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  1. Okay. So I haven't made a thread in a long time and I'm currently reading this book called The Selection which is what this is going to be based off of.

    In 2065, the world is completely different. There is a new country that has grown rather quickly in the amount of time it has existed. It's ruled by a king and queen and their son (your character). The caste is simple. Ones are the king and queen themselves...they royalties. Twos are a step below on and so forth. Eights are the lowest there are, the homeless and wanderers. It's the time of the year again where every girl in the country between the ages of 16 and 18 have the chance to be selected and brought out of their caste. Including a Five (my character). Fives aren't terrible but they're still bad. The artists of the caste...singers, painters, musicians...things like that. When she is selected among the thousands of other girls, how will she handle being moved into the palace when she doesn't even want to be there?

    1) Please at least write 3 sentences to 5 paragraphs. Anywhere between is perfectly fine. I'm a mirror replier so I try to match what you give me.

    2) Have fun.

    3) Please don't control my character.

    4) I can carry my own weight but I'd prefer to be the sub.
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  2. Hi @Lexie ! I loved this book series so much, and even though I usually prefer female roles, I'd love to play this out with you if you're still interested :)
  3. I'd love to ^^ I've seen some of your stuff and love it =^.^=
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  4. Thank you! That is very nice to hear, and truly the same goes back to you!

    Would you like to plan further in PM? Or is posting here within the thread alright?
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  5. We can plan it on PM
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