The Seven Seas (IC)

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  1. The sun was low on the horizon, still waking from its deep slumber. The ocean below it rocked the ship gently, no a single bit of land in sight. Soon the night routine would be over and the deck would buzz with activity and so Cecil had gotten used to waking so early. It was her chance to be herself, with less chances of being caught. The witch loved to read, and was doing so right now, clinging to the ropes before the quarter deck, letting the wind throw her hair over her shoulders . In her hand was a brown leather bound book with the name faded to almost nothing. The edges were worn, almost falling apart and obviously well used. Shifting her position, Cecillia twisted her arm around one of the ropes, using it to turn the page. The book had once belonged to her grandmother and contained spells that were thought to be lost. All Cecil was doing was trying to memorize them, in case the ship went under before she could grab the book.


    Zero really wasn't much of a sleeper, though for the past three nights, he hadn't slept. And so, it was a morning for him to sleep in. Nothing would wake him but the sound of a fight, or someone jumping on his bed like his younger brother used to.
  2. Waking up early was natural for Nicholas, he had grown accustomed to it up to the point that it barely mattered how late he slept or how long he hasn't. Rising to sit up, he grabbed the black eyepatch lying nearby and wore it, covering his right eye. How he lost his right eye's sight wasn't a story many knew, and he had no plans of letting the minuscule number of people to increase. He's an extremely private person, sharing nothing about his life on land and if asked when he's in a good mode - or drunk, which is once in a blue moon - then it's possible he'll tell a few little details but rarely enough to piece anything together. It's actually rare that anyone asks considering Nicholas isn't exactly an approachable figure when it comes to small talk or life stories. He's known to be strict in attitude and terrifying in a appearance due to the annoyed expressions and seemingly permanent frown on his face. He's also quite scary when angry but he often keeps his temper in check, he was the first officer after all and losing his temper would set a bad example.

    Leaving the crew's quarters, he went to the main deck where all is silent except for the constant sound of the small waves hitting the ship. He absolutely loved mornings. Unlike the loud noises the crew brings, early mornings were calm and peaceful. He leaned near the edge and watched as the sun began to rise up to its rightful place in the sky. He would wake the crew soon - if they haven't woken up yet - but for now, his plans were to merely enjoy the beautiful sunrise and cool breeze that passes through his long brown coat. 'I'll give them a couple more minutes to wake themselves. If not, I'll go get a bucket of water,' He was planning to throw all the contents on whoever's unlucky enough to sleep through his loud voice when he went to wake everyone. Although usually, most of the crew is up by the time he goes back.
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  3. Caz paced the walk in front of his room, his lips pursed in a slight frown. He had been up for some time but more than half the crew remained asleep , even Zero. He had debated on mercilessly waking him with his rather impressive spring like skills but he seemed out of it lately, and he hadn't been getting much sleep, so Caz figured he could wait a little longer, let the guy get some sleep. If something happened he would likely no doubt wake up himself, but being Quarter Master all Caz had to do was walk out into the commotion and things calmed down all on it's own. That was a perk to being the right hand man he guessed. He could let the man sleep some more.

    Caz walked on to the main deck his arms swinging carelessly behind him. Those who knew him enough to call him Caz were well aware of his rather carefree nature, his habit of trying to lighten the situation with a joke, but others, most of the crew and those who knew him only as Duo hurried out of his way and seemed to work with extra vigor when he came around. After all he hadn't gotten where he was by mere luck, if need be he was a force to be reckoned with. He did not mind because it kept order and respect which was something a crew needed In order to function. He stood at the railings overlooking the ship, he'd need to wake the Captain soon, give him a debfrief on their situation before all of the crew woke.

    As he made his way to the Captains Quarters, he spotted their Navigator and Nicholas their first officer, the guy was a tough nut to crack but he was amusing. Caz just enjoyed bothering him, he'd get this annoyed look when ever Caz Would fill the silence with mindless chatter, it was all in good fun. A giant grin made its way to his face and he moved in.

    When he was close enough he brought his arm down onto Nicholas' back and clapped it twice. His voice a little on the loud side. "Good morning my friend how is the morning treating you? I for one am loving this sunrise." He squished Nicholas into him and motioned to the sunrise dramatically. " Just look at it ... breath taking." He wasn't expecting much of a response but it was still fun every time he did it. He chuckled to himself and let go watching Nicholas ' face for reaction. "Alas I must go and awake the Captain, you must fare well without my company." He had a A huge a grin on his face the whole time. He backed away slowly with a short wave and turned to the Captains Quarters a maniacal smirk on his face. He rubbed his hands together.

