The Seven Deadly Sins

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  1. (Idea inspired by old rp a friend came up with<3)

    Darkness. Darkness amidst flashing lights and signs that called, beckoned those into this place people called home, the seedy town hosting things and people that many tend to fear. This was Underreach. The hell hole that dead end people ended up in. The hell hole where nearly anything was legal, for the reasoning that the police seemed to never feel the need to save anyone or help unless they get a bribe. This place was dangerous, and many knew it. Seven of these people thrived, in fact, revelling in this darkened home they dwelled within, enjoying the downfall they experienced in others. These people weren't exactly human, and lived as the embodiment of the most dangerous things of all; The seven deadly sins.

    These sins were known by different names in the town, the residents believing them to be human too. For example, Lust was known as Luxor, only giving this name to those who wanted to know, or those he intended on taking into his grasp, twisting their humanity with his powerful spell of lust. Wrath had a different life, as such, being a fearful entity on the streets as she wreaked havoc, breaking the strongest of gang members and such with a wrath so fearsome, few could stand to be near it. With each sin, they held up their names and reputation.

    However, these sins weren't the only ones amidst this town with power. There were the opposites. Those who dwelled in the lighter parts of the town specifically to counter their opposites. There was even a safe haven amidst the chaos; a small church held in a downtown area, away from the red light district and the darkened alleyways. These were a group who meant to help the city. They didn't know that they were tied to their opposites though. After all, to gain what they want for the city, they would have to break their opposites, stopping them from doing as they have to use their own abilities to help or ruin all of the humans.

    Now, who will break first? Will the sins prevail, or will the virtues save Underreach?

    So the roleplay is basically a free roam city of darkness, where you basically have all of the worst kind of people. The virtues want to change that and fix the city by using their power to change the humans, but the sins want to keep it as is. Each sin is tied to their virtue and vice versa, and to figure things out, they must either be able to compromise or one must break the other. Of course, it isn't uncommon for the sins and the virtues to gain help from others of their own kind in their endeavors.

    Lust: Blue

    Greed: Chiv
    Envy: Yuna
    Sloth: Lucian
    Wrath: Jessica

    Charity: Bolour
    Temperance: Orion
    Humility: Freestep
    Kindness: Oogey
    Diligence: Aden
    Patience: Eir






    Distinguishing marks (tattoos, scars, etc):




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  2. I think that this sounds very interesting.... I was just curious that if Lust already has a name may I still play him...? Or is he off limits?
  3. Lust is playable ^^
  4. Is Wrath still playable? If so, does it have to be a girl? :?
  5. Wrath is playable, and can be a male if you want^^
  6. I think I'd like to take lusts spot then. :)
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  7. Alright^°^ looks like you'll be tied to my own character (as, I'm playing chastity).
  8. I'll take Wrath then :3
  9. Alright! I put both of your reserves on the first post.
  10. Thank you much!
  11. I'll take Greed if I can
  12. Would it be okay if I took Patience? ^_^
  13. Of course^^ I'll add you into the roster. Chiv, I've already added you^^
  14. Yay thank you so much ^_^
  15. Name:
    Sylveo Balestoni






    180 lbs


    Distinguishing marks/features:

    Always well-kept, wearing a suit. None other than that.


    Sylveo has his hand in everything that makes money, legal and questionable. From brothels and drug trafficking to Casinos and money laundering. Even if he doesn't own it, someone in the family will, and if not, he's invested in it. There's no difference to him, as long as it's bringing in a positive cash flow, and if it's not bringing in money, the owners get beaten until it does, or they're dead. He has enough politicians and high ranking police officials in his pocket to sit comfortably at the top of the crime families in the city. He wants and wants and wants, too much isn't enough for him.

    He'd like to think he's the smartest out of all of the sins.


    Head of the largest crime family in Underreach.


    Sylveo has a silver tongue, his charm is often the lure which entraps the unsuspecting.


    No-one truly trusts him as they know he would sell them out at a moments notice to make a profit.​
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  16. Ah… Sure. Why not~? I'll take Sloth, please.
  17. Ooh, may I take Envy?
    I am very interested.
  18. Cs- WIP
    Name: Avalyn Castitire

    Sin/Virtue: Chastity

    Height: 5'2"

    Weight: 125 lbs

    Appearance: Avalyn is small, but fair, having a lithe body type with pale skin, and bright blue eyes. She has a thin, heart shaped face, and a small, button like nose, which turns ever so slightly upwards at the tip, making her seem sweeter. Her eyes are large, as well, and are rimmed with thick, long black eyelashes, which are a nice contrast from her nearly white, platinum hair, which is often hid beneath her usual clothing. As a nun, this clothing is traditional, covering her hair, her neck, and most of her body, with the long drapery that she finds it necessary to pray in. However, when out of habit, the girl dresses normally, akin to those who live in this darkened street, her long hair hanging loosely out over her shoulders and back.
    Appearance (open)
    17885-beautiful-nun-1680x1050-fantasy-wallpaper.jpg blonde_by_samkaat-d7fc6w8.jpg

