The Senpai and the Kōhai.

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  1. P L O T

    It's the "Notice me, Senpai!", yet reversed. This is the "Notice me, Kōhai!". C1 is the senpai who happens to have their eyes set on innocuous and oblivious C2, the kōhai. Ensue a bunch of embarrassing situations in order for C2 to take notice of C1. Just when C1 is about to lose all hope, they discover something while searching the internet. It's an explicit video of C2 engaging in extremely lewd activities. With this newfound information, C1 is once again determined with a new fire from before. They use said video as blackmail in order to claim C2 for their own. Who knew that the innocuous kōhai was such a shameless, little nympho?

    T H I N G S × T O × K N O W

    • Pairing — MxM.
    • I would prefer the role of the kōhai.
    • This is intended to have more porn than plot.
    • I am open to suggestions to make the roleplay more fun! Don't be afraid to chat as we roleplay! ^^
    • Kōhai — Underclassman/Junior
    • Senpai — Upperclassman/Senior
    • Be somewhat lenghty in replies. A paragraph, at minimum. Other than that, I'll try to match whatever I am given (majority of the time).

    I think that's all. This idea was on a whim, in all honesty. If you're interested, say so below or shoot me a PM. We can discuss it in more details in PM or an OOC thread.

    Thank you for your time~! ^^
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  2. Crap, I love this. I'm totally interested, so if its not taken yet: would you mind me?
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  3. I wouldn't mind at all! The plot is yours for the taking c: I'm glad that you were interested~
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  4. Yay! I'm glad. I'm cool with being the senpai. Is there information you want me specifically to add to my character?
  5. Not at all! Make your character anyway you want~ ^^
  6. Lovely! I shall got started on him right away. Do you have a character you want to use?
  7. Hmm? What do you mean by that? Like, a faceclaim?
  8. Yes! I am. Time just gets away from sometimes :/

    But I meant more along the lines of background or likes and dislikes of the character you're gonna use.
  9. Hm...I'm not sure. I usually just wing it

    And the same happens to me. About the whole time thing
  10. Then shall we wing it? I'm good to go whenever you want to start :3
  11. Yeah, we can wing it! ^^ Should I start...?
  12. It'd be good if you did. I'm not very good at starting, but I'm fine when it comes to the follow through ^^
  13. Okie dokie~ ^^
  14. Wonderful. Do you want to make the thread or should I?
  15. It would be nice if you did c: I'm on mobile right now ;~;
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