The Sentence of Your Life

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  1. This picture on my feed today made me laugh.


    So I did mine.

    "I need a schema for a piece of artificing."

    And I laughed. e___e

  2. And I said: "Go ahead."
  3. 'Everything you've said about Hessen's vision. I've been thinking of chasing the same thing.'

    o.O Okay.....
  4. "The legacy haunts you — you're feeling trapped, caged in."

    Ok then.
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  5. "you chose to marry him and now you must live with your choice, just like all other women in your situation."


    But I also have another book equally close to me that says "Come back."

    I guess one of us will ask for a divorce. My guess it's me :D
  6. "You saw the Lord use his great power and strength to bring you out of Egypt."



    I didn't know God felt that way about me, but I don't think Canada is Egypt.
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  7. "Give me one good reason not to jump," Alfie said.

    a) Who is Alfie.
  8. ......

    Haruki Murakami serves to show that he loves me .

    'The Professor nodded. "Not once. Seven years without a word." .'
  9. I swallowed. Time to be a leader ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  10. "Determine the amount of work done by the force."

    It was a physics textbook.
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  11. "And for those who are experiencing difficult circumstances, in the book of Job there is a verse that speaks of courage that comes from hope (Job 11:18 NT)."

    My entire life makes sense now.
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  12. "There were glow in the dark hands on the watch Al had given me, and I watched with horror and resignation as the long hand moved down toward the bottom of the dial, then started up once more."
  13. "Oh yes. By the skin of our teeth."
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  14. Apparently out of all the flavors I chose to be salty

    "Does anyone have extra salt?" Humble, across my table, stretches his neck to the room.

    -It's Kind of a Funny Story, Ned Vizzini
  15. Oh wow...

    'From creating a wisp of light to causing ground itself to shatter and break, spells are a source of immense power.'

    Pathfinder Core Rulebook, pg. 206

    I guest magic is my reality.
  16. "This was understandable with the two gubernatorial hopefuls. (New Hampshire is not a state that aspires to its own foreign policy- except to deport citizens of Massachusetts who run their boats too fast on Lake Winnipesaukee. )"

  17. Page 206 is a blank page....

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  18. "That night they both dreamed of murder, and both of them awoke in mingled terror and exhilaration."

    I see how it's going to be.
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  19. If the book is too short, do 106 instead :D
  20. Nah, the book is a good 412 pages long, it's just that page 206 is the gap between chapters. (Page 207 reads 'Part Two: Brotherhood in Spiderland')
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