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  1. She now serves as his servant... he can't help but feel a connection with her. Can a prince and a servant really be together?

    -Character Sheet-
    Name: Lucius Driuza

    Age: 200 but looks 21

    Height: 6 ft

    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular

    Species: Half Demon and Half Human.

    Parents: *Father* Lucifer, *Mother* Rorrehma Driuza

    Personality: Lucius is a violent, short tempered man. He is cocky, arrogant and refuses to follow orders from anyone. He is stubborn, tough, and has a very sarcastic and dark humor.... However despite all this he does have a kinder side to him from his human half, he rarely shows it to anyone because he sees being kind as a weakness and he rarely shows it. However if you do manage to get into his cold heart he will see a kinder side to him. He doesn't trust easily and rarely shows any emotions.

    Bio: Lucius has had an interesting past. His father 200 years ago decided to find himself a queen... What he didn't know was the woman that Ruby taking the role of the queen of the underworld was human. Yes despite the fact that she was human still managed to find stuff attracted to her. of course in the end she did wind up pregnant with Lucius. The agreement was after he was born she herself will be turned into a demon, which of course she accepted.
    200 hundred years later the Prince Lucius showed his wrath to anyone who stands in his way looks like his father. Even though the other demons attempt to teasing about being a half breed he will slit his throat within seconds. The other demons are now wise enough to never disrespect the Prince of the Underworld.


    Or Real Version (except with red eyes)
  2. Is this still open, Bryce?
  3. Yep just put up a CS.
  4. What kind of character would you prefer? Also, do you have preference of how the servant came into this occupation? I'll happily write one up! Just need any desired traits about her you'd like and the like :3
  5. I'm not picky :). Go ahead and choose whatever traits you want!
  6. She now serves as his servant... he can't help but feel a connection with her. Can a prince and a servant really be together?

    -Character Sheet-
    Name: Mara B. Cloverfield

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'3

    Body Type: Slim

    Species: Human

    Parents: Deceased

    Personality: Mara is sweet, nice, caring, quiet spoken girl. She is loyal and willing to hear anything or anyone out for their side of the story. She will often try to help people, in her own way. But she isn't a mean person and isn't quick to anger, she also doesn't try to anger anyone if she can help it.

    Bio: Mara was born into an orphanage, she was often bullied until she was adopted by a pair of neglectful parents. She continued through high school with minimal bullying, her adoptive family were hardcore Catholics and it rubbed onto her. When she was 17 she started reading about Hell. But how she was, (Hurt, tired, and oppressed by her adoptive family.) It seemed a way out, with the rituals. She tried a summoning a demon herself but got nothing. She gave up after that when she turned 20, her parents died and she was left with only the house and car, and she just got fired at the job when she filed a sexual harassment complaint.



    (I can easily change how she gets to hell or not, either summoning him or dying herself... if that is alright with you.)
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  7. She's perfect thanks lol :). I'll have a starter up in a bit.
  8. Ok! I'll be waiting for a reply! It's ok, I was at work earlier that's why I didn't reply sooner xD.
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