The Secrets of TownsCreek (Werewolf/cat/bear/fox, Slayer, Witch, Human RP)

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    Secrets of TownsCreek

    TownsCreek is quaint little town, with its quaint little people… well, except for the fact that some of the inhabitants aren’t entirely, “normal”. Hidden from humans, is the world of the supernatural. Werebeasts, and witches reside in this little town and live the day to day basis just any other person. With the exception of trying not to cause wars between tribes, covens or even the slayers that try to keep them in check. TownsCreek is, for the most part, and unpopular town, not because it’s a terrible place to live, but simply because too many people know of it. The town is surrounded by a forest, making it a perfect living place for Weres and Witches alike to live the life a human as well as carry on their true, secret identities when humans are not upon them. Because of this unpopularity, TownsCreek has yet to be clamed by a Slayer to watch over the humans and keep the world of the supernatural as well as its creatures in check. Few Slayers come by, but never take full interest, because for the most part, TownsCreek is a rather peaceful place…

    The Story Thus Far

    Lunacy is a disease has been around since the first Were. It makes a Werebeasts go into a bloodlust filled rage-like state when the Were is exposed to the full moon. Some Weres are resistant to the disease, while others are not as lucky, but the most vulnerable to Lunacy are humans. Once a human is bitten by diseased Were, they too will not only become a Were, but also infected by the lunacy. There is no known cure for Lunacy, except death. No one truly knows how Lunacy began, but there is an old rumor that Lunacy was curse placed on a Werebeast by his scorned wife who was a Witch. Lunacy has declined over the years, but still there are cases of reports of “rabid animal” attacks. Unfortunately for TownsCreek, there have been reports recently of these said “rabid animal” attacks. At first, it only killed off local farm animals, then an innocent woman was found dead, her body half eaten, somewhere in the woods on a jogger’s trail. This, of course, has made the humans of TownsCreek more wary to walk into the woods, especially at night, but the stress ultimately comes down to the Weres and even Witches. The fear of being exiled from their homes by Slayers, or worse, killed, is constantly looming over them. If the diseased Were isn’t found and killed soon, it might find another victim, or worse give the disease to another. But there lies another issue, is it a Were that lives amongst them, a Witch that has placed a curse, or a human that doesn’t even know that they are a blood thirsty killer under a full moon.

    Info on Lunacy
    Lunacy is a common disease that can affect any human and almost any Were. To contract the disease is to be bitten by a Were who is already infected by Lunacy.
    Lunacy gives signs of madness, similar to rabies but far, far worse. These signs includes constant, uncontrollable salivation and the foaming of the mouth, uncontrollable laughter, constant hunger, and high levels of aggression.
    Werebeasts have full control of when they want to shift form, however, Weres contracted with the Lunacy do not when under a full moon.
    If a human is bitten by a Were with Lunacy, they will transform into a Were themselves under a full moon, and will show signs of the Lunacy.
    Once the night of the full moon is done, the infected will change back into their human form and they will have little to no memory of what transpired.
    While in human form, Lunacy does not affect the person. Strangely, Lunacy only occurs when the moon is full and the infected person shifts.
    Witches cannot contract nor carry Lunacy, however, they too are victims. Witches are often blamed if Lunacy appears in a Were or human turned Were, because there are those who believe that Lunacy is actually a curse that only Witches can make and cast.

    Rules of the RP

    3+ lines when rping
    Keep OOC in these ->(())<- or in OOC chat
    Create your own pack or clan, but have very little npcs, if you wish to have a clan/pack/tribe/group then please allow other rper’s character to join and make up the majority of the pack/clan/tribe/group
    Nu tlkin lyke dis u hurr meh bruh?
    Create a character before rping
    No Godmodding
    Please, only create human, witch, slayer or werebeast characters
    Only create North American animal based Weres, that means if you were to make a Werecat character, do not make a tiger or cheetah Werecat, or Ethiopian Werewolf

    What are Weres?
    Werebeasts are creatures who can shape shift into either an anthromorphic animal and or four legged animal. Weres typically live amongst humans in their human form. Sometimes Weres are called Werebeasts or shifters, but they both mean the same creature.
    Weres have the ability to heal quickly and are in tune with nature, however they are weak to magic.

