment." His voice was laced with sarcasm and an occasional grunt as he pushed up tables against the door and finally piled them on top of each other. Then he was stalking past Gwen to find another way out.
"I am to be executed some time this week, but I am not going to condemn a man simply for doing his job." Gwendolyn wasn't sure why she felt the need to defend herself. ...then again, she was already on the defense being accused of a crime she never committed, and having so little sleep. But arguing was pointless and she really needed to stop taking the bait.

She stopped in the center of the room, resting her hands on her hips. While he was stalking around looking for a way out, she too was looking. There were several doors, aside from the one now barred with furniture and chairs. She supposed this must have been a common room for the prison guards to sit during their breaks. She released a slow breath, trying to relax enough so she could think farther ahead than 'door'. Her insides were no where near as calm as her outer appearance, and her lack of experience with this sort of thing was a very frustrating reminder just how much trouble she was in.

"Where will we go from here?" She had to ask.
"Out, of course," he replied. The prison was connected to the castle so if he wasn't careful, he'd wind up with the royal guards on his ass. And he really wasn't keen on getting cut down there of all places. "If I get out of here, I'm gonna find me a new job." No matter how people praised the Seven whether for their loyalty, the good deeds they had done, or the values they represent, the pay sucked.

"So, the name is D, you know, in case we die here. What's yours?" He went to one of the windows and forced it open. About several floors below was an alley and from the looks of it, not one heavily protected. He looked up and found a gargoyle statue perched just a few feet away. He left the window open and then crossed the room to find a hatch of some sort. The trash chute. Wide enough to fit through. This would do. Because the guards were already kicking at the door and firing guns at it!
She did look confused when he walked away from the open window to a different spot at the wall. But she figured it out quick. Especially when shots were being fired at the doors, along with the very loud sound of bodies trying to crash against them. A couple chairs fell off from the pile of furniture. It wasn't going to hold for too much longer.

"I don't care to die today, but my name is Gwendolyn, all the same." She was very quickly moving away from the center of the room to scoot herself behind him. It may have looked like she wanted to use him as a shield, but she really just wanted to stay close enough to him so she could react faster when she figured out what he was doing! "Do you have plans, or are you making up things as we go along?" She hadn't meant to sound panicked, but when another THUMP against the door made her jump, he was just going to have to forgive her for it.
A few chairs toppled. The desks were beginning to shake. The muffled shouting was getting louder. There had to be what, six, seven men ... Heh, maybe even more already. The whole prison would be on lock down but it would take them awhile to get all the exits sealed. He smirked at her. "Gwen. Everyone knows well thought out plans always fail." He opened the hatch for her and cocked his head toward it. "Now, hurry up and jump it. 'Cause I sure as hell don't want to be here when they get through."

He readied the firearm just in case, though. If anything a few bodies dropping to the floor could make the others pause and buy them a few seconds. He glanced over his shoulder. Well, it would if Miss Virtue wasn't so damn picky about that. He muttered a few words under his breath as he stuck the gun into his belt and jumped down after her!
Down the hatch and Gwendolyn found herself falling! The drop ended just as fast... and painful! She landed on a high pile of garbage bags, having the sense to roll out of the way fast before he came crashing down on top of her. When she finally got her footing on solid ground, she was shaking garbage off her clothes and grimacing at the cut on her arm and the longer gash on her leg. She hadn't even felt them when she earned them, but they were already starting to burn. Gwen was at least glad that the entire pile of garbage hadn't been broken glass or they'd both be dead already!

She looked up to glance around the place. It was dark and the smell wasn't much better than the prison cell up above. There were big metal bins where the garbage bags were probably tossed in to transport. A few warehouse looking doors and some large vehicles. Thankfully there wasn't yet a person in sight. But now they were well below the ground floor of the castle.

"I am not sure this was the wisest escape route." she muttered quietly, being awed at how far her voice carried even though she hadn't spoken very loud. The high ceiling made sound carry too easily. Granted, she may not have been able to come up with a better idea herself. But she was doubting his ability to get them out of the place instead of further in it.
He landed with a grunt but was quickly jumping out of the trash. He was probably injured in a few places. His left shoulder was aching; he'd landed on it. A couple of spots burnt meaning he'd either have bruises later or he was bleeding. But he made sure he had the whip and the firearm. No light. He activated the laser whip and although it didn't help much, it was better than stumbling around in the dark. He was quiet. Listening.

He smirked as he started walking away from her. It didn't take her long to realize ... he was following a rat! He stopped in the middle of the room to a large grate in the floor. "Here, hold this." He handed her the whip. "Hold the handle. Don't touch the glowing part." Then he reached down to grab the grate and pull! It took several tries but it finally came off. He took the whip back. There was a ladder leading a short way and below it ... water?! The smell wafting from it screamed "sewer"!

