The Seven Deadly Sins

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  1. Stolz always woke up early. She was always ready, she was the best after all. The best was always on her guard and ready to fight. The sun was just beginning to peak over the mountains that lay far to the east, the Dragon Hill as they were called. Her crew was still a sleep in their tents, but not for long. Stolz was counting down in her head, and once she reached zero she would awaken the Sins!

    'Two... One... Zero!' She gabbed the curved dragon horn that hung from her waist and with a mighty breath blew into it. "AWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The sound rang though out the sky and for miles beyond. It hit the Dragon Hills and bounced on back. It was a warning to the world that The Seven Deadly Sins were on the lose!

    "WAKE UP YOU LAZY LOUTS!" Stolz roared. "GET APACKIN! WE'RE MOVING OUT!" Her voice was nearly as loud and thundering as the horn, if not more so. She stomped over to the tents and kicked one over, not caring to whom was inside. She was ready and awake, and so should the rest of them be.

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  2. As usual the seven deadly sins leader, Stolz, had given the group a rude awakening. Natalie had been having a wonderful dream, where she was swimming in a sea of jewels, but now she was back in her mucky, old tent. Natalie leaped out of her tent, still in her sleeping bag, to scream back at Stolz, "YOU DON'T NEED TO WAKE US UP LIKE THAT! A SIMPLE SHAKE ON THE SHOULDER WOULD DO, BUT NOW I HAVE A RINGING HEAD ACHE!" It was true about Natalie's head ache- she could easily hear a butterflie's wings, so such a loud noise was practically deafening. Natalie didn't bother waiting for a reply, instead returning to her tent to get dressed.
  3. The noise from the horn echoed in her ear. The woman's hands grasped tight on each side of her face to block out the sound. No good. Soon followed Acaia out of her own tent. "Damn Stolz! I agree with Nat... Sheesh..." Her hearing was top notch. The woman just wanted to screech her own harsh sound as pay back. Alas, the woman brushed it off and disappeared back in her tent to pack up the thing inside. Acaia even clothed herself back up in the process. Her outfit was more pirate-like than armor. She flooded out of her tent then instantly broke it down. After the quick finish, she reached her feet then let her hand brushed her black locks where they belonged; hitting her mid-back loosely. Her eyes burned red then calmed to a hidden hue of honey brown. Acaia was now fully awake. Her body went to Stolz then stopped in question. "So, where to?"
  4. Sylvie stared up at the canvas of her tent. The wake-up call was annoying, to be sure, but it didn't disturb her sleep as she had none. Knowing that if she didn't get up, Stolz would make her, she ducked out of her tent. Curls bounced around her shoulders. As she glanced around. "Another sunny day. Brilliant." She threw herself back inside to grab her cloak. Sunburns didn't suit her. Once she was sufficiently swathed, she made her way past Acaia. "Yes, where to?"
  5. Anne woke up to her tent being kicked over. She crawled out of the tent with some sort of earmuff on, clearly to block the sound of the horn. He looked around still looking half asleep then realizing she hadn't taken off the earmuffs she quickly took them off and smiled. She was awake now. After seeing everyone was packing up she pushed her way back inside to grab her back, which was incredibly light. She used enchanted elven armor, cloths, and anything else to make it lighter than usual... which was why her tent was so easily kicked over. After grabbing her small bag she started to wrestle with her tent. It took a while but she got it down, then after folding it up so it would fit in her back she turned to the group and smiled. She didn't know why she always smiled when seeing the others, but she did never the less. Her bow was swung over her shoulder just above the bag and she was standing normally after getting a good nights rest. She knew that wouldn't last very long, just as the others did, because her bow would drain her soon enough. Even if no one was around she had to fire at least three arrows of different sizes each day to keep control of it. She didn't believe it that was how it worked but her captain told Stolz before they left and she always made her do it. (If that ok with you red)
  6. Ten minutes after returning to her tent, Natalie was fully packed and fully clothed- she'd learned to speed pack with Stolz around. Natalie stared at the other sins from under her baggy hood. If she wasn't cold blooded, Natalie would be boiling like a roast dinner under her black coat. While heat never bothered her, waking up always did. Not being a morning person, Natalie was attempting to radiate a do-not-approach aura. She was doing pretty well, considering it's hard to radiate anything.