    Now the Captain slept like the dead and Caz had discovered that long ago but he had found a method and it worked every time. If they weren't as close as they were now he didn't know how Zero would react but this certainly wasn't the first and he knew it would not be the last. He pushed the door to Zeros room open slowly, tip toeing across the floor even though he didn't have to. He crouched a little preparing for it and then launched himself onto the unconscious Zero. Making as much movement as possible he turned on his back while draped across Zero, squishing him into the bed. If Zero was asleep before he was certainly awake now. He lay there perfectly still. "Rise and shine sunshine, it's time to welcome a new day, by the way your ceiling is looking exceptional today, did you have it polished?"

    He pressed all of his weight down even more. "Your crew is awaking, it will upset them if they were not greeted by your smiling face and ever radiant aura, I have a report as well that you may want to hear."

    And now he waited, if there was no response in a minute, it was one of those days and drastic measures would have to be taken.
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  4. The morning had started out perfectly for Nicholas and he couldn't help but hope that the rest of the day would stay the same. 'Perhaps I'll be less strict to the crew today, they've worked hard after all.' He thought, a day's beautiful start often brought him to a good mood. But that mood was soon ruined by the appearance of a certain quartermaster. It took all of Nicholas will power not to shoot the nuisance that had just appeared with the pistols that he kept holstered on his belt. He didn't think the captain would appreciate him killing the quartermaster. Even if he would be doing everyone a favor getting rid of such a nuisance. Although despite his infuriating carefree attitude, Nicholas knew that Duo wasn't made quartermaster out of luck or favor. It was because of his skills. Nicholas knew that if he was ever pitted against the older - honestly, he didn't understand how someone so childish could be older - in a battle of blades then he, without a doubt, would lose. While he may be excellent with a rapier, Duo was better. Then again, it's not as if his expertise were with bladed weapons.

    Instead of doing anything physical, he settled with showing his annoyance through his expression. His constant frown became deeper, if it was even possible, when he heard the other talk. Nicholas was displeased at having to hear such a loud - and especially hated - voice so early in the morning. He preferred to enjoy the moment rather than speak so he opted to keep silent and merely rolled his eyes at the other's words. Despite not saying it out loud, he did find the other male's words to be true. Watching the sun rise and reflect on the sea's clear blue water was a magnificent sight. Seeing as he would have to turn his head to glare at the annoying blond, he opted to glare at the sun instead. He didn't want to give Duo the satisfaction of having ruffled his feathers with a few simple words and gestures.

    Once again, he rolled his eyes at the other's farewell and didn't bother to look at him whilst he left. 'Well then, I should wake the crew as well.' If Duo were to successfully wake up the captain, it wouldn't do well that there would be no crew to face him. Turning away from the view of the sun, he went to the crew's quarters and spoke loudly to ensure his voice would wake those who were still asleep, "Get up, all of you and head to the main deck. The captain should be arriving there soon and I wouldn't want to have to explain why most of you are still here wasting time." His voice resounded through the whole room and his tone was commanding, not holding a single hint of amusement or anything else. He would leave for the main deck as well once he's ensured that everyone was awake and headed there.

    Ivan had been soundly sleeping when the loud voice that he knew all too well was heard. Immediately, he was awake although despite expecting the voice, he still managed to be surprised every time. Another thing that always happened was him falling off from where he slept and on to the hard wooden floor. It was absolutely terrible for him how easily surprised and frightened he was. "Ack!" Although he had to say, the floor is quite tempting to sleep in with its coldness. But he knew better than to do so. He didn't want his morning to start with being scolded especially by the first officer, the older man was just terrifying. Before, he thought officers were merely meant to be cold, strict and scary but the quartermaster was the exact opposite. As he stood, he covered his mouth when a yawn escaped him. Luckily, he was near far away from the entrance so he wasn't noticed too much. 'So sleepy,' He thought as he began to leave towards the main deck, wouldn't want to keep the captain waiting, right?
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  5. Cecil paid no attention to Nicholas. He was out every morning and he was quiet enough that she didn't notice him half the time. The sun was finally past its cold stage and was beginning to warm the day. Smiling, Cecillia flipped to the next page and lowered her book a bit. She wanted to get a glimpse of the sunrise before it rose too high, though when she looked up, she was greeted by the sight of Caz's joke. Did he not tire of playing the same joke every morning? Shaking her head, she looked past the two and out towards the rising sun, its reflection glinting back at it. A calm morning, for now. Cecil simply hoped it would stay that way. When it did, it meant she didn't have to do much work.

