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Sean woke up early, his shaggy brown hair a hopeless mess. He had been wanting to get a haircut for weeks now, but had been so busy he didn't have the chance. Ever since he moved out of his parents house, his life had been very distracted. Aside from the endless bills and house work, he had a girlfriend that took up the rest of his time. Kalie, his lover. She was beautiful and everything that Sean had ever wanted in a relationship. He thought about her all the time. And to top it all off, they shared powers. Special powers that no one else seemed to have. Sean had the power to set things ablaze. When he first discovered it when he was 13, he was always reminded of that book by Stephen King, Fire starter. It was very simular to that.

Sean got out of bed, his skinny frame standing out against the early mornings light. Sean was well build, standing at 6 feet even. He had medium length light brown hair and a pair of striking hazel eyes. HE got up and started to get dressed, putting on a pair of faded black jeans and a black shirt with the words "Iron Maiden" printed across it, his favorite band. HE was getting ready to meet Kalie at school, always his favorite time of day. he went outside and jumped in his broken down Malibu SS, it was a nice car, but over the years had become little more than a bucket of rust. Inside the car, his gearshift was burnt and melted. He often got excited and released his power, especially when around Kalie.

He rounded the block as her High school came into view, just 20 himself, Sean had graduated last year. He got out of his car and headed towards her locker, their designated meeting place. A couple jocks passed him laughing, Sean gave them a look that said fuck off. He had never been popular at school, but he never took shit from anyone, and he worked out a lot so he didn't have to.

Eew. Morning. Not Kaeli Johnston's favorite time of day. She was small, born prematurely, with 5'1 height, slim, delicate bone structure, a heart-shaped face, fair skin, long flowing chestnut brown hair to her waist, usually kept in a braid or pony-tail out of her way, and bright, sunburst green-emerald eyes flecked with silver. She was easily the prettiest girl in the highschool, but she had eyes only for Sean. They'd been together for a long time, and since she had no parents at all, she didn't have to worry about approval from anyone. Throughout the school day however, her nerves were just a little on edge, and even more so by the time she and Sean met at her locker. Something bizarre was about to happen, though she wasn't sure what. She'd had the ability of visions, telekinetic power, and energy attacks of various elements, not to mention healing and even weather-control! She was a powerful person, with a vague past. And she had the feeling it was going to catch up to her today as she opened the door to her locker, totally unsuspecting that this might be her last day on Earth.
"Hi, Kaeli. How's my favorite girl?" Sean smiled, giving her a light kiss on the forehead. All around them students walked to and from glass, it was more than just a little annoying. Sean thought how glad he was to have graduated. As soon as Kaeli was out of here he would never have to return.

Sean was preoccupied, for the moment, and hardly noticed as a bright bluish light emerged from Kaeli's locker. It was so bright that he finally did notice it when it reflected off of the door across the hall.

"What the he..." That is as far as he got, before he reached out and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend and they were both sucked away. It was like ridding on a sonic roller coaster. They whipped and dipped and spun in all directions. Sean remembered last year when they had gone on that vacation to Magic Mountain in L.A.. While they were there they went on a ride called "The Viper", what was happening now was like that...times 10. Sean felt his vision going in and out, the way it sometimes will when you have low blood sugar, or hold your breath too long, but he just held onto Kaeli tighter. After what seemed like ten minutes, at least (but in reality was only 10 seconds) they hit a soft, cushion of the greenest grass Sean had ever seen. It was like something out of a fantasy novel.

Sean got, up, for the moment dumbfounded by what had just happened. It had been broad daylight when they were back But now it was dusk, and the sun was all but a memory in the western sky. Behind them...directly behind them was a solid rock wall, like the edge of a mountain. It went on in either direction for at least a mile. Directly in front of them was a path that led into a forest. Sean grabbed Kaeli's hand and headed down the path. The forest was filled with bright green moss, thick, tall trees and mushrooms. The strangest mushrooms Sean had ever seen. Some were blue and purple and others curved up in gravity defying positions. The path remained more of less straight, until finally they ran into some railroad tracks. The tracks were set down in the earth, and there was a platform that would no doubt be where a person would enter the train, but there was no sign of a.....

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Out of nowhere came the telltale sound of a train. It seemed as if it had came out of nowhere. Steam was rising in heaps and puffs in the near distance.

