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I have been considering putting this up for a while now.

There are things in this world that many believe to be myth and fantasy. There are many who want the secret horrors of the world to stay secret. Werewolves, vampires, zombies, there are many things in the world that threaten humanity. ever since the dawn of civilization man has been preyed upon by the horrors of the night. During the dark ages humanity in Europe was on the brink of destruction, but men and women began to band together. People gathered and stood up to those that fed on them. Organizations were formed for the sole purpose of stamping out the enemies of mankind. Mnay of these organizations were very powerful, and they are remembered to this day, The knights Templar, The Teutonic Knights, The Sohei, and many more. For the first time humanity had driven their greatest enemy into obscurity. By the end of the middle ages a consensus was made. The horrors that they worked so hard to destroy would be forced into memory. Their very existence would be denied and forced into myth and fantasy.

Despite being pushed to the brink, the creatures of our nightmares survived. It wasn't long before the hunters of humanity were reduced to tales told to children to frighten them. Humanity flourished during this time. people expanded explored conquered, and almost everyone forgot about the creatures who had once made man tremble. The old organizations continued to hunt their quarry, but now it was done in secret. As people left to live in new lands, and build new nations, they were followed. The new world was devoid of the those that hunted them, and once again they flourished. The new nation known by humanity as the United states became a gathering place for the horrors. America was thoroughly infested. The United States started a secret organization to hunt down and destroy these creatures. It would be done in secret, like their counterparts in Europe and Asia. This branch of the government was given great power, and it's name was changed many times, eventually it was given the name Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The CDC.

Despite government run agencies, and ancient organizations, the growth of mans greatest enemy did not slow. In an attempt to stop these creatures governments around the world began starting private corporations. Even though they were started by various governments these corporations were private businesses, able to hunt down their enemies with an efficiency never seen before. Humaniy was once again on the cusp of victory.

Okay sorry that was a lot longer than I planned but I wanted to get some specific things in. Basically this will be a werewolf/vampire hunting rp. (with other possible cryptozoological creatures.) you will be employees of a corporation devoted to the destruction of mans greatest nightmares. I wanted to see if there was any interest in it before I put up and OOC.

Ideas welcome.
Heh. Well, if you will allow a werewolf, maybe demi-wolf kind or something, I might be in. Would be interesting.