    Yawning, she decided to go back to her book. She was almost finished and the others would no doubt be rising soon, or drenched in water. They may have been past the coldest part of the morning, but it was still cold. She shivered at the thought of being drenched in cold water on a day like this. How horrible.


    Zero groaned into his pillow, not wanting to move. The man was heavy, yes, but it didn't mean much when the cot bared most the weight. He shifted slightly under Caz so the he could breathe a tad better than before. "Caz..." he groaned, "If you don't get off of me, I will run you through with a dagger." At the end of the sentence he began to sit up, knowing that he would be able to move Caz as well if he tried hard enough.
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  6. Blake liked sleeping, well more like staying in bed. He could stay in it all day if he could but that wasn't going to happen. There were things to be done and it wasn't as if the first officer would allow it. Blake tried as hard as possible to climb out of the warmth of his bed by sitting up. He stretched his back having his spine give off a few pops. "That felt good." He whispered to himself. Blake got up and with a sleepy look on his face and shuffled his way on deck. He really didn't know how early it was but seeing the sun was still trying to rise it was early. With a frown he silently cursed at the day. Blake was a nocturnal sort of guy. He loved being awake at night but couldn't stand being up early in the morning. Thankfully he wasn't the cook since it meant getting up everyday just to breakfast for the crew as a whole. For now he rolled his eyes and sat on the other side of the deck waiting til he was in a better mood. It was never wise to mess with him when he had just woken up. For now it was best to wait till he had a chance to wake up a little more.


    Down in the kitchen Elliot was hard at work cooking away for the crew. Since he had woken up he's been downstairs making sure everything was prepared nicely. The task didn't sound all that hard but it can be. Meat was put in casks and salted so they could store them longer. Sure if the ship was big enough they could easily keep live animals but that took up too much space. Plus it meant more to clean when they had to be slaughtered. Elliot wasn't afraid of slaughtering an animal. He's done it many times before and was completely desensitized by the smell and blood. As for now he was making a soup for their breakfast. It was mostly meat and vegetables with his blend of spices to help add flavor. No one said the food had to taste hideous. With that he did his best to make it as flavorful as possible and now over spice it.

    It had been simmering for awhile and Elliot couldn't leave the stove. Leaving fire unattended on a wooden ship was the worse thing imaginable. When the soup was boiling hot he killed the fire in case a rouge wave knocked the ship. He didn't want the coals to fall out and was extremely cautious about it. Before heading up and letting others know that breakfast was ready he checked to see if there was any bread left. Their meals really would depend on their day. If their day was labor intensive then it would mean larger meals and vice versa. He need the bread in case everyone was still hungry. With a bit of searching Elliot found they still had bread to eat and with that it meant rounding everyone up for breakfast. He peaked his head out to check on the deck but could tell everyone still needed some time. Nick and Ceil were awake and up and about this quiet morning. Blake was still trying to wake himself up and was getting there. Ivan was in a similar display of sleepiness and the Captain.... Well he wasn't out yet which meant waiting. Elliot frowned, even thought it was hidden behind his scarf, but his eyes held that frown. He had been up for awhile and was starting to get hungry. There was nothing he could do but wait for the Captain. It probably wouldn't be long Duo was most likely trying to get him up and get him out of bed to begin with.
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  7. There was a groan of discontentment from beneath him and Caz grinned with satisfaction, success! He thought he'd end up having to be a tad bit more annoying, but he'd save it for another day. Zero shifted under him and Caz moved slightly to make himself more comfortable. When it was clear that he was not moving, like usual Zero threatened to run him through with his dagger and that was Caz's cue to move. At the same time Zero began to move Caz was pushed up and off of the bed. Immediately he was moving about the room waiting for the stupor of sleep to leave Zero.

    Caz made his way to the window wrenching the fabric over the window aside, letting the sunlight permeate the Room. Then he turned back to Zero. "It's about time you joined us in the world of the living. You sleep like you've never slept a day in your life. Once your up, dressed and about I will tell you of the news, but you might want to make haste your crew has awakened and await todays orders and breakfeast." Caz took a few steps to the door and spun around to face Zero once more when he noticed the lack of movement behind him. He pointed his finger in Zero's direction. " Don't you go back to sleep, or I will resort to drastic measures."

