The Seireitei Academy- A Bleach Roleplay

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  1. This is The Seireitei academy for Quincy and Shinigami recruits. It is slightly AU in that the Quincy war never happened,the Quincies showed up as allies during the winter war with Aizen however Yamamoto was still killed. Now onto the plot: Several Years have passed since Aizen's defeat at the hands of the Quincy/ Shinigami alliance. The Arrancar surrender without quarrel upon the defeat of their Shinigami king and are welcomed among the ranks of the Allied Shinigami and Quincy.Seireitei is shared equally the Arrancar, Quincy and Shinigami,all three races Coexisting peacefully.Together they form the Academy,a place where the young from all the races can learn the ways of their kind.the uniforms have a color code,Blue for Quincy students,Red for Shinigami students and yellow for arrancar students. This is the first generation of students at the unified Seireitei Academy,a peaceful and welcoming Soul Society,the start of hopefully a new era of peace. However not all is as it seems an ancient evil Satoshi,a greater Demon from the little known Hell realm has amassed an army of lesser Demon each with their own evil counterparts of a Shinigami zanpakuto to take over both Soul Society AND the living world and this is the time to see if the alliance can truly work,if Shinigami,Quincy and Arrancar can really come together and survive this new threat.

    The characters are the children of the Canon characters Of Bleach,The Fullbringers are part of the Shinigami for ease of management for me.You have free reign to make your characters (maximum of 2 per person) any way you wish them to be BUT they MUST be the child of one of the pairings listed below,cannot pick your own pairing for the parents of your characters.

    Ichigo & Uryuu
    Ulquiorra & Orihime
    Chad & Tatsuki
    Kisuke Urahara & Hiyori
    Kyoraku & Nanao
    Sui Feng & Yoruichi
    Ichimaru & Matsumoto
    Unohana & Kenpachi
    Byakuya & Renji
    Tosen & Komamura
    Shinji & Lisa
    Kensei & Mashiro
    Aizen & Hinamori
    Hisagi & Kira
    Toshiro & Karin
    Ikkaku & Yumichika
    Rojuro & Love
    Jushiro & Rukia
    Hanataro & Ganju
    Haschwalth (Stern Ritter B) Yhwach (Quincy King)
    (You can pair the rest of the stern Ritter however you see fit)
    (You can pair the Fullbringers however you see fit)
    Avirama & Findor (arrancar)
    Grimmjow & Luppi
    Szayelaporro & Yylfordt
    Nnoitra & Tesla
    Starrk & Halibel
    (You can pair the rest of the arrancar together however you please)
    if you want Arturo Plateado from the various videogames can be included as can Senna from the first movie and Sojiro from the second movie
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  2. Character Sheet Template

    First Name
    Last Name
    Race (Shinigami,Quincy or Arrancar)
    Father (choose from above pairings)
    Mother (choose from above pairings)
    Zanpakuto name (only apply to Shinigami characters)
    Zanpakuto abilities
    Quincy ability (only apply to Quincy characters)
    Quincy Ability Description
    Resurrection (only apply to arrancar characters)
    Resurrection abilities
    Uniform color (see above to see colors)
    Unique Talent
    Personality Quirks
    Favorite Food
    Favorite Animal
    Favorite Squad (squad to join upon graduation)
    Reference Image

    In regards to Characters with same sex parents the Mother is the character who gave birth to your character regardless of gender and to explain how same sex parents can have a biological child is a simple explanation: in the event of 2 people having a strong emotional connection the reiatsu mixes and combines during intercourse forming a child,the" mother" is the parent with the receptive reiatsu
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  3. First Name: Taro
    Last Name: Kuna
    Father: Kensei
    Mother: Mashiro
    Zanpakuto Name: Enko 炎狐 (Flame Fox) & Ryōko 霊狐 (Spirit Fox)
    Zanpakuto Ability: Turns his two short swords into two hand claws, one being a dark red, the other being greyish
    Personality: Hardly ever speaks to others; often surrounds himself with foxes; has a strange dislike towards arrancars; adapted his visor to fit his love towards foxes
    Likes: nature; foxes; going extremely fast
    Dislikes: arrancars (for some reason);
    Uniform Color: Red
    Hobbies: lounging in a tree somewhere in the woods;
    Unique Talents: average kido skills; above average speed and strength (gets that from his mother)
    Personality Quirks: often gets too carried away; too often found asleep in a tree when he's supposed to be doing stuff
    Favorite Food: any meat that didn't come from a fox
    Favorite Animal: Foxes
    Favorite Squad: Squad 2
    Reference Image:

  4. you know you made those pairings quite difficult to pick through..... a few were paired with an agreeable partner.....
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