The Secret World: Lions of the Secret World

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]The Secret World: Lions of the Secret World[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]You will see the end of days. You will see the dawning of a new age. To be a monarch or a beggar. To lose everything or to become a god. To stand with us or against us. The choice is yours. Remember this…[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]'Lions of the Secret World' is a roleplay set in the universe of the MMO 'The Secret World'. Set aside from and just before the events of the game, this roleplay will seek to weave its own story through the universe where the outcomes are affected very much so by the players. Until there is more interest, players will be recruited into the Templar faction. [/BCOLOR]​


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once more the shadows of the secret world shift, edging towards the daylight, trying to escape the barriers in which we keep them caged. For too long has there been peace under the watchful eyes of the three great societies. Our secrets have remained guarded and so does the world slumber ignorantly. Nothing can last forever, however. The competition between the great three has seen them grow as blinded as the people they protect, something in those shadows, a threat greater than they can imagine, is growing strong in the dark. But will the protectors of this bitter earth, the guardians of the secret world, put their differences aside before it's too late? It is prophecy that the Age of Fear, our age, will soon come to an end… whether we allow it to or not is a destiny in our hands alone.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]You will start off as an ordinary person, just another you and me, before a visit from The Buzzing will turn your life upside down. Becoming attuned to the secret world and discovering your supernatural powers, you will be paid a visit by a representative of the Templar society... a mysterious invitation to a new life ahead. But what will you do?[/BCOLOR]​


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Combat will play by the dynamics of the game. At first, your character will not possess any weaponry as you will live in the UK or it will be confiscated when you arrive. I am okay with your character having previous firearms or weaponry experience, though, for example if their occupation was being in the military. When recruited into the Templars, however, you will have a choice of a variety of weapons and skills to train in. [/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]PVE - This type of combat will be written by the solely by players and with some moderation from GM's will largely be down to your own creativity. That said, you're not going to slay Cthulhu only mere moments after choking on a magical bee so be reasonable about it.[/BCOLOR]


    1. No godlike characters or Mary Sue's/Gary Stu's.

    2. Standard Iwaku rules apply (as always)

    3. Any sexual scenes between two characters to take place in PM between the involved characters - no cross age group, of course. So adults, no sexy times with a teen's character and vice versa.

    4. Post expectation is at least a sizable paragraph or two unless combat or dialogue is taking place. If you are AWOL for longer than a week then your character will be killed off. I want at least a post every few days at least.

    5. If your character dies, do not lose your temper. Often-chance if this has happened it will be orchestrated by myself and will be for a very good reason (I'll likely pre-discuss it with you). If you really detest what has happened, discuss it with me privately instead of blowing up the OOC with rage. Same goes for if you disagree with any content of the RP. In the event of a character death, you are always welcome to make a new character.

    6. Any errors in lore on my part just run with in-game. Don't over-rule what I'm saying so we can maintain consistency but please do let me know. I'm only human, after all! ^^

    7. Romance is completely fine as are pre-existing relationships between characters although please do try to keep it realistic. Yes... realistic even for a world where everything is true.

    8. Multiple characters are fine but please don't create 5 in one go. Make a single character to start and then we can discuss extras later.

    9. Have fun! If you're not having fun then what's the point?

    10. Try not to properly choke on the bee. That would be embarrassing...

    The Templars:

    Character Sheet:

    This is a basic skeleton. Make it as pretty as you want but make sure you include all of this info and try to keep to this structure.


    Nickname (Optional):



    Appearance (Attach a picture):


    Build (Slender, athletic, stocky, etc.):




    Weapon Choice (2 allowed):

    Bio (A brief explanation of your character's current life situation):

    Other (anything not included above you want to state):

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  2. Name:

    Hanako Ibarazaki














    - Blazers and anything "smart casual"

    - Slaying the undead

    - The cocktails at the Crucible's bar

    - Jazz and classical music


    - The Illuminati (Gas masks are just so tacky)

    - Any creature resembling Oni

    - People who assume she's a Dragon because of her Asian heritage

    - Loud rock music


    - Weapon and vehicle assembly/modification.

    - History research

    Weapon Choice:

    - Dual Wield Pistols

    - Sword


    Hanako was the child of two Japanese emigrants who moved to the UK prior to her birth. Whenever she asked why, they would always answer with the uniform response of 'work reasons'. It wasn't until she was 18 and came across the wraith of a murdered college friend that she understood her lineage fully. Her parents were Templars, agents of the Secret World and the order was her destiny too. Being put into training and receiving a private education at the headquarters in Ealdwic, London, Hanako had a very privileged start to her 20s. However, before long, she was put into active service and became a soldier in the Templar army. Her innate talent for being particularly attuned to the Secret World earned her recognition within the order and by the age of 24, she was trusted to operate either alone or to lead small groups on more secretive and important missions.​
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  3. Name: Johnathan Bruce Kenway

    Nickname: Wardog

    Age: 37

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Height: 6ft

    Build: Athletic

    Likes: Whiskey, Guns, Explosions, Serving.