    After that he made his way towards the door." I'll be up on deck, I'll buy you some time to get ready." He walked out the door closing it behind him and walked up the stairs to the deck. The crew was still filing in, most still rubbing the sleep from their eyes. Caz cracked his neck, then his knuckles and all traces of amusement left his face. There was not a hint of carefree Caz , his expression became steely and left no room for fun and games and his stance alone demanded attention and respect. He walked to the center of the crowd, his lips were pressed in a tight line and he crossed his arms over his chest, and tilted his chin slightly up. Crew members in the front began to get the message and he waited for the chatter to die down completely before he spoke. Once the message was received he projected his voice loud enough to reach the the very back.

    " I hope you all had a good night's rest, today is a new day and there is a lot of work to be done, the Captain will be joining us shortly and breakfeast is to be served as soon as he has arrived. While we wait I would like to hear , a status report of the ships conditions, supplies, and course, so that we may sort out anything that would present an issue now or down the road. Any volunteers?"

    He stood in place scouring the sea of faces picking out a few of the more familiar ones making direct contact with those who met his eyes, waiting.
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  8. It was early in the morning, too early for Ivan to be his usual talkative and cheerful self. He was still yawning and trying to rub the sleepiness out of his eyes. While others were just like him, there also those who had begun chatting with one another may it be about stories that held absolutely no relevance or complaints about the earliness of their awakening. He, for one, was glad for the noise. If it were completely silent then he might just fall asleep while standing. But once the quartermaster appeared in the middle of the crowd, all sounds of chatter had died down almost immediately. There wasn't a single whisper or word to be heard. Actually, Ivan reckoned that if someone spoke even in the softest of voices, he'd be heard in the silence that surrounded them. 'The quartermaster could sure be scary at times.' He thought as he looked at Duo's serious expression. During these times, he couldn't help but think that there was some resemblance between the quartermaster and first officer, not that he would ever say it out loud. The latter of the two might skin him alive if he heard!

    Snapping out of his thoughts, Ivan missed most of what was said. He only heard the request - more like command - for volunteers. Not wanting to embarrass himself or anger the male, Ivan kept his gaze anywhere but on the quartermaster. He knew that looking at the other's eyes meant answering the question and to him, it would be like signing up for an early death.


    Satisfied that the crew's quarters was practically empty, Nicholas left to join the sea of crew members on the main deck. Just a few minutes ago, he could hear the chatter of the crew even though he was still inside the quarters but now, it was as if early morning had repeated itself. There were no sounds others than the wind that kept the ship moving and birds flying high in the sky. Nicholas saw the crowd paying attention to someone in the middle with their gazes averted. He didn't need to see who it was to know who caused the silence, he already had someone in mind and once he got nearer, he found his guess to be correct. Duo was like two sides of a coin, there was that irritating carefree attitude and a serious one. Frankly, Nicholas could work more with the man when he was actually serious compared to when he was his usual easy going self. Taking pity on the crew, he decided to speak up to give a status report. He may be strict but doesn't mean he's merciless. He had a caring side, it's just that most had to squint - a lot - to find it. "The ship has minor damages from the recent storm but the majority had already been repaired and the rest will be done today."

    Considering a report was asked nearly everyday, there wasn't exactly much to say. Seeing the captain was nowhere around, Nicholas came to the conclusion that a report was asked as a way to hold the crew's attention whilst the captain got ready although he didn't say anything of it and merely continued speaking, the quartermaster had asked about three aspects, after all. "As for the ship's supplies and course, it would be best to ask Elliot and Cecil." Well, he knew the answer to the two, having checked or asked about them everyday but he thought it would be better for the two to answer that part in order to have the most accurate answers. There may have been something he missed. He was efficient but not perfect.

    He looked to the crew with his usual piercing gaze and frown, "If anyone has anything else to add then speak up." If anyone else had anything to add then Nicholas wouldn't mind. If anything, he would encourage it. He just had no idea how to make himself seem encouraging rather than annoyed.
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  9. There was that shift in personality and Blake could see it was apparent he meant business. Those cold eyes, dominate stance and a straight face meant this was important. Although Blake usually preferred having the childish and carefree nature. So with small delay he got up and scratched his back a little before Caz started speaking. The Captain still hadn't appeared yet but he was a heavy sleeper. Blake couldn't blame the man for wanting to stay in bed for a little while longer, but much like the who crew there was work to be done. Caz needed a status report of the ship, course, and supplies. It was necessary but it was a great way to give the Captain some time. The ship needed some repairs and with that there wasn't much else about the ship. All the last repairs will be done by today as Nick explained.

