The Seven StarSwords: Paladins Reborn {Not Accepting}

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  1. Nine centuries and some score of years before present, in the year 312 of the Ivric Imperial Calendar, the darkness over the land was split by the splendor of a fallen star. It cut through the dim of night and of despair, bringing with it light and hope.
    The Immortal Smith, son of the World Mother Gaea, took it upon himself to forge the metal of the star into seven sacred swords, each potent and deadly and imbued with unique and terrible magics. To seven honorable and just knights he entrusted these swords, and gave them the name Paladin. Their duty was to fight back darkness and corruption wherever it threatened Gaea's most favored children, humankind.
    The song of Gaea is one of love and compassion, of life and death and harmony. All the world spins in time with her heart

    the wind in the trees hums softly in tune with the
    of the world which is the
    of all living things which is the
    of harmony and structure and natural order and is destined to
    back the darkness and the nothingness of the time before creation and
    in spite of entropy and
    for the sake of life and
    in time with all living things.

    But sometimes, a step in the great dance is missed. Where this happens, entropy forms. The music of discord and disharmony, which forms a counterpoint to the rhythm of life and creation. Where entropy grows so does malice and vice and death and all things that are not good.
    The job of the Paladin is to restore the order, the balance, the understanding that knits everything together. Wherever evil threatens, be it in the heart of men or in the form of great and terrible beasts, the Paladins rally. They exist to undo entropy in whatever small ways they can, forming order from chaos.
    But for a hundred and seventy-six years, there have been no Paladins. The order formally disbanded in the eleventh century, though not after nearly two centuries of disgrace and dishonor as the position became a matter of bragging rights and high standing, a title entailing luxury and privilege rather than duty and sacrifice. The fat, pompous Dark Years of the Paladin order have ruined the honor and reputation of a once-proud order, and for nearly two hundred years the swords have stayed silent in shame and healing.

    Now the world needs them. Now new Paladins have been found, young men and women in the spiritual image of the First Paladins. Seven true of heart and pure of spirit, seven to restore peace and harmony, seven to serve with honor and courage, seven to form a light in the darkness.
    Seven only, against foes that are numberless and fearless, enemies that are legion.
  2. The year is 1276 in the Ivric Imperial Calendar, though that has largely fallen out of favor due to the more accurate Venoan Calendar, in which it is the year 312.
    Picture credit to LMorse of Deviantart
    The Pale Citidel, once a proud and lovely complex, is now just a ruin. The Great Hall is largely roofless, but still contains handful of stone benches and rotting wooden tables. Behind it, the brick kitchens are largely intact save for the thatch roof. The quarters for servants and men-at arms lay in rubble; the stables and granaries are both beyond repair. The smithy will take some months to repair the broken chimneys and forges, though it is salvageable. The Spire's upper reaches are inaccessible for the staircases have long since rotted away, but remains otherwise habitable. The Library suffers from extensive fire damage, but the roof is tiled and mostly intact and the structure seems not entirely unsound. Grown over, the training fields and tourney grounds are largely unrecognizable.

    Currently inhabiting the Keep are the Paladins​
    • Valkyrian : the Sword of Due Rewards. Will not harm an innocent man, but always cuts deep and true with sinners. Wielded by Ser Ymber Aquila (@Lady Sabine)
    • Lazarine: the Sword of Eternal Life. Has the ability to raise the dead, though this power is very limited and require immense sacrifice from its wielder. (@LuluRS)
    • Erelime: the Sword of Holy Guidance. This sword's power is to imbue its reader with a flawless moral compass and to provide direction, both metaphorically and literally. Wielded by Ser Bran Tallanhart. (@Torack)
    • Jibrilar: the Sword of Prophecy. Occasionally gifts the one who holds it with glimpses of the future or new laws/regulations to enforce. Wielded by Ser Kalidin Aevus.(@Mr. V)
    • Azraeline: the Sword of Souls. Is capable of slaying otherwise-immortal creatures by destroying the soul as well as the body. A single cut can ruin a person for life due to the damage it does their spirit. Wielded by Ser Kynth. (@J_"Kraken")
    • Raphaean: the Sword of Purification. A single slice imbues the cut person with holy magic that purges them of any sin or sickness, though the cuts rarely heal and for that reason are rarely administered to innocents unless absolutely needed. (@LuluRS)
    • Devesine: the Sword of the Natural Order. Is deeply connected to nature and to the World Mother; the wielder of Devesine is capable of communicating with and enlisting the aid of wild creatures of all manner. (@J_"Kraken")
  3. Now we wait for everyone to finish their characters so we can get a finalized list and some sheets.
  4. Just curious, how many of us are completed with our characters?
  5. You two and myself. But LuLu and J are taking two, so it's natural that they'll take a bit longer to get everything wrapped up.
  6. Oh, and when apps are done we fill out a sheet?
  7. Patience. I'd rather have everyone come up with ideas as independently as possible, so I'm going to hold off on the skeleton until everyone's concepts are in place.
  8. All set and good to go.
  9. So what conflicts are going on in the world?
  10. Quite a number. I'm leaving it vague so we can add things as the situation demands... and also because fleshing out a complete world is more than I want to invest in the RP at this point. XD
  11. I imagine the first conflict is establishing ourselves as official peacekeepers and true Paladins, as I doubt the world would be saying "Oh, cool." after getting away with what they wanted.
  12. Well I was thinking ongoing wars at the time, i.e., Barbarians striking from the west, internal power struggles in the civilized world.
  13. Well, upheaval would certainly revolve around a sign from an otherwise dead goddess. Though without details that could mean anything from witch hunts to riots.
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  14. Character skeleton
    After careful deliberation, I've decided against making this in-depth. I would like to have reference factoids only; everything else can be RPed out. These are strangers meeting each other for the first time and I like the mystery and uncertainty associated with. Feel free to edit the format but please don't add or ignore anything significant.

