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      Fantasy, Combat, PvP, Dice


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      PATCH NOTES 1.1

      Arc 1 - Overworld Alliance Summary

      The Sentence is a fantasy roleplay set in the aftermath of a supernatural and apocalyptic (but expected) event leaving the population reduced to a range of young individuals. These youngsters represent the leftovers of a few great factions that were at war prior to the apocalypse, though they now rest at relative peace that will soon be disturbed. The Sentence will be an experiment into the realm of player-versus-player play-by-post roleplaying for me, with a large focus being placed on the potential for moderated battle being carried out between players.

      Yes indeed, many of of you who join will end up fighting one another, and the prospect of drawn-out battles or uncooperative opponents may be off-putting, but such things will inevitably be heavily monitored by me, the GM, through the use of arbitration and simple dice-rolling. Battles will be carried out with a few rules to them, and failure to adhere to them will likely result in immediate loss of rights. Make no mistake; you will be playing badasses, but it would be unwise to disappoint me and your fellow players by purporting your character to be better than everyone else.

      The Sentence won't start immediately with battle, but it will be a large part of the roleplay. Note that because of this, there is definite potential for losing your character's life. Do not join with the idea that your character will live forever.

      The potential for death at the hands of another player is a very real possibility.

      The Setting

      The First Sentence

      Long has mankind known of the Holy Decree, the Final Verdict, the Sancrosanct Judgement.

      The Sentence.

      Under its demands, the world refrained from "war" in the traditional sense. Wars were not fought with massive armies, but with particular individuals, trained with utmost care and attention till they became champions of their people. Immeasurably skilled and undeniably powerful, these champions acted as the heralds of a state's will and the embodiment of their power. There were a number of these champions for every state or faction, and yet they were few. These champions were the sacrifices to sanctioned battles, the results of which determined the outcome of "war".

      For The Sentence decreed that no man would ever send an army to battle another. Any military of sufficient size would be heresy to The Sentence, a rule of nature so entwined within reality that disobeying it would be paramount to destruction. Mankind obeyed, but they did not forgo the necessity of violence to attain their wants. Where an army could not be raised, few champions instead forced submission upon others.

      For many years this silent pact was not broken, and the world's states twisted and fluctuated with every champion-borne conquest. It was ultimately broken when the will of a people would not bend to these war-customs. The champion of an unknown country was set to lose, and their opponent was the champion of a notably vile and oppressive state; the losers were unwilling to yield, and rose up an army in retaliation.

      They would rather bring an end to the world than suffer the rule of the victor.

      As the army rose, the original victors, too, amassed their own forces. As the first weapons clashed, a mighty storm crackled into being above the battlefield, and in an instant set divine judgement upon the world. A flash of light heralded the instantaneous vanquishing of all adults across the lands, leaving only their children unscathed.

      Those That Remained

      In a particular city, four factions existed, fragments of a divided nation far from the influences of others. Prior to the First Sentence, these factions were led by elders, and their mission was the control of their country. Like the rest of the world, the factions of the city utilized a select few -champions- to carry out their will. These champions, children of the faction families, battled one another for honor and spoils; land, resources, political power, money. No single faction, miraculously, ever seized full power, as someone had always risen up to meet the challenge of their opponents and take back fragments of control.

      After the First Sentence, these factions were left with only their young children, devoid of knowledgeable mentors and guidance. All too familiar with the consequences of the First Sentence, the members of each faction immediately took towards securing order within their ranks, with individuals rising up to meet the occasion.

      Mere years later, the Factions remain as staunch as ever, ready to meet the new world order with revitalized hope. You will play as one of these children, skilled warriors trained from birth to carry out the will of their faction. You will choose from one of four available factions and create your character for it, serving a leader and taking on missions together against opposing groups.

      The Death of Gimara Hon

      On a particular morning, members of Palace were barred entry from entering a neutral zone between two city boroughs by Guardian forces who were instructed not to let them in. General protocol dictated that any faction member or otherwise was free to enter or leave neutral zones as they pleased, so it wasn't surprising when the Palace members had become angry.

      A long bout of arguing broke out in the border area as Palace and Guardian forces clashed "peacefully". Eventually a higher Palace member by the name of Gimara Hon, cousin of the faction's figurehead princess, approached the scene and attempted to resolve the issues. His gestures were met with death, as an arrow found its way into his heart, killing him instantly. The culprit was seen leaving the scene in a hurry, though was dressed in traditional Guardian uniform. They were never found.

      The Warden of the area, a Guardian named Bellas Elk, was found to be the source of the initial barricade and after failed interrogations as to his reasoning, was removed from his position by Tycen Uma, leader of the Guardians. Palace responded poorly, exiling all Guardians from their faction borough and barring entry for all non-members.

      The peaceful atmosphere of Drisbane was shaken after Gimara's death, with the Palace seeming the most readied for violence. In turn, the other three factions have become attuned to the coming return to city tradition, and have gathered their champions in preparation.

      The City of Drisbane


      The city-state of Drisbane was once home to several thousand individuals, though was effectively cut in half after the First Sentence. Many homes and buildings now are left abandoned, and great portions of the city are devoid of residents completely as the leftover children gathered in more specific quarters. Outside the city "limits" (the boundary between urban and rural countryside is a slow shift) exist sprawling farmlands that are still maintained by the sons and daughter of farmers. The populace is currently on an upswing from starvation after farm-children were more readily organized and given a place in society. Still, there are some significant problems with getting the proper amount of food to everyone, including the rich.

      Currently divided into six sections, two of which are unoccupied by any faction presence. The first borough is considered the seat of the city; the location of the throne and the home of the late king and queen of Drisbane. Now it is left alone by the four factions post-Sentence, considered to be off-limits in hopes of having a peacetime devoted more to situating the public comfortably. Residents of Drisbane are allowed to wander the First Borough, but none consider it to be "theirs" alone. The other unoccupied section is simply considered abandoned space, devoid of residents. Few people enter this area for long.

      The other four boroughs belong to each respective faction, and while unguarded due to a lack of standing army, defines where other faction members may or may not enter. Residents affiliated with a faction often wear articles of clothing or accessories displaying their respective faction, allowing others to identify them and turn them away from specific boroughs if the rules demand it.

      Residents generally swear allegiance to a particular faction in hopes of attaining benefits, though there are still a large number of citizens who do not belong to any one of them, and are generally free to go where they please.

      The Factions


      The Aesil are the supposed descendants of angels, human beings with an affinity towards the divine and a staunch reliance on spirituality and order. While lacking a defined "religion", members passively agree on the existence of a heaven at the very least, and acknowledge their ability to utilize whatever powers exist associated with it.

      Aesil is currently ruled by the surviving daughter of the former Drisbane monarchs, Princess Efrida. Despite her prior claim to the throne, Efrida is nevertheless considered but the faction's leader, and nothing more. Regardless, Efrida remains firm in her mission towards taking back the throne again.
      Themes - Light, Heaven, Feudalism, Chivalry

      Goetia is made up of the Disciples of Madurn, magicians of a nature the populace often considers sinister. Their shadowy dealings and darker magicks earn a repertoire of questionable morality, though their actual actions are almost never directed towards the evil missions many imagine.

      Since the Madurn Covenant was vanquished after the First Sentence, Goetia's leadership was left in ruins. A single young man by the name of Kaileb rose up amidst the broken faction and claimed to have been inside the Madurn's Sanctuary and bore witness to the spirits of the Madurn themselves. Seeing no alternative leadership, Goetia followed his lead.
      Themes - Darkness, Magic, Individuality, Mysticism


      Madurn Covenant - The secretive former leaders of Goetia prior to the First Sentence, the Madurn Covenant was made up of three unidentified individuals who displayed incredible talents for magic in all its forms. Never seen by the public and rarely encountered by Goetian members themselves, the covenant kept reclusive in their Sanctuary tower for countless years. Even the highest of Goetia's leadership was never allowed to enter the Sanctuary.

      Goetia Sanctuary - The hallowed grounds of the Madurn Covenant, none had witnessed its interior until Kaileb entered on his own. Supposedly still haunted by the spirits of the Madurn leaders, Kaileb relayed to the rest of Goetia after his rise that the forbidden nature of its interior would remain intact.

      Disciples of Madurn - While technically defining the entirety of Goetia's membership, the Disciples were originally meant to denote the particular librarians who studied from the walls of Goetia's Library. The Maurn Covenant, closely tied to the Library's very existence, were able to relay teachings to the various spellbooks that layered the shelves. The Disciples in turn picked up on the newfound information and further relayed it to the rest of Goetia's membership. These Librarians still exist today, though are offered no further new teachings as the Covenant no longer lives as flesh and blood individuals.

      The Drisbane Guardians are the de-facto police of the city, and while made up of technically vigilante individuals, is honored by the public and unanimously considered their source of protection. New members of the Guardians are welcomed and summarily trained with rigorous physical courses. Despite the seemingly selfless nature of their mission, the Guardians serve only those who pay a tax, ignoring the pleas of individuals who would not "aid their cause".