"The sewers run under everything. We can get to the city slums in no time." He stuck his head down and looked around. Clear. He looked up. "Come on. You first."
Gwendolyn was a little hesitant. But anyone would be when you were supposed to crawl down in to a dark hole first. Carefully she made her way down the ladder rungs, nearly slipping on one before regaining her footing. At the bottom she stopped again to find a dry place to step off. There wasn't one! Just really dark, murky water, with no telling how deep it was. Gwen almost looked up and asked if they could find a different way. But she finally swallowed her uncertainty and stepped off.

The water was shallow, barely ankle deep, and like the prison cell and garbage, it also smelled. By now, Gwen was so used to things smelling bad, the only part she noticed was the different kind of smell. Mildew, rats, and... well. She decided it was the one question she wouldn't ask.

Gwen stepped a few paces away from the ladder waiting for - what was his name? D? Her arms crossed, not in that impatient demeanor, but the defensive and awkward way.

"Is your name really a letter? What does it stand for?" she asked, a little surprised at how her voice echoed. She closed her mouth quick, adjusting her tone to something softer. "...What are 'slums'? Is that a place on the way to the other side of the castle?"
"Nah. D is just a nickname. My real name is Drystan." Or at least he was sure it was. He'd worry about that later. Now was not the time for doubts as he climbed down, making sure to replace that grate. He switched the whip and the faint glow gave them some light. "The entire city is cut up into sections. Right now we're in the Queen's Quarters, Double Q or Q2. And far across the city are the slums. Basically it's the place all those guys in the prison used to roam when they were free. In between are the nobles, the rich guys, the middle class, and the low class."

D began to walk as he explained things. "It's a long walk but it's safer than traveling above." He glanced over his shoulder. "So, what are you going to do now that you're free."
There were headed to a place filled with more criminals and former or to-be prisoners? Gwendolyn slowly stopped as she gave this a little more thought. He WAS being helpful, but did it really make any sense to go somewhere so dangerous? It was also in the opposite direction of where she wanted to be.

"...Actually..." she started slowly, still mapping out her plan in her head. "I need to get back to the castle, to the Royal Quarters. The Queen is there and it's very important for me to speak with her and try to get things straight. Mother must be so confused and broken hearted..." If the Queen-Regent really believed Gwen was a murderer, she needed to make sure the woman knew the truth! She had been her mother for ten years, she probably felt so betrayed!

"Thank you for helping me out of the prison. Do I go that way for the castle?" she pointed in the opposite directed he was heading.
There was a smirk on his face as he watched her. "Sure thing, Your Highness. The castle's that way." He nodded once in the direction she was pointing. "But while you're explaining that to me, why don't you explain it to the giant sewer rat behind you."

The giant sewer rat had been on all fours, pure white fur, long pink tail and sharp nose. It had pink eyes but relied on smell, not sight to hunt and navigate. Its hind legs were larger and more powerful than the front legs which were shorter and ended in sharp claws. The result was it had a powerful jump and could launch itself into a mean tackle. D had seen it first hand. It was sniffing the air but as Gwen turned, it stood on two legs, giving it seven or eight feet in height!

He bent to pick up something clinging to the wall. "Run." He threw the fist-sized wall-slug into the rat's open jaw! The rat bit into the slug but couldn't seem to pry its teeth out! The slug had suddenly ballooned to twice its size and was gushing sticky fluid. He didn't wait to see if she'd done as she was told. He ran in the direction of the slums!
Gwen had never scene anything so big in her life! She was struck with an odd mix of fear and curiosity, but the desire to not find out how long it took to chew up a Balloon Slug was a lot stronger than a curiosity of giant sewer rats. Turning on her heels, she took off following Drystan. Running with her arms thrown over her head as if that were adequate protection from getting tackled and chewed on.

After what felt like eons of running through twisting tunnels and dark mazes, Gwen couldn't forced herself to take another step. She wasn't sure if she had lagged too far behind, but now her chest burned so much from trying to catch her breath and exhaustion was so prevalent, at this point she didn't care anymore! Slumping against the stone wall, she slid slowly to sit on pile of concrete blocks.

"Wait..! I am finished with running!" she said it like it was a choice, rather than a need from exhaustion. If she ran another step, she'd pass out and drown in the sewer. That sounds like a worse death than beheading!
Through the palace's secret ways, not known ever to the guard a hooded figure slipped silently. In his hand a hilt, in his heart a mission, in his intent a message. Though as assassin not a messenger my way brings the news to the Queen's ear faster. I know these dark passages well and soon am separated from the royal person only by my cloak, her dress and a tapestry.

"Grave news highness." I breath, my voice barely more than a harsh hiss. I wait a second for her to dismiss other company and put her ear close. "Breakout in the prison, there were... casualties. But they are of no matter. The grave news I bare is that the two to escape. One was your political prisoner, th other was a known accomplice. "

I steel my heart for I have only just learned, the accomplice, I have seen him before, on the night my brother was taken from me he was to die by my blade. For certain her majesty knows this too, and along with it being by voice to bear the news I fear her disfavor. My life, what is left of it, hangs from a single thread of her silken glove.