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  1. So I have recently read this amazing book series called The Selection. It's really good and if you haven't read it I suggest you do. So I was hoping to start an RPG for this, I would make a group and make it pretty detailed. We would need a King, Queen, Prince and possibly other siblings, along with the 35 (16-20 year old) Selected. I know we won't get 35 girls, but I will leave it open to however many people sign up. If you haven't read the selection, basically 35 girls one from each province, between the ages of 16 and 20 are chosen "randomly" (not) to meet the prince. He will then narrow them down to the one women he will marry, and she will become the crowned princess of Illéa and future queen. I will be playing a few contestants and maybe the queen.

    Basic Rules~
    • The contestant cannot leave the palace on her own accord—she can only be dismissed by the prince himself.
    • There is no timeline for the Selection—it can last from days to years.
    • The contestant cannot arrange her times with the prince. If in a large social setting, this rule does not apply.
    • The contestant cannot fight or sabotage other participants. If the contestant is found laying her hands on another contestant, causing her stress, stealing from her, or doing anything that might diminish her personal relationship with the prince, the prince will decide whether to dismiss her or not.
    • The contestant can only have a romantic relationship with the prince. If the contestant is caught in a relationship with someone else, it is considered treason and punishable by death.
    • If the contestant is found breaking any of Illéa's written laws, her punishment will be tied to that offense.
    • The contestant cannot eat food or wear any clothes not provided to her by the palace.
    • The contestant must be courteous to photographers, and allow them to see her lifestyle with the prince.
    • For each week the contestant stays at the palace, her family will be compensated.
    • If the contestant is no longer in the Selection, she will have an aide to help her adjust to her new life after the Selection. Her aide will help the contestant find new housing and employment.
    • If the contestant makes it to the top ten, she is considered an Elite, and will be required to learn about particular inner workings of the life and obligations she would have as a princess. Until then, the contestant is not permitted to seek out such information.
    • The contestant's caste number is automatically raised to a Three, unless she was already a Three prior to being Selected. Her family's caste remains the same. If the contestant was already a Two prior to the Selection, her and her family's status will remain the same.
    • If the contestant wins the Selection, she and her family will become Ones and members of the royal family. The contestant will also marry the prince and become the crowned princess of Illéa, taking on all the rights and responsibilities of the title.
    • The contestant must be a virgin.
    • If the prince invites the contestant to do something with him, she cannot refuse—regardless if it's dinner, outings, kissing, and even more than kissing.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask, and go check out the selection wiki if you haven't read the books and want more info. So tell me if you would be interested, I'm really excited for this!
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  2. I am interested, but I have not read the books. Would this be a problem? Are the characters we would play from the book or ones of our own?
  3. It's not a problem @Kadyia that you haven't read the books, it's pretty easy to understand and you can find most info on the wiki. We will be playing our own characters, it will be sometime after the books.
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  4. I finished reading the first book recently. It's pretty interesting, and I wouldn't mind RPing about it.
  5. Sounds interesting.
  6. Consider me interested as well.
  7. Was in one of these a while ago and had it die on me so I'm interested in giving it another shot, specifically playing the Prince. However I also have not read the books (it was an invite thing and the setup was pretty well explained) so how exactly does the Caste system work? I'm not sure how much was made up for that game and how much came from the series.
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  8. I've only really read the first book, but basically, the Caste system is based off of numbers that indicate how wealthy you are and what kind of jobs you can have. Ones are the Royal Family, Twos and Threes are richer people. Fours are like the 'middle class', while Fives are lower middle class, Sixes are poor household workers and servants, and Sevens are mainly manual laborers. Eights are basically the homeless and runaways.

    Women can marry into a different class. It's encouraged to marry above your class, but it's not unheard of for someone to marry below them.

    Hopefully I've explained that well.
  9. Okay, so that other game just went with the canon Caste system, thanks!

    Since I already have a pretty specific character in mind, should I run it by you guys now or just submit him like everyone else? And is there going to be any kind of rebellion going on during the story?
  10. I was looking for the Prince spot as well, to be honest.
    A married older brother however, could also fun.
  11. Actually I could go for a troublemaking younger brother if you want the spot--and that might be better given the fact that I don't have a lot of experience with romantic RP's and this looks like it's going to be heavily relationship-oriented.
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