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romance, fantasy, gothic, sci-fi, comedy, drama.
I want to make a roleplay about the Seven Princes of Hell / The Seven Deadly Sins.

The list of Princes goes:
  • 1. Lucifer: Pride
  • 2. Beelzebub (Belzebub): gluttony (glotouns)-
  • 3. Satan (Sathanas): Wrath (wraþþe)
  • 4. Leviathan (Leviathan): Envy (envous)-
  • 5. Mammon: Greed (Auarouse)
  • 6. Belphegor: sloth (slow) -
  • 7. Asmodeus: Lust (leccherouse)
Then there are the other Princes, because we all know that there’s definitely more than just seven.

Additional Princes of Hell

I certainly don’t plan on getting each and every demon chosen and accounted for, no matter how awesome that would be, but these are simply the ones I’ll mainly focus around. Azazel is my ultimate favorite one, plus I’ve had past RP experience playing him.

I’m an easy going role player, and completely understand that you have a life outside these blessed havens. So I just ask that you send me a PM or even post on my profile if or when you can be available! (My Discord can be sent to you, if requested, but I’ll probably use that for simply chatting, plotting and sharing ideas.)

Reply at your own convenience, and interest. But this is a roleplay that I have greatly desired to do.
I’ve been thinking of this for 5 years; easily seeing the SDS siblings roaming the earth, creating niches and occasionally warring with one another > ultimately through Humans and such. Since Humans are their source of control, these devils literally just use them like chess pieces.

They have usual sibling rivalry, and attempts to end one another-multiple times. Reason: who knows, perhaps bored with Immortality, and just waiting for their “pawns” to make and recreate their own assumptions.
Searching for people, will be interested in other plot ideas.
I also want to have a cute one-shot of the 7 Princes as babies! XD adorable chaos in a town care center - lol maybe Angels and Arc Angels are told to take care of them, as God wants to give his angels experience with dealing with humans, and such.
Hey y’all-Happy New Year! It’s 2021!!