    As for food and supplies that was more of Elliot's area and which was never good. He rarely talked and took a lot for him to talk. Blake had been trying to push him out of that habit but he got more glares and frowns out of him. "I'll see if the lad will talk this time. He's probably still making breakfast." He said and headed down to the kitchen to find that Elliot was just getting things together when the rush of hungry men come by. "Alright we need you to tell Caz about the inventory. Think you can talk this time?" Blake said rather annoyed that even after being apart of the crew for awhile he still wouldn't talk. Not really to anyone. Seeing how annoyed Blake was Elliot gave a shrug and decided to try.

    Now Elliot had his reasons for not talking but no one said he had to explain himself. So it shouldn't have to be a problem. He came up on deck and could see everyone was still waiting but if the inventory was important at the moment then it is needed. He came forward, not at all afraid of Caz even though he towered over the young teen. He moved his scarf a bit out of the way of his mouth before speaking. "We have two weeks worth of meats but it's mostly beef. We're running low on vegetables since they're not easy to keep around. Bread is practically gone, surprisingly enough it lasted us this long. We have rum to last us for a long time between ports so we don't have to worry about that. The next time we land I'm sure we can replenish everything and add what ever else the crew wishes to eat." This was probably the most Elliot had ever spoken to anyone let alone in front of the whole crew.
  10. Alas the day was getting under way. The crew was gathered, then quietened. A demand was made, the course, the supplies, the general health of the ship. The usual. Cecillia yawned, waiting until Nicholas had began talking before she even bothered to put away her book. She took her time, like always, and cringed at the mention of her name. Why? She never knew. She just hated when people mentioned her name. Then it was Blake's turn to talk. Something about fetching the cook. Inventory report, she guessed. She doubted the boy would talk this time. Cecil shifted her weight, the rope finally digging itself into her skin. At least, this was easier than sitting still all day.

    Zero frowned, pulling his blanket over his head to block out the light. "Is that necessary?" he asked, his voice a whispered. "Drastic measures?" he asked, finally pulling the blanket away. "If you don't go, I'll show you what drastic measures are." His threat was empty, of course and his voice lacked any indication that he meant what he said. Really, he was too tired to even try anything at this point. Once his Quartermaster had left, Zero finally got up, staggering to the cupboard. No doubt the crew was already waiting. It would do no good if they thought he was lazy. Sighing, he finished getting dress and stepped, being sure to close and lock the door behind him. It was a lock he placed himself, to keep the others out whilst he was asleep. Finally, he made his way aft, arriving just after Elliot had.

    That's when Elliot had spoken. The crew was quiet when he did, but the moment he opened his mouth, even the wind stopped. Cecil was quiet still, almost feeling sorry for the boy. How awkward this must have been. Zero was in the shadows once he had finished. Everyone was quiet. Deciding to step forwards. he cleared his throat. "And what of our course?"

    It took a moment for Cecil to realise he was talking to her and she smiled sheepishly. "With a few more hours, we will be back on course. Lucky for us, the storm was heading in our direction. Did a lot of the work for us."
  11. "Ira sees. Ira listens. The waves - they beg."
    Her view of the world remained unchanged. It was still clear, blue, and wide beneath her bow - or for what she could remember. The storm sailed over the glass canopy, dressing most of her view in heavy stone grey. The sky broke into a strange, linear drizzle, coating the choppy waves with holes for miles in every direction. Still she moved, still, memory recording her steps at the base of her glimmering feet, where soil and dirt still clung for life. Ira was adorned in amber goblets and brimming scarlet. Her limbs were exposed, bringing insight to her simple, creaking features - and yet she still held womanly beauty.