    List of Were/shifter Species:
    Quadpedal Bear Form (open)
    Anthro Bear Form (open)

    Quadpedal Cat Form (open)
    Anthro Cat Form (open)

    Quadpedal Wolf Form (open)
    Anthro Wolf Form (open)

    Quadpedal Fox Form (open)
    Anthro Fox Form (open)

    What are Slayers?
    Slayers are humans who are aware of the supernatural realm. Some slayers live in groups, some live alone, some hunt down and kill Weres while others try to keep the peace between the Weres and human realms. Think of them as police or hitmen in the supernatural world.

    What are Witches?
    Witches are humans, born with magical powers. Witches have been known through history to be int eh grey area, when it comes to choosing sides of the humans or the supernatural. Some witches assist slayers, some assist Werebeasts, other work for themselves. Witches can fly on broom sticks, use strange magic such as manipulating the elements or even summoning the dead. All Witches have an animal companion at their side named, familiars, sometimes Weresbeasts will become a Witches familiar through a strong bond.

    List of Powers Witches Have (may add in more, give me some ideas :D)
    Fire manipulation
    Water manipulation
    Wind manipulation
    Earth manipulation
    Control the weather
    Flight (with a broom)
    Shape shift into a domestic cat
    Raise the dead
    Speak to the dead
    Speak to animals
    Cast Curses
    Create a variety of poisons

    Rules and info on Werebeasts
    Werebeasts are weak to magic
    Werebeasts are not skilled in magic, since they are not born with magical powers (unlike witches), though a Werebeast can learn some magical spells it is much harder to control this and they are very limited to this power, even if the Werebeast were to study magic for all its life.
    Each Werebeast has its own unique perks and abilities that attribute to their animal: Werebears are the strongest of the Werebeasts. Werefoxes and wolves are the fastest. Werecats are the most agile.
    Only humans can be turned into a Werebeasts from a bite on the neck.
    It is rare for half Werebeast, half human child to be born, they are incredibly rare. When a half child is born, however, they cannot fully transform into Werebeasts. When they do transform, they only have animal ears, tail, fangs and enhanced abilities that are superior to that of the average human.
    A child resulting in the union of a Were and Witch are even more rare and the child will either be born a Witch or Were.

    Rules and info on Witches
    Witches are born with magical powers and are the most skilled with these said powers. Though witches are the most powerful with magic, all must learn how to properly control it.
    Witches are limited to shape shifting, only being able to transform into a domestic cat.
    Though they can create powerful spells and curses, they can also be weakened by them as well, even killed.
    Witches can only fly with the help of a broom.
    All Witches have an animal companion, called a familiars, which assist them. Some Werebeasts are familiars to witches because of their animalistic spirit and connection with nature.

    Rules and info on Humans
    Humans have the ability to learn magic, though, like Weres, they are not as masterful as Witches
    Most humans are unaware of the supernatural world
    Humans are able to become Slayers, under the right training and proving their loyalty to the cause of being a Slayer (following the code)
    Humans can become Weres if bitten by one on the neck, symptoms and how they transform varies from human to human.

    Rules and info on Slayers
    The job of a Slayer is solely for humans (even if a Were or Witch were to do the same as a Slayer, they are not considered as one)
    Slayers are used as assassins, hunters, police, and or peace keepers of the world of the supernatural.
    Though not all Slayers are the same, they do have one intention and that is to keep the world order. To kill any Weres or Witches that may have ill intentions for humans or each other.
    Some Slayers run in groups, pairs or alone.
    Slayers are not considered as supernatural, because they are humans

    The Code for All Supernaturals and Slayers
    Weres, Witches and Slayers may fight if they wish, wage war if they wish, but keep the unknowing humans out of these wars, it is not their battle to fight.
    The World of the Supernatural, must stay hidden from the common man, Slayers are the only humans that must know of this world
    Any man, woman or child may become a Slayer, but must go through training and prove their loyalty to the cause of maintain order
    Slayers have full control over an area, if the territory is claimed by a Werebeast. The Slayer or Slayers that control over the said area, has every right to do as they wish with the Witches and Weres that live in the area, and are given the right to punish them however they see fit.
    Slayers are not allowed to take over another Slayer’s turf, unless given permission or exiling the previous owner of said turf.
    Werebeasts and Witches are not to harm humans
    Werebeasts and Witches are not to interbreed with humans
    Werebeasts found contracted with Lunacy are to be killed

    Witches are not to raise the dead
    Slayers are to maintain and uphold The Code
    The code is Law and must be followed by all, if the code is broken, there will be a punishment, from exile, mutilation, death or any other punishment to what a Slayer sees fit.
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