The Seven Seas

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    250 miles from the coast of Africa there is a small island. This island is called Aldabra Atoll and it is the home of the Brothers of the Coast. Who are the Brothers? Why, they're pirates of course! So why not join them in their free ways?

    Brotherhood Rules:
    - Any woman not the wife of another pirate is shared.
    - All decisions made are settled by a vote.
    - The word of the captain is only law when in battle.
    - Officers, including the captain, can be voted to be replaced.
    - Women cannot be smuggled aboard with the punishment of marooning.
    - Quarrels are to be solved by duels using only cutlasses or rapiers.
    - Betrayal is punished by marooning.
    -Treasure is to be divided into equal shares with the officers receiving one and a half shares and both the captain and quartermaster receiving two.

    Now, onto the actual rules:
    - No out of character fighting. It is not necessary.
    - I will accept females as I will be playing one myself. However, only few may be accepted and they must be hidden as men.
    - Everyone will be apart of one crew. A crew generally consists of more than about forty men, anyways.
    - This is a low fantasy roleplay. To make things clearer and more understandable, I wish to have non-human characters (though humans are allowed) without powers. If you want an example, think of the characters from Treasure Planet.
    - Any questions, just ask. I don't bite, though my characters might.
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