  7. Stolz stood tall in front of the rest, watching them ready for the day. When the question raised, "Where to" she had only a half answer to give. "East!" she said pointing towards the sun. "To The Dragon Hills." She had no actual plans, just a general idea. "My hopes are that we find a town soon along with some work." Stolz then left the rest to get readied and pilled her supplies on the back of their only mule. They were saving up enough to get another or even a horse, it was tiresome to carry all their supplies from camp to camp. She checked her bag which hung from her belt. Inside was all her cash. Fifty silver pieces was what she found; thats half a gold. (Bronze, Silver, and Gold coins is the currency) That was enough to get a horse and even feed the rest. She had no idea how much money the others had, that was not her concern. She had paid them each 20 silver pieces for their last job, but they might have blow that by now. "It's okay Knecht, soon you'll be sharing the weight with another," she assured the mule. She turned to the rest, "Are you all ready yet?" She was getting inpatient.
  8. Logan hadn't slept at camp he had even moved his 'Shelter' half a mile away and he still got woken up by the horn, "$#!7!!" he cursed "only 3 hours again )@^&* witch...." he rolled up a bed roll and took his cloak off of the sticks he had picked up, he then shoved it all in a backpack and walked to camp... then remembering he want back to his spot and dug abit grabbing a small bag of coins, 500 gold pieces, all his cash from up to 3 years ago, he was to lazy to spend it, he considered a bank account but it would be to much work... dumping all the coins in a neck pouch he went to the camp.... and heard "Are you all read yet?" Ah Stolz the Annoying woman having the nerve to ask him to work.... "Aye..." he said tiredly before Yawning.
  9. Anne looked around at everyone. No one else seemed happy to be up yet. As usual Natalie was in her 'do not talk to me' mood, Logan... well he was Logan, and everyone else was mad about Stolz horn. She was trying to figure out why they all didn't buy the earmuff when she did. They worked fine. "Umm... ok. We can go wherever you say." Anne said still smiling. She was even more happy that Stolz seemed to forget about her having to practice every day... normally she mad her shoot in the morning like her captain warned about. He was just silly, shooting this bow must be like riding a bike, you always remember how. ((Not sure if you objected to what I said early or not))
  10. Parsee woke up with a horrible ringing in her ear. She screamed at the pain of the roar. "Stoltz... grrrrr....." she growled while she got up from her sweaty clothes. She wanted that horn so badly, she could have killed Stoltz to get it. Parsee got in her sweater and black pants and saw everyone there. That Natalie... she had a beautiful hood... That Logan... he had a beautiful way of talking. Parsee fantasized over the people that were just around. Parsee's eyes were not at a regular smile just yet. She nearly salivated over the other's clothing. Parsee's hair was always curled, and she had her knife with her. "I want a dragon to ride on... "
  11. Natalie caught Stolz checking her.bag for money. Natalie had to control her urge to snatch the money away, to add it to her own stash. As the sin of greed, Natalie always wanted others money. She had 50 gold coins in her purse currently, around 35 of them she had pick pocketed. 'Steal from the rich, keep for yourself', was Natalie's motto. While Natalie had a lot of money, she rarely spent it- she was too greedy to give it away. So when ever she saw her friends with money, she shut her eyes, and imagined her self on a mountain of jewels, so she didnt steal it. Thats exactly what was doing right then, her eyes all scrunched up.
  12. Anne ran over to Parsee "I wana ride a dragon too!" She giggled a little then added a little lets happily "Are dragons nice?" She really didn't know. She had seen pictures of brave nights riding on dragons into battle and had also seen picture and heard story's about dragons burning down villages and eating cows. She pictured herself riding on one then pictured Parsee riding on one and decided Parsee would look better on one but that didn't stop Anne from wanting to ride one. This brought the smile back to her face.
  13. Parsee looked at her with a smirk. "No, not as much. They can get angry when petted..." She was jealous of why everyone was so happy.