    Dislikes: Cowards, Traitors, and anyone that would seek to hurt his friends.

    Hobbies: Smoking, fighting, hunting.

    Weapon Choice (2 allowed): He carries a snub nose shotgun in a holster on his leg. He carries two war axes on his back.

    Bio (A brief explanation of your character's current life situation): Ex military, dishonorably discharged from her majesty's Army. He attacked an outranking officer and was sent home, deemed unfit for military service due to lack of respect for authority. He was forced to see a therapist and during his time with the therapist he realized he really loved the whole killing thing. It was a year after he was discharged that the Templars recruited him.

    Other: He's a crazy warrior who will probably die.
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  4. Name: Alma Mørklykke

    Nickname (Optional): Helltainted

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (Attach a picture):


    Height: 6'8"

    Build: broad-shouldered, strong, well-defined

    Likes: Learning, Practicing, Relaxing, Independence, Jokes, Creating Occult Gadgets and Wards

    Dislikes: Heavy Oversight, Invoking Rank, Lying, Suppression of Opinions or Criticism, Demons

    Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Studying, Singing

    Weapon Choice (2 allowed): Blood Magic and Chaos Magic

    Bio (A brief explanation of your character's current life situation): Prior to the incident, Alma was pretty normal except for a fascination with occult lore. She eventually delved deep into it and decided to attempt a ritual. She did not realize that the book was made by demons and the ritual was to summon Miczariel. She thought it would summon a nature spirit. As her ritual progressed, she noticed the ground cracking and becoming tainted. The portal she had opened glowed a fiery orange. Panicking and working fast, Alma began to reverse the ritual and close the portal. She wasn't fast enough to prevent an incursion. A demonic arm shot out and grabbed her by the hand, dragging the arm through the portal. What passed the threshold burst into agony, the feeling akin to being on fire. Alma fought with the demon, eventually wrenching her arm free and out the portal before it closed. Her hand and half of her forearm was blackened from the ordeal, an obviously demon mark on the back of her hand showing the taint. She quickly went home and pored over occult books, again and again. She found nothing on the taint except the source of the mark. The demoness Miczariel, the Warioress, had marked her. The blackness began to creep up her forearm as the hours passed. Alma realized the curse was likely deadly or transmutative, so she grabbed some tools and fashioned a makeshift tattoo needle. She made sure it was sanitized and went to work, inscribing a hexagram attached to pentacles around her arm, right above her elbow. The inscriptions alone would do nothing. She grabbed a dusty tome from her stash and performed a cleansing ritual as well. The ritual slowed the spread long enough for Alma to get a second ritual done to ward the tattoos and stop the curse's advance. Now, she waits and hides her cursed arm as best as she can.

    Other (anything not included above you want to state):

    Right arm, from fingertips to elbow, appears blackened with molten cracks through it. Retains feeling and feels like rough callouses, but the curse alters the appearance and causes a constant dull pain for Alma. On the back of her hand is a symbol for the demoness Miczariel. Above her elbow are tattoos keeping the curse at bay. A hexagram rests on the inside of her arm, with much smaller touching pentacles circling her arm. The arm's cursed portion cannot be covered as the clothing will just disintegrate.

    Holds Bachelor's degrees in Computer Engineering and History
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  5. I have absolutely no knowledge of YheSecret World but this sounds fun How much should I know before committing to the Rp? I am sure I can find time to read the wikia. And please excuse any typos. Kindles are an absolute pain. I will be able to use an actual computer starting tomorrow. Haha. :)
  6. You don't need extensive knowledge of the game. We'll be taking this from the very beginning so your characters will not have any knowledge of the Secret World. (Which is convenient if you don't either haha) All you need to know is above and will be in the first post. Anything after I'll describe in full detail.
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  7. Beautiful! That works well for me then. XD I will work on a CS and will have it up tomorrow or Tuesday!
  8. And done with my CS.
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  9. Damn she's a tall girl! Haha I like her character, though. Just waiting on two more CS's then we can start.
  10. I rolled really high on my height. Also thought the whole cursed arm trying to destroy her thing was befitting a demoness of war
  11. I guess people ain't finishing dem CS's anytime soon :/ Ah well, never mind.
  12. Calling you out, Mr. Passive-Aggressive. :p

    Mine is being worked on.

    Edit: ....*glances at your signature* ... That looks oddly fami-...*remembers own signature*...

    *glares and walks away while plotting revenge*
  13. Well, least we have a decent chance of this getting going. It will be interesting to play this character
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  14. I'll make an IC thread tomorrow.
  15. Awesome. I shall be awaiting that
  16. The IC is up. :) I've focused on recruiting Alma for now until the others complete their cs's.
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