The Selfish Princess and the Timid Jester.

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  1. The country had been at great war for many years, and the king and queen had been pushed to their utmost. When it finally came to a finale, they were able to think about less pressing matters. Such as having a child. Their princess had the most beautiful eyes and hair, and they raised her in the bounds of the castle. This princess didn't know much about the world outside, and had thought from childhood that she could have just what she wanted. So she found a boy one day, and decided that she wanted him to live with her at the castle. They'd become friends, but as they grew older, they grew apart. He became a jester at the castle while she took over some duties considering that she was the soon-to-be queen. But honestly, she didn't want to marry that man from the other country that would secure their peace. No. She wanted real love. But who?
    In addition, the jester was a calm boy. He didn't speak up much, nor did he interact much with others. His demeanor changed at times of being on stage, into a magical, alluring person, but that was long gone when he was just.. well, himself. He was lonely most of the time, and wanted to talk to someone, but he was very frightened to do so. Especially the princess. He wasn't sure of she scared him or if he was just shy to talk to her, but he couldn't be in the same room as her without being nervous. She never looked directly at him. She never talked to him, or gave him orders. He had later gotten the impression that, despite their childhood friendship, they were over. She probably hated him and he had no idea why. He kinda wanted to ask her about it, but his timid personality caused him to not do anything about it. He just simply accepted that she disliked him and didn't want to talk to him. That was, until they requested of him to be of her company on a three day trip to meet her fiancé from the neighboring country. He wanted to refuse but he knew that he couldn't. He really didn't know what he'd do as her traveling partner for three days.

    It was just another one of those days, and Sebastian was wandering the castle grounds aimlessly. He was throwing a flute from one hand to the other, back and forth in rhythm with his steps. He seemed lonely, like he wanted someone to talk to, and yet didn't make any moves to do so. He had been performing for the queen and king again, and as always, the princess had offered him complete ignorance. He knew he was funny. He knew his jokes were good. So why didn't she laugh when everyone else did? He also knew that his flute playing wasn't bad, and he could sing. So what caused her to be like she was? He sat down in the royal garden under a large tree, playing a soft tune on the flute he had brought with him. It was one of his dearest possessions, as it had been the only thing he had with him from his true family. It had belonged to his mother and he treated it as a precious treasure. He was mentally preparing himself for the trip, trying not to think too much of it. He was trying to figure out how to talk to her. How should he approach a conversation? Three days in complete silence would make him insane. He sighed as he went to his room, packing a bag for the days he'd be gone. They were going to stay in the neighboring country for a month and he'd be the protector and constant company of the princess during that time. One month and six days. 37 days. He had to stay with her and be her "friend" in that time. How was he going to deal with that?
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  2. Kieara honestly wasn't that bad. She was a sweet girl when you could get into her shell. She was nice and considerate and caring. But she had changed since her time drifting apart from her friend.

    She felt sad with all the things thrust upon her now it was stressful. She had to worry about her kingdom. She was to be married soon. And to a man she didn't even know. How could anyone cope with that?

    She never would admit it but she'd always liked him. That's why she was so cold and bitter. She wanted him. Not some pompous prince.

    She was walking through the gardens a lot on her mind. Her bags were packed.

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  3. ((It's fine mine's crap too haha))
    When the day dawned, Sebastian met early to prepare, and once the bags were all packed in the trunk on the back of the horse cart, he politely lead the princess inside and sat across from her. Not a word escaped him. He took a book from under his vest and began scribbling in it, trying to get something to kill the time as he somehow knew the princess wasn't going to want to talk to him. His pretty blonde hair was falling in his eyes, and even without his colorful costumes, he seemed to attract attention. With his bright blue eyes and light hair he seemed to light up in the dimly lit horse carriage, and his concentrated expression seemed to fit him well. He looked older in normal clothing, more mature and relaxed. He had no idea that the princess liked him, considering he hadn't thought that anyone would or could like him. His mind just didn't give much space for romance. He had enough to focus on other than that, and the typical teenage "falling in love" had just slipped from him. He had a bunch of female friends who had, on several occasions, tried to get in his pants, but nothing that they did seemed to interest him at all.
  4. The princess was smitten with him alright. He was just as handsome as she remembered. More so even. His gorgeous hair and his toned body was enough to drive anyone mad. Any decent woman would want him.

    She brushed her red hair from her eyes. Then tried to talk. "So...what are you doing?"
  5. When she spoke, he slowly closed the book and looked up at her. Flashes from their childhood went through his mind. He then slowly took his time to form an answer. "It's a diary. About nature." He said, not much for making conversation. He had been hurt by her. Rejected and thrown away. He didn't want to get himself hurt again. He looked out of the window, his expression unreadable. He looked to be deep in thought.
  6. She hadn't rejected him. Just gained so many responsibilities so fast that she hadn't the time to maintain her personal life much less friends. She was quite lonely if she was honest. She frowned at the look he gave her but tried again. "Nature huh? Flowers are my favorite things."
  7. "Yeah. They're easy to write about." He said in a soft voice as he glared out of the window. He was listening to her but his eyes never tore from the scenery outside. He didn't want anything bad to happen, and falling in love with the princess counted as "bad". Especially because she seemed to not want anything with him. She hadn't only left him but also treated him coldly and never given him a polite greeting. He didn't want to get himself hurt any longer.
  8. It stung that he wouldn't even look her in the eye. She sighed and looked out the other window able to sense he didn't want her to speak to him. Much less try to be friendly and make up for lost time.
  9. When the night took over the bright daylight, they stopped at an inn. Sebastian had to escort her to her room without showing anyone her face. Once they were in the room, he sat down on the second bed in the room, having been assigned as her guard. "So... are we going to talk about this?" He asked, having waited for them to have a moment of privacy. He didn't want others to overhear them.
  10. Kieara looked up at him. "Talk about what?" She wasn't aware of what was going on with him. "I've missed you.." She admitted
  11. "I meant the reason you treated me as a ghost for five years." He said as he took off his vest, sitting down on the bed that he was supposed to sleep in. He took off his shirt and replaced it with his night shirt. "Because you never quite told me that."
  12. Kieara frowned and looked down at her hands unable to meet his eyes. "A lot has happened in that time. It's been difficult. I never meant to treat you like that."
  13. He sighed as his expression softened. "Right, I get it. But will you please look me in the eye and say that?" He asked. He quickly went to the bathroom to change pants and then folded his clothes on the bedside table when he came back. "It'd be a lot easier if you would just look at me."
  14. She didn't know what to do to fix things. She didn't feel like she deserved to. And for that reason it caused her to distance herself a lot. She looked up at him into his eyes with her aqua ones. "I didn't mean to."
  15. Seeing her almost hopeless expression, he let out another sigh. He went over to her bed, not even hesitating. He sat down at her side and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. The last thing he wanted was to make a girl cry. "It's okay. Don't beat yourself up about it. Besides, the guards will kill me if I make you cry." He said with a bit of humor in his voice as he lightly patted her hair.
  16. She laughed a little bit at him. HE was very funny. She blushed at where he was sitting and holding her.
  17. "Look, I just... I really wanted to talk to you again." He said shyly as he looked away from her. He had always been a shy boy.
  18. "I would like that too." She spoke. She smiled to herself thinking back to when she was a kid and so was he.
  19. "But now... both of our worlds are growing apart. One day this... this we have won't be accepted. And not with... well... not with how I feel." He said softly as he brushed his hair out of his face, looking down at his hands.
  20. She looked over confused. "What do you mean?" She asked.
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