Just then Sean felt a slight tug at his pants leg.

"Sir, I will take your Ticket now."

Sean looked questioningly at a little man in a buttoned up, dark green shirt. He wore a leather vest over this and brown, leather pants. He had a long, well maintained mustache and a chubby face.He wore a miniature top hat on his head and little shoes that curved up at the toes. In his pocket was an old time Stopwatch and a little cigar hung from the bottom left corner of his tiny mouth.

"Um." Sean stammered and looked at Kaeli "I haven't got a ticket"

The little man looked startled, but then regained his composure

"Well, you can't stay here. This is nowhere. You'll have to board and hope you get to where you wish to be"

"Nowhere?" Said Sean, obviously confused

"Yes, this is the last stop. End of the line. Nowhere, the end of it all"

Just then the train pulled up and two large steam powered doors opened. Sean looked and saw that no one was getting off.

"Alright, hurry now."
Said the funny little man." you wouldn't want to miss your train."

Sean, still holding tightly to Kaelis hand, led her on to the train. He wasn't sure if this was the right place to go, but for the moment it was the ONLY place to go. As the little man had said, this place was nowhere.

Kaeli was definitely in deep trouble as Sean grabbed her and clung tightly, falling through her locker! Where they landed, was an insanely bright field of grass, She could see nothing -but- open plains for miles, and it did seem to go nowhere. Once the train rolled in and Sean announced they had no ticket, she was still surprised that they were ushered on anyway! "So... if this is -nowhere-... then... where does this Train go?" She asked once her heart stopped thinking it needed to go into a heart attack moment! She took a window seat in one of the booths, glad for a chance to rest!

But something told her this was just the beginning of what could end up as a really bad horror novel! Or worse..... "Sean.. what are we going to do? We have to get back to Earth..." She added, feeling more than a little dizzy.~
"Earth" Sean's hair had come un combed and now hung in his eyes, which stared out at his girlfriend as if trying to understand the fullness of the situation. "Well, we went though some type of time or space, I don't know. This is crazy, Kaeli." He pulled her close as they walked aboard the train. "I don't know, but we'll have to be on guard here. Where ever we are, that much is sure."

The train was covered in a thick, dark mist. It's wheels, and anything below the windows for that matter, was lost in a sea of gray fog. It was as if it was floating. Inside, the seats were all empty, save for a few people in the very back. However, they didn't seem like they were even..part of the train, they looked more as if they were somewhere else and painted in their seats by some 'reality bending' artist. Their faces were completely covered in shadow and they sat either hunched over in their seats, or staring vacantly out the window into the forest. It was spooky, but Sean felt no fear. For in his veins he knew he controlled the power of fire, if he need defend himself or his girl.

They walked a little ways back, but not too close to the shadow people, and took a seat. They were sitting on the opposite side of the train from which they entered. On this side, Sean saw, there was no forest, but instead a river, and beyond that, blackness. A blacker color than you would ever want to see in your entire life. Sean looked away and was just in time to hear the little man that had told them they were nowhere say

"All aboard from Nowhere. Next stops, Destination unknown, Translight Terminal and the Kaleidoscope city." The door shut with a steamy woosh and just like that the Train took off like a bat out of hell.

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Dorthy."
Said Sean to Kaeli, meaning it to be a joke..but realizing that it was not funny at all.
Kaeli knew he was trying to lighten a dark moment however, and just squeezed his hand tightly. "Let's stop at Kaleidoscope City... weird as that name sounds, just to see if we can find any help there. I dunno maybe they have a council for sending people back to their own world or something..." She shrugged, and went back to staring out the window. Ever since she was able to escape the foster care system, she'd been independent and on her own since age 16. She had never known her real parents, no one ever told her anything about how she'd ended up alone.

When she found Sean her hopes of living a fairly simple, but decent life soared. Sure, she had to work two jobs to keep her head above water, but this hadn't phased her in the slightest. She only hoped this crazy place had a few answers, and that they could go back to Earth... being regular -if not magical- people. She had no idea how rare their powers were, even in a weird world like this, or the meaning behind it all. It was surely no random moment that brought the two of them through her locker... to....... Wherever the hell this place was. In fact, if she didn't know any better she would almost have to say this entire event had somehow, been planned..

