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    Fantasy, Combat, PvP, Dice

    Interest Check​

    The Sentence is a fantasy roleplay set in the aftermath of a supernatural and apocalyptic (but expected) event leaving the population reduced to a range of young individuals. These youngsters represent the leftovers of a few great factions that were at war prior to the apocalypse, though they now rest at relative peace that will soon be disturbed. The Sentence will be an experiment into the realm of player-versus-player play-by-post roleplaying for me, with a large focus being placed on the potential for moderated battle being carried out between players.

    Yes indeed, many of of you who join will end up fighting one another, and the prospect of drawn-out battles or uncooperative opponents may be off-putting, but such things will inevitably be heavily monitored by me, the GM, through the use of arbitration and simple dice-rolling. Battles will be carried out with a few rules to them, and failure to adhere to them will likely result in immediate loss of rights. Make no mistake; you will be playing badasses, but it would be unwise to disappoint me and your fellow players by purporting your character to be better than everyone else.

    The Sentence won't start immediately with battle, but it will be a large part of the roleplay. Note that because of this, there is definite potential for losing your character's life. Do not join with the idea that your character will live forever.

    The potential for death at the hands of another player is a very real possibility.

    The Setting

    The First Sentence

    Long has mankind known of the Holy Decree, the Final Verdict, the Sancrosanct Judgement.

    The Sentence.

    Under its demands, the world refrained from "war" in the traditional sense. Wars were not fought with massive armies, but with particular individuals, trained with utmost care and attention till they became champions of their people. Immeasurably skilled and undeniably powerful, these champions acted as the heralds of a state's will and the embodiment of their power. There were a number of these champions for every state or faction, and yet they were few. These champions were the sacrifices to sanctioned battles, the results of which determined the outcome of "war".

    For The Sentence decreed that no man would ever send an army to battle another. Any military of sufficient size would be heresy to The Sentence, a rule of nature so entwined within reality that disobeying it would be paramount to destruction. Mankind obeyed, but they did not forgo the necessity of violence to attain their wants. Where an army could not be raised, few champions instead forced submission upon others.

    For many years this silent pact was not broken, and the world's states twisted and fluctuated with every champion-borne conquest. It was ultimately broken when the will of a people would not bend to these war-customs. The champion of an unknown country was set to lose, and their opponent was the champion of a notably vile and oppressive state; the losers were unwilling to yield, and rose up an army in retaliation.

    They would rather bring an end to the world than suffer the rule of the victor.

    As the army rose, the original victors, too, amassed their own forces. As the first weapons clashed, a mighty storm crackled into being above the battlefield, and in an instant set divine judgement upon the world. A flash of light heralded the instantaneous vanquishing of all adults across the lands, leaving only their children unscathed.

    Those That Remained

    In a particular city, four factions existed, fragments of a divided nation far from the influences of others. Prior to the First Sentence, these factions were led by elders, and their mission was the control of their country. Like the rest of the world, the factions of the city utilized a select few -champions- to carry out their will. These champions, children of the faction families, battled one another for honor and spoils; land, resources, political power, money. No single faction, miraculously, ever seized full power, as someone had always risen up to meet the challenge of their opponents and take back fragments of control.

    After the First Sentence, these factions were left with only their young children, devoid of knowledgeable mentors and guidance. All too familiar with the consequences of the First Sentence, the members of each faction immediately took towards securing order within their ranks, with individuals rising up to meet the occasion.

    Mere years later, the Factions remain as staunch as ever, ready to meet the new world order with revitalized hope. You will play as one of these children, skilled warriors trained from birth to carry out the will of their faction. You will choose from one of four available factions and create your character for it, serving a leader and taking on missions together against opposing groups.


    Well there you go. Some basic information for the world and such. As this is an interest check, I await eager players to express interest before I put up an OOC which will ultimately end up having much more info on the world, character creation, stats, etc, blah blah blah. Questions? Ask away!
  2. I'm in as long as injuries casted by attacks and effectiveness of defends are not posted by the players themselves. I would like my character to be injured by the GM and not myself. I like to be surprised.
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  3. Players will only be declaring attacks or attempts at defense. There won't be any, "And if Sally's attack connected, the target would be greviously slashed across the chest, leaving a deep wound." Results of bodily harm/etc will be determined by me.
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  4. Sounds interesting! I'll be watching out for this.
  5. Then I am definitely in.
  6. Count me as interested aswell.
  7. Veeery interested, done little RP like this - so the 'dice' side of things shall have to be explained better to me... Anybody care to?
  8. Essentially instead of determining whether or not things like attacks, blocks, or dodges succeeded for your character yourself, their success will be determined by dice being rolled. Take for example the following scenario; your character is about to get mugged by someone in a dark alleyway.