    Distinguishing marks (tattoos, scars, etc): On her stomach, Ava has a large, dark red scar that seems to almost be a burn mark. It runs from her lower bust to her left hip bone, stretching around to her side where it stops. Along with this, the girl has various, smaller burn marks along her left leg, seeming to stem from the larger one above. However, none have seen these burns, as, she hides them at all times with makeup, or clothing. Also, the girl is easily distinguished by her nun garments and rosary she keeps with her at all times, either in a small handbag, or on her person.

    Personality: Ava is a humorous, naïve soul, who is almost always moving about, enjoying her life as she helps those who come to her for help. She has a tendency to fall into trouble, being quick to believe most people when they call for her help or her advice. Because of this, the girl has gained the burn mark that she hides, having once dealt with a sinister personality that was surprisingly human, but insane enough for such a simple creature. Nevertheless, she continues trusting others, always fearing the worst for them, rather than herself, on these dark streets. Avalyn is quite shy around men, though, for obvious reasons, and will not trust them as quickly as she would another woman, feeling threatened around them. Often, she will hide away from men who near her, having taken to using her ability to think quickly enough to lose most who attempt to pursue her, whether that pursuing be in an aggressive manner, or in a verbal manner.

    Occupation: Nun


    Hiding- As stated above, Ava is able to use her wits quickly, which gives her an edge in her ability to hide away from those she deems unsafe. This ability has once saved her from a life of disfigurement (as, she cannot be killed, due to her kind's immortality). Often, the girl is even able to hide in the most unlikely of places, going so far as to be able to nearly disappear in the shadows, because of her nun's clothing and tiny figure.

    Speaking- Avalyn is charismatic. Yes, she is naïve at times, but this adds to her ability to speak to others, coming across as friendly and rather trustworthy. Her kind and humorous demeanor often is what she uses when speaking to those who come into the church, and she uses this ability to change the lifestyles of the lascivious, helping them along on their way to a good lifestyle that she believes they will be better off with.

    Wit- Avalyn is quite smart, and easily known for her resourcefulness. The girl has often gotten out of fights with humans, by both outsmarting them, or using what is around her to fend them off, this generally being a cigarette lighter she keeps on her person, buried in her normal clothes' pockets.

    Trust- Avalyn is easily too trusting with others, and if the other says they are in some sort of danger, she is quick to help, despite the nagging in the back of her mind that tells her not to. This has gotten her into binds before, and will more than likely continue to do so. With this issue, she however, knows the possibility of trusting a sin, which could in turn be disasterous.

    Fighting- Ava is weak. She is tiny and unable to fight well, which can be a problem if she is unable to hide or ends up in an area without something that may help her defend herself. She has yet to win in a fight, anyways, and has the marks to prove it, having tried to help a prostitute, which only got her mugged and beaten. Only by luck, is the girl still able to move freely, and without pain. Immortality doesn't mean she can't be hurt, after all.

    Men- Terrified of them all, for fear of her chastity, the girl, as stated above, will use almost everything in her power to stay away from them when alone. She will not trust them as easily as she will women, but if put in a dire enough situation, will go along with him, if only to help who he claims needs help. As a nun, however, the girl also has sworn to lifelong chastity, which is unlikely, but in her own interests. This can become a problem, however, as attraction for others can easily interfere with her aspiration to stay single and pure.
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  19. Also, Lucian, Yuna, you have both been reserved in the top post.
  20. Name: Prirea (P-rai-re-ah)
    Sin/Virtue: Pride

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 162

    Show Spoiler


    Distinguishing marks (tattoos, scars, etc): Piercing in both ears and three down both sides of the abdomen, making a grand total of eight. She is also noticeably in-shape, and lean. Physical fitness is the main point of her daily routine; and also the cause of her high weight.

    Personality: Abusing Pride, Prirea is cocky, self-centered but also intensely motivated. She has an overly active sense of dark-Justice. She will be the first to crush one beneath her boot just to flaunt her own standing. She is also incredibly vein.

    Occupation: Head of the Security in Underreach

    Abilities: A sharp tongue and harsh outspoken demeanor is one of her main weapons, crushing an enemies moral and value of self being being crushing them physically.

    Weaknesses: Her right arm, a prostetic, is sketchy; it malfunctions quite frequently. Also, he sense of pride causes her to quite frequently overestimate... everyone.
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