    Titles, nicknames, aliases, etc.:
    (If you must use an image, link credit to the original artist, please.)
    (this doesn't have to be a complete list of everything they brought with, but it should cover the major items. Equipment and supplies will be a critical part of the Paladins' early struggle.)
  15. Name: Kynth Daughter of None
    Title: the "Sparrow" to all but her closest companions.
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Heterosexual, if she bothered to consider it.
    Appearance: Kynth stands around five feet even with pale skin, akin to her northern heritage, and pitch black hair deemed "unnatural" by her folk who are mainly fair or red headed. Her form is neither soft of curvaceous, instead she is harsh and angular with muscled arms and a narrow frame. Pale blue eyes sit beneath a black brow, which extends into a beak of a nose. Her lips are thin and narrow, barely standing out as a pink smattering of flesh above her pointed chin lined by sharp cheekbones.
    Skills: Kynth is a fair enough hunter with spear and bow by any who'd care to judge, save that stealth has never been her strong suit. Beyond that, she prefers to arm herself with blade and dagger and is ambidextrous, preferring to keep herself agile.
    Equipment: Azraeline, two sturdy daggers more akin to short swords, a great cloak, and a worn suit of leather-backed chain mail. Otherwise, her equipment consists of the usual traveler's gear (pack, bedroll, lantern, etc.)

    Name: Vyncent Gant
    Title: None
    Age: 32
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Appearance: Vyncent is a haggard old man with a severely maimed left hand concealed by a glove stuffed to appear as to still have fingers, a patch of leather covering his right eye, and a mane of grey-brown hair that falls to his shoulders. Once, he might have been considered fierce and warlike, but now his once firm chin has faded into a mass of flesh and his broad shoulders have been left to fall hunched. However, the man retains what might have once been called a warrior's look to him with his proud stance and barrel chest.
    Skills: Vyncent is a skilled woodsman and less so of a poacher, though he still prides himself on it. Of his weapons of choice, he always comes back to the axe. While imbalanced, he has learned to master the first blow to become the killing blow. His lack of a left hand prevents the use of any great weapons or shields, and as a result, he has become incredibly lopsided, furthering his preference for the axe.
    Equipment: Devesine, a balanced woodsman's axe, roughspun robe and tunic over an old breastplate and plate armor, and a worn banner depicting a stag on a grey field.
  16. Name: Bran Tallanhart




    Appearance: Bran stands at five feet and eleven inches with shoulder length golden hair that has strands of black and brown, which he often keeps in a pony tail. He has a strong face, with strong jaws and a powerful chin; his eyes are golden and his eyebrows are almost always furrowed with concentration. As with any soldier, Bran's shoulders are broad coupled with a barrelling chest and a muscular back.

    Bran, being a former commander of a legion, is exceptionally skilled in leadership, strategy, and warfare. He has a sharp and quick mind which he uses to get a tactical advantage over his enemies and direct his men towards success. Besides combat, Bran is also a skilled musician and singer.

    Erelime, a bastard sword with green leather and cloth wrapped around the hilt, a suit of well-shined armour, a grey fur-tipped cloak, a few daggers, and a travelling kit.
  17. Name: Kalidin Aevus

    Titles: Knight Prophet

    Age: 25

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Appearance: 6 feet tall, black hair kept short with a knife (producing a rugged, poorly cut look), pale skin from being inside most days, and mild wiry musculature produced from days of lifting heavy tomes and piles of scrolls as well as moving larger, even heavier artifacts to and from the library. His piercing eyes are sky-blue flecked with shards of green and set wolfish face that gazes down at most people.

    Skills: Immensely intelligent, Kal is quick to analyze and determine the weaknesses of opponents and even allies. He can read and write exceptionally, can speak a number of languages fluently, and is knowledgeable of a variety of cultures. While inexperienced with war he has memorized a good deal of texts detailing combat styles and tactics in the event he should need to fight (however, he has previously had no need to fight, and is thus without field experience).

    Equipment: Jibrilar, a gargantuan silver claymore with a black leather-wrapped hilt decorated with a cross shaped pommel and crossguard and a large black sheath; a suit of black-painted gilded plate armor collected as a relic of the Paladin order; a water-skin; a fire-starter (flint and steel); and a short political book written by one of the ancient Paladins (who had formerly been an emperor) titled "To Be a King".
  18. I got a bad feeling about this.
  19. Calm your bad feelings. I've got a shitton of stuff to do with graduation; I'll probably get my skeleton up tonight.
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