But by who?
And why?
The train roared down a set of unseen track, into a night that was almost completely void of light, save what was coming out of the large lamp on the front of the train. Brief snippets of scenery were viable from time to timein the reflection cast off the fog, strange tress, pools of dark water. To Sean's surprise, even the occasional hut of little house. He wondered what kind of people would inhabit such a place, here in the middle of nothing and on the side of a rail road track for that matter.

"Alright, sounds like a plan to me." Said Sean in response to Kaeli, uneasily. He was still trying to make sense out of things, but failing miserably. There was no clear cut reason for any of this. No matter how hard he tried, Sean could not put the pieces together in a way that made any kind of logical sense.

They passed through the two stops that were ahead of the kaleidoscope city. It was strange that none of the other passengers got off, and that it would go to the exact destination that they had agreed on. It was as if the train knew. Sean almost laughed out loud at this, as if a train could know. When the sudden sound of metal on metal and screeching breaks was heard, the train came to a crashing halt. In an instant, the world was lit up before them. It was definitely day time now. And as Sean looked out the window he almost let out a scream of surprise. It was the most beautifully constructed city he had ever seen in his life. A simple amazing display of creativity and craftsmanship. A voice was heard over a scratchy intercom, it announced that they had arrived.

"Now entering Kaleidoscope City. All must exit now. The train will now repeat it's course to Nowhere"

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"Well, i guess this is it." Said Sean to Kaeli, grabbing her hand again. He looked behind him where the strange people were sitting and found that they were gone.

"Let's go."
Kaeli didn't even look back. Her stomach was all in knots, and felt like ice had formed in her nervous system. Her body soon felt freezing, and she couldn't help the occasional shiver, as she looked around this alien city, so different from where they just were yet somehow similar. The round stadium-like building they were in didn't help the dizziness at all, and she began to feel panicked. What if they never saw Earth again? What if something horrible happened to both of them.. or they got split up... or lost in the crowds, or starved because there wasn't any edible food they could eat -or- afford.- She felt a little jet lagged by this point, and had to sit down on a bench, tugging Sean to sit next to her. "Sean.. I'm sorry. I don't feel so great." Her nerves usually ended up making her ill if they got too frazzled, and right now her mind was totally out of control with horrific what if' scenarios. It was never good when she got worked up like this.
The second they stepped off the train, Sean realized two things. One, they were a good five to six hundred feet off the ground. Somehow, the train tracks took a steep shot upwards, almost like a roller coaster, leaving them on the Southern side of a giant structure. Thanks to the announcement over the intercom before they exited the train, Sean knew this was Kaleidoscope city. The other thing he noticed, when he followed the tracks with his eyes, is that he couldn't see the darkness they had been riding though. It was as if it didn't even exists. Nowhere, he though as Kaeli shivered next to him.

From the train landing there were two doors, one was what Sean thought to be an elevator door. There was a big red button labeled 'Down', so he pushed it. One of the doors opened and Sean Led Kaeli inside. As the elevator started to descend, Sean saw that it had a glass door, that had previously been blacked out. Now they had an amazing view of the surrounding areas. It seemed that kaleidoscope city was surrounded by water, and it was actually built in the middle of a huge ocean or something.