      Before the First Sentence, the Guardians were led by "Captains" who sought after the throne as much as they sought the peace of the city. Today, it is led by a young man by the name of Tycen Uma who funneled all of the Guardian's efforts into civil protection, rather than power-seeking.
      Themes - Justice, Brotherhood, Spirit, Nature


      Warden - Wardens are the Second-in-Command leaders of the Drisbane Guardians serving just under the Sentinel himself, Tycen Uma. Wardens are almost always champions of the force who have displayed abilities above and beyond their peers, earning them a leadership position and control over all lower Guardians in their proscribed district. The Guardian Borough is governed by a single Warden, while other districts (save for the Palace Borough, now) have multiple Wardens each, split up into Districts.

      The "Palace" as it is often called, is the widespread family made of up of foreigner descendants who had long ago come to the city. Highly influential and exclusive, entrance is granted only to those bearing their own blood. As their numbers increased and the city became a mixing pot of ethnicities, the Palace had gained a significant grip on the potential for rulership.

      The heir to the Palace family head-ship was to be the current Aosoki Hime, though due to her youth was willingly denied leadership of the faction. Instead her cousin, Utashou Hokoa, took the claim at the suggestion of Aosoki's peers, now serving as the "temporary" Palace leader.
      Themes - Family, Devotion, Skill, Sophistication


      Each character will have a number of basic stats to them which will determine their ability in a variety of combat aspects. These will be used to roll dice behind the scenes against other individuals or entities. These will be mainly used to determine successes against other player characters, though may sometimes be used to determine the outcome of non-combat events (especially in the case of Perception).

      You have 24 points to spend as you choose across these stats.

      In addition to determine your character stats, you will also be given free reign over developing up to three "Abilities" your character has. These can be feats of skill, magic, etc... Use your imagination! Note that because these are so open to freedom, there is potential for being quite powerful; I will be heavily analyzing them as you might expect, but don't be afraid to think big at first.

      The general rule is that the ability should neither
      1) Be able to destroy more than a single house-sized building at full exertion.
      2) Render a target unable (by any means) to avoid it.

      Just use common sense, really. Don't worry about how your abilities will utilize dice; once I've accepted the ability, I'll be figuring out how to integrate it with the dice rolling system. NOTE that I have every right to nerf (or buff) abilities any time during the IC.

      Character Sheet
      • Remember. You're the surviving child of a family in a world with no individuals above 19 years old. No one has parents anymore.
      • You have the freedom to play someone who isn't a "champion", that is someone who was trained very early on in their age to serve their faction as a substitute for an army. You can play someone who is more mundane, but you'll receive limits to your stats and abilities as a result.
      • If you're a part of Palace, chances are you'll have a Japanese-esque name.
      • If you're a part of Aesil, chances are you'll be heavily ingrained with a fondness for hierarchy and behave as such.
      • The setting is technically medieval, but if you want some mechanical weapon ala RWBY, feel free to have one. The only thing that is forbidden is advanced firearms; at most you can have a fancy musket or handcannon.


      • How does combat work in this roleplay?
        The general structure will be as follows:
        Determine who is faster --> Faster individual gets first choice to attack or defend --> In their IC post they depict their character carrying out their decided action --> Dice are rolled to determine outcome of their attack, if it hits and/or damages the target, I will notify them through OOC prior to their own IC post (the defender) --> Defender has the chance to retaliate (if they're still alive and not crippled) --> rinse and repeat.
      • What can I do in a "turn"?
        Within a turn you can Attack or Defend and move once. Choosing to Defend grants you bonus Fortitude for the duration of the opponents next turn. You can move once either before or after an Attack/Defend action a number of meters equal to 5x your Speed stat.


      Achievements are events/actions that you have successfully performed with your character (or yourself!) in the IC or OOC. Getting an Achievement grants your character bonus permanent stat points. Achievement requirements are hidden until they are unlocked by at least one person. Achievements can be attained any number of players.

      Achievement List (open)

      Hate Crime - ???
      "We've got a name for your kind."

      Executioner - ???
      "And that, my friends, is an extreme example of mortality."

      Tearing Feathers - ???
      "The demon to your angel."

      Movin' On Up - ???
      "What a kiss ass."

      One Man... what's the word? - ???
      "The Sentence don't matter to me."

      Undue Force - ???
      "You have the right to remain UNDER MY BOOT."

      No Me Gusta - ???
      "Excuse me. Coming through."

      Witness - Enter the Madurn Sanctuary.
      "Breaking rules where there are none."
      Unlocked by: Zombehs, Skyswimsky, kingdomkeylight

      MEDIC! - ???
      "Not on my watch!"

      Safety - ???
      "We cannot allow her to exist."

      Mercy - Spare Carol
      "She has done nothing wrong!"
      Unlocked by: Everyone

      To Whom it May Concern - ???
      "I'm calling you out."

      Anniversary!" - ???
      "We will not become another statistic."

      Let the Mahou Stars Fall on Another Aurora after the Sentence Reality-Flux - ???
      "Top that, bitch."

      Let Him Come - ???
      "Do the impossible, the unintended, and the game-changing. FUCK THE RULES (but don't really)."

      New World Order - ???
      "Under new management."

      Plot-Breaker - ???
      "They were made like this for a reason!"

      PSYKE - ???
      "You tricky little devil..."

      Softball - ???
      "Rito pls."

      Seconds - Make a second character.
      Please sir, may I have some more?"
      Unlocked by: Beta

      Charmed - ???
      "Well now I have to roll with it."

      I Saw Him - ???
      "He greeted me."

      Curtain Fall, End Roll - Complete a Scene.
      "On to the next round."
      Unlocked by: Everyone

      Trading Blows - ???
      "From that day on, I vowed to surpass them."

      "This is what I was trained for."

      HNNNGGG - ???

      Curbstomp Battle - Defeat another player without being injured.
      "Never had a chance."
      Unlocked by: Skyswimsky, ERode, Psyker Landshark

      Second to None - Post first.
      Unlocked by: Jakers

      1UP'ed - ???
      "I can do better."

      Tear Down This Wall! - ???
      "They're watching us."

      Generation Next - ???
      "Hopefully it was in a PM."

      Million-Dollar Meal - ???
      "Your monarch is pleased."

      Ninja Slayer - ???

      Nightfall - ???
      "In that moment, I knew true power."

      Bloodthirsty - Be the first to defeat a player.
      "Blood now. Plot later."
      Unlocked by: Skyswimsky

      Consistent - Get the same post number 3 times in a row.
      "That counts for something, right?"
      Unlocked by: ERode

      Eyes on the Inside - ???
      "Turn away, mortal."

      Kiki Shikizaki - ???
      "I have seen the future of warfare."

      Pillars of the World - ???
      "You are not ruled by superiors."

      Viva la FUCK YOU - ???
      "I defy you!"

      Your... MILKSHAKE! - ???
      "I drink it up!"

      Darkness Spreads - ???
      "The army grows."

      Sequel - Complete an Arc
      Unlocked By: Everyone

    • Accepted Characters

      NPCs (open)

      Princess Efrida Aesil (open)

      Daughter of the late King and Queen of Drisbane, and sole survivor of the Royal Family as an only child. Efrida leads over the Aesil faction as an idol of sorts, heavily loved by its members if only due to her benevolence and beauty. Though she "technically" has a right to the throne of Drisbane, being the heir, the factions nullified her claim after the Sentence, for fear of further turmoil where peace was needed. Not one to be stood up by more moral actions, she followed suit and agreed to place the First Borough off-limits for the time being. Still, she strongly believes herself to be the rightful heir, and has vowed to secure it one day or another.

      Despite her dainty demeanor, Efrida is a champion like all other rulers that preceded her; Aesil leadership offers no respite from hard work and extreme skill, after all. Bearer of the Aesil Angelic Host, she commands a golden entourage of angelic golems, each of them possessing their own will and skills.

      Angel Ildaem (open)

      Might - 5
      Finesse - 10
      Fortitude - 5
      Health - 6
      Speed - 12
      Perception - 7

      Immaculate - No Scaling
      Ildaem is immune to debuffs.

      Presence of the Divine - Scales with Finesse
      Ildaem can render himself invisible, requiring the enemy to consistently roll a Perception check to strike him or to dodge.

      God-Hand - Scales with Finesse
      Ildaem can strike from anywhere his eyes fall upon, and towards any direction. His weapon can manifest through portals of light to attack enemies with a flurry of disorientating attacks. Enemies attacked in this way must roll a Perception check and succeed or take reduced dodge chance.

      Angel Drakanael (open)

      Might - 10
      Finesse - 5
      Fortitude - 12
      Health - 7
      Speed - 5
      Perception - 6

      Immaculate - No Scaling
      Drakanael is immune to debuffs.

