The Sentinels Will Arise Again

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  1. "I will never surrender, we'll free the Earth and sky. Crush my heart into embers and I will reignite."
    Malukah - Reignite

    He oppresses you, the one who ripped apart everything you knew and loved. You, and your few friends left, are citizens of the kingdom known as Asdarlia, a kingdom that would be prosperous if not for the king ruling it. He is cruel, lavish, and ruthless. His queen is but a child, a girl of only seventeen years. She is a beauty, but she does not love Him... who could? She has already borne this false king a child, a healthy young boy sheltered from the tyranny of his father.
    You hate Him, just like everyone else. His army is large and powerful, and you could never stand up to Him alone. If you found more people like you, though...

    Plot and Setting
    The setting is during medieval times, but the roleplay is medieval fantasy.
    The plot is to find more people like you, magical or of another race, and band together to overthrow the king.

    King -
    Queen -
    Prince -
    Servant 1 -
    Servant 2 -
    Servant 3 -
    Servant 4 -
    More to be added.

    The main character roles will be given on a first come, first served basis. You may have a maximum of two main characters and two OCs. You cannot have any two characters that love each other, whether it be king x queen or OC x king if you already have been given the part of the character in question.
    You may name the main characters whatever you want.
    You may have fantasy pets, such as a wyvern or a unicorn, but they cannot be overly powerful. Dragons will be allowed to those who submit an excellent dragon pet form.