"We should try to find out exactly what the hell is going on here." Sean said, letting go of Kaeli's hand as he felt his body temperature begin to rise. This was a sign that his powers were building up and anything he touched would be burnt.
She nodded. The dizziness was sort of fading, but she didn't trust her legs just yet to hold her. And she could feel Sean's fire-magic starting to get unbearably hot, which meant his protective mode was kicking in, or he was frustrated. Or both. She frowned. "Sean.. no matter -what- happens. Let's never get separated. I don't know if we'd find each other again..." She said with a small chill down her spine from a strange apprehensive feeling. She just didn't know what was going to happen to them! She desperately wanted to be back on Earth, mean evil world it was yes, but understandable most of the time. She leaned her head against Sean's arm even as they stood up again, and she hoped she wasn't going to faint!
The elevator plunged down, down down...until Sean wasn't sure if this building was in fact larger than the Sears Tower in Chicago. He and Kaeli had gone their once and Sean remembered that the elevator ride, over 100 floors, hadn't seemed to take near this long, but he could have been mistaken. He got that feeling you get when you drive in high elevations, and your ears pop. He closed his eyes for a moment, again grabbing Kaelis hand. His fire magic, sometimes, went out of his control. It would start to ignite when he was feeling protective over Kaeli, and this happened a lot.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll never leave your side no matter what." He looked out the window of the glass door on the elvator, for the first time seeing that it was moving in a blur. He smiled, trying to show Kaeli that he wasn't frightened or scared "If anyone tries to take you, I'll torch them like I did that Drunk guy back on earth."
Kaeli couldn't help smile at that memory. In less time than two seconds of the drunken moron grabbing at her ass back on Earth, Sean had lit him up like fireworks exploding. No one had wanted to touch her after that. She squeezed his hands again and hugged him. "Well, so far we haven't had to worry about that.. let's just hope there's at least some friendly natives on this planet who can tell us what we need to do to get home." She grinned then. "And definitely we need to bring back a leaf or something from this planet... It feels too unreal." She admitted, brushing back a strand of hair from her face. She was definitely trying to keep a positive outlook on this. Mostly for Sean's sake.
Sean had to smile at Kaeli's genuine facenation with things. A leaf? It was beautiful that she would think of something like that. Sean had always admired her ability to look at the apparent bright side of things. HE, most of the time, was lost in a world of hate and protectiveness. She was so pretty that men were always looking at her and it made Sean burn, literally, with anger. On more than one occasion he had had to drink ice water and crunch the cubes just to cool down. He hugged her back tightly, giving her a light kiss on the top of her head.

"We'll do that, a leaf or a rock or something"

Finally the elevator stopped and the door opened. Just outside was a beautiful little city. Green grass outlined the walk ways and large dome like buildings occupied throughout. Strange tress grew here and there, some crocked in seemingly impossible ways, and they were very vibrant colors, all in shades of gold and brown, but still like nothing on earth. It seemed that they were in the town proper, as there were no residential looking houses anywhere. Several people in very odd clothing stared at them briefly, but continued to go about their business. It was truly a fantasy world, one in which Sean could never imagine even in his wildest dreams.

"Well, lets see what we can find out." Said Sean leading Kaeli off the elevator and into the street of Kaleidoscope city.
Kaeli was just looking around the city, watching people -who didn't look alien in the slightest-, except maybe their medieval styled clothing. She saw long flowing gowns on the ladies, and tunics with breeches on the guys. Not one person seemed to be dressed as they were! However, just as she was admiring a spiraling tree with a silver bark, someone shouted at her. "Its the Descendent!" Whirling around, she grabbed Sean's arm just as a strange looking group of men seemed to run right towards her. "Wait..! Please wait! We're not going to hurt either of you!" One tall, black haired, grey eyed man with tanned skin told her. He was muscular, his face finely chiseled like a greek statue. She hid behind Sean, eyes wide. . .There were about 10 more people with him!
Everything seemed so peaceful here. The people were neither hurried nor rushed. Overall, they seemed like a very pleasant bunch. Sean was admiring a particularly strange building, with a gold and black thatched roof when he heard some shouting.

"It's the descendant !"

He whipped around to see that some men were rushing towards them. They were all dressed the same, caring weapons and equipped with matching armor. Sean was no genius, but he felt it was safe to assume that they were the authority around this place. They didn't look overly aggressive, but it did seem that they were in quite a hurry to charge Kaeli and himself. Sean wasn't a big fan of anyone making sudden moves towards Kaeli. He got down on one knee, with his right arm outstretched. In his palm a white hot fire was burning. He closed his hand into a fist then aimed it at the men. His right arm totally engulfed in fire now.

"Unless you guys want to cook alive, I would slow way down." Said Sean calmly to the first man with the black hair.

"We are guards to the Kaleidoscope throne!" Said the man in the black hair "We mean no harm!" His own arms were outstretched now, blocking his men from proceeding any further.

"You should immediately come with us….…I can't believe it..... It'sher." The guard seemed to be temporary awe struck when he looked at Kaeli. The guard with the black hair again pointed at Kaeli

"She is the descendant!"

There was a shiver, Sean couldn't tell if it was from fear or excitement, either way, he let the fire die off, as he often did when there was no more apparent danger.