      Elder Dragon's Armor - Scales with Fortitude
      Before rolling against an attack, Drakanael rolls half his Fortitude, rounded up. If the value exceeds the attacker's offensive damage roll, Drakanael becomes invincible for the next turn. Attacks against Drakanael do not grant Finesse-to-Might bonuses.

      Holy Gates - No Scaling
      For each opponent Drakanael faces, he is granted a Heaven's Gate buff, which gives him +2 Might and +2 Fortitude each.

      High Guard Francisca (open)

      Only daughter of the High Guard captain, Francisca now leads the very same group within Aesil. Despite her young age of fifteen, Francisca commands absolute respect, behaving far more roughly than her appearance would indicate. Short, loud, and very powerful, her sheer skills have afforded her a position as High Guard captain without fear of competition or mistrust. Despite her profession, her master, Princess Efrida, has commanded her to direct her skills elsewhere.

      Still retaining the title of High Guard captain, Francisca now spearheads the readying of Aesil's champions and their eventual foray into the city as forces of the faction.

      Might - 12
      Finesse - 5
      Fortitude - 6
      Health -6
      Speed - 6
      Perception - 5

      Ultimate Decree - Scales with Might
      Enemies within twenty feet are instantly drawn in (Fortitude resists) to Francisca's reach as she raises her greatsword into the air. Enemies caught within range are hit by her sword as she swings around. Enemies damaged by this effect are stricken with a second grievous attack that renders them immobile and unable to use abilities for a single turn.

      Domain of the Sentinel - Scales with Might
      Enemies within ten feet must roll a Fortitude check every turn or be rendered immobile prior to any actions.

      Right of Justice - Scales with Health
      Bestows a fellow ally with half the users Health in extra Fortitude for the duration of the battle.

      Lizbaine (open)

      An Aesil champion known moreso for her family past than anything else, Lizbaine (not her true name) is a rising individual in the faction, displaying characteristics of incredible skill that never seems to stop short of what is needed. Born of foreign blood, she is one of the few far-Westerners still living in Drisbane after the First Sentence, the majority of them being her direct family members.

      Lizbaine utilizes a large bow as her weapon of choice, and commands a repertoire of strange and deadly curse-based magics against her foes. Many say her opponents were long ago doomed before they even knew her name.

      Might - 4
      Finesse - 7
      Fortitude - 4
      Health - 4
      Speed - 5
      Perception - 6

      Duneblast - Scales with Perception
      Generates an illusory spell around a target, continually damaging them with mental lashes of wind and sand the longer the remain unable to pierce through the illusion. Every turn, roll Perception vs. Perception; if the target fails to succeed, they take a half-point of damage. Target's Perception is reduced by 1 while the spell continues.

      Accursed - No Scaling
      Enemies around Lizbaine suffer from a passive curse that hinders their luck the longer they remain around her. Every two turns, targets get a Mark of Misfortune, stacking indefinitely. Whenever they roll against Lizbaine and succeed against her, she may re-roll as many times as the target has Marks of Misfortune.

      Doomshot - No Scaling
      Enemies wounded at least once by Lizbaine remain marked for the duration of their lives, capable of being fired at from anywhere in the world by an ethereal arrow.


      Kaileb Tannos (open)

      A mysterious member of Goetia whose background is not fully understood. Fellow members recognize that he has been a part of Goetia since before the First Sentence, but events before then are shrouded. What is known is his name and his newfound status as leader of Goetia, if only due to the passiveness of the rest of its members. As the Covenant of Madurn disappeared, it took some time before the Librarians recognized that new spells were no longer being made. Still, Goetia members refused to enter the
      Sanctuary and truly see if the great mages were indeed gone. Mere months later, Kaileb broke the rules and did it himself.

      What he saw within is unknown, but his recounting of its contents were what led Goetia to accept his leadership position, finding no other alternative. "The ghosts of the Covenant spoke to me, and I see now what they desire in full. I can lead this faction to greatness, if only you accept me as the new Magus Supreme."

      Astra Forbes (open)

      Once a student of the Goetia Library, Astra has since disappeared from the ranks of said faction. Prior to her mysterious leave, she served under Kaileb as his direct subordinate for a brief time, and their relationship was relatively unknown beyond simple employment. Her disappearance has caught the attention of Kaileb, who is seemingly quite intent now on retrieving her.


      Might - 9
      Finesse - 9
      Fortitude - 3
      Health - 5
      Speed - 9 +2
      Perception - 5

      Forbes Blutgang - Functions in the same way as her younger sister, though instead grants her a +3 in Might, Fortitude, Speed and Finesse. Does not reduce her Perception. Can be activated at any time, not just on death.

      Vampiric Essence - All damage-dealing attacks by Astra return 1 health point to her.

      Cursed Touch - All damage-dealing attacks by Astra instantly remove all bonuses, buffs, etc, from the damaged target.

      Clanna Lorn (open)

      A lesser champion within Goetia, Clanna has nevertheless caught the eye of Kaileb for whatever reason, now designated the leading member of a soon-to-be formed search party aimed at finding Astra Forbes. Energetic and faithful, she appears quite ready to do her part for the faction, answering promptly and carrying herself properly before the defacto Goetia leader.

      Might - 3
      Finesse - 6
      Fortitude - 3
      Health - 3
      Speed - 5
      Perception - 5

      Past-Piercer - Scales with Finesse
      Clanna has the remarkable ability to sense an individuals prior location up to a few seconds in the past. With the rapier she possesses, Clanna can "attack" these past images of of enemies to deal undodgeable small damage (though is still resisted by Fortitude).

      If an enemy was nearby Clanna within the last turn, she can make an undodgeable attack on the past image to deal 0.5 stored damage, stacking and becoming 1 Health damage if hit again.

      Future-Sight - Scales with Perception
      Clanna can roll to dodge (using Perception) even if her initial Perception check fails against detecting sneak attacks. She gets a +1 Speed bonus when dodging attacks naturally.

      Time-Burst - No Scaling
      Each turn Clanna goes without attacking an opponent directly, the next strike she successfully deals damage with deals an additional 1 damage to Health.

      Zaie (open)

      Former guard of the Madurn Sanctuary, Zaie has chosen instead to conspire with others and enter the forbidden tower. Generally reserved and uninterested in the affairs of others, Zaie has a keen interest in understand her faction's past, hence her decision to break an "unspoken rule" of modern Goetia. Understandably, she seems to hold little respect for Kaileb, and a waning interest in Goetia itself.

      Might - 2
      Finesse - 7
      Fortitude - 4
      Health - 3
      Speed - 8
      Perception - 11

      Ethereal Body Mastery - No Scaling
      Zaie's body has become a material puppet of her will, her true "self" being separate from her body and the world itself. While the body lives on, it is slow in metabolism and feeling; Zaie is immune to pain, even dismemberment and blood loss. Zaie suffers no penalties to stats when she loses health and cannot be exhausted. Though she has gone without being severely wounded thus far, she can survive severe damage by stitching together her own body parts. As her head is the medium with which her soul interacts with the body, beheadings will leave her soul without a body to control.

      Witch's Curse - Scales with Perception
      Zaie can place any number of different debuffing curses on a target, though can only affect one stat per cast. Debuffs stack and can be removed by a perception-modified Fortitude roll.

      The Nameless Fate - No Scaling
      Working in tandem with Witch's Curse, Zaie's presence immediately lights aflame any targets whose stats have been reduced to 0 by her curses. Targets roll a half-value Fortitude roll against her Perception.

      Carol (open)

      A mysterious young girl of 12 years who was under the protection of Astra Forbes before the vampiress was killed. She seems to have a connection to Kaileb and Goetia, though next to nothing is known about it.

      Tinette (open)

      A woman long ago favored by the Madurn Covenant at a young age due to her prowess in the arcane, Tinette was granted a special room within the Goetia Library to call her own. Able to transform into a rather large owl, she's been noted by what few peers she interacts with that her life is spent half as a bird and half as a human.

      Might - 4
      Finesse - 4
      Fortitude - 5
      Health - 6
      Speed - 5
      Perception - 10

      The Guardians

      Tycen Uma (open)

      Leader of the Drisbane Guardians, Tycen Uma, for all his desire for peace and civility, is a rarely-seen individual. His Wardens are the few who ever meet him regularly, and despite his great strength and skill, rarely himself goes out into the field to enact justice and protection. While the public may see him as a just and noble champion, his underlings are often disapproving of his reclusive nature, urging him to make more appearances more often.

      At the turn of the First Sentence, The Guardians were quickly assumed control of by another Warden who desired power more than anything. Tycen rose from little notoriety to challenge said Warden for his position, and summarily defeated him with a swift and single punch; the battle was over in mere seconds. Since then, Tycen has utilzied his power of command to ensure the Guardians sole focus was the ensuring of safety in the scared and confused populace.

      Warden "Mimo" (open)

      Once a vagrant and outsider to Drisbane, her outstanding performance on the street in favor of helping some troubled individuals quickly earned her a spot within the Drisbane Guardians. Though she had little notoriety to speak of, her skills with an enchanted firearm afforded her a chance to quickly rise through the ranks. A lucky encounter with Tycen Uma started a strong friendship between the two, and she was soon titled Warden of the Guardians Borough.