    The entirety of her being, from bow to crimson stern, was enveloped in the heavy cluster of storm clouds, moving in silent unison along the surface edge, until the spectra lifted her palms and stretched her arms out to their respective sides. At once the clouds split, and Ira unrolled the storm from the front of the massive ship. Layers of smog billowed loose from the mastheads and bowsprit, drifting mightily back just as the cannons crooned from centuries of fire - emitting a hellish glow from deep within their flumes. "Come now, show Ira. Show Ira what causes your stirring.." Out poured more of the ship from the clusters belly, streaming its massive form into full view, the storm cloud fading into a thickened mist at her flanks. An eerie red aura permeated the air around the vessel. It's sails were numerous in number, each of which littered with torn cloth. Loose chains flung themselves into the depths below, as if housing anchors, but holding rattling noises in this realm. They poured endlessly deep, like the arms of the dead Kraken, dragging behind the sails and cannons, and floating ominously behind the mizzen sails that pressed itself to the background of the mist. Cracks and deep caverns littered the ships exterior, coupled with a gaping hole in its rear, held together with worn planks and ominous flesh - Her brig on full display.

    "Ira sees. Ira listens.
    Another! ...A falsehood,
    Makes way into the devils nest
    To stir her seas and reap her patience
    which for centuries gone undisturbed.

    Now what should Ira make of you?
    Bones to flesh your meat from her teeth?
    Companions for the dwellers below?
    Such is man, Such is ambition.

    Eat and drink.
    The bones will stretch; She will be made limber
    and visible to man
    who knows not where to place their misfortune-
    On Folly, or Circumstance."

    The spectra stirred her ship once more, carrying it forward in slow, patient gait. The towering mass ushered itself parallel to the smaller ship, but still leagues away, as to only be seen as an eerie wall of red color in the distance. From here, she observed the invaders.
  12. They avoided his eyes like the plague and Caz raised an eyebrow. Honestly, was it that bad? It was just a daily reporting, it was not like he was asking them who wanted to be the blood sacrifice to Azaroth. Just when Caz was about to pick someone out of the crowd( it was rather amusing to see their alarmed expressions) a familiar voice spoke up. Caz would have grinned knowing full well Nicholas did it to save the crew but he opted not to. Despite Nicholas' cold personality he seemed to possess an abundance of compassion. Meaning business Caz addressed Nicholas. "Very well, thank you Nick, I need a few men on repair, if it's broken fix it and if it's not, well... check it again just in case." Anything could go wrong at any moment at sea, that had been proven countless times, but if the ship was in tip top shape then that was one less thing to worry about.

    Caz looked to Elliot once Nicholas had stopped speaking and nodded his head to the boy for the status report. They called him mute, Caz always thought it was rather rude but it kind of fit. The boy never spoke... To anyone. It was odd. Caz did not know if it was because he was actually mute simply because he had never heard the boys voice. But Caz commended him. Elliot stood before him .. Well a foot below Caz's eye level because he was so... Small and tiny, and a bit on the feminine looking side, it was a wonder he survived on a ship full of men. Not a trace of fear was evident in the boys face. Caz thought they'd end up doing charades or something when the boy ...,spoke. So he was quiet by choice, that was some dedication. Caz had to put some serious effort into keeping his face emotionless. "Thank you, I trust you'll make things work until we dock, yes?" Caz cleared his throat. He was about to ask Cecilof the I course when Zero stepped up his mind in the same place as Caz's. The Captain was awake.

    Caz took a step back, letting the Captain get the full stage. He still looked like he was beat and wanted only to return to his bed but Caz nodded at him, at least he was up and walking. While Cecil talked Caz looked to the sea. The waves slapped softly against the ship and it produced an almost calming effect. Caz went to rejoin the conversation when something on the horizon cauht his eyes. It was like an angry wall of... Red... And Caz had to squint to make it. What the he'll? He walked up next to the Captain stopping when he was close enough."Zero take a look at that." He pointed to the wall of red "what do you reckon that is? Perhaps we should change course, sail around it to avoid unnecessary complications." That was definitely one of the stranger things Caz had seen, and he'd seen some strange things. He looked at the Captain.
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  13. It was her hands, now, that dampened her image of the ocean. They were outstretched before Ira's face, opened only enough for light to fall gracefully through the slits of her fingers. Quite soon, the presence of the rays were known only through the feint glow in cloud bodies that hovered in unison above the sea. Only the waves clapped now in the subtle darkness against the hard body of the ship. All of Ira was nestled in the belly of silence, moving eerily parallel to another in the deep distance - a calm only broken by the creaking of the bowsprit as the spectra moved on its narrow top, passing through the twin columns of rattling chains that gripped the woods flesh. Even now, the world remained the same to her as it was years before her stirring - before the bodies and masts began to move through the mists from the east and west lands. Then too were her depths unmatched and her waters furious.

    "Ira can still feel it."

