The sellsword and the shield maiden.

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  1. A pretty face, it was rare in these parts. Dangerous even, for the one who owned it. For that reason alone a heavy black hood covered her features, obscuring her pale bye eyes and dark blonde hair. The woman, of obvious Nordic descent, didn't walk alone. Even for someone accomplished at the act of weilding steel it was suicide in these taverns. Ex Templar, mercenaries, vagabonds, and cowards fleeing these war torn lands filled these places. Making both tavernkeeper and brothel owner rich men. She was flanked by two men, each clad in a carmine jack of plates, a round shield bearing a spiral, each ending in a wolf's head upon it, lay over their backs. One man carried a short sword, the other a pair of frachescian throwing axes and a bearded axe. She didn't show her personal armaments. Hidden beneath the black cloth of her cloak rested a single long saber like sword and a matching dirk.

    To those who knew their heraldry, it was easy to assume this was the she-wolf of the north. Luna Vargar. Her reputation was that of a line of heathens dating back to when the Vikings terrorized the known world. She was here for her own glory, the act of pillaging was frowned upon in most of Europe save for the holy wars which burned from France to the great Arabian deserts. To step foot in a rowdy tavern such as this was almost disgusting to her, nonetheless she was after a man. Rumor had spread of his ability to fight, she wanted him in her 'pack' just to seize another key to glory and wealth beyond measure. Her blue eyes continued to search, her guards flanking her, keeping all at bay. Even though her body was hidden behind the cloak, her smaller stature already showed her gender. Not that any to touch her would keep their hand very long.
  2. A foul stench swept through the air of the tavern, no doubt due to the group of rats that entered the place. A pair of light blue eyes scanned the area quickly before the lead of that group "Accidentally" bumped into the mans chair. He didn't stir, even kept balance as the chair rocked, and continued to drink from the flask. The men were snickering, but he honestly didn't give a rats ass about those fools. He was here to drink and listen to the minstrel pluck her tune harmlessly. After all Lobos was a man much like the rest of the cursed little village, or that was at least the shadow of a facade he liked to give off when taking part in his only enjoyment outside of his occupation.

    Unfortunately, it didn't appear those morons were going to let it sit at that. His eyes glanced to the side just in time as the biggest of those morons glanced back to judge his aim before flinging his bottle back aimlessly towards Lobos. A quick gesture of his palm and he caught the bottle with no problem what so ever. Lobos spoke out in a sly condescending tone. "My my friend, be you so drunk you can't aim properly it might have been better placed a little to the left, if you desired to throw this in the trash." He had a smirk on his face as the big man turned around red as a tot and stood up from his seat in a drunken stupor. Lobos certainly would need to clean his cloak off after this endevour, but that was the way things went. The man was spweing saliva and bile as he got right in Lobos' face and took every littl comment of some sort of challenge. Of course Lobos' smart mouth did not help him in these situations. "Good sir, I don't doubt your ability to hit the basket, but if you miss in such manners often the ladies might find you a jest among their private quarters." That familiar smirk showed upa gain as some of th eladies began to giggle at this strangers comments.