    In a normal roleplay without dice, you, the player, could state in a post that,

    Here you're governing how successful your character's (John) attacks were, and whether or not they were able to dodge an enemy's attack as well. With dice, you wouldn't be able to write out any such results unless dice were previously rolled, in which case when you wrote the contents would need to reflect what the dice said. For example if the dice resulted in John failing at dodging, in your post you'd have to depict him actually getting hit.
  9. Aaaand who rolls the dice may I ask? Ourselves? I have no dice in real life - so is there an online dice roller? Will we be using a d20, d12?
  10. I'll be rolling the dice, as I said before. We'll be using d20's.
  11. My creativity has been tickled, thus I would like to express interest. However, I can not yet promise anything. Could you give us a description of the factions and the city itself, as well as the power varieties, technological advance and weapons we may create?
  12. [​IMG]

    The city-state of Drisbane was once home to several thousand individuals, though was effectively cut in half after the First Sentence. Many homes and buildings now are left abandoned, and great portions of the city are devoid of residents completely as the leftover children gathered in more specific quarters. Outside the city "limits" (the boundary between urban and rural countryside is a slow shift) exist sprawling farmlands that are still maintained by the sons and daughter of farmers. The populace is currently on an upswing from starvation after farm-children were more readily organized and given a place in society. Still, there are some significant problems with getting the proper amount of food to everyone, including the rich.

    Currently divided into six sections, two of which are unoccupied by any faction presence. The first borough is considered the seat of the city; the location of the throne and the home of the late king and queen of Drisbane. Now it is left alone by the four factions post-Sentence, considered to be off-limits in hopes of having a peacetime devoted more to situating the public comfortably. Residents of Drisbane are allowed to wander the First Borough, but none consider it to be "theirs" alone. The other unoccupied section is simply considered abandoned space, devoid of residents. Few people enter this area for long.

    The other four boroughs belong to each respective faction, and while unguarded due to a lack of standing army, defines where other faction members may or may not enter. Residents affiliated with a faction often wear articles of clothing or accessories displaying their respective faction, allowing others to identify them and turn them away from specific boroughs if the rules demand it.

    Residents generally swear allegiance to a particular faction in hopes of attaining benefits, though there are still a large number of citizens who do not belong to nay one of them, and are generally free to go where they please.

    The Aesil are the supposed descendants of angels, human beings with an affinity towards the divine and a staunch reliance on spirituality and order. While lacking a defined "religion", members passively agree on the existence of a heaven at the very least, and acknowledge their ability to utilize whatever powers exist associated with it.

    Aesil is currently ruled by the surviving daughter of the former Drisbane monarchs, Princess Efrida. Despite her prior claim to the throne, Efrida is nevertheless considered but the faction's leader, and nothing more. Regardless, Efrida remains firm in her mission towards taking back the throne again.

    Goetia is made up of the Disciples of Madurn, magicians of a nature the populace often considers sinister. Their shadowy dealings and darker magicks earn a repertoire of questionable morality, though their actual actions are almost never directed towards the evil missions many imagine.

    Since the Madurn Covenant was vanquished after the First Sentence, Goetia's leadership was left in ruins. A single young man by the name of Kaileb rose up amidst the broken faction and claimed to have been inside the Madurn's Sanctuary and bore witness to the spirits of the Madurn themselves. Seeing no alternative leadership, Goetia followed his lead.

    The Drisbane Guardians are the de-facto police of the city, and while made up of technically vigilante individuals, is honored by the public and unanimously considered their source of protection. New members of the Guardians are welcomed and summarily trained with rigorous physical courses. Despite the seemingly selfless nature of their mission, the Guardians serve only those who pay a tax, ignoring the pleas of individuals who would not "aid their cause".

    Before the First Sentence, the Guardians were led by "Captains" who sought after the throne as much as they sought the peace of the city. Today, it is led by a young man by the name of Tycen Uma who funneled all of the Guardian's efforts into civil protection, rather than power-seeking.

    The "Palace" as it is often called, is the widespread family made of up of foreigner descendants who had long ago come to the city. Highly influential and exclusive, entrance is granted only to those bearing their own blood. As their numbers increased and the city became a mixing pot of ethnicities, the Palace had gained a significant grip on the potential for rulership.

    The heir to the Palace family head-ship was to be the current Aosoki Hime, though due to her youth was willingly denied leadership of the faction. Instead her cousin, Utashou Hokoa, took the claim at the suggestion of Aosoki's peers, now serving as the "temporary" Palace leader.

    Aesil: Knight/Holy theme
    Goetia: Magic/Darkness theme
    Guardians: JUSTICE
    Palace: Oriental theme

    Technology level is basically medieval. There won't be any firearms unless you plan on using barrel-loaded guns. As far as powers go... go crazy. Use your imagination. Eventually I'll be posting a bit more guidelines on how you'll actually go about making powers/magic/etc.
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  13. Working on an OOC post. Will up later tonight.
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  14. This sounds promising, though I may just end up reading it and not participating..... but either way,
  15. So excited now.
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