      Quiet and unassuming, Mimo nevertheless carries herself with an air of capability and seriousness. Her foreign-made musket is a fearsome tool amidst the Drisbane populace, capable of quickly discharging wind-infused magic projectiles thanks to a series of runes placed within.

      Might - 4
      Finesse - 11
      Fortitude - 5
      Health - 4
      Speed - 8
      Perception - 8

      Jestream Shot - Scales with Finesse
      Fires a wind-based elemental shot at a target. The shots possess their own "will of the wind", and are capable of making split-second turns to strike enemies around a corner, or to attempt a hit on an enemy that dodged at first (one or the other).

      Bird's Eye View - Mimo's eyes can perceive through her pet albatross, allowing her a secondary vision from the sky (or any other location the albatross can travel).

      Wind's Favor - Scales with Finesse
      Projectile attacks against Mimo suffer penalties at any range, and can be redirected if the rolls achieve any degree of success. Each degree of success grants Mimo 1 extra Finesse when aiming the projectile back at another individual.


      Utashou Hokoa (open)

      Current leader of the Palace faction, at least until her cousin comes of age and maturity to do the same. Devout and dedicated to her family, faction, and cause, Utashou is known for her extreme sense of duty and even greater level of skill. Next to Tycen Uma of the Drisbane Guardians, the general populace of Drisbane often consider her to be one of the most powerful champions of the entire city.

      Despite her position of power, Utashou presents herself as humble and without a desire for maintaining her power. Her love for her younger cousin is often seen as almost too fanatical, though she would obviously deny any such claims. After the death of Gimara Hon, Utashou exiled the Drisbane Guardians from the Palace Borough and summarily closed access to any non-Palace members. Her busy-body nature and stern look in recent times has only served to affirm beliefs that she is preparing for battle to take the throne.

      Aosoki Hime (open)

      Currently a mere figurehead for the Palace faction, Aosoki Hime is nevertheless the intended leader of it all, chosen heir of the late Palace family heads. Too young and innocent to lead properly, she willingly bestowed the leadership position upon her much more capable cousin, Utashou Hokoa, until she felt herself to be old enough. Despite this, Utashou often comes to Aosoki to speak of issues and decisions, giving her, at the very least, a chance to exercise her rightful power and potentially learn from the experience.

      Konyuu Shora (open)

      After the First Sentence, Konyuu Shora was left the sole survivor of a Palace branch family practicing the Intervening Divinity arcane martial. Being the only one left with said blood coursing through her, she is thusly the last to be able to carry out the incredible feats of magic associated with the technique. Like most larger branch families in the Palace after the First Sentence, she is technically alone in power, though thusly possesses a great deal of leverage in the community. Considered even more aggressive than her true leader, Konyuu seeks to attain greater power for her faction at an even faster pace, and has thus opted to go out into the field herself.

      Might - 10
      Finesse - 10
      Fortitude - 6
      Health - 6
      Speed - 4
      Perception - 4

      Intervening Divinity - No Scaling
      Konyuu possesses the (now unique) ability to call upon increasingly powerful forces the longer she remains in battle. Each turn, Konyuu gains a +1 to Might, Finesse, and Fortitude, stacking indefinitely. If Konyuu succeeds in experiencing this buff for the first time, she also no longer loses Speed when checking against subsequent attacks by multiple people to an increasingly effective degree the more times she is buffed.

      Each time she buffs, a new pair of ethereal golden arms appears at her back.

      Divine Calm - No Scaling
      Through a perfected state of meditation, Konyuu remains immune to fear, confusion, and angering effects. Moves that require her to roll Perception checks due to extreme Speed or teleportation, as well as barely noticeable effects are not required for her, and she tracks them passively and easily.

      Karmic Favor - No Scaling
      Any time Konyuu is damaged by an attack, her Fortitude increases by 1 for the duration of the battle, stacking indefinitely.

      Kokusho (open)

      Young, energetic, and determined, Kokusho is one of the more rambunctious of Palace's Champion collection, always seeming to be out and about making or finding trouble. Alone in her family, her surviving sister after the First Sentence commit suicide in despair, leaving her without a caretaker for some time. She was taken in by a visitor to Drisbane who had taken refuge in the city after their caravan-family was annihilated. Being of Palacian descent, she was readily welcomed into the faction when her caretaker left the city on a voyage.

      Might - 8
      Finesse - 7
      Fortitude - 4
      Health - 4
      Speed - 7
      Perception - 5

      Leviathan Forms - No Scaling
      Kokusho has access to three different attack options which she can utilize as she pleases.

      Crushing Depths allows Kokusho to take any number of additional turns charging. For each turn, her next attack gains +2 Might.
      Global Sea reduces the target's Speed by half automatically, but gets lowered Might (-2) during the attack.
      Bergpiercer ignores 2 of the target's armor during the next attack.

      Encapsule - Scales with Finesse
      Enemies damaged by any of Kokusho's attacks must resist being encapsulated inside a water bubble that forms at her impact point. Enemies can use either Speed (to escape) or Might (to break free) immediately. Failure results in Kokusho being afforded an immediate second attack during her turn on the encapsulated target.


      Jorn (open)

      Partnered with Aposto and Zaie, Jorn is one of the three individuals seeking to enter the Madurn Sanctuary and reveal any treasures inside. It is unknown where his allegiance lies, but without a faction of his own, one is left to assume he desires things for himself. Boisterous and energetic, his mysterious appearance seems to indicate he is also a good actor, or at the very least, good at keeping up a different, albeit farcical, personality.

      Aposto (open)

      The most enigmatic of the three entering the Sanctuary, Aposto seems to be a tad bit older than his peers; that, or much taller and wiser. His calm disposition and politeness belies an incredible, terrifying power hidden underneath his mask.

      Asazen (open)

      A mysterious girl whose origin cannot be surmised beyond the fact that she is much older than she looks, and has been in the service of a Demon Lord for quite some time. She finds her home in the Demonic Court of Silzard, patron of assassins.

      Second Wind

      Apex Storm (open)

      Beni Lorde (open)

      Ferenfel (open)

      Nitanna Borwuel (open)

      Okine (open)

      Virod Portas (open)

      Character NamePlayerFaction
      Hallus "Halberd" BurgundyJakersGuardians
      Natalya GordetzRJSGoetia
      Lyssa ElspethPsyker LandsharkAesil
      Galina RaskeAzathothGoetia
      Varanese MalxERodeGuardians
      Kanade KondouR-9 PilotAesil
      Aurora SpierekingdomkeylightUnaffiliated
      Junkiro IwazumaGreased SmiteningPalace
      Aiden RenmorReanimator BobGuardians
      Kazuma TadayoshiZarrockPalace

      List of Character Ability Mechanics
      Character Stats and Status
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  2. Name: Thassius the White

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male


    Thassius Images (open)


    Thassius as seen while casting a powerful wind spell.


    Thassius in his typical garb.

    Thassius' tattoo was forced upon him as a conduit in order to harness his raw magical potential. He stands at roughly five feet and ten inches tall and weighs one hundred and fifty-three pounds.

    Personality: To anyone he meets, Thassius appears cold and analytic initially. It is an exterior he wears well,a lthough in actuality Thassius is a kind and caring individual. He has often made medicine for those who couldn't afford it and firmly believes in aiding others, regardless of whether they have the funds necessary.

    Short Biography: Born to a poor family that refused to pay the "tax" for the Disbane Guardians, Thassius' parents saved up enough money so that he when he was five years old he could be given a new set of clothes and a simple mortar and pestle (which he still uses to this day) before sending him off to seek an apprenticeship so that he could have a far more fortunate future. He ended up living in the Sixth District, which was called the Mages' District at the time. His master was Cyrus the White, a wind mage and illusionist like himself. Thassius was trained by Cyrus to fight with his hands and to utilize spellcraft, beginning with the basics. As time passed and he was taught the way sword and of the spell, he also pursued the two forms of alchemy and created a weapon of his own: blade bracers. He would be more than capable of manipulating men utilizing illusions in many forms and with a crafty mind when the First Sentence took effect, but not due to refined skill for his training is incomplete. Thassius has the potential to become a champion, but lacks the formal training necessary. Thassius seeks to better himself as he found himself assaulted and nearly killed by ruffians and champions of various factions alike, some of which are now insane due to his illusions or dead due to Thassius going too far. Thassius himself is open to joining a faction, granted the messenger be less hostile than the previous ones.

    Faction: None/Recruitable

    Might - 1
    Finesse - 3
    Fortitude - 2
    Health - 4
    Speed - 3
    Perception - 7


    Alchemy- Alchemy comes in two varieties: potion making and transmutation. The former can be used to create medicine and potions while the latter is the used to transform various objects into others by the law of equivalent exchange. Potions cannot be made in combat, while transmutation has a cooldown of one to five turns depending on the scale of the previous transmutation. Transmutation can be used in and out of combat, but drains energy proportional to the size of the reaction as fuel.