    His cloak fell from over his face and it was revealed, the long black hair with a single braid, slick as could be with two feathers. A smooth face that had hardly been scathed, and of course the war paint ancient symbol in deep blue that ran on his cheek and over his eye; there was no way to mistake this man for anyone else other than. "Lobos the Sell sword." Lobos sighed as the man said it. "can't it be anything just a little more climactic, like Lobos, the Moon Shade, or.." He didn't have time to finish the sentence before a man came from behind and Lobos first scoot out his chair into the mans nards. Then turned grasping the back and he slammed the chair across the mans face. "And so it begins." he sighed shaking his head before dodging dipping his hand into the trash; breaking the bottle to be at a sharp point, and flinging the remains into the big mans throat. Others started to dog pile on him as well, but they didn't really stand a chance in such feeble one digit numbers. He would dance with them for a while, why not they had already ruined his night, and what better payment for that; than tearing down their prides before he killed them.
  3. To say she was impressed was an understatement. She had heard of this man's prowess but never had she seen it in action. Dispatching one drunk was an easy enough action. A child with half a brain and a bit of guts could handle it without much difficulty. When the rest began upon him he had earned every word of praise she had heard. None the less she couldn't have him getting too worked over or tired out by drunken brawlers. A simple nod was all it took from her and her guards stepped up. They grabbed some of the men, blade to their throat and they stopped. She put the end of her saber through the shoulder of one about to draw a blade on him. The position of the attack was enough to not be life threatening. "Lobos. You are a hard man to find." She spoke, her voice soft and yet it held a deep sense of power and self-awareness. "I have to say I am impressed, by your guile..." She yanked the blade free of the man letting him scramble off clutching the wound before she cleaned the blood on her cloak. "And your ability."
  4. Lobos turned to meet the other men, he knew he had not taken care of; but to his great surprise, they were already taken care of. "Ahh well thats conveniently contradicting." He chuckled to himself as he pulled the hood up and bowed his head lightly to the woman. "Oh fearless maiden you saved my very life, how ever could I repa.." His words were cut off curtly when the woman mentioned his ability. "Oh?" he hummed a sharp smirk forming on his face. It was possible they were here to drag him away for murder, or to hire him; but they never could of expected his response to her qualms. "If you think that was good you should see my "other" skills." he winked in her direction chuckling outright to himself as he stepped back a bit. "However madame, if you will excuse, me I have a nice cot on the street, that awaits my adoring head; and a potato sack to warm my quivering bones." he was suggestive in the worst ways and it was likely her guards wished to pommel, him; well it would certainly make for more entertainment than, 20 or so drunkards, he couldn't help but feel that tug of excitement, and desire to jive the guards to join the fight.

