The Secret World: War Of Blood Suckers And Mind Users

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  1. Humans aren't the only ones who live in this world
    For years, vampires have sparked interest by the people. However, very little got vampires right. Vampires do not sparkle, they also do not wish to seduce you. They also aren't just blood hungry creatures looking for a snack. They have bigger agendas. Yes, they feed off of humans. They turn you by biting you. But that is not their intention. They live amungst the humans, and fight a secret war with the creatures of Mythology, serial killers, annd all things evil. The things, to our knowledge that do kill them are swords made of pure silver that have been blessed and bathed in holy water, bullets with a cross carved into them, sharp sticks that have been bathed in holy water, and a blend of herbs, spices, water, and garlic. These vampires aren't your regular garden varietry vampires, they aren't your Dad's vampires. They are pure evil, and looking to kill.
    -The Book of The Black Hearted, Forggarth The Wise 2003​
    Earth is a battle ground for mythology. Throughout the years, true events have just been dismissed as stories, tales to scare the children and to give men something to believe in. However, a lot of stories have been created to contradict what others believe in, such as the bible. Jesus Christ is a real figure, but he isn't what everyonne thought he was. He was the messiah, yes. But he was a great wizard. They locked him up and nailed him to a cross, and he forever remains as a garden piece in one of the largest vampire fortresses known.
    Now, in the modern day world, humans are used as fodder, something to be used against the other factions. Espers, known as beings with the telipathical abilities, and abillities to do amazing things with their minds, are the product of good and evil mating together. Whether it be angels and demons mating, gods and devils, orr wizards and witches. However, Witches aren't always evil, and wizards aren't good. Unless the Esper child's parents are Wizard's and Witches, then they are abandoned by their parents and are labeled orphans. Orphan homes are secretly run by Fairies who disguise themselfs as humans, and are run specifically for Esper children.
    Our tale takes place in Newyork, Newyork. We begin where a group of Esper children who do not know of their powers are attacked in their home, and how they will forever be soldiers in the secret war. We can start with threeroles, but more spots will be open. This will be a multi-story roleplay, containing a few years worth of mythology and story (If we can keep it alive for that long). Takers?​
  2. Sounds interesting! Seeing there's some religious input in your description, does this mean there will be religious themes in the roleplay itself? I assume our characters will have some sort of religion by what I've perceived of your description. What is the writing level you are hoping for members to have? Any posting expectations you want?
  3. Thank you for your interest, and asking questions! I'll gladly answer!
    For your religion question, the only relgion these Espers follow is known as: Realism. They believe in what they see around them. I don't mean to insult any religion, myself being a relgious man (Wiccan, Pagan) but this is not an attack. This is, more than any thing, taking place in an alternate world. I think that by using religion and turning it into what I have (Like the use of Jesus in the world, and the possibility of jesus being a major character), I could transfer biblical events and turn them into modern fantasy/fantasy horror events. There are religious themes, but it's not focused on religion.
    My expected writing level would at least be from begginer to douche. As long as you can keep the story going, create one or two side characters that are either minor, or someone for your character or the group to fight. I'd like it if everyone contributes to the story, contributes to side stories, but does not take over completely. I hope I had answered your questions, I hope to hear from you again in the future!
  4. Thanks! When I say posting expectations though, I mean how often are you expecting the members to post?
  5. Minimum once a day, maximum three times (So other members can get caught up easily).
  6. Ah, I see. Not sure if I'll be able to post at least once a day, though. :c
  7. How about at least twice a week then?
  8. That's a possibility but I can't promise it. It's only for me in general, though. If this is intentionally supposed to become a group roleplay, think about what you want; your expectations.
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