"Alright, We'll go with you…but you had beetter have a good explanation to all this, we are not from this world and need to find a way home"

"Follow us to the Royal palace, please."

Sean hadn't noticed before, but the other guard were all on one knee, heads in their arms, in an obvious bow of some sort, all around Kaeli. Sean grabbed his Girlfriends arm and led her after the black haired guard.

When they got to the Palace, Sean saw why this place was called the Kaleidoscope kingdom. The entire Castle was covered in some sort of strange material that gave of a Kaleidoscope effect,it was like looking into a rainbow, thought Sean, utterly amazed.
They were led up through a pair of main gates. As they walked, anyone who happened to see Kaeli's eye's got down on one knee to bow to her. However, it wasn't like bowing, Sean thought it was more like giving respect to a God! He kept close to her, when finally they got to a set of huge glass doors, made from the same material as the out side of the Castle. Sean was searched by a Guard, at one point the man's hands brushed over Sean's.....groin area...and Sean gave him a little jolt of heat to the back of his hand.

"Woah, buddy." Said Sean laughing "Let's not get too friendly here, ok?"

After this they were escorted into what had to be a Royal Chamber. There were Guards lined up both sides as well as a lady dressed in elaborate clothing. Next to her was a man who came rushing up to them.

"Oh, my god. It is her! She is the decedent!" Sean looked at the man confused " You have no idea do you? I can see that you are not of this world" Said the man who Sean now assumed to be a Royal counselor, like he had read about in his Fantasy books back on earth.

"FINALLY!" Exclaimed Sean "Finally someone who realizes we are not from here! Now what do we have to do to get back to our world?"

"If you would like to sit, I will tell you our story, the story of our land and the truth about you and your legendary duty!"

They sat and the man began to speak. The beautifully dressed queen, who had remained silent, simply gazed at Kaeli in amazement.

"Our kingdom, our world, is the creation of a ancient civilization! Scavengers that were left alive after an all out onslaught. Once upon a time this planet was inhabited by many races, some normal like us and others 'He shifted his gaze to Kaeli "Like her. The descendant of The lost blood line! A culture that used magic and had powers that are to this day vastly unknown. Their culture was once a thriving mecca for magic and the betterment of our planet, but this did not last forever. A vicious horde of Alien Demons from a distant galaxy attacked them. View attachment 3571They were unprepared, even with their magical powers they didn't stand a chance against the Demon hordes who wielded demonic powers of their own. They lay waste to the land, killed men and children, kept the women as slaves and battered down the once strong and powerful breed of people.

These people were called the "Meridians". Our only real knowledge of them and the life they lived is sealed within sacred scrolls that were discovered and passed down years after the Demon hordes left the planet. In side these scrolls is the story of true perseverance! True dedication to a race! It is the story of how they saved the blood line of their people, by sending one away. She was just an infant at the time, but the elders knew she was the only hope to save their magical culture....and more than that the Magic its self.

The counselor walked over to a near by wall and read off of a long sheet of paper that hung there.

"These, of course, are not the original scrolls, but they are copies. Here are the exact words. Maybe this will help you to understand better.

Upon this earth all hell was cast! With our collective and dying power, we sent one of us away. A baby, yes, but in hopes that she will safety make her way out of this Galaxy and into a safe planet, until her time comes, In which she wil return here to restore the magic to our world! She is a goddess and the last of our bloodline, The Princess of Meridia! The Maiden with Silver and green eyes!"

Sean stepped back and watched as everyone in the Room fell to their knees, bowing to Kaeli.

"Alright, this is all great and fine." Said Sean, obviously not impressed by any of the story "But you haven't answered me...How the HELL are we to get back home?" He was growing impatient now and could feel the heat slowly building on the tips of his fingers.

Kaeli was still scared, and her mind whirled at being told she was the last descendent! She didn't know what it meant, but she tried not to black out on the spot. "I'm sorry... I still don't understand. We both want to go back to Earth.... but just what does being a descendent mean?" She asked, feeling stupid. She also was seeing spots before her eyes, and having a hard time focusing on her surroundings, which were impossibly beautiful anyway. The floor she stood on was solid -gold and silver- tiles for one thing. The walls were a solid marble, covered in pictures, and pretty tapestries. There were a few stools holding antique-looking vases, which were full of unidentifiable roses.~ One rose looked like it was even made of ... rubies? But that couldn't be right.