    "Ahh but I suppose that potato sack wouldn't be necessary If I were to have your company in the chill air young maiden, of course the dogs can sit around the hearth and watch, long as their quiet." He smirked again starting to turn but placing his hand eerily on the hilt of a simple long sword with a serrated saw like blade edge. He started to walk off, leaving his words to tremble the pups in armor, with any luck he would have a chance for a real fight out of these morons.
  5. The guards had dropped their current dealings with quickly sobering drunkards. Their attention turning to him as he spoke, a hint of anger welling up for speaking to their proprietor as such. She simply smirked, reaching up to drop her own hood. Her hair falling in a loose Baird around her shoulder. "I cannot guarantee the dogs to be quiet, or I to even allow you to see my bed." She spoke, a similar grin crossing her lips, teasing, holding back a bit of annoyance. "However!" She called out as he began to walk away, "I can offer you a true mattress, quilts, and furs to warm you, perhaps even a whore to warm it for you." She spoke nodding to her men, the two sheathing their weapons and waiting at her flanks once more. "I can offer you riches as well, enough that you'd never have a cold bed as long as you live. As long as your reputation serves you well and you live to see those riches." She spoke, sheathing her own blade, hand moving to rest upon her hips.
  6. Lobos sighed to himself as he heard the woman speak from behind him. She really did take him for someone sold so easily didn't she? After a few more words he turned around bracing as if he were about to say something and flashing a bright smile to each of the guards. "I really don't know who you are miss, I really don't nor do I truly have much care into finding out. You talk of feeding me whores and wealth, and beds and all such things that a normal person might kill for. I am no normal man." he spun a chair and then sat backwards in it facing her directly with the light color of his eyes. "You see, the moment you offered such charitable things as giving me those things, I lost immediate interest. A whore? Ha, those are a dime a dozen in this town, do I ever buy them? well Ill let you ponder that for a bit. However you just sold the idea to me, that you have no morals for me to care of. With such being the case I really have also lost interest in you as well." he shrugged slightly winking to one of the male guards tauntingly as he started to turn away again. "Come to me with a better offer, than whores, beds and "wealth. In fact before you come to me again I might suggest you do some delving into finding out for yourself what determines "wealth" for yourself, compared to the standard you so ignorantly follow. If you think to follow me, know that I have no intention of leading you back to my spot on the street; just so that you can badger me some more, so it might be in my whims to kill all of you, if you keep following without a reason I deem worthy. He smiled back and them lifting one of his hands to wave and started right past them towards the front door, almost unintentionally begging for one of them to try it.
  7. She looked to him, a hint of shock upon her features. The insolence of this man, it made her blood boil. She kept a straight face, watching as he belittled her morality. Beneath her cloak she clenched her fists, eyeing him carefully while he walked passed her. His attitude was the worst of it all. "Do you know who I am? What I am?" She questioned, doing everything she could to keep from boiling over. "I am Luna Vargar, head of Järn Vargar, the Iron Wolves." She spoke a hint of her anger in her voice. "My morals are of my business, I am a Nord and I support those traditions." She growled out. "The blood of a dozen Viking lords runs in my veins, this is how I live and that is not of your issue." She spoke watching him. "So, Lobos, if my life, if my people offend you so much then draw your sword and strike me dead if you can. I, for one, find sellswords to be the one without morals, without cause. Fighting for whoever pays you. No loyalty. Your kind are scum!"
  8. Lobos shook his head with a soft sigh. "I was hoping you might let your hounds pick at me, it leaves a bad taste to the air to kill a woman." He then turned and watched the woman with a subtle grin forming over his lips. His gray eyes catching her own as he drew his own weapon. " I can tell by the determination in your eyes, you don't intend put your toy away, so we are left to this." he sighed to himself again before eyeing each of the guards and thinking of some sort of proposal that might save him the dirty deed of taking this maidens life. "Surely I am but one man, and these are of your guard Iron wolf, so if that is indeed the case then Ill ask you reconsider your arrangements of the future, I would ask send them upon me at once Ill even go so far as to strike the deal that should they defeat me I will join your little group until a single Job you wish of me is over. However after these men are dead and should I still stand Ill beseech that you take your tail between your legs and return home or whatever. I just don't see a point in cutting up the leader especially when you have guards that are supposed to take up that job, so do you think we have us a bargain?"
  9. She growled, loosening her stance while she listened to him. With a simple sheathing of her blade her men stepped forward, drawing their own. They looked like nothing more than simple brutes in armor yet they were the greatest houscarls to come from her lands. She waited, watching. Knowing even if he struck one down the other would win. For as good as he was they were just as grand with their shield and blade. Their armor thick, yet their actions fast, striking to kill knowing they couldn't take it easy upon the man. They attacked in unison, the two having fought together their whole life. Leaving him no chance to attack when he had to block their own attacks, pushing him toward a corner.
  10. "Oh giddy joy, it looks like we have us a deal aye." he could hardly say the words fast enough before he was forced to step back and take out his own Long thin, jagged edged curve blade preparing as he stepped around and just as another of the men swung Lobos jumped and half rolled over the table just in time for it to shatter as the mans sword came through it. "well done youve managed to break a table this day, bravo indeed good sir, but ...." He stepped to the side as the other guard came around and the man having just broke through a table recovered. Lobos flung up his back foot that had hooked onto a part of a chiar and as he swung his leg forward the chair came forward almost assuredly crashing into the free guards face while he was distracted with the table.