    Illusion Magic- This form of magic allows the caster to create apparitions and various illusions inside and outside of a single target or a group of targets. The strength of the illusions relate to the scale of the perception levels of the targets and the caster. A group of multiple targets is not governed by a mean level of perception or the highest, but each is governed individually. The cooldown for illusions is half of the duration of the previous illusion cast. Illusions can also deal damage to a target, though the pain stems from the mind and leaves no physical wounds.

    Wind Magic- A form of magic that grants total control of the wind, the ability ranging from a gentle breeze to a deadly weapon where the wind itself is practically an airborne blade. The intensity of the spell cast determines the cooldown until more wind magic can be used, with the outmost common cooldown being three turns. Wind magic can be used to give an artificial speed buff to the caster.



    Blue Edge (open)


    Thassius' sword, a bastard (hand-and-a-half) sword called "Blue Edge". Bastard swords like this one are light in weight, requiring little to no might to wield, but are still powerful and can easily pierce armor. It is attached to the left side of his robes, though it can easily be on either side as Thassius is ambidextrous.

    Blade Bracers (open)


    Shown above is one of two hidden blade bracers Thassius uses. They are of his own design and extend up to a foot beyond his clenched first, with a small but lethal dosage of poison added to the blade when the skull is pressed down. Adjusting the direction skull is facing will adjust the length of the blade that is extended when needed. They rest upon the wrappings shown in the image and can be drawn and retracted with the flick of the wrist. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes that range from silent assassinations to lockpicking.


    Alchemy Field Apparatus. A kit consisting of four apparatus (specifically an alembic, a calcinator, a mortar & pestle, and a retort) to create potions and poisons outside of a laboratory or study setting. Useful in emergencies.

    Alchemy Ingredients. A variety of preserved and fresh ingredients prepared for potion making, ranging from animal blood to zebra hide.

    Alchemic Arm Wraps. Arm wraps that have various combat and general usage transmutation circles painted onto them. They are hidden beneath the hidden blade bracers as not to reveal their true purpose.

    Chalk Pack. A pack of good old-fashioned chalk with six sticks in the pack. Used for transmutation circles outside of combat.

    Emergency Food Supply. A set of preserved meals that can last from three to nine days depending on how it is rationed.

    Flask of Elixir Vitae. A standard size flask filled with Elixir Vitae, an incredibly powerful healing potion that never expires. Given the nature of its ingredients and the brewing method, it is nearly impossible to make and is extremely rare. One drop will alleviate one from their physical injuries and one gulp will restore the unconscious to full health. Three gulps will cure even the terminally ill. Five drops make up a gulp as a standard rule, while the flask itself holds thirty gulps. Not used while in combat.

    Notebook. A record of Thassius' various endeavors along with various recipes and experiments.

    Vials of Poison (x4). Vials that contain the poison used with Thassius' blade bracers. It is harmless on skin, but deadly when swallowed or applied to a blade that creates a wound that pierces past the upper half of the dermis. Does not work when applied on swords and longer weapons, but it can also be applied to daggers and knives. Requires nightshade, hydrangea leaves, fly amanita cap, and canis root.

    Vials of Potions. Vials that contain potions of various strengths and effects. Thassius' bag can only hold twenty-five vials (filled and empty/potions and poisons) at a time. In combat, one vial can be used every other turn. Thassius has the following potions in his knapsack: healing over time (x3) immediate healing (x10), stamina [used in place of a meal and/or one night's sleep] (x3), poison (x4), spiritual/magic restoration (x3), and two empty vials.
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  3. I´ll be further developing my profile tomorrow for now i´ll leave pretty basic stuff.

    Name: Patritema Ankos
    Age: 19
    Appearance: to be added
    Personality: to be added
    Short Biography: to be added
    Faction: to be added

    Might - to be added
    Finesse - to be added
    Fortitude - to be added
    Health - to be added
    Speed - to be added
    Perception - to be added

    Abilities: to be added
    Equipment: to be added
  4. Name: Melea Raygtor
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Melea is a sweet appearing girl. Her façade of a smile is complimented by her doll-like features. Huge immersing eyes taunt their victim with their blood red iris's, and her perfectly porcelain skin confuses her opponents right into her advantage.
    She adorns a black style lolita dress, decorated in lace and satin silk. As well as a matching head piece to go with it. Her hands are hidden by the lengths of her sleeves which beneath conceal her lengthy sharpened nails. These are her primary weapon, but around her waist lays a silver chain which has been known to be her secondry.
    Personality: Let not her adolescent, angel like, appearance fool you. For there is no innocence in this being. She, unlike a vast majority of her faction members, holds no mercy in her heart. You could even say there isn't a spec of humanity about Melea. Even her faction leader receives nothing but grief from her. However, she is also a strong member of the faction. Her lack of emotion in any case is a gift. She is able to undergo tasks that other members of Goetia are not. Shed blood, where others will not. She does not fear battle, she thrives from it. Being one of the main champions in Goetia, she is well trained, and her capabilities provide her with the confidence alike. She has an almost eeriness about her, which those first directly meeting her will not quite understand. Until her talons are in their throat.
    Short Biography: Melea wasn't raised by her parents. She was quickly given up to the faction when she was a mere child in return for payment. For her biological parents were one of the less fortunate after The First Sentence. At this point there was a particular man in Goetia. One who sought further darkness and impurity than most. If only for a brief time, it was most certainly scarred into Melea the way he brought her up. She was raised through a torturous, and painful scheme in order to build her strength, durability, and demeanour. Others may consider this abuse, she considers it necessary. She was practically raised in the faction, and is as devoted to it with all of her being. However, she shows great frustration that Kaileb is leader and not her. Feeling that her time in the faction had been much more appropriate for the position. Hence why she holds a little grudge against him. Never the less, she is one of the Goetia's best champions. People underestimate her, call her 'little girl', until she's using their organs as holiday decorations, and adorning their teeth as jewellery.
    Faction: Goetia

    Might - ■■■■4/5
    Finesse - ■■■■■ 2/5
    Fortitude - ■■■■■ 3/5
    Health - ■■■■■ 3/5
    Speed - ■■■■4/5
    Perception - ■■■■4/5

    Abilities: ● Shadow Manipulation - Something commonly known amongst the lands, especially in the hands of Melea. She has the capability to manipulate darkness, and shadows around her. She can forge weapons, armour, wings, even illusions via her shadows in order to distract an opponent. These illusions usually consist of clones. However, if she so deems fit and has rested up to standard (being at full health), she has the capability to delve into the darkest depths of a persons soul, and conjure up their fear, making it pronounced in front of their very own eyes via her ability.
    Dimension Shift - Melea, through the use of her Shadows is able to shift between areas. She can transport from one dimension into the next using this capability. This makes her seem much faster than what she actually is. Although she is very quick on foot, she can trick a person into believing she is moving at intense speeds around them via her shifting. Through this also, she can enter places wherever she wishes. Giving her a familiar rogue trait. Her dimensions have never been known to store victims. But there are tails that when she has killed her opponent, she stores their body in one of her portals as a trophie.
    Shape Shifting - A trick of the eye, again using her Shadow manipulation, Melea can change her form. She is able to replicate a face or an animal at her choosing. Of course, if she wants to replicate a desired face she must see it first. She is developing this technique to be capable of giving the illusion that when she replicates another she is able to use their weapon and ability too. However, this is all just tricks, and in practise for the time being.

    Equipment: A barbed chained whip remaining around her waist to appear as a fashion accessory. When wielded, the thorned barbs turn out, and the length of the whip remains at 12ft. She holds in her inventory: Health Potions x3, Mana Potions x4, Gourd of water.
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  5. "...You know what's better than to crush those who pick on the weak? ...Heh... me neither." -Halberd
    Name: Hallus Burgundy, goes by the nickname 'Halberd'.
    Age: 17

    ====================== >
    Appearance: As seen on the right, Halberd is a tall, averagely-built male who secretly possesses great strength and muscle under his coat. His hair is of medium length and greyish brown, and his eyes are a bright blue. His features suggest your average good-looking late-teen male. He usually wears a pair of deep red trousers and a deep red dress shirt under a long, black overcoat, accompanied by a pair of brown leather boots. A very small black cap with a blue mark is placed on his head; he wears this as a sign that he isn't out to kill people for no good reason, and to show his recruit status in the Drisbane Guardians.
    ====================== >
    Personality: Approachable and mostly non-serious outside of combat, trying to make others around him feel comfortable by showing a more 'human' attitude to most situations. Not many things phase him, and he's confident in his own abilities. In battle, Halberd says almost nothing and shows a hidden side of anger - if against an enemy he particulary hates - especially those who pick on the weak - Halberd has a sense of retribution which he can display in quite a savage manner. He tries to talk his way out of most battles, although he has a sense of justice that causes him to start some battles. He believes killing is wrong and should be avoided in most situations, but he won't hesitate to defend himself or others who he thinks deserve protection. He prefers equality over dictatorship, and prefers friendship to rivalry.