    The spectra set one darkened foot before the other, twisting her torso in a deliberate curve, turning her body's positioning to the side.
    A sound began to float in from the backdrop of the calming waves. The torches creaked in their posts, and the goblets lunged out in acknowledgement of the distant drums - a very rhythmic pitter-pat against the misty water. It came from everywhere, evolving from taps into slams of heavy stick against skin covering. Dry smog flung itself from the fires of ethereal ships that birthed from the already hazy backdrop.

    Ira began to dance against the violent orange glow.
    The hands of her slender silhouette fluttered slowly, rotating in small open circles above her head as her hips moved and contorted. A thick track of dry blood ran a course from her chin through the center of her pale breasts. Splotches of scarlet matted her inner thighs and the majority of her right leg, chipping visibly. Her skin was an eggshell color, and small cracks could be seen at random portions of her body as she continued to dance. A large skull hung from a thin necklace around the Spectra's neck. One by one, skeletons of sunken ships drifted into view, their mangled husks laid bare as Ira continued forward. There were iron beams and shattered masts poking up from beneath the murky depths, making their presence known among the legions of illuminated vessels. The drums rose in presence, and ship moved eerily forward through the watery graveyard, as it's captain twisted along to the encapsulating music, her shape casting its signature on the silent, black water.

    Her ship, the sunken ships, and the fire were now in full view.
    Ira had made it so that everyone in her world could see.
  14. The entire crew was very much surprised to hear him talk. Most called him Mute only because they thought he didn't have the ability to talk. Maybe he had lost it and wore the scarf to cover his injuries. Some would hesitantly ask Blake out of curiosity, but he wouldn't divulge any information. Nope, he didn't see a need to do so nor did he really think it was necessary. All he would tell them 'the lad needs a reason to talk'. Elliot never had a reason to talk, but he wasn't in the mood to do charades nor did he want to have Blake come by and translate. They've know each other for practically all of Elliot's life and half the time the two didn't have to talk to each other to understand each other. He wasn't sure Caz would be able to understand his small glances and quick gestures. With all of that it was best to talk. It was quicker, easier and the boy could tell the crew was becoming a bit restless since breakfast was ready.

    While most of the crew sat gobsmacked Blake was staring beyond the railing of their own ship. He quietly walked his way over away from the group itself to get a better look. It was strange, definitely the strangest thing he's ever seen. It glowed an ominous red and held a transparent yet clouded motives. Sure, there had been superstitious tales of ghost like ships that wander the seas. But they were superstitions. Possibly remind pirates that things can't always be explained out there on the seas. Though the more Blake looked at it the more his stomach churned, not out of fear but out of worriment. Elliot was still young and had a lot of his life to live before dying, but he wasn't ready to leave the lad on his own. For now he hoped the mysterious ship could be avoided. A battle with this glowing ship is something the crew would want to try and avoid.
  15. Zero nodded back to the quartermaster in acknowledgment. The report was as expected. Well, what he had heard of it at least. After all, he had never accepted anyone who wasn't the best at their job. When he was about to dismiss the crowd in front of him, Caz spoke. Averon paused, glancing over and not seeing a thing. Frowning, he decided to dismiss the group before they got too rowdy. "Where is it?" he asked, walking over to the larboard rail and peering over. Now he could see it. A distinct red glow in the distance. Well, not a glow exactly, but it was something. A mist? He began to feel uneasy. He had heard many stories from the sea, but never one with red mist. Some stories never existed because no one lived to tell them. Was this one of them? Zero turned back to Caz. "Head three points to the starboard side and try to loose sight of it. If possible, lets not get too far off track," he murmured, glancing back to the mist once more.


    Cecil yawned, stepping back from the crowd as the dispersed. Many were almost running to reach their breakfast before the others. Just like every other morning. Some walked, some went to work immediately. After all, breakfast would come after safety. Especially on the seas. Normally the girl would trail after the others, slower, of course, but this time she didn't. No, she was much too curious for that. Caz had mentioned something to the captain and now they were staring into the distance. Cecil frowned, unable to see whatever it was. Sighing, she made her way over the deck and grabbed a glass. From there she climbed as high as she could before peering through it. She most certainly didn't have the best eyes, but they were still young. And now that she was up high, she too could see what was out there.

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  16. "The secret has been uncovered. I have undone my facade.
    Now, what will become of man, when..
    Misfortune is upon them.