    The other guard was close behind however, circling in like a hawk as Lobos pivoted on his foot grabbed a half "floating chair leg and turned just in time to wack the mans sword strike away and step in with his back against the inside of the mans shield arm. His bodt twisted and arced, as he found the perfect spot and then aimed else where with his sword swinging upward at the mans sword arm in an attempt to cleave it from his body entirely, his foot already near perfect as he hooked a foot around the guards own and with his free hand directed the man by throwing him int he direction of his likely missing arm. Though before he would even touch the ground, it was likely he'd be dead. Lobos would stab him through right at the point where the chain mail was most thin. It would likely impale the man and leave him nothing but death to relish in. Lobos knew the other one would of likely recovered by now from being hit across the face with a bloody chair, but a one on one battle was much more to his liking, but only if the opponent was good. " Im starting to think i might have been better suited facing your mistress boys, she would of likely given me a much better fight, and I might not have been so inclined to smack such a pretty face with a chair." he chuckled drawing out his bloody weapon as he stepped forward to face the other guard head on. "I have no use for killing you, you can run you know; what happened to your friend here was unfortunate, and to befall a similar fate would be too much misfortune for a single day; or rather, id like to believe." he smirked and waited to see what might happen next.
  11. She watched in anger, outrage, and disgust as one of her guards was cut down. The other didn't care for his words as he charged in, not enraged, calm, knowing that emotion got you killed. He struck and blocked, keeping his guard up, not providing much to be attacked as he squared up the male. His mistress just watched, biting the inside of her lip to keep herself from joining in, her eyes narrowed upon the male, detesting his arrogance. (Yea crap post... As I said I couldn't figure out what to do...)
  12. To say he was disappointed int he direction this had taken would of been an understatement. "Seriously.." he groaned looking to the guard as he prepared his attack. He glanced to the Lead maiden for a second trying to find reason to her ignorance, but found none. The first attack came in and Lobos ducked out of the way stepping back. "You realize you are sending him to his grave for your foolish pride right woman, I know you realize he can't take me, he even realizes hes dead, yet still he serves you." He taunted dodging another strike like an elegant demon of swords. "You could have called him down, or stepped in but you chose to remain stationary and watch him die, do you truly care so little?" He had a sickening grin on his face with each poke he made at her, but still expertly he dodged each and every attack and in the next attack made just as the guard was moving to step forward and swing in, Lobos swept a chair in with his foot so that when the man stepped down had would rise, Lobos spared no time kicking the stool out as the guard did so and handling him with his free hand to guide him to his back on the ground, it would have been death, had he wanted it to be. "If you didn't realize it before you do now, yet still you stand there, very well Princess I will grant your wish." He licked his lips as he stepped over and waited for the guard to rise to his feet again. "Blame not a God for the fate you face this day, Blame the Officer that hath forsaken you sir." He spoke wickedly as he waited for that same agenda of attack to come in dodging and watching, he was sure he could get beyond it but wanted to make sure. The shield came around to cover ground with the mans strike, and then just as it lowered Lobos stepped to the side hooked under the arc of the arm and stepped in to push the mans shield against his chest, and the arm in a bad spot that if he extended it he would lose i. Lobo's blade was placed against the side of the mans throat, ready to claim his life in a second with Lobo's lips close enough to the mans ear to whisper a few last words.

    "If you called to her, would she save you?"
  13. She remained silent, watching... Every fiber of her being wishing to step in. Her eyes cared not for Lobos even though they seemed angrily locked upon him. He truly knew nothing of her or her men, even of the people they hail from. His was the ignorance. Her face fell calm, watching the man be knocked over, knowing by his lips what he spoke.

    The man released a chuckle. "Are you so arrogant? So insolent to think I would call to her?" He questioned, fearless in the face of his death. He reached up, in an instant grabbed the man and clutched him close, hands and legs active in the action. "She calls to us..." His words were marked by his throat willingly running against his blade, his clutch remaining tight as he killed himself as he held him. Rigor mortis set in fast, his muscles clenching and holding fast. A smile remained on his face, herbs in his mouth that set off the reaction.

    She stepped forward, her blade still sheathed. "Do you not know how my kind gain glory? How my kind prefer their death?" She questioned as she looked down upon him. A snap of her fingers and the door busted open, she had never brought just two men. They were surrounded by crossbowmen, their sights trained on him. "We fight, we gain glory, we die with it and we meet Valhalla... That is our life's goal..." She growled, watching him closely.