    [As of Part 2:]

    Halberd has grown to be untrusting, ruthless, and an alcoholic outside of combat. He's no longer approachable, and speaks in a rough and rugged tone. Though there's still good in his heart, it's hard for him to show it to others. People say he's frustrated about a certain woman, and the years of service are starting to get to him. He handles most of the tough, gritty jobs, slashing his way through with fierce determination when need be. When out-of-duty, he usually roams alone with a bottle in his hand, or helping some of the recruits spar. Now and again he might show a nice side, though most nowadays usually see him as ruthless and a person to generally stay away from.
    ====================== >
    "You ever seen your sister killed cause' she had a nice-looking dagger? Yeah; didn't think so. I learnt the truth about this place the hard way. Time to change the truth."
    Halberd grew up alone with his sister; his parents were just... gone... from the sentence. He doesn't have any memory of how he was looked after - he simply remembers that he and his sister were alone and had to rely on each other when Halberd was 16 and his sister was 15. It wasn't like they completely idolised each other or anything. Sure, they loved each other and all, but it was more of a reliant relationship rather than anything else. They hunted together, did jobs to get a little currency together, and generally did whatever they could to get by. Together.

    That all changed however when Halberd was 17, and his sister, Stiletta, was 16. They'd decided to go in an area barely watched by the Drisbane Guardians, which turned out to be a big mistake. A lone raider came from nowhere, and executed Stiletta right in front of Halberd's eyes with a large axe, looting Stiletta's body whilst Halberd couldn't move due to sheer horror. As the raider came to attack Halberd next, Halberd lashed out in fury that caught the raider off guard, and Halberd disarmed the raider, taking his large axe. In one swift motion, Halberd beheaded the raider, getting his first taste of delivering justice. It felt good. No - great. Seeing the beheaded corpse of somebody who'd kill someone innocent just to take their belongings. Halberd vowed to never let something like this happen again.

    After grieving his sister, Halberd still wields the same axe, although he had it refurbished. By wielding the axe that killed his Sister, it's reminder to Halberd about the evil in this world. At the same time, by wielding the axe that gave him the first taste of Justice, it's also a reminder to Halberd that the evil can be put to an end. And doing that felt great. On this basis, Halberd was accepted into the Drisbane Guardians with open arms after proving his past, going through physical training to make him a force to be reckoned with. Rising above the ranks of a trainee, Halberd is now a known champion in the Drisbane Guardians, well-known for his fair attitude and his ability to grasp new things extremely quickly, hence how he easily surpassed most members within a few days of being a recruit.
    "Now I'm out to deliver justice; those who are evil will simply face retribution. Heh, what, am I too cliché for you?"

    [As of Part 2:]

    Over the previous six months, Halberd has continued to perform his duty as a member of the Guardians, often leading small patrol parties that scourge crime here and there. After being recommended to improve his axe, wind runes have been placed, generally making the axe look swaggier when he swings it, but also improving his combat abilities when in long fights. He visits Carol every now and again, making sure she's okay and such. Other Guardians make jokes that Halberd thinks Carol's his little sister.

    Halberd's mentality has become somewhat harsher, and he's become less friendly around his mates at the Borough, and he's developed minor drinking habits (although he isn't at all an alcoholic... yet.) Whenever he's faced with criminals branding weapons, most of them end up decapitated unless they surrender, giving criminals somewhat of a fear when they see the axe-wielding Guardian on their tail. Crime rates have slightly dropped. Some civilians disagree with Halberd's methods, whilst others agree - nonetheless, he's gained slight fame/notoriety as a Guardian. Despite this, there's still a kind person in Halberd, so long as you catch him off-duty, and without a bottle.

    ======================================= >
    Faction: Drisbane Guardians
    "Why? Cause' the Goetia are too edgy, the Palace are too arrogant, and the Aesil are just... too damned optimistic! Heheheh."
    ======================================= >
    ======================================= >
    Abilities: "...I only like to fight those who like to fight." -Halberd

    Decimating Blow | Halberd can put a large deal of his power into a brutal sideways swing that can hit clusters of enemies. This makes him vulnerable to being attacked from other sides, but it allows him to hit multiple targets in front of him; this attack is also difficult to dodge and even harder to block, and will get through weak defences somewhat easily - dealing severe damage. Using Decimating Blow twice in a row causes Halberd to lose 1 fortitude for the duration of the fight, so waiting a turn before using it again is generally a good idea. Halberd can also passively attack multiple enemies without needing to use a decimating blow, but only if said enemies are very close together and unarmoured.

    Unrelenting Onslaught | Halberd is passively harder to deter in combat, giving him a partial resistance (not immunity) to attacks that may slow him down, weaken him, stun him, and such. Unless he begins to be on death's edge or suffers a mortal wound, injuries/pain don't affect Halberd's performance. If he's fighting evil people who have killed someone close to him or commited a crime that personally makes Halberd furious, he becomes frenzied, increasing his speed by 2 and his might by 1. If he's fighting people who are morally good, Halberd's might is reduced by 1, and he'll generally be more reluctant to attack.
    As well as the passive bonuses for the morality of his opponents, Halberd now gains stacks of Momentum whenever he damages an enemy, thanks to the wind runes placed onto Retribution. Stacks are gained/lost through the following conditions:
    • Halberd loses all stacks for damaging an ally.
    • Halberd loses 2 stacks for damaging a morally good enemy.
    • Halberd loses 1 stack when he's damaged.
    • Halberd gains 1 stack for hitting a target (regardless of allignment).
    • Halberd gains 1 stack for damaging a neutral enemy.
    • Halberd gains 2 stacks for damaging an evil enemy.
    • Halberd gains 5 stacks for executing an evil enemy with Guillotine of Justice.
    Upon reaching 10 stacks of Momentum, Halberd's axe becomes Overcharged; wind blasts around his axe, granting him a +3 bonus to his Speed and Might, but a -4 penalty to his Fortitude, and a -2 penalty to his Finesse. Overcharged wears off after 3 turns.

    Alternatively, Halberd can perform an axe attack/ability with double range and hit chance, which will instantly end Overcharged when used. Halberd's axe can't become Overcharged twice in the same battle.

    Guillotine of Justice | 3 Turn Cooldown : Halberd's feared signature move. This ability can be used to execute people who would clearly die if Halberd attacked them again/are on 1 HP. Halberd jumps high into the air, and puts all of his power into a swing that decapitates an enemy to finish them off. If Guillotine of Justice hits an enemy, it can not be blocked, and the target will die instantly. Note that Guillotine of Justice can be dodged.

    If this ability is attempted to be used in a situation where it clearly won't execute an enemy, it's treated as a normal attack. Depending on the if he served justice or not, Halberd gains buffs/debuffs:
    • If he uses this ability to finish off a morally evil target, Halberd gains combat bonuses (+1 Might, +2 Speed) for a 3 turns, and the cooldown is removed. If Halberd somehow manages to chain together multiple executes, the combat bonuses can stack up to 3 times. Keep in mind that this is unlikely to happen, though.
    • If he uses this ability to finish off a morally neutral target, Halberd continues to fight normally, and the cooldown becomes 1 turn.
    • If he uses this ability to finish off a morally good target, Halberd gains combat debuffs (-1 Might, -2 Fortitude) for a few turns, and the cooldown becomes 2 turns. Combat debuffs also stack.
    "...You get what you give."
    ======================================= >
    Equipment/Inventory: "My coat's full of tricks."

    >Retribution - A large, broad-headed and cheesily-named battleaxe that delivers a hacking blow. The axe can sweep a large area, or be used to focus a single target with a terrifying downwards blow. This is the same axe that killed his sister, and the same axe used to kill the raider who killed his sister. It's been refurbished, once being a crude iron axe but nowadays it's made of finer steel, with a size and grip accustomed to Halberd's fighting style. It's lighter than it looks, but heavy enough so that the weak won't be able to wield it. The axe blade has a few battle scars such as scratches and dents, but it's generally in good condition.

    >Stiletta - The stiletto-styled dagger of Halberd's sister; he mainly keeps this as a momento of her (hence it's the name of his sister), but it still serves a good emergency weapon that he hides within his coat, able to deliver a quick and punishing stab that specialises in killing an enemy via their weak point.

    >Halberd's Overcoat - A long, black overcoat that Halberd always wears over some red underclothing. Made out of a durable material, it's harder to cut through this coat than it looks, although his hidden armour provides most of his protection. The coat has many pockets within the inside of it, making it great for carrying items with ease for travel. It's also very important to him, mostly because he thinks it looks good. You know Halberd is seriously trying to kill someone when he takes off his coat.

    >Armoured Clothing - Under his rugged coat and red clothes, Halberd hides a simple but effective iron chestpiece, iron kneepads, and iron elbow pads. His neck has a few plates hidden under the collar of his red dress shirt, also. Those who are perceptive will notice this, and those who aren't perceptive will not. Either way, the armour is sure to give those a surprise when their blade fails to pierce his heart.