  14. "ANNA!" Stolz yelled now remembering her promise to the elf captain. "SHOOT YOU'RE STUPID BOW ALREADY!" She grumbled under her breath as she shoved her coins back into her bag. "AND THE REST OF YOU! HURRY UP! I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY YOU LAZY BUMS," she shouted. "ESPECIALLY YOU LOGAN!" She was sure to address the Sin of lazy ass and couch potato specially. "I'm already packed and ready," she still shouted, but just a little less booming. "I might just leave you all behind!" A thundering laugh came forth as stomped away behind some bushes. She still had some business to attend to.
  15. Parsee could already see the flames from the girl's eyes as she got up from where she was and went with Stoltz. She was overly jealous over the amount her voice screeched. Parsee took her dagger and immediately darted it towards the door. "Over there, there's something I'd be jealous of more than anything else. EVERYONE..." She yawned a bit before going out the door. Parsee also brushed her short hair before she left.
  16. "m ready..." Logan Yawned, "mmmm gonna buy me a horse to save from work, *yawn* at least a little mule to ride....or uh ....battle...pig..zzz." logan had fallen asleep on his feet, collapsing when his face landed on the dying out fire he hopped up instantly, "I'm awake! Ah never mind" Logan just stared off into the distance.... "sleepy so sleepy..." he was heard muttering
  17. "Dragons aren't nice..." Anne said a little disappointed then she flinched when Stolz yelled her name. "Mmmhhmm?" When Stolz told her to shoot her bow. Anne didn't even have a smile on her face anymore and she put her head down but she listened because out of everyone else, Stolz was the only one who scared. She moved off to the side and shot a small wimpy arrow from 50 yards away hitting the tree straight on close to the base of the tree. The arrow dissolved after going clean through the tree. She shot another arrow that was about double the size. This arrow had the same effect as the last one except it made a hole big enough for Anne to crawl through. Anne looked a little tired after shooting the two arrows, but as everyone else knew after shooting the last one shes would be close to useless. Anne charged up an arrow about the same size as her bow and shot it. The arrow hit the tree and dissolved, it didn't look like it did anything until a couple moments later when they heard a crack and then the tree slid at an angle off its base and hit the ground, toppling over. After firing the arrow Anne fell to her knees. She looked physically exhausted. She slowly got up and slowly walked to the others. "Done." She said in a small forced whisper with a slight smile.
  18. Sylvie sighed morosely. "I don't suppose dragon blood is very good. Cold and scaly things rarely taste nice." She drew her hood down on her face further, pouting. She trailed over to the tiny archer. "Anne dear, why must you tire yourself so? You are no good to us-or yourself- with no strength left."
  19. "The captain said so, and Stolz keeps me to it." She said still quietly. She didn't know why she had to do it every morning... probably because she wouldn't be able to before going to bed. She wishes she was strong enough to carry more then 3 arrows with her bow and equipment so she wouldn't have to use this bow. Who knows, maybe she could find another bow that doesn't use arrows and doesn't take energy. That would be better but she didn't have much money. She either gave it to someone else or spent it on little pastry's or candy.

    Anne looked around a little bit after sitting in the grass. She didn't like to get dirty but she wanted to be able to walk... They were going a long distance and last time she slowed everyone down. She could see everyone else had packed their tents on the mule. She felt bad for it, she could carry all of her stuff in a small, light bag... maybe there was a way to make all off their equipment lighter? She quickly gave up on that thought because she didn't know any elven magic. It was the one thing she wished she had learned before she was forced to join the Seven Deadly Sins. She didn't mind joining them but she would have been happier if she joined after she learned how to lighten things with magic. It didn't matter she would still be helpful... some how...
  20. Acaia stood in place already holding her bag and everything along side Stolz. Her head rang and even caused a slight headache. She wanted to get a moving. They had extended their stay enough as it was. Lust stood pulling her hair back into a loose ponytail. Her hand fell to her side making sure her coins were still in the small pouch. She only had 30 silver pieces. It was slightly more than what she was just paid, so it wasn't that bad. Wasn't as much as she should have had since she spent a lot on one of their recent missions. Acaia had to seduce a drunkard. Piece of cake minus the cost... At least she was one of the few who actually saved her coins though. If they needed money, she'd always be happy to pitch in.