What exactly had she and Sean fallen into when they'd been dragged through that locker? How did things keep getting more and more bizarre instead of making any sense? It was all entirely too baffling for her to even deal with. She was tired, as if she'd traveled miles, and a little hungry too. But she said nothing, wanting answers instead. She gripped Sean's hand, trying to prevent him from going beserk.
The queen spoke for the first time, stepping down from her throne and looking directly at Kaeli.

"Yes, my dear. We understand you came from this plae called earth, but this is your true home. You are a Meridian born here on planet Casadera. You are the last of the ancient blood line, the only one who can save our planet's magic and stop the invading Demon forces, who even know as we speak, plan an attack. Please help us, my goddess with the silver and green eyes!"

The queens eye's were pleading, fierce and kind all at once. And then she did something quite unexpected, she got down on one knee and bowed to Kaeli.

Sean didn't care. He thought this was all a load of bullshit. In his mind, these bastards wanted to take advantage of Kaeli's powers...and possibly his too. For all they knew these people were just going to keep them as slaves and discard them like old garbage after they had used up all their power. Sean, for one, would listen to their story, but as soon as he got the chance, he would run.
Kaeli was stunned to say the least. On Earth she'd always had to hide her powers, and sometimes warned Sean about revealing his too often, since normal humans would treat them horribly if they found out just how weird the two of them were. But here? She was being called a goddess -and- bowed to! Even by an actual queen! It was shocking. She saw Sean's expression and gave him a look that said 'Behave!'. "I'll try to help.... but when all of these tasks are done... could you find us a way back to Earth?" She asked, diplomatically. She didn't want to make anyone cry, or possibly get angry. The last thing they needed were enemies!

Plus, Sean had a bit of a temper on him. Knowing how he thought, she was guessing he was scheming an escape plot of some kind right that moment. Sigh. It would be nice to enjoy palace life even for a moment! A guide then took Kaeli and Sean to lead them down a long maze of gold and white hallways, full of beautiful furniture, scenic pictures, and spiraling stair cases off to the corner. They even had elevators! One elvator lead to the 34th floor, where their rooms were. Kaeli's room was a pretty thing; with dark green walls, a silver ceiling, and sapphire tiled floors covered in plush carpet. There was a nightstand next to a huge four poster bed of pink and violet comforters, and pillows. A closet big enough to be an entire store was not too far away. Best of all, there was an advanced looking computer and t.v. set just across from the bed! "Niiice..." She looked around the room a bit more, noticing towering oak shelves all along the wall. They were currently empty. There was an adjoining bathroom that herself and Sean would share. She was definitely impressed!
Sean was too frustrated with everything, at the moment, to take much notice to the beauty of the castle. Honestly, he thought, who the hell were these jerk-offs? Why did they all of the sudden think they knew anything about Kaeli, or for that matter him. He thought that their entire story may have been complete bullshit. He could feel the heat inside his body coming to a boiling point. However, over the years he had discovered ways of making it go away. For instance, when he was making out with Kaeli, sometimes he felt like he would simply explode into a fiery ball, but he learned how to 'think cold'. He would picture his entire body being submerged into a ice cold pool, and this thought would bring his body temp back down. He used this method now.

They got in the room, and despite his anger, Sean liked it. He hadn't slept well the night before and the bed looked simply amazing. He turned to Kaeli after the guard had left.

"Don't worry, as soon as I rest I am going to get us the fuck out of here!"

HE jumped onto the bed, totally sprawled out and and tried to fall asleep.
All Kaeli could do was let out a trapped breath she'd been holding for several minutes without realizing it. She used the adjoining bathroom to take a shower, dry herself off, and change into her own clothes again, before sprawling out on the bed next to Sean."I don't know Sean.. I don't sense any bad intentions from anyone here so far.. maybe they're just confused. We'll figure things out...after... a nap.." She said, leaning her head on his shoulder while she rested blissfully. She didn't have any nightmares or worries just then, except wondering how they would get back to Earth, or if they -should- just stay here and work things out. In moments she was completely asleep, and not caring at all.~