    >Halberd's flask - "Uh... it's... elixir." This isn't elixir, it's a hidden flask of very strong alcohol that Halberd generally drinks only after going through a shitty experience, or to use to dull the pain. Whilst he isn't an alcoholic, Halberd still finds this 'useful' to carry around. Halberd is physically stronger, angrier, and scarier when drunk (+1 Might). But also much slower, and... well... drunk. (-1 Finesse, -1 Speed.)

    >Throwing Knives - Whilst he isn't very good with them, Halberd is still able to use these; they make a good emergency ranged attack.
    >Field Bandages - Simply a couple bundles of bandages that help to treat bleeding wounds.
    >Ration Packs - A grown boy's gotta eat. Unfortunately this tastes like shit, but still.
    >Rope - For capturing criminals, and has various other uses.

    ======================================= >
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  6. Will for sure be filling out a CS later
  7. Name: Natalya Gordetz
    Age: 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Natalya had a very judgmental view of the world and others, though this largely remains an inner monologue. Aloof and detached, Natalya projects an image of not caring, of heartlessness, and of utter disinterest. However, she can sometimes be found wandering the poorest areas of the city at night, leaving small food parcels, money, and occasionally clothing.

    In combat, Natalya maintains the same facade of disinterest, fighting calmly and methodically. Until her blood starts to flow. As her powers manifest, her personality undergoes a dramatic shift. She becomes much more aggressive, both verbally and physically, and her fighting style becomes more akin to that of a berserker. She also becomes much more sadistic, mocking and taunting her opponent while slicing into them.

    Short Biography:
    Natalya was sold by her parents at a young age to be trained as a servant to a senior member of the Guardians, but she was considered 'unsuitable' after a period of training and was thrown out onto the streets. She struggled by, sleeping rough for a year, before taken by a passing mage, who had been expelled from Goetia for his crimes against others. Intent on creating a disciple to take vengeance with him, Natalya's life then became one of harsh training. As her master was a blood mage, he regularly cut into her flesh in order for her to practise, and so much of her arms and back are covered in scars as a result.

    It was hard to discern the training from torture - many times Natalya nearly bled to death, before being given the bare minimum she needed to stay alive. Nevertheless her control of her powers grew as her master weakened with the drink he had turned to following his expulsion. Natalya cared little for her master's vengeance, and chafed under his brutality. One day, she had had enough, and fought him for real rather than training. Still addled by drink, he could not stop her killing blow.

    Natalya returned to wandering the streets; hungry and alone. She scraped by until one day, while fighting off a pair of beggars who had tried to take advantage of her, she was seen by Kaileb himself, who recognised her power and invited her to join Goetia.

    Post Overworld Alliance Arc:
    Natalya, thoroughly tired of secrets, assassination attempts and all the other elements that accompanied working undercover, rejected the offer to hunt down those still loyal to Kaileb. Returning to her home near the borders of the abandoned district, she continued much as she had before. Her experiences matured her somewhat, and she spent more time in the library seeking the knowledge of magic. Aware of her failings she took serious steps to rectify them. She also returned to her night-time walks around the various poor areas of Drisbane, leaving her little gifts. A small stray cat, weak and starving when she found it, now has its own little place in her house. A tenuous camaraderie between Natalya and Halberd was continued, with the two meeting up semi-regularly to spar. However, as Halberd's views became more extreme, their friendship became more strained, and eventually Natalya lost her temper, telling him exactly what she thought of him, and storming off. They haven't spoken since.


    Might - 4
    Finesse - 4
    Fortitude - 5
    Health - 10
    Speed - 5
    Perception - 4
    Arcane - 4


    Blood Lust: Natalya's blood, seeping from her wounds, can be utilised to great effect. Capable of flowing, yet forming solid, sharp weapons, the blood becomes an extra limb for attack or defense. As Natalya becomes more heavily wounded, more blood is available for control and so more 'limbs' can be formed, though Natalya can only control 3 at most.

    Haematic Scourge: If Natalya manages to place one of her wounds in direct contact with an enemy's wound, she can send a large pulse of her blood through the opponent's body, attacking it from the inside. In doing so, she can also gain dominion over some of their blood, restoring her somewhat.

    Bladesmaster: While using a sword-based weapon, Natalya gains +2 to Might and Finesse

    Arming sword: A standard blade, 75cm in length. Kept very sharp by Natalya.
    Armoured gauntlet: Worn on her left hand, this allows Natalya to be both defensive and aggressive with her hand - blocking weaker attacks, grappling opponents, etc.
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  8. My CS is now complete.
  9. I will be getting to devouring reviewing everyone's CS thus far tonight!
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  10. @AceSorcerer The first that glaringly obvious issue is that Thassius is a battlefield tactician. I don't think I could have stated it more plainly, but battlefields and wars don't exist in this setting. I'm not sure what he could be a Grandmaster Tactician of.
    Also your backstory seems to belittle the effectiveness of each faction's own training. Any old coot training outside of a faction would face a far more difficult time catching up to the abilities of a "Master Tactician" (if one existed) forged within a faction. 13 of them banding together outside a faction to act as mercenaries is all the more unlikely, and it's doubtful any faction would hire them anyways if they had their own to choose from (more trust, no cost, higher confidence).
    "Champions" that arise from outside of a faction tend to be quite rare, and their skill comes from a natural talent rather than training; as I said, any training you recieve outside of a faction will be inherently inferior to that found within one.

    @Charlie Unfortunately due to my business, I've failed to update the OP with further bits of information on each faction, including Goetia. A bit of Melea's biography will technically be nullified, specifically the former leaders of Goetia part. I apologize. I'll be updating the OP after this post with said information, however.

    @Jakers Loving this guy! His signature move sounds awesome and has got some neat effects. Accepted!

    @RJS Her Scourge power unnerves me. >_> Anyways, looks fine. Accepted.

    I'd like to point out that I'm an imbecile and forgot to put "Gender" in the Character Skeleton.
    Also I've noticed all of you have all refrained from going past 5 points in any one stat. There's no limit to how high any stat can go, merely that you have 20 points to spend across all of them. You can go above 5 at the start, if you so desire.
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  11. But everything else is fine? Alert me when changes are made.
  12. @Asuras If you're worried it being a bit unbalanced, bear in mind that it does require direct wound to wound contact. It's not the easiest thing to fire off. If you just find it unnerving because of it's nature, well, it is blood magic after all :P

    Also @Charlie it looks like the lore has been added.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Kato Hiroshi



    Kato has thick, messy blond hair, and is average in height for a person of his age, with well toned, lean, strong muscled body from years of physical training under a burgundy uwagi that has a demon mask on his left shoulder, with a thick sash at his waist. He also wears wide, burgundy hakama on his legs to slightly confuse people where his feet will go, and a pair of fur boots. On his face, Kato wears a red demon mask which he uses to hide his congenitally disfigured face, which was disfigured even worse in a fight.


    Pragmatism can be one word to describe Kato's motto when it comes to dealing with the world. It was a lesson he learned from his father, and although he may have strong feelings over certain things, he prides himself in never letting his emotions get in the way of duty. The repercussions, he finds, often disagrees with his views, and it makes sure he knows it. Often, he is haunted at night with the images of those whom he killed, betrayed, or did wrong by - he calls them his demons, and he embraces them by wearing his demonic mask, among other reasons.

    Many don't realize, due to the fact that Kato is unable to talk, that he is a prodigal genius. He has learned several languages simply by hearing them, and knows how to speak them -- though this does him little good, and he knows how to sign two different languages. When he started going blind at the age of eight, by examining bats he was able to learn how to use his ears for sight within days, although he found the experience strange and very confusing, he has since gotten used to it once fully blind.

    His deformities, although he considers them a blessing of a sort, has left Kato socially awkward. With a rather grotesquely deformed face, he found out rather quick that people were disassociating from him, and the fact that he couldn't talk because of the deformity didn't help at all. Thus, this left him alone and although distraught, he found that he rather enjoyed solitary and slowly started talking to himself - often using different voices in his head. As he became stronger and began pairing up with people in teams, he found out that solitary only further hurt his chances at mixing in with normal people. And although he refuses to admit it openly, this leaves him broken inside and hurt.

    Short Biography:
    Kato was born within the city of Drisbane, or so his foster father told him, but because the man was a compulsive liar, Kato doubted it. However, he always had a little piece of him believe his lying foster parent, because despite how hard he searched, he could never figure out how he had gotten there, nor who his real parents were. His father told him that his real parents left him, but because the man was also a compulsive thief, he didn't quite believe that either, and his doubts were only confirmed at how he always saw his foster father looking shiftily at young babes in their mothers' arms.