    Twisting an arm a little-ways above her bowed head, the spectra uncoiled each of her sterling fingers until her palm was fully exposed. Her lanky frame arched unnaturally backwards, allowing the angle of her outstretched arm to increase - A waterfall of sleek hair loosely swaying past her shoulders in undone curls - until coming to an abrupt stop. The entirety of the massive red body moaned as if in acknowledgement, spreading its creaking songs throughout the tossed waves and over the swirling waters, all the while flowing under the darkened red mist that float among its mass. Suddenly, a terrible wind began to brew, whipping the already disturbed waters into an unsettling frenzy. On by one, harpoons brimmed from the ship's exposed sides, illuminated by the flaming might of torches and capsized neighboring ships that continued to burn far beyond their time. All of the harpoons began to raise accordingly, and all of the gears shook dust from their respective posts - mountains of rust fell from inside cannon flumes and chains from the brig howled in excitement.

    A massive harpoon nestled itself now in Ira's spotless palm. It's edges were worn but sharp, littered with dark red splotches along the blades. Its pole was gripped by a large chain that seemed to have no end - stretching far behind the woman's frame and into the grey backdrop of mist that swallowed the distant horizon.
    "It is time for Ira to take the sons of man to their grave."

    The woman raced down the bowsprit and hurled the harpoon with great force. Not less than a second after the weapon left her hands, a resounding boom erupted from her ship as her lone harpoon was soon joined with hundreds. The weapons barreled madly towards the other ships hull and sides, parting the glass waters into parallel walls as they rocketed forward with the maddening hiss of rattling chains.

    It was raining blades.
  17. Caz nodded to Zero and moved with break neck speed towards the helm of the ship, his mind already set on 3 points east. His more curious side yearned to find out what the red mist was but he was Quarter Master on a ship full of his fellow crewmates, and he would never Intentionally put their lives in danger for the sake of curiosity. He was not only responsible for his own life at the moment, and sometimes he had to remind himself of that. He hands moved steadily gripping the wheel firmly his eyes squinting to see over the horizon. He needed a better position in order to judge the distance between the ship and the red oddity.

    Caz put his finger up to his lips and gave a shrill whistle to catch their navigators attention. He aimed his hand in the direction of the red mist, and put a thumbs up in question to ask if they were a safe enough distance away to remain on course but stay out of danger, when things took a turn for the worst. Waves upon waves began to knock against the ship and the sky darkened in an instant. The boat sloshed to the side as the sea roiled and Caz clenched his hands tight on the helm to keep himself steady. The wind began to howl and swirl whipping his hair around wildly and he fought to keep sight of their position.

    Okay so by now Caz was pretty sure that red mist equalled trouble supernatural trouble by the looks of it too, he jumped to action. "Zero on your call, I'll get things tied down and then make sure the rest of the crew is secured!" He motioned towards the helm not wanting to leave it unoccupied in a situation like this. As the ship rocked back and forth, Caz looked up with urgency to the mast, locating the navigator and began cursing to himself. With wind and condition like this the guy was soon gonna take a unpleasant dive into the waters. He yelled up to the boy as loud as he could "Get your feet on deck things are-... Holy..." His attention was drawn to the sight in front of him. Huge Harpoons shot out of the mist, dozens of them, their course set for the ship, and by the speed and looks of them... They were gonna hit hard. His head whipped in the captain's direction. "Zero!"
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  18. Cecil frowned, watching as the red glow began to sink beneath the horizon, only to return. Feeling the ship move course beneath her, she glanced over to the quartermaster whom had whistled for attention. He then pointed to the red mist. The girl doubted they were far enough and when she went to answer, she was interrupted. He was yelling at her again. It seemed that whatever it was was attacking them now. Grumbling under her breath, Cecil dropped to the deck and ran to the wheel where she took over from Caz. He was much stronger than herself and was better at getting the crew to move about the deck. "I don't think there's such thing as a safe distance from such a monster," she mumbled as one of the harpoons embedded itself into the side of the ship. There was a loud screech as the mizzenmast snapped, catching a few of the crew as it fell onto the deck.

    Zero braced himself at the side of the ship. He had given his word, but int he chaos that was happening around them, his word was lost. Growling, he moved closer to the where the harpoon had hit. A few of the crew were trying to dislodge it. "Curse it, belay that! Removing it would cause the ship to flood. Cut it loose!" He called out to them. Turning to another group, he issued another order. "Cut away the mizzenmast, she'll drag us below if we don't."
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