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    Welcome Ladies & Gents to my little search for a plot I have been thinking of for a while now.

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    Oh and Death =3

    The Basic plot (it is basic and defiantly open for suggestions XD):

    You and your friends are boarding a cruise passing the Bermuda triangle. IT is a thrill seeking cruise and one that attracts many people from around the globe. Supernatural addicts, enthusiasts, thrill seekers and many many more. Though this most recent trip is about to take a turn for the worst. In the Bermuda triangle trapped for centuries is the seven deadly sins. They are free, how is unknown but they cannot go far without host bodies.

    Though upon this ship is hunters that are here to stop the catastrophe and kill the sins.

    But there is another who is aboard the ship. Though it is hard to tell whether this creature is here to help or just watch the Sins destroy the ship and later the world.

    The Character line up:

    The Sins:




    Supernatural Hunters
    Average tourists
    Thrill Junkies
    Cruise Crew

    The Rules:

    - Be creative.
    - Be relatively active.
    - Be able to post more than one liners.
    - Have decent knowledge on English.
    - If this becomes a group thing, be nice to others.
    - No Killing other characters without consent.
    - Have fun!!!!
    - 18 plus preferred for this.

    Thank you so much for reading this, if your interested comment below or pm me ^-^.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. I'm interested in this
  3. Pm me please ^~^
  4. HEYOO this is RIGHT up my alley! I have characters that would be so perfect for this! I have a story I'm writing about a group of paranormal investigators who get roped into the middle of a battle for dominance between the planes of Order and Chaos, and the leaders of each side are spiritual embodiments of the Sins and Virtues, who need host bodies to take on physical form, and the longer they're in the host body the more control they gain over it. (Like, at first they just influence the person they're inhabiting, then they take over their body, and then they're able to transform their host into the appearance they're "supposed" to have.)
    I would be super psyched to do this RP and get to play with some of those characters in a different setting. Would you be down for that?
  5. Sure! Sounds cool ^~^ pm me and we can plan more XD
  6. Hmm... Im interested to hear more actually. This seems quite interesting.
  7. Thanks, it's a little incomplete but I'm glad people are interested ^~^ PM me if your interested in rping it.
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