    Despite his lying and thieving habits, Kato was glad that he had the man as a foster parent. For one, he accepted the young deformed child for what he was, not what he looked like, and also because he taught Kato that someone like him needed skills to kill. Despite his strangeness, his father was a skilled fighter who seemed to dance every time he picked up a blade, and his most beautiful dance came when he used two katanas. Wanting desperately to learn how to move like his foster father, Kato urged the man to teach him the style, but he argued it was far too advanced for a kid. Not giving in, Kato urged his father over and over, and eventually his father agreed and caught on with just how quickly and easily learning was for Kato. The training went nearly perfectly until the young Kato started going blind, and his once adept guard and skill faltered because he couldn't see. Depressed, Kato withdrew himself into his room for several days, and despite how much his father tried to talk to him, Kato wouldn't leave. Then, one morning he woke up in a cave full of bats in the middle of nowhere and depression took a hold of him as he realized his father and teacher abandoned him. He stayed in that cave, and with nothing else to do he watched, with failing eyes, the bats fly and chirp throughout the cave until one curious bat landed on his arm one day while he sat against a stalagmite.

    Awe gripped Kato as he realized the bat had no eyes, and yet it flew around the place as if it knew exactly where it was going. It took him a while, but soon he caught on that they used noise to figure out where they were going, and he started to try and do the same for himself. After a few days, his step father came back into the cave and he discerned from Kato's excited and muffled groans, that he learned what he came here for. When they returned to the house, Kato's step father began teaching him sign language before his eyes were completely useless and by the time he became fully blind at the age of ten, Kato had learned sign for the language of Drisbane and the mother tongue of Palace

    Then Kato woke up one day and his father was gone. Vanished. He understood somehow that he was never coming back, and although he was saddened by the fact, he set out with a few of his belongings, which included his father's swords, into the street where he ran into a member of the Palace, who was so disgusted with Kato's face that he lashed out both out of fear and instinct. Able to hear the faction members increased heart rate he was able to defend himself for a few blows, but it soon became apparent that a faction trained member against him was almost no contest, and he ended up with a wound that left him without a nose and cut a portion of his lower jaw, leaving his tongue lolling out to the side.

    As he was laying on the street with blood pooling under his head, another Palace member happened to pass by who had known his foster father, who happened to be a noble visiting for a diplomatic cause until he had got caught up with raising Kato. She took him to the Palace borough and he went under training immediately after he was nursed back into health, where he stunned most of the other masters and trainees by how quickly he learned.

    By the age of fourteen, Kato was considered one of the strongest members of Palace, but this wasn't why he was so infamous within the faction. Rather, it was because of his deformity and ugly face that had made him stand out, and although he tried to make friends and companions, he found himself alone. Either because those willing to try to be his friend didn't understand sign language, or they couldn't handle looking at him. As a cruel joke on his own looks, he made two demon masks, and wore both, the one on left shoulder signifying his personal demons and nightmares.

    TL;DR (open)

    Kato was raised by a shady foster father who had an even shadier story of how he had found him. Kato didn't complain as he was the only one who saw Kato for who he truly was, and not for what he looked like. And because of his deformity, his foster father taught him how to fight in order to defend himself, because according to him, ugly people were killed just for being ugly. Then, as his eyes began to fade, his father taught him another valuable lesson by leaving him in a cave, where he learned how to "see" with his ears like a bat instead of being disabled further.

    Several years later, his father disappeared randomly, and Kato knew he wasn't coming back, and so took the old man's twin katanas, and set out into the city where he got into a fight and badly injured by a Palace member. As another passing Palace member passed by a few hours later, she had pity on him and took him to the Palace borough to be treated, and afterwards was set into training when his skill became apparent. Years later, at the age of fourteen, Kato became one of the strongest members of Palace, however he was more alone than ever due to his wound and deformed nature. As a cruel joke on himself and because of his personal demons, he fashioned himself a demonic mask which he wore on his face, and one on his left shoulder.




    Might - 1
    Finesse - 5
    Fortitude - 1
    Health - 3
    Speed - 6
    Perception - 4


    A Demon's Farewell:
    Focusing all of his energy into his legs, Kato is able to run at speeds that put the fastest land animals to shame. He often uses this to escape unfavorable encounters with a flashy smoke pallets or some sort of other distraction. However, this can only last for so long, and once it is done, it leaves Kato winded and drained.

    A Dance with Demons:
    Using an extract from a hallucinogenic plant, Kato uses a special type of smoke pallet to make his mask seem far more scarier than it is, and with his dancing-like fighting style, it looks like he is a deadly dancing demon. The smoke from the pallet can only go so far however, before it becomes useless, usually only affecting those who are immediately around him.

    An Opera of Death:
    Kato begins to swing his blades so fast, they make a continuous high pitched cry that disorients and confuses, or at least causes a lot of discomfort for his enemies. This attack affects both his allies and his enemies, and while he's swinging his blades he cannot attack, and if he does, the sharp noise from his blades stop.

    Kurald and Butain:

    These are the twin katanas of Kato which he got after his foster father disappeared after The First Sentence. They are strangely shaped, with black and white metal with golden cross guards and a hilt wrapped with red cloth. He wears both swords across his back in an ornate sheath that had also been left behind by his foster parent.

    Smoke Pallets and Hallucinogenic Pallets:
    In a small pouch behind his back, Kato carries a small number of smoke pallets and in another pocket under his uwagi, he carries the hallucinogenic pallets. Kato at any point only carries five smoke pallets and three hallucinogenic pallets. With him, in another pack at his back are the ingredients to make more smoke pallets, as well.

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  14. @Torack Looks good for the most part, but some things stand out. There's at most two languages utilized in Drisbane; that of the regional language, and that of Palace's homeland. If Kato's father did indeed come from another land, it would seem strange that he'd learned the sign languages of eight other languages. Did he travel elsewhere besides Drisbane before coming there? If it was a diplomatic mission then how did he come to stay in those regions for so long to learn their languages? Why would he even learn their sign languages in the first place?
    At the end of Kato's bio it mentions he hears "demonic voices". Why mention that all of the sudden out of nowhere? Why does he have them? What's their point?
  15. The demonic whisperings you pointed out had me confused for a bit there. My bad, I decided to take a bit of poetic license there for nightmares and kinda forgot there might be actual demons at play in the story. I can fix that.

    Also, I assumed because of the city's size that there would be more than several cultures thrown into a mixing pot type of thing, ya know. I can fix that too, since Kato lived his entire life in Drisbane.
  16. Unarmored (open)

    Armored (open)

    Name: Lyssa Elspeth

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Stands tall at six feet with platinum blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a rather small bust. Has a well-toned, muscular body from years of physical training. Could be mistaken for a young boy if it wasn't for her height.

    • Confident and proud, believes herself and her faction to be righteous
    • Devout, accepts the First Sentence as a just punishment for man's sins
    • Devoted to Princess Efrida, will stop at nothing to put her on the throne
    Short Biography:
    Lyssa was born as the only child to the last head of House Elspeth, who was a champion for the late monarchs of Drisbaine. In her childhood, Lyssa served as a royal playmate for Princess Efrida, cultivating a friendship with the young princess that later turned into complete loyalty to her. Eventually, Lord Elspeth finally deemed her old enough to learn the arts of war, and Lyssa began her martial training as a future champion of Aesil.

    When the Sentence happened, Lyssa simply bowed her head and accepted the judgement of heaven. Man had violated the Holy Decree, and there was no choice but to simply accept it. Those greater than her had judged, and she would pay the price of her parents accordingly. From then on, as Princess Efrida took charge of Aesil but was stripped of her rightful throne, Lyssa stood by her as one of her most devoted knights and champions, staunchly defending her from any who would try to usurp the leadership of Aesil.

    Faction: Aesil

    Might - 10
    Finesse - 3
    Fortitude - 7
    Health - 7
    Speed - 5
    Arcane - 3
    Perception - 4


    Searing Light: Lyssa is a caster of offensive light magic, able to cast blasts of holy fire, as well as launch swords of light at her foes with a wave of her hand. She can also use her light magic to create weapons she can wield in case she is ever disarmed.

    Sacred Wings: Manifests wings of light on Lyssa's back that can be used to propel herself forward in a dash and increase her jump height. The wings are razor sharp and can be used to attack physically. However, no other abilities may be used while this is ability is active. Increases Might and Speed by 2 while active. Allows basic attacks to roll Might to hit instead of Finesse.

    Hallowed Ground: Sanctifies the ground around her in a 10 foot circle. Cleanses all buffs and debuffs from everyone inside, and everyone inside the circle besides Lyssa must roll a Fortitude check at the start of their turns to avoid taking damage.


    Warhammer - Lyssa wields a massive spiked maul that requires both hands to wield effectively and smashes through armor with ease.

    Armor of Elspeth - Lyssa wears her family's traditional armor: hooded robes worn under a set of armor, along with a metal mask to protect her face. The armor was originally her father's, and Lyssa took it up after the Sentence.
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  17. @Asuras I've modified my character. Let me know if there is anything else I should change.
  18. I've tweaked my post - better?
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